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I have a 1998 2.2liter Pontiac Sunfire. We gave it a tune up (new plugs, wires, ignition coils, oil change). It's running better than ever but failed inspection for emissions. It is saying that the 3rd cylinder is misfiring. We have had the codes dumped and the light came back on with the same error. Going to take it to the dealership but was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this. Wouldn't it run rough if there was a misfire?

I'm not looking forward to spending upwards of $450 to get my NYS inspection sticker (that's their repairs limit) but don't know what else to do for it. The shop that did the inspection told us to leave the car, they would do $450 worth of "work" and we can get the sticker. Sounds like a big scam to me!

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    I'm going to reply to my own message... It's at the dealership and they want to open up 2 cylinders. I honestly have to say, the car has been running really well, starting right away, idling smoothly and maintaining power since we did our tune-up a couple of weeks ago. The mechanic said he had a really hard time starting it and it ran very poorly. Also that the first 2 cylinders have low compression.

    What do you make of this? Are we getting screwed? I'm afraid we will go to pick up the car (without them tearing the engine apart) and it will be running badly. What do we do? It was running perfectly when we left it there a couple of days ago.
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    Hello. My name is Liz and I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire, Coupe, 2.2L, automatic.

    I recently failed the Connecticut Emissions testing due to OBD Communication Failure. The OBD connector is not giving a read and is not producing any voltage. Recently, my horn and cig lighter also gave out (the cig fuse is fine).

    I was wondering if there was another fuse that may be connected to all of these (horn, cig lighter, obd connector) somewhere down the line? Or could it be a bad wire in there someplace? I do not want to go to a mechanic, because I know what they'd charge for wiring.. plus, I enjoy the satisfaction of working on my own car :)

    Thanks for your help! - Liz
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    Hi Liz !
    I found your post from 6 months ago.
    I have the same deal.
    I hope you may have found an answer you can share.

    I have no power at obd2 port but good cig fuse.

    Well?? Come on Liz.. be my hero.
  • lizs_sunfirelizs_sunfire Member Posts: 2
    Oh, geez! :(

    I'm sorry, but about a month after this happened I ended up with a split in my breakline and found out my whole frame was rusted to the point I could stick my finger through it.. didn't feel safe driving it anymore. I got rid of the Sunfire (got a whole $300 for her) and got a 2005 Chevy Cobalt.

    Sorry, again.. good luck! Hope you find a solution...
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    I found mine.
    Hope maybe it will help someone else out.
    I had a good cig lighter but my HORN fuse was blown and thet solved it.
    ta-da...got my codes.
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    I have a 1999 sunfire that wont pass an e-test. It has a brand new cat on it and runs like a dream. But it continues to fail because of NO2 levels. The shop told me to check the EGR valve but the 99 sunfires dont have one. Does anyone know how the emissions systems work on a 99?. Since it didnt come with an EGR valve there has to be a different system to compinsate for the emissions. :sick:
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