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CNG Conversion Kits For Other Vehicles?

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,236
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  • 1lexigas1lexigas Posts: 7
    I am starting my quest by searching the internet and this appears to be the ONLY active CNG forum.
    If you know of others , please let us know.
    I have corresponded with a fellow in Lithuania that says he is going to get his vehicle converted totally for $1000USD.
    This is for a Dual Fuel vehicle (gasoline and CNG).

    Does anyone know of,any USA source for a conversion kit for a Toyota Corolla-have a 2005 drive by wire engine 1.8L.

    I have found a couple of companies in Argentina and Brazil that make kits, but whether they would work on the common Toyota Corrolla has yet to be determined.
    AM I barking up the wrong tree here??????
    Has anyone explored the possibility of obtaining the kit and doing the conversion themselves?
    I assume the Honda conversion kit is made overseas (since they are the pioneers of CNG on common vehicles).
    Is this feasible that I can install a kit myself, buy a Phil for home fueling and live happily ever after.
    ANY links, would be appreciated.
    ANY experience or advice would be appreciated.
    I have been batting zero so far and am hoping for sucess rather than just buying the single fuel Honda.
    I have nothing agaist Hondas, I just happen to have a newer Corolla)
    Thanks for any guidance.
  • rstrst Posts: 73

    If you are in Southern California you should try an auction house. They usually have 10-15 bifuels and straight cng vehicles for preview and sale. One of my employees bid on a bifuel Ford (formerly in the UCLA fleet) and took it home. This would be much easier than a conversion. Most of the vehicles at the auction are pickup trucks. Occasionally they have auto cng tanks. I went to the auction to check it out and there was a I-H pickup truck bed with at least 10 3600psi cng tanks (with 2015 "freshness" dates) up for bid. It went for (no kidding) $5.00 for the bed and all. If you are interested I will get you what the Ford went for and the web site of the auction house(s).
  • 1lexigas1lexigas Posts: 7
    my email is
    [email protected]
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    In the late 1980s and early 1990s it was common to convert vehicles especially PU trucks to run on gas or LNG/CNG. In 1993 conversion prices were $4500-$5000. At that time in San Diego there were only a few places to get fuel. When I got ready to do the conversion in about 1996 all the places had gone out of business. One of the downsides is the tank is fairly large for a Corolla sized vehicle. They also have to be inspected on a regular basis. The conversions are not eligible for the HOV lanes in CA. I think you would be ahead to sell the Corolla and buy a Civic GX (CNG) new or used. Then buy a PHILL for your home.
  • vellomikevellomike Posts: 1
    I live here in W.V. and have free natural gas piped to my home I'm looking at the pump by Phill that runs for around $4K but I'd like to get a car converted to run on cng first any clues where to find a company that would sell such a thing? the only ones I can find are for small stuff[one barrel] I think I'd like a 4barrel conversion kit any help would be good thanks.
  • bank1avpbank1avp Posts: 78
    Vellomike, I have both for you alt fuel vehicle and FMQ2 Fuelmaker pump. WWW.CNGMOTORS.COM

    Since you are pumping from a well make sure you also install a filter and a dryer before the gas ends up in your vehicle.

  • I'm also looking to convert/buy a CNG vehicle and would also be interested in the different auction houses.

    Thanks -

    [email protected]
  • i am interested in doing many conversions and would love to know how to find out about those auctions. thanks
  • daugmandaugman Posts: 1
    Has anyone performed the good math on the true cost of a Phill home station? My back of the envelope calcs tell me i don't save much by using; that is, ok, i get nat gas for $1 vs $3 for gasoline, but then i spend $5000 installed for a phill unit that wears down and then needs another $2000 of its just like paying more for the fuel since its a variable cost....
  • Installing a Phill was the first thing I was going to do after I got my GX. After realizing how convienient my local 24/7 fuel source was, and doing the math, I figured I can live without one for now.
    I still may get one in the future, you cant beat it for convienience, that may be worth the money for a lot of folks.
  • rst,
    Please post in the thread or email me the auction house web sites. I am trying to find a bi-fuel CNG cargo van.

    Thank you!

    [email protected]
  • This is probably the largest one source of all:
    Better hurry - GSA is selling off all remaining such vehicles. Beware they may not have CNG fuel in them when you preview at the auctions, so it may be a gamble as to whether or not the CNG systems are working.

    There are other dealer sites such as these I have found that resell them when in stock:

    You may also find some on e-Bay under the search heading for CNG.
  • Got two cargo vans for you at
  • Own a 2007 4-runner used for deliveries. A working conversion on one 2007 will lead to the rest of the delivery fleet being converted, all 2007 4-runners.
  • I have a Toyota Highlander that I am interested in converting. How might I go about doing this?

    Thanks - Joe
  • I own a 2005 Honda Accord Ex. Can anyone please email me on how , where and how much conversion to CNG will cost? I live in Dover DE and gas prizes are simply outrageous.
    [email protected]
  • joppman82joppman82 Posts: 1
    you can hook your truck up using this web site It will run you about $950 for the conversion kit and another $2500 for the tanks. You could probly find cheaper tanks somewhere. example I am so surprised there are not more busines who are bringing nat gas to cars, hell i think it would be a killer business to start. Have a shop that is dedicated to converting cars to nat gas and installing the home pump in the garage ex. the phil from honada
  • thebundothebundo Posts: 5
    If any kit isn't EPA certified, it's a HUGE fine
  • droplever1droplever1 Posts: 5
    I am seriously considering building one of the water to hydrogen fuel kits for my '92 Full size Bronco. I will probably do it regardless of feedback, but i'm curious if anyone has tried it???
    with gas @ $3.97 here I dont have much choice other than selling it, and i cant stand the thought of that. i will let you know how it goes
  • dyess5dyess5 Posts: 13
    I have one in my 2002 infiniti Q45. You will be pleased. I have better mileage, horsepower, and it runs alot better. I put together a manual on . it works very well !
  • thebundothebundo Posts: 5
    Why are you charging $47 for something the country needs? It's just a few page pdf, not any actual supplies
  • CNG KIT NEEDED for (2002 5.2L Dodge 1500 Van)
  • m196m196 Posts: 1
    Regarding non EPA/CARB certified kits, some folks keep calling them illegal. Certainly i can see them being illegal in states that required CARB, but what about states that do not? Are they still illegal on the basis of EPA requirements alone? Is there a federal law that requires EPA certified kits in all 50 states?

  • We bought a former fleet bi-fuel Cavalier and it's great. CNG is 90.9 cents a gallon here in Oklahoma. We want another CNG vehicle but I want to pick my own and convert it. I would also like to know if it's "illegal" to convert one with a non-EPA/CARB certified kit in Oklahoma. I have thought about taking it to Canada and having it converted, then driving it back. Our insurance agent says you can legally buy a car in Canada and drive it here so it might be possible. Other countries have kits for almost any vehicle you can imagine. The EPA needs to BACK OFF!!
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    ....if my car (1999 Corolla) can be converted to run on CNG and how much it would cost?
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    I see nothing has changed in this forum. I still get no replies when I post a message :0(
  • The only reply I can give you is the one I received from a CNG Conversion shop in Tulsa, OK. I was told there were no kits for Hondas or Toyotas and probably would never be in the U.S. Our problem here is that the EPA is preventing new kits being brought to market. They require each kit for each vehicle be installed on the vehicle and the emissions checked, then the vehicle has to be run for 100,000 miles and the emissions checked again, before they will allow it to be sold and installed in the U.S. It is so expensive to get the kits to market that most manufacturers opt to only market the ones they are sure will sell, i.e., the ones that fit truck and vans for fleets. Other countries have kits for almost every vehicle built but not the U.S.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    Why is the EPA being so strict about these kits? Do they realize the "N" in CNG stands for "natural" gas and it burns so cleanly you could run the car in the house with no ill health effects? The governement is always so damn quick to stand in the way of progress when it comes to finding less expensive forms of energy.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    ....the EPA thinks the way to justify their existance is by being a huge PITA!
  • We need to rise up and tell our Government what we want instead of letting them dictate to us what is good for us. We need to make clear to Congress that they are "representatives" not "leaders"!
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