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Toyota Solara Owners - Meet the Members

ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
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Introduce yourself to other Solara owners :-)


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  • crysikcrysik Posts: 2
    :P I love my 99 solara... has 135k and still so cute. never would trade it in cuz i want to watch it grow old!! Though the Yaris is hot.. i don't want to get my solara jealous. Only problem in the past 40k is the break booster and the starter(i have remote starter)
  • Hi. I've had my V6 2006 Toyota Convertible Solara the past 3 years. It's a fun car to drive and when I first got it people often mistakened it for a Lexus Converti. Very spacious and very nice inside.

    My biggest complaint and to me this is a deal breaker and why I won't be getting a new Solara, getting an Infiniti G35 this that the blinde spots are HORRIBLE very poor visibility with the top UP. I live in So. Cal. In the winter, when it was 50 degrees outside I'd have the top down, heat warmers on, windows rolled up and peeps thought I was trying to be COOL ... NO NO NO, I had to otherwise I'd get in an accident when I'm passing people on the freeway. In the rain, really scary to makes that driving experience or lack of being able to see incredible worse.

    I bought mine in the spring and once the weather started to turn I was like oh great....

    Unless you can afford a hard top convertible think twice. Otherwise if you live in Florida and CA as a rule you'll be okay although in CA we get our fair share of bad weather too.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    edited February 2013
    Hi, canuk99, and thanks for introducing yourself! I've moved your post to our Toyota Solara Convertible Top Problems topic, where you'll probably get a quicker answer. Just click the link to get there.

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    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

    Tell everyone about your buying experience: Write a Dealer Review

  • Hi Group,

    I bought my 2000 new and currently have 234,000 miles on it. Recently I have a load hum coming from the rear I was told by my tire store that ii is my rear hub bearing. Any one else experience this issue. I was also informed my front passenger side caliper is binding.
  • propitapropita Posts: 2
    I've always named my cars, my husband teases me, but goes along with it and calls them whatever I've come up with. "Gilgamesh" is my 2006 royal blue Solara. He needed a royal name--Gilgamesh was an ancient king.

    I love my Solara. We bought him new, but since we live in Fresno, he gets few miles unless we take him out of town. The first time I had him washed, the guy toweling him off thanked me for having such a gorgeous car for him to dry! Surprising, but nice to hear.

    Gilly is now 6 years old, almost 7. I plan on keeping him until...well, until he's not worth the upkeep! Which I'm hoping will be a long time. The tires are still original, but will likely be replaced this year--the heat and cold rots them before they wear out. Since he's parked in a garage at home, they've lasted quite well. He gets his oil changes, about every 5000 miles. I know I could get them more often regardless of mileage, but I've been told that, upon inspection of the oil, the viscosity is good and there's no damage in waiting.
  • Have 2008 Conv. SLE .. Vibration at 65-70.. But a know defect.. 
    Anyone know the name of the plastic trim that is in back.. On top of trunk near Conv. Top..?
  • just bought 2004 Solara se 5 speed love it. had to put in a new clutch kit and output shaft seal other than that it run and drives awesome. I think I will keep this one for a while...
  • kingsizedme69kingsizedme69 Orlando FlPosts: 2
    Hi...I have a 2004 Solara SLE V6 been driving it for a year now and I'm in love with her...
  • Oh surely there must be more activity out there in Solara World - is everyone hiding ? 
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