Volvo C70 - Options Chosen or Rejected

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Not being personal or inquisitive - but what options are the most sought after, and what are not. I don't mean option packs like Climate etc - but one-off items like Bluetooth, Rear Park Assist. And what about mudflaps all-round? I reckon they're useful on most cars but do they fit the C70 'image'? Are they available even? Maybe Max can help me out on that one.


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    Hi erisaman,

    You already know exactly all my options because I posted my total order description on a previous post.

    I will explain why I did or did not choose some of the other options available, but once again for others reading this post, this should not be taken as a critic. All of these are a matter of tastes and like colors this is very personnal and there is no wrong choice.

    Satellite radio is not available in France so is out for me.

    Radio package:
    I was so amaze by the basic audio system that I found it good enough for me for a car (I only listen to radio and not very often to CDs when driving) and the extra cost for the medium and high end system was really too expensive to me (even if I have 3 decents audio systems at home , two for Audio (downstair and upstair) and one home theatre system for video).

    Navigation system: out, because like computers, integrated GPS systems are more or less outdated after 6 months.
    In Europe we will soon or later have the Gallileo system that will compete with GPS.
    Portable GPS system can be moved from one car to the other and can receive live traffic jam information and on the fly re-routing via the FM Radio.

    Telecom package: out because I don't like the idea to have extra microphone, handset visible inside a convertible. In France, some people will not hesitate to brake your car to steal this extra handset for example...

    17" or 18" wheels? I only drove C70 with 16" or 17" wheels and found you can already feel most of small bumps on the road with the 17". So 17" wheels are for me.

    Rear and front park sensors: yes, it is so confortable to have these.

    Automatic gearbox: yes, again this car is not for speed but confort.

    Windblocker: yes, for confort again.

    Wood trim: Because I found the aluminum finish too "robotic" "computer" like and it goes with the brown cacao leather seats.
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    Thanks Lemenn - you and I have similar thoughts, particularly with regard to the audio, Sat Nav (I have a TomTom portable) and the integrated telephone system - oh, and as mentioned before, I like the wood finish and have already specified that.

    I'll be interested to know how you get on with the front parking assistance - I have specified the rear already, but not given much thought to the front, it's a good thing that it can be fitted by the Dealership.

    I've also requested the windblocker - but I hope Father Xmas will be bringing me that!
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    Does anyone have the spare tire? How much trunk space does it take up? Any photos? Thanks.
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    I do have the spare tire and all the pictures taken from the trunk is with the spare tire inside. It still leave enough space for what I need to place inside the trunk and even with the roof down, if necessarry I will use the back seats covered with the windblocker.

    The spare tire was a 0$ option. I took it thinking I will get the Flat tire Kit + the spare tire for 0$. Nobody told me it was Flat tire Kit or spare tire. As a consequence I don't have the Flat tire kit.

    If one day I think the flat tire kit is necessary I will buy it.
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  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    sorry, I don't know why the link is not working but you should be able to find the info by going on

    I don't know the company and have never bought anything from them but it looks professionnal.
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    Hi asja - lemenn has told you about having the spare tire, but didn't mention his pics on the other thread 'Volvo C70 Convertible 2006 +'. Check out post # 935 and you'll see his pic of the tire and cover as installed in the boot well.

    As an aside, I too have ordered the spare tire, but also asked the price of the inflation kit as a back up. So far, I've not had the price.
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    Thanks for the photos. I have the fix a flat kit, but not the spare. I was wondering if I want the spare also, I'll think about it.
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    One of the options that I chose was Bluetooth. I have to upgrade my cell phone (fortunately, my contract coincides with the delivery date of my C70). I am interested in the Motorola RAZR. One cell phone rep recommended LGs, but another rep recommended the RAZR. Anyone have any negative experiences with Bluetooth and certain phones or carriers? My carrier is US Cellular. I've never used bluetooth technology so this is new to me. I hate to lock into a contract with the wrong phone. I've surfed the other forums related to bluetooth and most are generally happy with the RAZR (one said only 5% of calls would not go through - not sure if that's the phone or the carrier). Did not go with the nav system (I use maps) but did go with the premium audio - I love music.
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    You'll love the dynaaudio I've been rocking with it for 4 weeks now. Long term hearing loss is minimal compared to the enjoyment gained. Can't comment on bluetooth, driving with my loud music is enough of a distraction for me..
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    I don't know much about the Bluetooth or anything with this particular vehicle, but I do know that there are MANY newer phones that have Bluetooth. The RAZR is an older, outdated phone that has been replaced by the KRAZR which you may wanna check out. It's smaller than the RAZR and the newer version, so probably a bit of an upgrade too. However, I'm used to Verizon so I don't know about the phones available with US Cellular. Hope that helps though.

    If you're looking for a place to get an answer from more of the cell phone aspect check out
    There may already be a topic about recommended phones with Bluetooth; if not, just create one! I'm sure you'll find an answer there from the many phone experts on that site.
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    Thanks for the replies. Very helpful. I'll check out Can't wait to hear my dynaudio premium audio... Have to wait until delivery 12/30/06 - still seems like forever.
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    I have a RAZR and the Volvo Bluetooth, no problems.
    Very clear, never have a problem with people not hearing me.
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    I have a new 2007 C70. At the time ordering, I was given the option, at no additional cost, of a tire sealing kit or a temporary spare. Based upon the salesperson's recommendation, and the space savings, I opted for the sealing kit.

    Not until the car was delivered and I had the opportunity to read the Owner's Manual, did I learn that once a tire has been temporarily inflated with the tire sealing kit, it cannot be repaired and re-used and must be replaced. Requiring the replacement of a tire (or perhaps two to keep the ride balanced) for a simple nail hole, for example, would render the sealing kit a poor choice for me.

    Within one day of owning the car, I brought this matter to the attention of the dealership and requested they swap out the sealing kit for a temporary spare a no cost to me. The dealership also responded that they couldn't really comment on the validity of the requirement to replace the tire as they did not have access to the information in the Owners Manual. I was totally flabbergasted by this response.

    The dealer wants to charge me half ($250) their cost ($500)of temporary spare. My first very bad experience with Volvo -
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    Thank you for your comprehensive response - you have put into words the exact concerns I have harboured for some time.

    I have 'picked up' the odd puncture from time to time (on previous cars) changed to a spare and had the damaged tire repaired, however, my last puncture was so bad that the tire sealant kit would not have been sufficient whereas the spare tire, although inconvenient in some ways, would have got me home and/or to a tire specialist. Your words have now led me to dispel all thoughts of the tire sealant kit, even as back up - thank you again.

    As far as Bluetooth goes - although I've yet to try the Volvo system I can say that Bluetooth is superb in many ways. The phone can be left in a pocket or briefcase yet is fully functional for receiving calls via the dash/console mounted switch. The microphone picks up speech clearly and the audio speakers relay the voice of the caller as per any hands-free car kit. Dependant upon the phone used, you can make a call by using voice recognition - which I believe is incorporated in the Volvo system anyway. The only downside as such is that the phone needs to be physically plugged into it's car charger if your battery is about to expire. This would be done automatically on a non Bluetooth system.
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    Depending on the puncture, you can repair a tire, even after the sealing goo has been used.
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    Not true it repairing a tire with the sealant is not a function of the puncture - according to the Volvo 2007 C70 Owner's Manual:

    "A tire that has been temporarily inflated with the tire sealing kit cannot be repaired and re-used. It must be replaced."
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    No, the tire would have to be plugged in the usual manner.
    The sealant doesn't provide a permanent repair.

    Owners Manuals are written to limit the liability of the Motor Co.
    As such, they often err on the side of caution.
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    you missed my point - I agree the sealant is not a permanent repair. I would err on the side of caution and not reuse a tire that had sealant in it -

    Better yet, recall my original premise that the temporary spare is my preference. Had the the dealer been upfront and provided the necessary information, there would have been no issue - but in my case, the dealer - intentionally or not - promoted the lower cost sealant without even mentioning the information in the owner's manual which clearly states the tire cannot be reused. They certainly did not err on the side of caution as far as I am concerned.

    Assuming a simple nail causes a flat after 10,000 miles, you would be faced with purchasing two new tires at a cost of over $200. Installing different tires on the left and right sides can significantly upset the handling balance of a vehicle—not to mention its ABS operation. For that reason, it is imperative that tires be installed in front or rear pairs, or complete sets. Those pairs should be the same construction, size, brand and type, with approximately the same tread wear. In most cases, if you have to buy one new tire, you should buy a pair. It is essential that side-to-side pairs be the same and highly desirable that front and rear pairs also be matched, except in cases such as high-performance cars with larger tires in the rear.
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    I get the VolvoMax point. (lots of hungry lawyers in America). Makes modern life more complex: when do you believe the owners manual and when do you know better.

    I used to use tire sealant on all 4 tires when I was in highschool driving a car with 13 inch rims that seemed to never get a great rim seal -- would lose air without the sealant. The stuff from Volvo might be gooier, but the stuff I used 20 years ago was called "Flat Fix". It wasn't a problem to still get patching for punctures.
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    A temp spare doesn't change that problem.
    IF your tire has a hole that can't be patched, you may have to buy 2 new tires.
    That is what happened on my Mercedes, which did come w/ a spare.
    The nail was near the sidewall. Guess what?
    I had to buy 2 new tires.
    BTW, the Volvo temp spare on the C70 is a N/C option. Dealer didn't promote any "lower cost" option.
    If you really want one, you can pick one up from a junked Volvo for little $$, but that won't change whether or not your existing tire can be fixed or not.
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    Buying two tires ia likely a requirement of owning the tire sealant kit when there is any mileage on the tire which punctured and repaired using the kit

    the Volvo temp spare on the C70 is a N/C option to the buyer.

    the Volvo temp spare on the C70 is a higher factory cost for the dealer ($500) which resulted, in my case, in the dealer promoting the tire sealant kit without disclosing all relevant information at the time of ordering.
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    The seal kit has nothing to do with whether or not a punctured tire can be repaired.
    The ONLY 2 things that determine that are the age of the tire and WHERE the puncture is!!!!
    My Benz has a spare, I didn't use a sealer kit on it. I STILL had to buy 2 tires because the tire was under 50% tread remaining and the puncture was too close to the sidewall.

    Also, the is NO COST to the dealer if the spare is ordered when the car is built. If you buy one out of the parts dept there is a cost obviously.
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    You're absolutely right. I'm an expert on getting flat tires - I get them ALL the time :-) I've tried every way possible to have them fixed rather than buy new tires. I know that most chains (like Wal*Mart, Pep Boys, Hibdon) will not repair a tire that is punctured on or very close to the sidewall. There are some garages (of questionable repute) that will repair a puncture on a sidewall (or near the sidewall) but this is EXTREMELY dangerous, since a blow out could be deadly. The mechanics I've spoken to have NEVER even questioned whether a sealant was used or not - it's location, location, location of the puncture on the tire that matters.
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    Okay, I can get my two cents worth. We didn't chose the spare tire because 1. it takes up too much space in the trunk and 2. it takes up too much room in the trunk.

    Seriously, with a car this nice, how far are you really going to be willing to drive on that temp spare?

    And seriously, on a car this nice, are you going to skimp on tire replacement if you have a bonified flat.

    For a simple nail puncture that is not in a critical area the rubber patch that is inserted through the entire tire is very effective. I have used it twice and it allowed me to drive the tire normally until the end of its tire life.
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    At the risk of making everyone rather deflated and tired of this tread - I mean thread - I thought I'd throw in another fact discovered this morning.

    I went to two tire specialists - one was a highly respected local independant company, the other was one of a national chain of outlets. In other words - the first was protective of his local reputation, the other was quoting company policy.

    In both cases, they assured me that the modern sealant (they called it foam) is very different to that used years ago. The original foam sealant could not be removed once it was applied to the punctured tire - hence the impossibility of a subsequent permanent repair. The modern foam however, CAN be removed - and, assuming all other factors are equal (the location of the puncture etc) the temporarily repaired tire can be permanently repaired, using conventional repair plugs as normal.
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    Thanks for the info.
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    Volvomax, can I purchase a spare tire plus the tool kit from my local volvo dealer? I have the fix-a-flat kit and asked my dealer back in July whether I could purchase the two things. They told me that since they couldn't find a "part #", they couldn't order it for me.

    Are the spare tires specific to a car model, or to the tire size (i.e 17inch vs 18inch tires)?

    If you know of a "part #" I can give to my dealer, I'd appreciate that. Thanks for your help in advance. :)
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    FAIK the spare are universal. Have them get you a spare for an S40.
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    I was telling a friend about our tire discussion and he mentioned self-sealing tires. I've never heard about these. Are they available in a size that fits the C70? (Is this old news and I'm just behind in the times) Do any of you have experience with these?
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    The only company I know that makes self sealing tires is Vogue. Don't know if they have any that fits a Volvo.
    Typically you see them on Caddies. Big white walled things.

    Run flats are available for some cars, not the C70 though. The ride is terrible with them since thir side walls are reinforced.
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    Yuck. Doesn't sound attractive at all. Thanks.
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    My car arrived at the dealer today. Truthfully I don't remember this spare tire option being discussed. I was told they order it for everybody. They think the gunk alternative is so stupid they are embarrassed to even broach the subject. At any rate, I'm relieved.
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    I recently placed an order for a C70 (won't be here until March), and opted for the temp-spare. My thinking was that I could always buy a can of the "fix-a-flat" sealent, and leave the temp-spare in the garage if I need the trunk space on a trip. This way I'll have both choices. I don't know the specific prices, but the cost of buying an extra can of sealant will clearly be less than buying a temp-spare down the road.
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    I had the great fortune of having two cars fresh off the boat to choose from, exactly what I spec'd and differing in only the wheel size. I love my '95 Dodge Intrepid ES for highway travel, and had ordered 17" wheels thinking it'd be softer for nice highway travel. Holy smokes, I felt the 17s made the car very tipsy at highway speeds (if you turn back and forth, the body starts to roll, etc). It was a "softer" ride, but it felt like it was a numb sensation -- lost the road feel. I left the one dealer and went back to the other to buy the one with 18s. I'm really amazed at how comfortable the ride is, while I still have the "road feel" that I originally though would get jarring or such after driving around for longer than a test drive.

    (My Dodge has variable ratio steering, which gives it a nice stability on the highway. Harsher ride for the amount of body roll it has, compared to this Volvo.)

    I've had the car 48 hours now, and it still feels surreal to me -- stunned by how nicely designed and done it is, for what I prefer. Huge chunk of money, but I'm feeling amazed by how much I like this car. Fortunate me.

    Thank you to everyone for your helpful postings I've watched over the past 4 months.
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    Good to hear that you are well satisfied - and your posting here is relevant to the options chosen.

    Now - please - put it in writing again, on the New Owner Reports, there are some folk out there who need re-assurance that the C70 is all we hope it is, everything you have found it to be.

    Am well pleased that your comparisons worked out so well for you - they were very much in line with my eventual opinions when I placed the final order.

    Happy New Year in your chosen C70.
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    When we place our first deposit in Dec. '05 we chose automatic transmission, and heated leather seats, and not much else. When I got shifted to another dealer (the first dealer lost his allocation) they had exactly what we wanted on order for their lot except that it had the premium stereo. We decided to go for it, but that order got cancelled too. When we placed our third deposit with the original dealer for an '07, we ordered everything except the 18" wheels, bluetooth and parking assist. I figure that if Volvo delays us any longer, we'll probably get those too! Volvo had a special deal on the windscreen last fall but I couldn't bring myself to buy it when I didn't even have the car yet. Some reviews and posts here indicate that it isn't needed anyway. I'm thinking I might like it just to protect luggage, etc. in the back seat. Any real-world experience out there?
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    For me it is a "must have it". I always have it, even when the roof is up. It is always ready to be used and in flat position when the roof is up in order not to disturb in anyway the rear view. It is not a problem to still place objets on the rear seats and only when you need to have one or two persons seating on the back seats (which is very occasionnal for me), you will need to remove it and place it into the trunk.

    Another option I would not leave without is the front object detector. I had the rear as an option from the beginning and the front came as an accessory. Parking this rather big car into small parking spot like we have in Europe is very convenient with these two object/obstacle detectors.
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    It's a must have if you want to drive with top down in cooler weather. I didn't have it at first and any trip over 30 minutes with temp less than 50 degrees - was just a little too much. Now with the windscreen, it almost eliminates the backwash, and not a problem with top down.
    For all the reasons to have a convertible, this option makes the most sense.
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    I think I agree with Lemenn ... we have the wind screen and used it a little for around town driving last Autumn ... and it seemed good. Obviously, I don't know how those journeys would have been without it .... but I think it is a help. Our weather in the UK has been awful though ... and we haven't used it for motorway driving because we haven't had the roof down!!! The rear parking assist is essential ... and I do wish we had opted for front as well because I am finding parking the car in small spaces in London streets impossible to judge. And that isn't because being a woman I can't park a car .... our last was a Grand Cherokee Jeep and I could park that at first attempt with only inches to spare! Maybe that was because I was higher up and could see more easily ..... but with the C70 I still can't judge how much room I have to play with. I guess confidence will come eventually. We have 17" wheels which definitely feel better to us for town driving (we had a hired C70 over Xmas/New Year and that had 18" and felt much harder somehow) .. but I understand most prefer the 18".
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    Hello all,

    I'm a 33 year old Belgian looking into buying a D5.

    I still haven't decided on a few things and would like some input from C70 owners.

    I would like the Premium Leather seats, but can't decide on the color of the seats:
    * I would like the offblack seats in a silver car, but I'm afraid that they will get too hot while driving roof down in the summer. Do they really get hot?
    * If the Offblack seats get too hot, another option would be the Quartz (beige) seats. But I heard they get dirty really fast. Are these seats easy to clean?

    The windblocker. I know you can allways do without, but for my commute to work I frequently drive +50km @ 140kmph (+-90mph).
    What's the opinion of C70 owners? Get the windblocker or not? How long does it take to install it? (just read the previous post where people promote the windblocker - I think I'll order it)

    I read somewhere that the RTI system's screen is hard to read. Is this true top-up & top-down?

    Thanks in advance for your help/opinion?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Can't advise you on the D5 but, the windblocker is easy to install. Clips into place. Quite useful @ high speeds.

    The RTI screen is not hard to see. Here in AZ the sun shines 300 days a year. I drove a C70 around w/ the top down and the screen up around all the points on the compass.
    The only time you might have an issue is if the sun is low in the sky directly behind you.
    As for the seats, we do a fair number of black interiors here, no real difference.
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    ordered my c70 without Nav, took delivery in November, thinking of adding Nav. can this be done at dealer.
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    Hi yega,

    The C70 D5 is a great car and you can see pictures of mine (still with the factory big ugly antenna, but I changed now for a smaller one) with brown leather seats at:

    Brown leather seats (Cacao as they name it) is a good compromise for me between beige (to difficult to maintain clean on the long term) and black (to dark overall for the car interior). But it is only my opinion and personal taste.

    The windblocker is highly recommended it takes 1 or 2 minutes to take it from the trunk, take it off the protection bag, put it in form, then 10 seconds to put it in place. Mine is always on mostly because I don't use the passenger back seats. Even with top up I leave it in flat position.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Member Posts: 5,238
    Sorry, the Nav system cannot be added.
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    Just ordered an '07 in Mystic Blue, Black Leather, 6 speed, premium, cold weather and Xenons. This will be my 3rd Volvo (had a '98 C70 HPT Coupe), but most recently have been driving a G35. New car should be here in May / June according to the dealer.

    A couple of questions on dealer installed options (I apologize if any of this has been covered elsewhere):

    - Is the blue tooth properly integrated with the stereo, or is it something I would better off buying after market (i.e. is the Volvo version worth it)?
    - Did anyone get the sunglasses holder? It seems crazy a $40K+ car doesn't come with one. Does the optional holder look decent, or does it look 'tacked on'? The sales guy couldn't tell me what it would cost installed, but he guessed $120?!? The part only lists for $35 on the Volvo web site! Probably goes on with double sided tape...
    - I opted for the spare tire as opposed to the inflator and sealant goo -- I assume that this is just glorified can of "fix-a-flat" that I can buy for $2.99 anywhere? Can anyone confirm?



    Rochester, New York
    (Yes, it's 9 degrees F and we're getting something like 2 feet of snow tonight -- perfect convertible weather!)
  • erisamanerisaman Member Posts: 99
    Congrats - hope all goes well for you.

    I have the Volvo Bluetooth and it is really superb. It integrates well with the stereo, muting the sound when a call comes in etc. There are voice prompts to advise of incoming texts and will announce callers numbers or names if in the phone book. My local (UK) Dealer usually fitted after-market units until he saw and experienced mine - he immediately installed the Volvo fitment to all his own company cars. Some have complained about poor performance when in top-down mode, but I had no problems the one time I tried it.

    Can't comment on the sunglasses holder other than I recall seeing it somewhere on the Volvo website - a little video on the 'Accessories' list? I can recommend the spare tire - def seems more appropriate than a fix-it can although I would assume that the latter is a little more complex than the cheapy after-market cans.
  • henkbwhenkbw Member Posts: 22
    Congrats with your car.
    Hope your gonna love it like the most of us.

    Can't inform you about the 'blue tooth' and the 'sunglass holder'.
    The default tire sealant comes with a electrical (12V of course) air pump.
    But,.. if i'm correct it comes WITHOUT a car jack (someone was complaining about that). :(
    If you are used to change tires in the spring and fall, you might need that.
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    Hi lemenn,

    Where did you get the smaller antenna? I like the idea. Do you notice any difference in performance? Thanks.
  • lemennlemenn Member Posts: 89
    Hi silverspyder,

    there is no difference in performance. You can reach me at my email on my profile.
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