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Land Rover GPS Problems

dandrews1dandrews1 Member Posts: 184
edited August 2014 in Land Rover
Thought I would start a new discussion about something in the LR3 that I am starting to use more and more recently.

I am just getting into Geocaching, and the coordinate notation as I understand it can be in any of three different formats:

1. Degrees/Minutes/Seconds (ie. W78 degrees, 54 minutes, 23 seconds - this is what the LR gps seems to use)
2. Degrees/Minutes/1000ths of minutes (W78 Degrees 54.321 minutes)
3. Or finally total decimal notation (W78.786554)

Most people seem to use the second format of degrees, followed by minutes and decimal fractions of minutes. My handheld GPS unit can switch between all three formats, and my Palm-based gps can as well.

My question is how do I get the GPS in the Land Rover to display a different format? There does not seem to be any way that I can find to change it from Degrees/Minutes/Seconds.

This would aid tremendously, as now I have to do some add-hoc math in my head to divide the seconds displayed by 60 to get the decimal notation - not a very good thing to do while trying to concentrate on driving and avoiding any hazards on the trail!

Thank you!



  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    That is a very good questions and one I do not know the answer to. I will do some research and see if you can change it.
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Member Posts: 184
    Also, if you can find it, can you look to see if the GPS supports WAAS?

    From my own observations, I am not certain if it does. Regular gps has accuracy within 15 meters.

    WAAS enabled gps's are accurate to within 3-5 meters.

    When Driving on a highway which has express lanes and regular lanes (usually separated by a barrier, and 15-30 feet of sidelane), the LR gps frequently places me in the wrong side of the highway divider - even if I am in the middle lane - about 30-40 feet away from the other side!


  • dandrews1dandrews1 Member Posts: 184
    In the user guide for Navigation, there is a diagram on page 23 that says:
    "Note: On vehicles fitted with electric seats, it is
    necessary to raise the left-hand seat to its
    highest setting and then power the seat
    forward to its foremost position, before
    accessing the navigation DVD unit.
    1. Turn the ignition to position I, then move
    the lock/unlock button on the front of the
    DVD unit to the unlock position.
    2. If a DVD is already loaded, push the eject
    3. Load the Navigation DVD with the printed
    side upwards. Do not allow moisture or
    foreign objects to enter the slot.
    4. Move the lock/unlock button to the lock

    However, when I try that, all I can see is the REAR of the DVD drive. It looks like the front is facing the front of the vehicle - that is 180 degrees off from what the book says..

    So I try to see if I can load it from the front, and there is a kick cover protecting the front of the electronics of the seat... with no visible way of removing or moving it...

  • dandrews1dandrews1 Member Posts: 184
    Ok, nevermind... called Land Rover customer support. THEY told me to check under the passenger seat (??!!) so I looked, and of course, it's just the power amplifier!

    So I go back to the driver's side with the guy on the phone - he says It should be right there - and it is, it's just that it's the back of the thing that is facing me, not the front (just in case he still wasn't sure, I quoted him the partnumber off the top of the DVD drive - also the brandname "Denso" should have given it away!)

    In any case, he says he doesn't know, and tells me to go to the nearest dealership.

    Ok, let's put your thinking cap on I said (after hanging up). I can SORT of blindly reach over the top of the thing and reach the front and feel the lock latch and the eject button..

    So I unlock it and hit the eject button... and out comes the DVD disc which gets shot into a wiring harness for the power seats... Sigh. So I fish around and manage to pick it up without scratching it too much.

    Ok, so now I know where it comes out - right near the top. So I get a screwdriver and reach around the front and push the wiring harness down and out of the way - go back to the back seat, fish out my new DVD nav disc, and have to hold it by the tips of my fingers and with both hands to maneuver it into position without scratching it, and trying not to get it snagged on any wires, stray pieces of metal, and various other bits under there that would spell bad news for an optical disc. OK, managed to get it in and locked the tray door.

    Back to the front, put the seats back (love those memory seats!) where the Nav screen shows "Loading System Software" for about 2 minutes... ok, so I wait a bit, then get presented with the same old screen I always got (was kind of hoping for the newer slick-looking interface from the LR2) so ok, no big deal, it must have those streets around my house fixed, and those that are completely missing put right? Right?


    Paid $200.00, and got basically the same sets of maps which are 5 years out of date in my area. So what did I get for my 200 bucks? 2300 new bookstores, coffeeshops and theatres in the POI database - which I'm sure through some corporate deal they are making money off of it...

    How about me? You remember me? The consumer? The one who was after ACCURATE MAPS?


    I guess by now I should know better.

  • robsmith1robsmith1 Member Posts: 1
    When my phone rings the caller ID on the BlueTooth displays the number received 2 calls ago and not the most recent call, any idea how to adjust so that the incoming caller ID is displayed?
  • dchamp72dchamp72 Member Posts: 25
    Purchased a 2010 RRS within the last month and I am experiencing intermittent problems with the Nav system. Sometimes when I try to access the system it won't let me input an address or access any other functions other than the Home and Emergency setting. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Member Posts: 184
    Not to sound strange, but is the truck stationery or moving when it locks you out of trying to input destination?

    My GPS ALWAYS locks you out of inputting a destination when it is moving - a safety issue I assume.

    Try stopping the truck at the lights or just in your driveway...

    If it still locks you out when you're stopped, then you're having a legitimate issue, and should take it to your stealership.

    If possible, have a passenger take a video of it acting up. I had to provide photo proof of a major roof leak before the dealership believed there was one...
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Just a trivial FYI, the word is stationary.

    Carry on! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • dchamp72dchamp72 Member Posts: 25
    It has definitely happened while moving. I don't recall if it has locked me out while stationary. But it sounds like a possible cause. I will test it out and let you know. Thanks!
  • dchamp72dchamp72 Member Posts: 25
    That was the problem. Thanks.
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Member Posts: 184
    The dealer sales person is supposed to spend about an hour with you when you pick up your truck to go over how to work it and all the systems.

    This tidbit of info was relayed to me during the pickup process.

    During my pickup, they paired the bluetooth on my cellphone with the truck, showed me how to set the memory seats, programmed my favourite radio channels, and the controls on the radio, showed me how the gps, and offroad systems worked, showed me how to access the spare tire, where the cupholders were (lol). you get the point.
  • gregmiscgregmisc Member Posts: 17
    Does anyone know how to shut off the moving vehicle lock out safety function? It is driving my wife nuts and she wants me to go back to my portable Garmin GPS and keep the LR3's turned off when she is in the truck. Maybe I should anyway since the database in the LR3 GPS is very limited but maybe someone out there has an answer.

    I own a 2009 LR3 HSE.
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