Problems Filling Up My Pacifica

samuelbsamuelb Member Posts: 4
Recently my 2006 Pacifica Touring has developed a very annoying habit. When I fill the gas tank on my car and set the pump handle to automatically shut off, it will frequently shut off before the tank is full. Occasionally it "belches" a bit of fuel out of the filler tube. I invariably end up having to go back and reposition the pump two or three more times before the tank will fill completely. I bought my Pacifica in June and have not had this problem until about the last month or so. I think this might be a venting problem with the fuel tank. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what's the solution?


  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    There are a few more variables you might want to consider before you start looking for a problem with your car. Have you changed the places where you fill up? Have the places you fill up at changed equipment? I know there are stations where I have to stand there and make sure that the pump keeps fueling because it will constantly shut off, Iassume from fuel sloshing back up the filler tube and making the pump THINK the tank is filled, and other places where I never have this happen. My workaround at the places it does, is to set the pump handle to dispense the fuel at a slower rate. This seems to work most of the time. Going by my experiences at the pumps with different cars, I'm leaning towards the idea that you're not really looking at a problem with your Pacifica.
    Heck, even seasonal changes in the weather can have an effect. You said you got your Pacifica in June, but didn't notice this until the fall. I discovered a loose gas cap last summer because of the hot weather increasing pressure in the tank and causing gas to be forced back up the filler neck and out through the loose seal after I had filled up. The solution was to not fill it to the brim.

    Gas station variations, changing weather. This is also your first year with the car, so this is also your first look at how things might change or behave differently at different times of the year.

    Also, let me point out a change in the forums here you may not have noticed. I've added a Chrysler Pacific Maintenance & Repair folder for these "problem" type of dicussions. You can find it on the main Chrysler Pacifica Group page about the list of discussions.
  • mcroz3mcroz3 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought an 04 Pacifica and I have the same problem with not being able to fill it up with out the nozzle constantly clicking off. I'll try filling slower next time Any other suggestions?
  • samuelbsamuelb Member Posts: 4
    pf flyer's advice was of no help to me whatsoever. Everything he suggested I had already tried, with no success. I had already tried different gas pumps with the same result, although some pumps are more difficult than others. If anything, I'm finding the problem to be worse. Filling slower has not made any difference for me.

    I have found that it helps to take the nozzle completely out of the filler, wait a few seconds, and then reinsert it. It will "click off" a little less if you do it that way. Hopefully somebody at Chrysler has been paying attention and will come up with a fix of some kind. :mad:
  • thimmakerthimmaker Member Posts: 33
    I have never seen the problem on our 04 and it has 84000 miles so far. The few times that it has clicked off, i have either filled it slower or pulled the nozzle out a bit and let it run. Try not putting the nozzle all the way in to the filler.
  • samuelbsamuelb Member Posts: 4
    Thanks but I've tried that still clicks off.
  • ffstone11ffstone11 Member Posts: 1
    I have an '06 with exactly the same problem but it is intermittent. Would love to know what it is as I'm out of warranty in 3K miles.
  • locnardlocnard Member Posts: 3
    I have a 05 and only notice the problem at Costco when pull to the right side and have to stretch the hose across the back of the car. This tends to turn the handle to the right. If it clicks off to early I slow the flow and I am fine.
  • Jason5Jason5 Member Posts: 440
    I've noticed that if I'm in a hurry and use the pump at "full speed", it fills MOSTLY all the way and kicks back a great deal. When I allow the pump to run fast until it kicks, wait a few seconds, then fill it slowly the rest of the way, I can add an extra gallon or two.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    I have issues with one of my vehicles sometimes. I find that if I don't bury the nose of the gas pump in the tank it won't kick out early. I just pull it back an inch or so.

    But then again I know they say NOT to overfill the tank too. :confuse:
  • bobbobbob1bobbobbob1 Member Posts: 5
    I just purchased this vehicle and it has all that I wanted--except the clock.

    I can get a complete unit out of a 2005, complete with the bezel intact and am wondering if I will have issues/problems, and if so, what they might be?

    Thanks for any assistance.
    I appreciate it.
  • bobbobbob1bobbobbob1 Member Posts: 5
    I can't help you with the problem--except to suggest that it may be that particular station.
    However, I always wonder when I hear statements like "NOT to overfill the tank". I know they say it but how can you overfill the tank? To me it is either full or not full. I guess they probably mean not to fill up to the top of the filler neck, but they could actually say that.
    Oh well.
    I hope your problem gets solved without additional monies being spent.
  • bigbadbobbigbadbob Member Posts: 1
    We have the same problem. We have to trickle the gas in. It takes forever. Doesn't matter what station you go to. Seems like its not venting properly????
  • pacificadavepacificadave Member Posts: 1
    Hey I think I know the problem. The dealer sells a little foam piece that wraps around the steal filler tube thing. This should solve your problem.
  • bobafetbobafet Member Posts: 2
    I'm having same problem with 2004 Pac. I've read numerous internet accounts of what could be the problem and how Chrysler can't seem to fix it.

    Have you gotten the problem resolved? If so, how?

  • geno22geno22 Member Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem with my 2006 Pacifica. Some gas stations are better than others but I've never been able to completely fill the tank without it cutting off at some point. I'd like to hear more about the foam piece that was mentioned in post #15. My dealership seemed clueless. I'm also having a problem where the gas gauge will go from a half-tank to empty within a few miles. Are the two related? Thanks in advance.
  • bobafetbobafet Member Posts: 2
    My mechanic took off the tank and replaced both fuel pumps, syphon hoses and gas gauge sensors (all located in the fuel tank)--be sure to use Chrysler factory parts from a dealer. They cost about 426-475 for all parts plus tax. He charged about $350 for labor. Works like new now. Worked for me. I found the answer on another website. Good luck.
  • joerauhjoerauh Member Posts: 4
    My 05 Pacifica touring is now having this issue. Does anyone have a definative solution other than having the local dealer experiment on it? I have following symptons: Gas tank only lets a few gallons in before I have to 'spoon feed' it (trickel the gas in till the filler neck is full) to get it it fill up. It now only takes a max of about 12 gallons now (used to be 20 I thought). I thought the pacifica has a 20 gallon tank. The gas gauge or fuel gauge, goes from 1/2 full to empty in about 10 miles now. The 'miles till empty' drops from 120 miles to-go to 10 miles to-go withing a 2 mile range now. Is this a venting issue, a gas tank issue or a fule transfer issue? I'm now unemployed and hate to be a lab rat. I would like to have a solid answer (and estimate) before leaving it at the dealer.
  • jasbricejasbrice Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone found out a solution to this problem with filling up? I have let my car run completely out and then filled it up slowly, which took forever, until it over flowed and that was only 10 gallons. Any help is appreciated. And the answers that talk about the gas station>>>>that has nothing to do with it, I have been to MANY.
  • snmmountainssnmmountains Member Posts: 1
    chysler said they will pay for they will pay for half of the cost of replacing the fuel tank which will cost $1200...this is the only fix they say...this is unacceptable as this is a safty issue becuase the car can said they will not pay for all of it becuase not enough people have complained which i cant understand as i see this problem being complained about all over the chrysler and the national highway traffic safty addmin.. maybe we can get chrysler to fix this problem before someone gets hurt..they sent a car out of their factory doors w/ the wrong gas tank and now the car is unsafe to drive and this is unacceptable!...please contact me anyone...maybe we can all get together and keep from getting the shaft by chrysler and stop people from getting hurt becuase of a faulty product!
  • 2004madashell2004madashell Member Posts: 2
  • 2004madashell2004madashell Member Posts: 2
    just got a pacifica with a bad gas tank.the gas pump keeps clicking has if its full at about $15.00 at the pump its been in the shop three time.if i keep trying to force gas in it will start pushing back out.its currently in the shop again getting a new gas 30 day warranty is almost up this dont work i dont know what to do....
  • bobnpambobnpam Member Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problems as everyone else. Fills up to about 7 gallons then constantly shuts off. There has been no recal but if everyone would call 888-327-4236 to complain it might help.
  • dbwsr1dbwsr1 Member Posts: 1
    Three times the pumps had to be replaced. The pumps three years ago were faulty. Have not had a problem since then. Surprised you have not had a problem till now, unless you just bought the car. In that case, if you investigate, you will find a history of the problem. The tank has two pumps, one for the engine, and one to pump the second tank into the first tank. Your gas gauge will show empty when the second pump does not work, and of course then the only tank you can fill is the first. The pump shuts off. Plus making a hard left or right turn at a certain speed the car will stall. You have gas, but the car does not not it, or cannot access it. The new pumps work good now. I got the same story at first, but after going to Detroit, they admitted a problem.
  • frustrated62frustrated62 Member Posts: 1
    Hey, has anyone had a problem with a crack at the top of the fuel tank? I am told that the fuel tank of my 2006 Pacifica has to be replaced along with the fuel pump and ??? something else.........I think he said fuel line, not sure. Anyway, due to the "shrinking" of the fuel tank with the heat here in Florida, there is a crack at the fuel pump. The dealership said that replacing only the pump, will not work since due to the shrinking of the tank, this will cause a crack at the pump again.
    Really, why is a gas tank shrinking?? Is this normal? And if so, why haven't I had this problem with any other car I've owned? How do I know this won't happen to the new gas tank.
    This has to be a flaw in the tank????? Help..........this is a $2000.000 plus repair.
  • tee10tee10 Member Posts: 10
    Don't let Chrysler use your vehicle as an experiment. They are making a killing replacing fuel pumps, gas tanks fuel sending units and fuels modules. I went through all of this and after spending hundreds, the solution ended up costing around $3.00. They HAVE TO know it's a simple fix that you can do yourself. I've outlined it in my post here:

    Good Luck!
  • tylorness88tylorness88 Member Posts: 5

    We had the same issue with my 05 Pacifica. The fuel tank has two side and there is a small pump inside the tank that transfers the fuel from one side to the other during use and refueling that has gone bad. The only thing to do is have the whole thing replaced and that is well over $1000 and Chrysler refuses to accept that this was a design flaw. I can only get a half tank in my car and it registers as full but takes about 10 minutes to even get that far.

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