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Mitsubishi Outlander Test Drives



  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    Excellent. The phone&fog package is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
  • Prestige VW-Mitsubishi on the Black Horse in Washington Twp, Gloucester County has 4 on the lot.
  • jflorjflor Posts: 20
    Just when we thought the best thing has happened with the new outlander now comes this possible outlander ralliart. If it does come out in about two years i will be ready to trade in my galant by then.
  • Thanks for the dealer info - It's over a 2 hour drive, so I guess I wait for the locals to get them in stock.
  • 1) They're jerks. They make us wait this long for dealers to get the new outlander, and THEN introduce an even cooler one we have to wait even longer for?

    2) That's a good move. It'll tie the outlander and evo even more closely together, and people who don't even buy an evolander will still feel like they've got a piece of that action. Maybe. Does the evo help lancer sales?
  • viamedeviamede Posts: 26
    My impression was that these were just fun cars and not something that is likely to see the light of day in any showroom.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    I've tested 07 outlander on 10/28 in Chicago area. They had about six of them on the lot. It's a very nice truck, bit smaller on the outside than expected, but roomy enough inside. As far as interior - sure it's not a Lexus, but comparable with Honda and better than Santa Fe or RAV4 IMO.
    Plastics are similar, front seats much more comfortable, sporty looking, back seats slide and recline. It is pretty easy to open both halves of the gate or tumble rear seats. On the road - nice and quiet, good pick up. I would give it 8 of 10. Millage on the sticker was 19/26 on 4WD XLS.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    The Evolander will be a Concept Car. It will never be a production car. If ever an Outlander RalliArt version will come out, the first cue will come from Japan. So far, the best trim you can get for the production Outlander in Japan is the Outlander G-Limited. It's not even a RalliArt version yet. It's got gold rims, and gold accent on the grill. See photos below:

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    If ever a RalliArt version comes out, it would be probably on the 2nd production year, but not in 2007.

    The XLS, fully loaded, is second to none in features. I thought I never really needed power seats and stuff, but when you get to the dealer and try out these features, you will want one. And one cool thing about the LCD display in the Navi System, it folds out to reveal the loading slot for the DVD, and it's so cool how it fold down that you'd instantly feel a lot has been put into the design of this car.

    The dealership I visited today is willing to give it to me at close to invoice price IF I'd buy it that instant. Of course, I refused, though I was very tempted at that point after seeing all the toys. As CR advises, this is another old trick in the book. So I am taking my time looking around the dealerships, asking them their bottom prices so I have a clear picture how much it will all sum up. Sometimes you gotta play "hard to get" so the dealer don't get the idea you're drooling to drive one home. :P
  • I drove by the local dealership in Elgin, IL yesterday and saw a few parked out front. I hope to test drive it this weekend, along with the CX-7.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
  • Oddly I read a snippet in the paper today that said there will be a RalliArt version of the Outlander but all it mentioned for features were the steering wheel paddle shifters (already on the XLS)and Brembo not sounding like much.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    If this is all that the article mentioned, the author is an amateur, not to say an idiot.
    More info at the link bellow. Check it out for yourself.
    Evolander at SEMA
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    The Evolander Concept has all the features you mentioned. A Ralli-Art badge, Ralli-Art front strut bar, and yes they do have Brembo brakes and paddle shifters. Because this vehicle was given the Ralli-Art treatment. So why build a concept car like the Evolander. MMNA's press release is very clear about this.

    “The Evolander builds upon the reputation that the Lancer Evolution sedan has built among tuners and car enthusiasts. Like the Evo, the Evolander boasts a forced induction engine, electronic all-wheel drive, and a tuned suspension that deliver on its Evo-ness,” said Dan Sims, managing director of Mitsubishi Research and Design America. “A vehicle like Evolander, which blends Evolution-style design cues and sport SUV themes, might help inspire tuners to apply their wares to the compact SUV segment.”

    "An exploratory concept, the Evolander represents the design and engineering possibilities of what could be an Outlander Ralliart production model in the future."

    So from that, MMNA made no promise regarding production. It's a forward looking statement. Take the Endeavor RalliArt concept as an example. Featured at SEMA 2004, it never made production status.

  • Did my first test drive today in dealer's demo Outlander XLS. My impressions might be skewed a bit by the dealer tricking out the wheels already, low profile tires with fancy chrome wheels - not factory XLS. Lots of time wasted on demoing the Nav System, I'm not interested in. IMHO, Nav systems are life savers out of town with rental cars, always on and paying attention during a trip to Europe, but I don't find value in it close to home...don't get me wrong, it is a good system they have, just not on my list to evaluate, back to the drive. In my short freeway drive in moderate traffic about 50mph, the transmission seemed to want to hunt for high gear and slightest acceleration sent it elsewhere - maybe it was more a result of the hesitating freeway traffic or that we left the Auto4WD option engaged on the freeway - some ice on the roads, I didn't play with the paddle shifters. Some road noise, and one of the seats in back was folded down I don't think secured because I heard it rattle. Mirrors are good size, good view behind, and I don't think you can see anything out the rearward side windows. More confident in the 6cyl than in the Honda 4cyl CRV already tested and wife didn't like the RAV4, another option for us. The Highlander awaits a test yet. Overall I like what the Outlander has to offer, it fits very close to raw specs that I'm trying to match in size, weight, cargo cap, engine, fuel economy..they are in demand still in my area with 1 or no XLS's on the dealer lots other trims seem ok on supply. However, I'm still more favorable to our Honda Passport, higher seat visibility, low-gear 4WD, 3.2L engine still good fuel economy for an SUV, avg 18.3mpg. Despite its Isuzu Rodeo faults, I still haven't found from any manuf a replacement for 2007 with the same cargo cap, 4WD, fuel eff. with near 3.0L engine. higher seat ground clearance. I guess the higher center today would most likely be found a rollover test risk so the SUV's are inching closer to the ground - Ford Escape and like Mazda are out as they failed rollover in CR testing. I'm also annoyed by some other manuf (Chev Equinox) with wide A pillars to stuff the side air curtain, I suspect all the manuf are having this problem with the A pillar design, the Equinox seemed severe in this regard, wouldn't even test drive it. I would like to get feedback from others that have already tested the Outlander against the Highlander ;) It's going to be the wife's car so I'm going to send her out to test both soon. We'd go back to Honda, but they need something that fits inbetween the CRV and Pilot, to us the Pilot is too large and CRV is a bit too small. I may be guilty of contributing to Toyota dominance as I already own a new Toyota truck, but I'm honestly searching for a viable alternative.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    "transmission seemed to want to hunt for high gear and slightest acceleration sent it elsewhere "
    You have to remember it was a demo, trany in privately owned version learn and adopts to your driving habits, not a case on a tester. Highlander will be redesigned in the next 1-2 years. The current one is dated but still overpriced. Mitsu beats Rav4 and CRV in performance, size, value and warranty. I would not agree with you on Passport/Rodeo advantages. Old, heavy frame 4x4 SUVs are short on performance, safety (only two air bags, no traction or stability control, bad crash ratings), economy (your 18.3 mpg average is way too optimistic, I'm getting 16 at most, with EPA ratings of 15/18 mpg). Outlander is rated 19/26 mpg, has the same ground clearance (8.5"), more cargo capacity (39 cu ft in Mitsu and 35 cu ft in Isuzu/Honda), all safety you can imagine, selectable 4WD and rally heritage. I don't think domestics can match its quality and reliability. I think old school SUVs are slowly going away, truly needed only by real offroad crowd. If you think you still need one, check Nissan Xterra, Toyota FJ Cruiser or Jeep. Highlander is not even close with soft, Camry base platform, floaty on road only ride.
  • Good feedback.. it is a shift from truck to car like design for us, and I'm definitely watchful of the rear storage - I've even asked about pulling that huge speaker out the back ;) I want the sunroof but don't want the tie in to the sound system. If this goes further might look at LS model instead which can still be outfitted with leather seats.

    Old school SUVs going away.. absolutely, that's why another alternative I'm considering is a used Lexus RX330!

    I keep a spreadsheet on all the specs, the Passport is at 3926lbs, Outlander 3791, CRV 3549, RAV 3677, Highlander 3880, Ford Edge 4282, CX-9 4546!!, Santa Fe 4022. I definitely want to stay at or below the Passport weight and still keep the back cargo space.

    Haven't spec'd the Xterra, may have been an option but had coworker warn of mechanical problems and kids can't reach those trademark door latches. Nissan does not have as positive impression on me as Mitsubishi.

    Simple thing here that is going to be problem for my wife, her car afterall, back to truck vs car design. This is what the women love about these, the Passport sits up high, windshield is like truck sharp near vertical angle, thin A pillar (no safety bags), commanding view of the road ahead, lights don't shine in the eyes. Outlander and others, down lower, softer longer angle to windshield, wider A pillar. The Passport feels like a short wheelbase to me, feel like I'm driving a bar stool down the street ;)'s not lasting though.. rear wheel bearings just replaced $$$$, front-axles need replacing now, timing belt next, fortunately I know how to take apart and clean EGR valve.. repairs are going to cost more than it's worth and it lacks modern safety features absolutely. I need the 4WD/AWD, it is snowing here now and I may have made a mistake buying 2WD on my Toyota truck, so it stays parked in the garage and I drive the Passport to work now, wife stuck at home! We don't always get snow here, but for the few days that might, the 4WD pays for itself. During snow storm last week I was leaving people stuck on the hills, sliding every which way blocking the lane, while I dodged and plowed past them all, cautious and secure, in 4WD and good Michelin tires, never felt a slip, I still drove very slow, so I'll take some credit at being very cautious plenty of space ahead of me to let the idiots slide out of the way.

    Agree, domestics are most likely out, Ford Explorer probaly nicest interior design, but looked at this replacement issue 6 months ago, gas over $3/gal, can't afford 15mpg car.

    Toyota however has such strong leadership in the marketplace, quality reliablity previous owners swear by them, despite higher price, I have to weigh that against what I don't like in the plain raised station wagon look of the Highlander. I like the RAV better but the back door latch has got to swing up and get the spare underneath. Warranties are great for any car - as long as I never have the hassle of using it ;)
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    "If this goes further might look at LS model instead which can still be outfitted with leather seats."

    Does this mean that the LS can be outfitted with the power drivers seat? I would be interested in the LS then also.
    As I read it the luxury package can only be added to the XLS.
  • Sorry, I was quoting the dealer that didn't know what he was talking about. Factory leather option is only XLS. Your are correct.

    Discussion gets confused sometimes with the dealers in that our Passport had custom made leather seats installed. At the time the Passport was purchased there were no leather seats available, so the dealer sent the car off the lot and had the seats turned into leather. I guess if I want leather bad enough on any car it can be done custom, but I would think to costly over factory option. They aren't heated and they aren't power.
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    Thanks for the reply. Power is the key to the drivers seat for me as my wife is quite smaller than I and changing a mechanical seat back and forth constantly is for the birds. Several very expensive cars have a two memory power seat. As I said , Very Expensive cars. I can get by with the LS with a power seat but thats not how they make their money by making a package.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    "Toyota however has such strong leadership in the marketplace, quality reliability previous owners swear by them, despite higher price"
    Really? How about extended warranty on Toyota's V6 engines because of sludge and engine failures few years back? How about recent leadership in recalls?
  • Yup.. heard about Toyota engine problems, and I do have a post in the forum about the recent truck bearing replacement. Toyota was forthcoming with the recall campaign for me. Just don't buy a 97-02 engine ;) I have an 04. Ok, I see one of the statements with 144,000 miles.. didn't know you could keep a car past 100K ;) just kidding!! I've given up with long-term ownership, agree taken care of they should last, my experience is otherwise. The Passport is falling apart and before that I had a VW Passat it too had expensive suspension and axle problems, I think I had to get rid of that one near 70K, must be all those potholes. I regret not buying the Subaru on that one, it would have lasted better than the Passat wagon the Passat had better leather interior trim at a better price, but I paid dearly for the repairs later.. it was a lemon, including door handles that snapped off twice each handle over $100 to replace, I'm done with VW. It pays to keep good records for repairs though, I had a new Acura back in 87, over a year after I had problems with the ignitor and nearly $500 in repairs, Honda (Acura) reimbursed me in full for all repairs including all towing charges after finally starting a recall campaign. They still had troubles getting the part to work reliably, but from that point forward all those repairs for specific part of course were free. Understandably there's a cost to the frustration of taking a car back to the shop, let alone being stuck 7 stories underground in parking garage with a car that won't start! CR could probably update their lists.. they might have a lot of unhappy subscribers following their Toyota recommendations. My impression is Mitsubishi is in good standing with them no models listed on the avoid or bad bets. I'm very interested in what the Outlander has to offer, but the wife has the final say on this one. I hope she gets a chance to test it soon before the rebate expires on the Toyota!! Actually, I still love the design of the Isuzu Rodeo (Passport), we'd probably buy another one if they still made it, but they are on life-support, I think there's only one dealership left in the whole state where I live.
  • I have pearl white ext. and tan leather interior with two tone black and silve VERY SHAPE.....not cheap looking at all.
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