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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma - How many miles have you logged?



  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    53 K on my 99 Sonoma bought new. No repairs after warranty expired, just fluid and filters.
  • jdininjdinin Posts: 3
    I hope I don't offend too many in this forum by sounding off about a Sonoma. I bought a '98 Sonoma in '05 for my daughters to learn how to drive. The price was right and they were intimidated by my '87 4WD Dakota. They did learn and fell in love with a cheap Hyundai I bought to replace a 3-cylinder Saturn ;)

    So, I now commute in the Sonoma with 2.2L & AT. I have learned to like almost everything about it, just not the unlimited slip differential when my driveway is covered in ice. I have a posi-trak unit, but haven't done the job yet. I average about 27 mpg commuting >80 mi/day. Current miles: 124,700+.

    It had 85,000 on it when I bought it. I took a gamble and switched to synthetic oil (Supertech 10W-30) which I change at 18-19 thousand mile intervals (the distance it will go before it is 1qt down and the 5qt jug is empty). The AT didn't like to stay in OD, especially on longer trips. The tranny is mostly rehabilitated now by replacing 4qts of the worst looking ATF I've ever seen with Valvoline Maxlife. This rehab was done a quart or so at a time (I've heard horror stories about ATF changes after the first 60,000 on original fluid).

    The one problem I have ignored is the intermittent wipers (refuse to work at all after the first 20-minutes of driving in warmer weather).
  • hey my odometer broke at 56,300 about a year ago on my 89 s15 runs like brand new.hey kids buy a truck off an old man, they baby them. i roughly have about 70,000 on it now.
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    Got 240k on mine, still going strong. It could use a paint job. :shades:
  • I bought my '96 chevy S 10 new. 4 cyl., extended cab, 2WD. I love this truck. I am currently at 214K miles and have recently developed a loud tick in the motor. I have always used Valvoline 10W30 year round. I have just changed to 10W40 to aid in the lower oil pressure. I believe it's at the end of its life. What a great truck.

    I wish they sold these brand new, I would buy another.
  • i bought truck used with 2 hundred k on it for 300 dollars was worth it drove it for 5 k miles total of 2 hundred and 5 k and it blew up rod went threw engine block i bought another cheap 2.5 L droped that engine in it was a very cheap engine 100 dollars lol from junk yard i can see it was never taken care of sparkplugs was very hard to get out they was completly destroyed. put a tune up on it. put a new oil pressure switch in it this motor has given me 6 k as of now it is a 1992 2.5 a decent motor lack of power tho i dont really care tho point A to B is fine with me. about the 87 body i live in michgian very rusty 87 but i replaced lots of body parts had to .the fuel pump went out suprising to you .lmao not to me chevy loves to drop fuel pumps .fuel millage is 20 mpg not bad but not great . runs crapy cold
    engine runs on 2 cyl when i first start it untill it is warm then it hit 4 cyl weired .lol but over all great truck awsome love my s10,s oh yeah and i beat the hell out of my tranny lol i pulled over 6000 pounds behind my truck bumper was readys to fall off i bent it down wored bad it,s bent badly lol owell i pulled alot with it i keep dumping used motor oil in it black black stuff i just change the oil filter once in a while i run 15 pounds oil pressure warm 40 cold . chevy like a rock i agree.:) :D
  • Hello,

    I bought my sonoma when I was 16 for 3k. It is a 94 Sonoma and I put most of the miles on it

    Right now it has 245K :surprise: I hope to have a party when it reaches 250K
  • gorrufusgorrufus Posts: 1
    I have a 94' Sonoma, 4.3l v-6 'z' motor (non-vortec), extended cab short bed 2 wheel drive. 280,600 miles from the 200 when I bought it brand new. Paid cash back then and wont get rid of it any time soon. I have another cab from a 95 that only has one quarter panel rust hole, that I plan on swapping in. I think I'll keep the 94 dash though and the 94' column. I don't want the airbags. I removed the a/c finally this year but cannot find a non-A/C blower motor box. I plan on visiting some junkyards this summer and try my luck. I know theres not to many non-a/c sonoma out there. I'll just look for an s10 that was a work or delivery truck. I also have 2 new fenders, and I would like to convert the front end over to a 98' and up envoy headlights and grille. I need to get a new 98' core support first.

    I do plan on rebuilding the engine and trans soon. I'd rather sink about 5-8 grand in this truck and do the work myself, than buy a new 30 grand truck with a payment.

    I'm glad to see there are alot of us sonoma fans out there.

    Peace! :)
  • I have a 95 s-10 bought brand new. It currently has over 168,000 miles on it. I recently took the value cover off to replace the gasket, and my friend was amazed that it was so clean and no slug at all. I change oil every 3500 miles and now I use nothing else but WIX oil filters (fuel and oil). I also use Havoline 5W 30 oil. The engine itself has not gave me trouble. Just everything else. been through 3 trannys. 2nd and 3rd one came from a junk yard. Put a different rear-end. Now it is sitting at my work with a wheel bearing scorched. Just replaced it 2 week ago. Yes it has been lowered 3 in front and 3 in rear. Why is the wheel bearing keep failing me?
  • r12isbadr12isbad Posts: 1
    I have an 03 crew cab 4wd, bought new, and now have 197,400 miles on the odometer.
    I do soil erosion and building code inspections in Michigan so I have BFG TA's on it and average 19-20 MPG on the highway, 16-17 around town. Have used Royal Purple motor oil and Amsoil tranny fluid since new. Still running like it was when new. :)
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 127
    to post this question, but thought this forum might work. I'm wanting to buy a used truck and see an abundance of S10/S15's for sale with pretty good prices. Can anyone out there tell me if they are reliable? I've heard that Chevy's interiors are prone to cheap parts, but as long as I can open/close, lock/unlock the doors, I can live with cheap materials. Any advice if to buy the 4 or 6 cyl.? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • littleoscolittleosco Posts: 11
    We have a 2000 S-10 4x4 with the 6 cylinder engine and we love it. Bought it new in 2000. It has under 100,000 miles on it and we have had very little problem with it but we keep it well maintained. As far as cheap parts inside, we did have one of the sliders on the seat base go out while it was still under warranty and right now, the 3rd door handle doesn't work. The sending unit to the gas gauge went out years back but it's $600 to fix it so right now, we just use the trip meter to determine when to fill up. Other than that, nothing big. A few years ago, we stepped up from the 15" wheels to 16" wheels with larger tires so it sits a little higher off the ground. It does awesome in the snow and tows our 16' boat with no problem.
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 127
    Thanks for your time and info. Man, that's expensive for the gas gauge sending unit! :surprise:
    I've heard good things about the 4.3 V6, but not so good about the 4cyl.
    Can anyone else chime in about the dependability/reliability of these trucks?
    Thanks to all!
  • jrod777jrod777 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 S-10 and am currently looking to find new window cranks, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. I was just wondering if anybody has purchased new cranks and where they found them. Thanks!
  • Bought my S-10 Tahoe new in '92. 4.3L/Auto trans-2 wheel drive. I now have 471,000 Mi logged. Motor or trans never touched. I,ve only done your normal maintenance & repairs which includes: Belts & hoses,brake linings,tires,(1) starter, (5)alternaters,(3) sets of shocks,(3) fuel pumps,(3) water pumps,(4) sets of U-joints,(1)PS pump,(1)A/C comp,(1) Bearing kit in rear axle,(1) power brake booster, changed all filters on regular basis and average oil change every 8k mi, used 20W-50 Valvoline oil after initial break in & used Sick 50 every 50,000 Mi.I,ve only been stranded (1) time when the first fuel pump went out,other than that not a moments trouble. I changed trans fluid & filter (1) time @ 45k Mi.
  • I just bought a 95 sonoma and it had 180,000. it now has over 204,000 and i have just changed the original fuel filter and the fuel pump was just replaced not to long ago. I am having problems with gas mileage but suspect the gas tank has a crack or the seal on the pump is bad. The truck runs great but you just cant fill the gas tank up fully. It has a 4.3 vortec and the oil is changed reguarly at 3,000 miles. The air filter is cleaned and changed when needed.
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,079
    I would venture to say that shouldn't be a problem... if you want you can head over here:

    you can post your question there, or just read through. Some of it is pretty interesting, other parts, more like a technical snore. But it might help you make a decision.
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,079
    Wow - I am still getting mine broke in :D

    I have logged 105K so far. I was logging about 3-5K a month for a time and so the miles piled on fast, but now the truck mostly sits due to a career change. But even at 105K it still runs great! No major problems except an oil leak developed between the motor and tranny... gonna have to look at that. The truck is a 2001 4.3 2wd Extended Cab LS.

    I have switched from Valvoline Dino oil to Mobile 1 to try and clean her out, but oil change intervals have been always 3K with basic Fram filters....
    (here's hoping the Mobile 1 didn't cause the oil leak, but I doubt it since I think I remember it leaking before I switched. It was around the same time I switched that I remember noticing the leak. I have heard rumors that a switch to synthetic at high miles can cause oil leakes because the synthetic has detergents in it that can clean out a lot of the garbage that may loosen up a seal or two, but after a lot research, I decided that since it had been well maintained at 3K interchange intervals, there pobably wasn't much build up and since I wasn't using a parrafin based oil such as Pennzoil I was probably okay (I say this with fingers crossed :D)......
  • i bought my 93 sonoma in 94 with14,000 miles on it. its a 2.8/ 5 speed. i drive 80 miles, 6 days a week.i t-boned a van in 97 and bent the frame. the body man almost straightened it. it has never failed to start and hasnt left me stranded, ever. today its logged 337,000 miles. the motor, trans,clutch,rear end havnt been touched. i did just replace the radiator mostly due to bug infiltration. i drive nights.also during its life 1 ujoint,2 alternator,2waterpump,1fuelpump,2exhaust system,1 heater core. i use 5/30 synthetic oil changing it twice a year. rust is my enemie now. oh yea, i record my gas usage. this summer i consistently got 25.5 mpg.
  • 1988 GMC S15, 2.8L 5 speed, Mileage today 584,018. Now that mileage is on the odometer, the engine was replaced in 1998 with a new crate unit from a GM dealer in Fort Worth Tx. engine miles is approx. 334,000, which is good in itself. I have been changing oil at 7,000 to 10,000 mile using Slick 50 and Lucas Oil additive at different times of course. A K & N Air filter has been the newest upgrade. Rear axle has 4.11 gears and I pull a Supra Ski Boat during the summer months. MPG down the highway, no trailer, is 22+. Back in 1994 I over heated the engine but I could not stop right away. Did not blow any hoses, but I know it was too hot just by the gauges. I changed the oil and coolant, but the damge was done. On start up it would make a bad noise then it would go away. It lasted 4 years! then Boom!
  • 2.8L v-6 or the 92+ 4.3 v-6
  • Hello Tom,

    I got 584,018, odometer, on my GMC 1988 second new engine has 334,000 miles on it. I trust my machine for long trips.

  • edelenedelen Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 chevy s-10 2.2 385,000 miles and still going strong! :)
  • edelenedelen Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 Chevy S10 2.2 manual tran. 385,000 and some change, Still going strong :)
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,079
    So I guess mine is still pretty young... My '01 4.3 V6 Ex-Cab just turned over 115K the other day. Still runs strong. Gets used as a daily driver/worktruck. It could use a paint job, but I don't think I'll bother as it is used as work truck and work trucks are supposed to scratched and dented. Although mine isn't dented very much, just a lot of scratches. The only real dent is the tailgate that got pushed in by a roll of carpet hanging over the front end of a trailer I was hauling to the dump.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • fho2008fho2008 Posts: 393
    Almost 300,000

    New S10, 4.3 less than 100,000
  • Hey everyone! I have a 95 S-10 Ext Cab ZR2 4.3 and am pround to report that it has 235000 kms on it and still runs like a champ!
  • fho2008fho2008 Posts: 393
    235000 km is what in miles? And congrats, sounds like alot.
  • jgray5jgray5 Posts: 2
    tonight i logged in 200,000 on my chevy s-10 -2000. here in denver colorado good old truck fly fishing ,carry grand babes, upright bass.
    ANY WAY THE QUESTION IS BESIDES CHANGING SPARK PLUGS WHAT SHOULD I BE LOOKING OUT FOR transmission , no leaks , time are hard out here still working two jobs. no leaks any where. can any of you young men have any idea??
    mr gray
    denver colorado :(
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