War of the Compacts:Frontier, Ranger, Tacoma, S10, Dakota, B-Series, & Hombre - II



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    Heard of assumption of risk? This will be the defense that toyota will probablly use. They'll say you assumed the risk of damaging your truck when you took it off the pavement. Funny how the owner's manual talks about driving in several conditions such as snow, rain and even in some "offroad". But they never mention mud. But, good luck.
    It really sucks that your dealer won't take care of you. To me, and I've said this before, I would rather pay more from a dealer that I know has great customer service than buy something for even a few thousand dollars less from a dealer that I don't know what they might do or how they might take care of me. Anyways, your dealer sucks! The dealer sometimes is that fine line on whether you get a warranty coverage or not.

    I've had my Crew Cab off in some pretty thick stuff and haven't had any problems. But mine isn't raised either, what an idiot for using a body lift anyways...that is the most ignorant way to lift a truck it, looks stupid and it throws off all the alignments of everything too. Just wait they'll come out with a suspension kit eventually.
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    of improper language.

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    sorry 'bout that. I'll rephrase:
    Amora, what the *heck* are you talking about?
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    would it still be considered profanity...or is it more in the context that it is used in? Just so we know what thin line we thread when we post common everyday words. TIA
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    Amora, once again another misguided Toyota boy.
    The Extreme has 190hp and 250ft/lbs of torque, and will pound your little Toyota into the ground... And Ford is going to release an Adrenalin that will absolutely stomp your preciouse Tinoda this spring! LOL! Nice try though...
    Thats funny, I have had my Ranger splashing in mud and have never, ever had mud around my alternator! Could it be...? The Toyota gods altar is crumbling!!
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    Amora, plus you forgot to mention how many Toyotas of this type are going to be built.
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    I'm going to hide this link because it's off topic, but your questions are important. So, to respond:

    -There are many profane words in Websters which are not allowed here. As a matter a fact, Websters has just about every profane word in it...!

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    this s-runner will be availible with the TRD supercharger also which will make it faster than any other truck in its class. Maybe thats what you were trying to say
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    I find it interesting that people like Vince are so insecure with their truck that they jump at every opportunity to find fault in any other make, particularly Toyota. If the Ranger is the greatest truck out, there I wouldn't think you'd have to continually try to prove it. If it's good, it will develop the reputation on its' own without having to excessively find fault and trash everything else.
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    thanks for the response...still seems rather vague to me...like a general all encompassing statement regarding profanity. However, should I over step the line, I'm sure you or one of the other "hosts" will delete the post for me... ;)
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    i dont know how this new stuff works i cant even get all the responses. however i know my truck can not beat by any means a 5.0. My wife wrote my post and i told her i raced a mustang and won. she tought it was a 5.0. the actual car i raced was a 98 model v-6 mustang. i was impressed though. but i do agree completely that a 5.0 would suck me up the air filter and spit me out the tail pipe but she didnt know. everything else though is true. as much as they cried mud in the alternator i took it to another shop and it was not so. therfore they had to pay for it. that makes me feel much better about toyota's again considering that i know that their older model trucks had great alternators. but please disregard the 5.0
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    did i mention i DO NOT LIKE THIS NEW LOOK. IT SUCKS.
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    I AGREE!
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    Me 3
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    Edmunds doesn't really care. Do you think this is a democracy? The needs of the many do not outweigh the needs of the few or the one.... And like Saddam says...this is good for you whether you know it or not.
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    rather quite WIMPY looking, except maybe front end, no doubt
    designed by an American gen-Xer at the infamous Art Center in
    Pasadena, Then again are not all Toyota car/truck body shapes and
    looks designed by the Homies???
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    received my subscription to Truck Trend today and it does mention an OPTIONAL dealer installed supercharger for the S-runner. Optional meaning an extra 3K!! Please people, you can build any truck if you have the cash.... Now, lets slap a Paxton on a 2WD Ranger with a SOHC 4.0 5spd and see how the S-runner stands up?? It won't...
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    Also slapping (installing) Whipple SC on an S10 4.3 (3/4 5.7) will
    surely spank the Tacoma-S, etc
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    New S10 replacement with the new 4.2 Inline six will win if not
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    so the owners lose.
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    Yes, the losing owners of Dodge Dakota 3.9L motors for sure...
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    The Tacoma 4x2 with the V-6 and 5-speed (very hard to find, albeit) enjoys the best power-to-weight ratio of any stock truck (2710 lbs for the 4x2 extended cab '00 model). That alone accomplishes 0-60 around 7.0 seconds depending on the driver. This model with the auto did 0-60 in 8.0 according to Motortrend. Now add in the TRD supercharger which boosts HP and torque by 70 and you easily have the fastest truck on the road, including the Ford Lightning (360 HP, 5.6 0-60). To say that the S-10, which weighs in usually 500 lbs more than the tacoma is going to be faster is absurd. To be blindly loyal is ludicrous. Just look at the basic numbers and be objective.
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    Numbers, theory and guessing are all well and good, however, real life
    actual performance is main factor. i take performance figures from
    Motor Trend, Truck Trend, Hot Rod mag with a grain of salt, out at
    the Ontario street races is where you will find the humbled Toyota TRD offerings...
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    Yeah, I suppose, but the numbers should be correct first. The actual weight of a '00 Tacoma with the big V-6 is 2930lbs, which gives a power to weight ratio of 15.4 lbs/hp (2930/190). A '00 Dakota with a 4.7L V-8 makes 235hp and weighs 3378lbs. This gives a power to weight ratio of 14.3 lbs/hp. Guess this makes the Dakota faster, huh?
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    Again theory, mathematics, physics, horsepowers.....refer to your dynomometer readings at the flywheel for actual power output being
    applied, then you can calulate your losses properly. Been there, done that...attended hundreds of drag races in '60s and saw first hand the
    application of power and how to achieve maximum power potential to the
    road.....regardless of vehicle make...saw many a small block Chevy
    with half the horsepower of your big blocks clean up the strip...
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    I apologize, but I did misquote the weight by one digit (not intended, believe me). The '00 Tacoma with the V-6 is 2910lbs (the weight of the manual 2wd extended cab). The number of 2930 above is for the model with the automatic transmission. This gives it a power/weight ratio of 15.3 lbs/hp. The '00 Dakota Reg. Cab does come with the 4.7L V-8 and 5-Speed (like the Tacoma, this model will be hard to find, so someone would have to probably special order it) and it indeed has a 14.4 (rounded to nearest tenth)p/w ratio. But power to weight ratio alone does not determine acceleration ability. If you have ever driven a Dakota, you'll know that the stick shift is like that of a tractor with long throws versus the shorter and much slicker toyota 5-speed (I've driven both, owned one). There has yet to be a test of the Dakota with the 5-speed and new V-8, but I would reckon both the tacoma and the Dakota to be close to one another, with the tacoma nudging the Dakota by a tenth or two. Who cares here? The argument above, I believe, was about the new s-runner vs. the new hybrids from Ford and Chevy. There is absolutely no way a supercharged Ranger or S-10 could ever compete with a supercharged tacoma (unless they go on a diet) because of their vast weight differences and 5-speed transmissions. It's funny though, that I always end up comparing my V-6 truck to that of V-8 competitors, or that trucks somehow become race "cars" when we originally buy them to move stuff or pull things. I was simply stating numbers above and realize the futility or trying to turn the tide against the "domestics." People will buy what they like regardless of numbers, but for those hyperrational among us, numbers are interesting.
  • madhatr880madhatr880 Member Posts: 29
    too often are toyota's put up against v8s after they smoke the v6 competion. wy do you think this is. because toyota can maximize much more performance out of thier engines than others. if you want to compare v8s look at the tundra and the all powerful 350 vortec. the tundra with less horsepower and torque will smoke the 350 hands down. if you want to talk about sports cars. domestics often use v8s were as yotas use v6s. bottom line the supra was never challenged by the mustang or the camero off of the showroom floor.
  • webbdwebbd Member Posts: 176
    In a motortrend test, the Chevy 5.3 ext. cab w/ auto beat the 4.7L Tundra ext. cab w/ auto by only 1 tenth of a second 0-60. Of course, when you compare apples to apples, (chevy 4.8 to toyota's 4.7) the race is nowhere close. But as usual, the domestic guys always have to win, so the argument always shifts to "well, give me a Silverado with the 5.3L or even 6.0L V-8 and the best power/weight ratio, so I can win the race by a few tenths and yes, oh yes, get better gas mileage than you as I pull three houses and four broken down S-10's."

    So beware,Madhat, that you don't fall prey to this argument.
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    I've got some numbers for ya,trade defecit hits an all time high with a defecit of 68.5 billion to Japan alone, mainly because of vehicles and toys,do yourself and your Country a favor and buy American.Its the only way.And for the record I owned a 99 lightning and will be looking at the 2001's,it will spank any rice burner or hopped up compact compare the #'s on cost before you spend money on a compact and then add a charger.A 2000 lightning can be had for $27,000 brand new if you do your homework.
  • webbdwebbd Member Posts: 176
    And what of those pesky Americans supporting their families building those Toys over in Fremont, CA and those communists contributing to the downfall of our great nation over in Ohio building those Accords, Civics, and Tundras. What, do we forget to bash the Germans? Or is is because they are white? I guess it's okay for Chrysler to marry Mercedes, but we'd probably start a race war should GM and Honda merge.

    For the record, I own a Toyota Truck. I am an American. I served my country for four years. I seriously doubt you've done anything more than harass import car and truck buyers on the internet or attempt to steal candy from unsuspecting kids.

    And the F-150 Lightning is an F-150 with a supercharger. Go buy a flareside 2wd F-150 with the 5.4L v-8, install the charger yourself for two grand, and save yourself several thousands. Of course, anyone who does their homework would know this.

    People who attach their patriotism and self-worth to their vehicles have to be some of the most insecure and unpatriotic people in the world. It's simple overcompensation. You feel insecure about your decisions and you mask them by slurring real Americans and acting overly aggressive and hostile toward those who make different decisions from your own.

    By the way, who do think your Lightning dollars go to? Last time I checked, Ford had purchased Land Rover, Aston Martin, Jaguar, and owns more than a 40% share of Mazda (that's a Japanese car company; they make the B-series pickups--you know, the twins to the Rangers).
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    Using "import executives". Good luck on this one now...........
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    "...trade defecit hits an all time high with a defecit of 68.5 billion to Japan alone, mainly because of vehicles and toys,do yourself and your Country a favor and buy American."

    Yea, and how is Japan's economy doing? oh, that's right, it's in the toilet. Obviously, years of americans buying japanese cars hasn't exactly sunk the US economy.
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