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Mitsubishi Outlander Test Drives

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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Tell us about your test drive here!

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  • Quick question for those who already test drove a new 2007 Outlander. Is the 6cyl engine still noisy? If you get 10% discount and 60 month 0% financing on 2006 Limited AWD, would you consider buying it, or would you rather purchase 2007 model paying several thousands more in interest and possible > price?
  • Well, I can't speak for whether or not the engine is noisy since I have yet to test drive one, but I can say that I would NEVER buy a 2006 or earlier Outlander. It's a matter of personal opinion, but I just think that the earlier design is plain-ugly and also the previous generation doesn't have nearly the level of technology and safety features that's available in the '07. I make less than $40K a year in salary and I'm also single... so if I'm going to put down any amount of money for a new car I want to make sure it's as cutting-edge as it can be for the money. But again, that's just a matter of personal taste. I'm sure there are many others who could easily live with having the previous generation if it meant they would be saving a ton of money.
  • viamedeviamede Posts: 26
    Previous generation is smaller than a Matrix and gets much poorer mileage. It is a bit more rugged and still has AWD but other than that it is not surprising it hasn't sold better. The new Outlander has more room and substantially better features. Other than its position size wise in the Mitsu lineup there really isn't much more than the name in common with the old model.Actually I don't mind the old Outlander's looks but I need something bigger and the new one looks like it might fit the bill.
  • It seems that new 2007 has cheap-looking interior, and it will cost you, probably, 5000 more because of financing rate. On 2006 you can get up to $3000 Cash-back. I wish I could compare them side-by-side, but here in Canada we will have to wait until February of 2007. I've already test-drove the new 2007 Honda CR-V (fully loaded). Nice car, but definitely needs > power (they only offer 4Cyl), and it's very expensive compare to 2006 AWD Limited Outlander, which comes with 4Cyl also, leather, sun-roof, etc).
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    "It seems that new 2007 has cheap-looking interior"

    Well, as they say, to each his own. I actually saw 5 of these already, and I like the interior. Maybe you meant the dashboard. But to say the whole interior of the car is an understatement. Maybe you are referring to the entry level trims, not the leather seats on the XLS.
  • This morning I test drove a Outlander. And yes I was impressed. The interior is not as bad a some may say. I have a 2005 Mazda 3 and the interior is about the same grade. Hard plastics mixed with soft vinyl. The leather in the XLS is nice, but that's not my cup of tea. I test drove a ES with base equipment, and the Outlander is impressive in person. I really liked the front seat pushed all the way back, and I had plenty of leg room for long drives. The e-shift is nice, although I don't expect to use it much. The engine has a lot of pep, very little understeer and little body roll.

    I wish the steering wheel was telescopic, and the "storage bin" is really more like a shallow hole under a lid.

    GAS: I saw 19/27 mixed was about 22MPG. I WANT ONE!!! Now comes the big test, my wife has to like it also.
  • tom5314tom5314 Posts: 20
    I test drove it yesterday. I spent like 15mn in local streets, no hwy testing. I dont know how much noisy you are talking to but it's a "quiet" engine to me. Remember it's a V6 advantage. Good accelerate too for typical SUV.
  • Yes, i was referring to 2007 base model. I am sure that Top Model will have nicer interior, including leather, etc, BUT it will cost ya... I am in Canada, and right now with "0" Down and "0" % for 60 months i can get a fully loaded Limited AWD with leather, sunroof, etc for about $640/month x 60 months = $38,400. With %rate of 6% this car will cost you several thousands more. Guys please let me know in $$$ how much is the difference between Top Outlander (Limited AWD) 2006 and Top Model 2007. I would appreciate i you, lucky people, who already test drove it, would let us know if the 6Cyl engine is really nice and quiet. Does new model come in Red? Thanks in advance. What is the Interest Rate on 2007?
  • Thx for your reply. Just go back to your dealership and take 2006 one for a spin. Push the gas pedal down and you will understand what do i mean by "noisy". To be fare, RAV4 4cyl engine makes as much noise if not more. And i am not talking about road/wind noise. This noise is coming from engine compartment through the fire wall/dash board. Question for those who tested both 2006 and 2007: is it really like Day and Night? Is there huge difference in handling, body roll, noise (sorry LOL)? Would you say it's worth spending about 5000 or more on similar 2006 and 2007 models (Limited, fully loaded, exept for GPS, DVD, etc).
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    I have a 2005 Mazda3 GT (Canadian version with I4 2.3L) as well and if 07 Outlander's interior is as good as Mazda's I would be more than happy. My only concern is the feel of the door panels which seem to be hard plastic from top to the bottom with a patch of fabric on the elbow rest. Not as nice as in Mazda3, but like I said in a posting before, the RAV4's door panels are the same style so not a real step down from the class "benchmark". I don't think the dashboard quality will be a problem b/c I like the texture plastic - similar as in Mazda3. I did not like the black base around the gear shifter, but this is a minor detail. However, I will know after the first few seconds in the Outlander's cabin if I like it or not. I'm optimistic because I'm really set to buy it early next year. I think I might go south of border to have a pick at it before it comes to Canada.
    A link to the Motor Week review this Saturday:
    2007 Outlander Motor Week review October 28, 2006
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    I think it will be available in Red. This is what I will be getting too. On one Mitsubishi dealer's web site in the US I saw two shades of red listed for the 2007 Outlander.
  • Two shades of red, you say? My '99 Ford Ranger Splash is the most beautiful shade of red I've ever seen... it's a Glossy-Dark, Burgandy Red and it SHINES day and night. Ahhhh... if only the Outlander could be available in that color! *droools*
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    2006 versus 2007, they're somewhat different cars. The new one is larger and has a V6. The 2006 is a very good vehicle as well. I had a 2004 XLS and loved every minute of it. We had to trade it for a minivan when our family outgrew it, but it's one of the best cars I've ever owned. The 4-cylinder is plenty powerful enough, especially since they upped the power for 2004 and later. I think the style is unique and like the fact that you don't see many of them on the road. The resale value is not going to be as good as say a RAV4 or CR-V, but you're getting a big discount, and if you plan to keep it for a long time, that's not a big deal.

    I was always impressed with the ride and handling of my 2004, and the interior seemed very high quality compared to most American made cars I've been in. Also counting against the 2007, I prefer not to buy first-year models of new vehicles. Give it a year or two for all the bugs to work out.

    In the end, it's just a matter of personal preference. If you like the 2006, go ahead and get it. It's a great ride. If you need the extra space and want to spend a little more, get the 2007, I'm sure it will be very reliable as well.
  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject. I just came from "Mega Mitsubishi" (dealership in Province Quebec, Canada)... Drove almost 40km from my home in Ontario, because their sales person "gave me a very good deal" over the phone... Well, you know what people say: if it sounds too good to be true... "
    That sneaky guy gave me his "best price" $621.30 per month and promised that there will be no "surprises" when i come in... However, there was one, which stopped me from purchasing my 2006 Outlander today. When i looked at the contract, all payments were $310.65 bi-weekly... And he tried to convince me that my monthly payment is $310.65 x 2= $621.30. What a moron! As soon as i realized that instead of $37,400, i will be paying $310.65 x 26 (payments per year) x 5 (years) = $40,384.50 ... i kinda became very-very-very upset with this moron. Anyway, tomorrow will start talking to my Ontario Sales person... will see what they can offer.
  • Just a side note The Outlander has been on the road since 2005 in Japan. So I guess technically its not a "first year model" I do agree with your opinion about "first year models though.
  • abangabang Posts: 44
    I test drove the 07 Outlander XLS today here in Portland, Oregon. It's a good looking rig. The interior was nice, not luxurious but what do you expect. The door panels were hard plastic. Seats were comfy.

    Power was adequate. The paddle shifters were nice to play with. One thing I noticed is there's quite a bit of road noise on the freeway. Handling was good. The 3rd row seats are definitely for children only and only for short trips. I'd never take kids on a long road trip in the 3rd row, that would be cruel and unusual punishment. The 2nd row seats flip and tumble forward to get access to the 3rd row. I did not try stowing the 3rd row seat.

    I'm not sure I like the keyless ignition. Can you use a key as a backup? I did not check to see if there's a keyslot.

    Mileage on the window sticker is 19 city, 22 highway. Not great. However, I was shown the invoice price and my price would be $200 over invoice.

    I'm pleased with the Outlander overall and am now starting to shop for a loan to get this.
  • May I ask from which dealer you got your quote? Beaverton Mitsubishi or Town & Country Mitsubishi? $200 over invoice sounds good.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    Yep. I thought there is only one red color available as it appears on the pictures posted on the Internet, but this dealer was listing two different red colors. I guess we'll wait and see. I know I will be getting a red one when the time comes.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    But not with the same engine. The Japanese version has an I4 2.4L.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    I like the "Japanese" red. Check it out ...

    07 Outlander Japanese Colors
  • I was testing ES model ,LS 4wd is was not ready for test drive because they just come in ,for $$ car is more than perfect MPG in city is was 17 MPG, on hwy i cant tell is was windy day ,sticker says 20/27. Is anyone was testing 4wd to tell me what is real MPG ,sticker says 19/22 for 4wd internet says 19/26 that is big negative for MITSH.. Costumers are on MPG ,or if is not mistake i dont think sales will go well
  • abangabang Posts: 44
    I got my price quote from Ray Reece Mitsubishi. Please go through their internet department. I went to to locate Ray Reece and contacted Ray Reece through their web site. If you just waltz in, you'll probably not get the same deal as Edmunds has pointed out in their how to buy a car series. I'd give you the salesman's name but I believe that's not allowed by Edmunds.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    No worries guys. EPA rating is 19/26 for 4WD and 20/27 for 2WD. Period. However, it's just a guide that may be different from the real world consumption as for any other vehicle.
    EPA Guide
    It must be a mistake or misunderstanding. I heard about a combined estimate of 22 or 23 mpg so is it possible that somehow this number got posted? I don't know if this is an official estimate or just a guesstimate ...
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    What a scam. Tell him that's fine, you'll send your payments on the 1st and 15th!
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    Still though, that is a good point, it's not a brand new model. I didn't think of that. Really, I like the new Outlander, but I also have a lot of love for the 2004-2006. Took a lot of great trips in my 2004, and fit a surprising amount of stuff in there. Bunk beds, swing sets. Very versatile vehicle. Always was impressed with the feel of the steering and suspension. Loved the thick leather wrapped steering wheel, and the AC vents. Lots of little details that I enjoyed. I'd definitely still be driving it today if we didn't need the extra space for baby #3.
  • LOL Good idea. Let him have 24 payments instead of 26 and see if he likes it... In addition to that trick with bi-weekly payments, he said that they use leatherette instead of real leather. However, he could not confirm / verify that. I am getting sick and tired talking to these guys... People, please tell me if Limited AWD model should have the REAL STUFF (Leather) or leatherette?
  • Has anyone found an Outlander in NJ? I've called a few dealers and none seem to have any idea when it will be in. One did comment that Mitsu will be "pushing" the 2WD version, but will also have an available AWD version.

    I am hoping to purchase a car in the next 2-3 weeks and don't want to jump into the RAV4 (CR-V already ruled out) without giving the Outlander a chance!
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Here's the one I'd likely take out for a test drive. Hopefully I get my operator's license this week so I can get behind the wheel already. It's the base XLS model. So I get to play with the paddle shifters, and see if I would really need it, or will the shifting of the 6speed auto be smooth enough for me to cross the paddle shifters out of my wishlist (the stick shift will be tested too). Too bad I haven't seen one with the Navi yet, or one with the Sun and Sound package. The rest of the vehicles in the nearby dealerships are all base ESs and LSs.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    Do you know by any chance if the LS will have the fog lights as dealer installed option? Do you have an options list apart from the published packages?
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