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Volvo C70 - Options Chosen or Rejected



  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The only company I know that makes self sealing tires is Vogue. Don't know if they have any that fits a Volvo.
    Typically you see them on Caddies. Big white walled things.

    Run flats are available for some cars, not the C70 though. The ride is terrible with them since thir side walls are reinforced.
  • Yuck. Doesn't sound attractive at all. Thanks.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    My car arrived at the dealer today. Truthfully I don't remember this spare tire option being discussed. I was told they order it for everybody. They think the gunk alternative is so stupid they are embarrassed to even broach the subject. At any rate, I'm relieved.
  • I recently placed an order for a C70 (won't be here until March), and opted for the temp-spare. My thinking was that I could always buy a can of the "fix-a-flat" sealent, and leave the temp-spare in the garage if I need the trunk space on a trip. This way I'll have both choices. I don't know the specific prices, but the cost of buying an extra can of sealant will clearly be less than buying a temp-spare down the road.
  • I had the great fortune of having two cars fresh off the boat to choose from, exactly what I spec'd and differing in only the wheel size. I love my '95 Dodge Intrepid ES for highway travel, and had ordered 17" wheels thinking it'd be softer for nice highway travel. Holy smokes, I felt the 17s made the car very tipsy at highway speeds (if you turn back and forth, the body starts to roll, etc). It was a "softer" ride, but it felt like it was a numb sensation -- lost the road feel. I left the one dealer and went back to the other to buy the one with 18s. I'm really amazed at how comfortable the ride is, while I still have the "road feel" that I originally though would get jarring or such after driving around for longer than a test drive.

    (My Dodge has variable ratio steering, which gives it a nice stability on the highway. Harsher ride for the amount of body roll it has, compared to this Volvo.)

    I've had the car 48 hours now, and it still feels surreal to me -- stunned by how nicely designed and done it is, for what I prefer. Huge chunk of money, but I'm feeling amazed by how much I like this car. Fortunate me.

    Thank you to everyone for your helpful postings I've watched over the past 4 months.
  • Good to hear that you are well satisfied - and your posting here is relevant to the options chosen.

    Now - please - put it in writing again, on the New Owner Reports, there are some folk out there who need re-assurance that the C70 is all we hope it is, everything you have found it to be.

    Am well pleased that your comparisons worked out so well for you - they were very much in line with my eventual opinions when I placed the final order.

    Happy New Year in your chosen C70.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    When we place our first deposit in Dec. '05 we chose automatic transmission, and heated leather seats, and not much else. When I got shifted to another dealer (the first dealer lost his allocation) they had exactly what we wanted on order for their lot except that it had the premium stereo. We decided to go for it, but that order got cancelled too. When we placed our third deposit with the original dealer for an '07, we ordered everything except the 18" wheels, bluetooth and parking assist. I figure that if Volvo delays us any longer, we'll probably get those too! Volvo had a special deal on the windscreen last fall but I couldn't bring myself to buy it when I didn't even have the car yet. Some reviews and posts here indicate that it isn't needed anyway. I'm thinking I might like it just to protect luggage, etc. in the back seat. Any real-world experience out there?
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    For me it is a "must have it". I always have it, even when the roof is up. It is always ready to be used and in flat position when the roof is up in order not to disturb in anyway the rear view. It is not a problem to still place objets on the rear seats and only when you need to have one or two persons seating on the back seats (which is very occasionnal for me), you will need to remove it and place it into the trunk.

    Another option I would not leave without is the front object detector. I had the rear as an option from the beginning and the front came as an accessory. Parking this rather big car into small parking spot like we have in Europe is very convenient with these two object/obstacle detectors.
  • millenrmillenr Posts: 28
    It's a must have if you want to drive with top down in cooler weather. I didn't have it at first and any trip over 30 minutes with temp less than 50 degrees - was just a little too much. Now with the windscreen, it almost eliminates the backwash, and not a problem with top down.
    For all the reasons to have a convertible, this option makes the most sense.
  • cuccicucci Posts: 49
    I think I agree with Lemenn ... we have the wind screen and used it a little for around town driving last Autumn ... and it seemed good. Obviously, I don't know how those journeys would have been without it .... but I think it is a help. Our weather in the UK has been awful though ... and we haven't used it for motorway driving because we haven't had the roof down!!! The rear parking assist is essential ... and I do wish we had opted for front as well because I am finding parking the car in small spaces in London streets impossible to judge. And that isn't because being a woman I can't park a car .... our last was a Grand Cherokee Jeep and I could park that at first attempt with only inches to spare! Maybe that was because I was higher up and could see more easily ..... but with the C70 I still can't judge how much room I have to play with. I guess confidence will come eventually. We have 17" wheels which definitely feel better to us for town driving (we had a hired C70 over Xmas/New Year and that had 18" and felt much harder somehow) .. but I understand most prefer the 18".
  • yegayega Posts: 6
    Hello all,

    I'm a 33 year old Belgian looking into buying a D5.

    I still haven't decided on a few things and would like some input from C70 owners.

    I would like the Premium Leather seats, but can't decide on the color of the seats:
    * I would like the offblack seats in a silver car, but I'm afraid that they will get too hot while driving roof down in the summer. Do they really get hot?
    * If the Offblack seats get too hot, another option would be the Quartz (beige) seats. But I heard they get dirty really fast. Are these seats easy to clean?

    The windblocker. I know you can allways do without, but for my commute to work I frequently drive +50km @ 140kmph (+-90mph).
    What's the opinion of C70 owners? Get the windblocker or not? How long does it take to install it? (just read the previous post where people promote the windblocker - I think I'll order it)

    I read somewhere that the RTI system's screen is hard to read. Is this true top-up & top-down?

    Thanks in advance for your help/opinion?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Can't advise you on the D5 but, the windblocker is easy to install. Clips into place. Quite useful @ high speeds.

    The RTI screen is not hard to see. Here in AZ the sun shines 300 days a year. I drove a C70 around w/ the top down and the screen up around all the points on the compass.
    The only time you might have an issue is if the sun is low in the sky directly behind you.
    As for the seats, we do a fair number of black interiors here, no real difference.
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    ordered my c70 without Nav, took delivery in November, thinking of adding Nav. can this be done at dealer.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hi yega,

    The C70 D5 is a great car and you can see pictures of mine (still with the factory big ugly antenna, but I changed now for a smaller one) with brown leather seats at:

    Brown leather seats (Cacao as they name it) is a good compromise for me between beige (to difficult to maintain clean on the long term) and black (to dark overall for the car interior). But it is only my opinion and personal taste.

    The windblocker is highly recommended it takes 1 or 2 minutes to take it from the trunk, take it off the protection bag, put it in form, then 10 seconds to put it in place. Mine is always on mostly because I don't use the passenger back seats. Even with top up I leave it in flat position.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Sorry, the Nav system cannot be added.
  • Just ordered an '07 in Mystic Blue, Black Leather, 6 speed, premium, cold weather and Xenons. This will be my 3rd Volvo (had a '98 C70 HPT Coupe), but most recently have been driving a G35. New car should be here in May / June according to the dealer.

    A couple of questions on dealer installed options (I apologize if any of this has been covered elsewhere):

    - Is the blue tooth properly integrated with the stereo, or is it something I would better off buying after market (i.e. is the Volvo version worth it)?
    - Did anyone get the sunglasses holder? It seems crazy a $40K+ car doesn't come with one. Does the optional holder look decent, or does it look 'tacked on'? The sales guy couldn't tell me what it would cost installed, but he guessed $120?!? The part only lists for $35 on the Volvo web site! Probably goes on with double sided tape...
    - I opted for the spare tire as opposed to the inflator and sealant goo -- I assume that this is just glorified can of "fix-a-flat" that I can buy for $2.99 anywhere? Can anyone confirm?



    Rochester, New York
    (Yes, it's 9 degrees F and we're getting something like 2 feet of snow tonight -- perfect convertible weather!)
  • Congrats - hope all goes well for you.

    I have the Volvo Bluetooth and it is really superb. It integrates well with the stereo, muting the sound when a call comes in etc. There are voice prompts to advise of incoming texts and will announce callers numbers or names if in the phone book. My local (UK) Dealer usually fitted after-market units until he saw and experienced mine - he immediately installed the Volvo fitment to all his own company cars. Some have complained about poor performance when in top-down mode, but I had no problems the one time I tried it.

    Can't comment on the sunglasses holder other than I recall seeing it somewhere on the Volvo website - a little video on the 'Accessories' list? I can recommend the spare tire - def seems more appropriate than a fix-it can although I would assume that the latter is a little more complex than the cheapy after-market cans.
  • henkbwhenkbw Posts: 22
    Congrats with your car.
    Hope your gonna love it like the most of us.

    Can't inform you about the 'blue tooth' and the 'sunglass holder'.
    The default tire sealant comes with a electrical (12V of course) air pump.
    But,.. if i'm correct it comes WITHOUT a car jack (someone was complaining about that). :(
    If you are used to change tires in the spring and fall, you might need that.
  • Hi lemenn,

    Where did you get the smaller antenna? I like the idea. Do you notice any difference in performance? Thanks.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hi silverspyder,

    there is no difference in performance. You can reach me at my email on my profile.
  • I'm considering the Sirius radio option $365?
    I'm not really interested in the $12.99/mo fee right now, but want to have it if I change my mind or the price changes down the road.

    I suspect it would be difficult to add after the fact but don't know for sure.

    Anybody know if the Sirius could be added at the dealer after purchase?
  • Based on the heated discussion about fix-a-flats and mini spares, I wanted to ask a semi-related question.

    First: I'm okay with the fix a flat. My brother's BMW came with similar system and he never used it, so had no complaints. I'm hoping we will be so lucky (plus my wife has better odds of using the pump than changing a wheel).

    Okay my question is realted to a tire & wheel warranty from Volvo. Sales guy says it is affordable <$500 and covers full replacement of wheel and/or tires damaged by road problems (not shoddy driving over a curb).

    The only downside I see is the warranty only runs 48mo.

    What do you folks think?
  • Just my opinion but it seems like a lot to pay for a wheel/tire warranty. Even with the 18" wheels and lower-profile tires I think the odds of wheel damage (that is not due to driver error/mishap) is very small. Road hazard warranty for tires is usually pretty cheap. $500 will get you two brand new tires, or at least come close, even with the pricy Pirelli P-Zero Rosso's. Plus, it won't be that long until you will need a new set of tires anyway, and you can get a cheap road hazard warranty with them.
  • Both of the Volvo dealers I spoke to in my area (northern New Jersey) strongly recommended NOT getting the 18" wheels and low profile tires due to their vulnerability to pot holes and other road hazzards that are normal in this congested area. They cited a few examples of customers that didn't take their advice and were sorry later. The cost of replacing one Mirzam wheel is similar to the warranty price. If you go for the 18 inchers, it might pay to spring for the protection as well.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Sirius cannot be added after the fact.
    However, you could plug an aftermarket Sirius reciever into the AUX port on the 07 C70's.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I have that warranty on my S60R.
    I paid $399 for the 48 mo coverage.
    So far, it has replaced 2 tires and 1 wheel.
    Plus, the coverage is good on any replacement tires, not just the original ones.
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    The Sirius satellite is awesome and for 295 a bargain in the US. Don't pass it up. It costs more than that to get it aftermarket, and since the dealer can't do it, you can't be sure what the independent installer may do to your beloved C70 to install. For those that get the Dynaudio premium system I rate the sound quality by source as follows: the CD sounds best, then the Sirius, then the FM radio, and then mp3 last. do yourself a favor and let Volvo install Siruis in the factory, it complements this car well.

    the tires: Unless you live in an area that has seamless roads, glassy highways without potholes and such, save yourself the money and don't get the 18 inch wheels. They don't look any better and the ride is a bit smoother with the 17 inch wheels. My least favorite part of my test drive on the decked out c70 was the tire feel (it had the 18 inch wheels) The profile is plenty flat on the 17 inch wheels. IN my opinion, the car doesn't handle any better on the 18 inch wheels and the ride is rougher.

    the transmission: Again, if you don't live in the big city where stop and start is all you do, don't spend the extra for the automatic, because after comparing the two, we love the manual better. It suits this car's personality and gives it a bit more pep because there is no turbo lag and it is just plain fun.
  • I may sound like an old man, but I am not. I am young-ish and an experienced autocrosser (performance driver). I would actually prefer a wheel option with a 50-series tire for daily driving comfort and reliability.

    The 18-inch wheels are enticing, but really too extreme for me on a daily basis. In the US, the 18inch wheels include summer-only tires with an aspect ratio of 40%. The 17-inch wheels include an all season tire with an aspect ratio of 45%. Both tires are the same width, so their height difference is 12mm making acceleration, skids, etc. essentially the same, until you have freezing temperatures. Summer tires are not meant for cold weather (wet or dry), not to mention snow.

    So I opted for the 17-inch package, since a fair portion of our year has cold weather, and we don't want the hassle of changing wheels each spring and fall. We will still probably keep the car in the garage when the weather is really bad, but having all-season tires gives us some piece of mind. Yes, I could get an extra set of tires for winter, or even pull the summers off the rims before winter; but I hate to ditch tires before the end of their life (especially a P-zero).

    Because both packages have very low profile tires, we will consider the wheel & tire warranty very carefully. In the past 7 years we've bent a few BMW rims with 50 series tires. So if it isn't too expensive, the idea of having road-hazard coverage for the wheels as well as the tires is very intriging.
  • We placed our order yesterday via the OSD program.

    The options we chose include: Premium, Climate, zenons, sirius, and park assist.

    The color options were slightly peculiar, so we went with metallic silver & quartz. Once we were able to see this combination up close, we were sold. :shades:
  • jecklesjeckles Posts: 87
    Anyone have any experience with buying accessories form Volvo factory, during over seas delivery?

    We heard the accessories are cheaper at the factory and thought we might buy some while we are there this summer.

    Some of the accessories we are considering include:
    all weather rubber mats,
    warning triangle,
    sunglass holder,
    rear bumper protector tape, and
    maybe some tools (if the car doesn't come with lug wrench, etc.)

    Does anyone know if the warning triangle fits in any special location in the trunk, like in the old Mercedes?
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