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Mitsubishi Outlander Interior - comments problems questions

SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
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  • mirde98mirde98 Member Posts: 95
    I work for a car rental company so obviously im in contact every day with vehicles. And YES its very true that almost all Compact and Mid Size SUV's interiors are all hard cheap plastic. Every day i drive Jeep Liberty's, Nitro's, GM's Vue, Equinox, Torrent, Kia's Sorento and Toyota's Rav4 and 4Runner. The first time i climbed inside a new Rav4 i got surprised of how cheap the dashboard is. Thats when i knew that from now on all this CUV were gonna come like this. And the 3rd row seat its cosmetic on this vehicles. Just a make believe. It make's people believe that minivans are not needed anymore. FALSE! So whoever is looking for plush luxurious interiors on a SUV should shift to full size. People who buy CUV dont buy them because of luxury, just because of economy, convenience, practicality and on road manners.
  • viamedeviamede Member Posts: 26
    The pictures of the ones on Ebay are pretty good to get an idea of the interior looks. The doors do look cheap. Hard to tell if it is real leather. It does look nicer than the fabric but can't see forking out that money for plastic.

    The mileage sticker clearly says 19/22 for the AWD with the 22 being for highway not combined. That would be a pretty big boo-boo if it was a printing error. Perhaps the rating is for full time AWD whereas the 26 highway estimate was for either an average of the three options or just the partial.

    In any event with the switch you can run it as a 2wd most of the time if you wish. Still 19/22 is not very impressive and around what a Highlander V6 AWD gets iirc.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Right, the sticker from the pictures on the Ebay clearly show Highway 22 MPG. This must be a printing error as the EPA mileage for the 4WD vehicle Hwy is 26 MPG.
    Hello Mitsubishi, could you please make the correction?
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    I just noticed that the second vehicle listed on the Ebay displays the correct information of 19/26.
  • viamedeviamede Member Posts: 26
    Edit: Nope you may be correct it says "4WD" on the window and seems to have the drive shift knob but isn't listed a s an AWD. The one sticker must just be a misprint.

    I wouldn't think they would post an EPA far and wide and then have to back off of it...though it has happened before.

    19/22 would be pretty poor for a brand new SUV of this size.
  • phinneas519phinneas519 Member Posts: 113
    To an extent, it is an error. The proper EPA listing for the 4WD Outlander is 19/26 with 22 being the average mpg with mixed driving. This information is listed on the government fuel economy website.
  • mrmister2000mrmister2000 Member Posts: 86
    For one of the the two eBay auctions featuring the Outlander, the sticker is actually correct... while the sticker for the same truck in the other auction is incorrect.
  • mrmister2000mrmister2000 Member Posts: 86
    This web site has some nice dash kits available for the new Outlander. They cost a little under $250 and don't look half bad, if you ask me. Of course, getting one of these aftermarket kits would only be possible for those who would be buying instead of leasing, since it does not look like an easy upgrade to reverse. That's one thing that I can say in favor of the new Santa Fe, it has a really, really nice interior for a compact SUV. I can't believe there is no elbow padding on the tops of the doors of the Outlander. Even my '99 Ranger has that for crying out loud!
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    "I can't believe there is no elbow padding on the tops of the doors of the Outlander. Even my '99 Ranger has that for crying out loud!"

    But THEY DO have elbow paddings in the Outlander too :D . See pic below:

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    He meant the very top part of the door panel. Some people rest their elbow on the top part, some on the median section (shown).
    How good looks and feel the fabric on the seats. What about padding? Are the seats really sporty? Do you feel like you seat IN or ON? I cannot wait to check one out myself? Does anyone know a Mitsu dealer in Buffalo, NY area who has one in the lot?
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Forgot to ask - the one in the picture was fabric or leather version? I couldn't figure out myself.
  • mrmister2000mrmister2000 Member Posts: 86
    Hi, rcpax. I think you misunderstood... I mean padding on the "tops" of the doors, as in immediately below the windows... so as if you were to rest your elbow on it the elbow would be in-line with the steering wheel and not below it. Or, as perhaps a better example, if you were driving with the window all the way down and your elbow was hanging/resting slightly outside the window... this area, the "top" of the door is where I'm surprised that there isn't any padding, but, apparently, only hard plastic.

    As for the interior, while it is in fact very nice (I especially like the guage pods) I just think it could use a little more color. The Santa Fe has a wood-grain trim and crome piping which separate the dash components and make them stand out a little more. It's not all one color like it is in the Outlander. I'm sure that there are those out there who like a monotone look, and those who don't. To each his own... but I just wish adding some color to the dash was at least an option.

    By the way, I just watched and recorded the episode of Motortrend(?) which featured the Outlander. Some things I remember from the show in case some of you might have missed it... They measured a 0-60 time of, I believe, 8.9 seconds, slower than both the RAV4 and the CX-7, but despite these numbers they said that it felt a lot "peppier" at takeoff than it actually was, which is good. However, they seemed a tiny bit dissappointed with the braking performance... not bad at all, but nowhere near as good as the braking performance of say, the CX-7. I believe this is to be expected though, as each vehicle serves a different purpose. Overall they seemed quite pleased with the new Outlander, though. As for me, it's still at the top of my list.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    The MotorWeek test drive is at the link below:
    MotorWeek Outlander Test Drive
    I watched it over and over and I think the redactor was far too subjective. Watch for comparison the Santa Fe test drive on the same page. The Santa Fe gets worst numbers then the Outlander in every single test, but he is more enthusiastic about it.
    The Santa Fe's interior may appear more upscale - I believe that Hyundai's goal is to promote the brand to the luxury status and keep the Kia as the economy brand, following Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infinity models, but look at the design itself and you will notice that it is far from having any character on its own. I would say it is dated, old, not inspiring.
    Plus, they got 0-60 mph in 8.9s , but was it in 4WD Lock mode? I think Mitsu's estimate is 8.5s. Did they use the manual feature? They did not specify. Just because the other cars (RAV4, Santa Fe) don't have the Lock mode it doesn't mean that they should not use it during the test drive. If they did the test in 2WD or 4WD (Auto) it's not quite relevant IMO.
  • 123tech123tech Member Posts: 10
    I was very disappointed in seeing that I must have the XLS trim in order to get the leather seats....that was my first turn-off. When I saw the car at the dealer, they didn't have any cloth seats, can someone tell me their thoughts on the cloth seats? Is it nice, firm, ok, good lumbar support?
  • passmepassme Member Posts: 3
    What type of wiper blades are on the Outlander?
    Are they bracketless like on the CR-V, or "old fashioned" like the RAV4? I can't tell from pictures.
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    "Watch for comparison the Santa Fe test drive on the same page. The Santa Fe gets worst numbers then the Outlander in every single test, but he is more enthusiastic about it. "

    Yes, it's the same way in DEC Motor Trend. Outlander got 4 stars for performance, Santa Fe -3 and is worst in every single test. Outlander 0-60 mph - 8.1 sec, Santa Fe 8.5 etc.
    Yet the evaluation favors Santa Fe.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    The comments about the Outlander, made by the MT editors are retarded. Except for the 0-60 mph and 1/4 mile times, where the Outlander is second best in class after the RAV4, yet posting decent numbers, it outperforms CR-V, Santa Fe and RAV4. It has the best handling and braking numbers as well as maximum rating for safety. The interior is rated equal to CRV and Santa Fe and higher than RAV4 (this is surprising), but yet the MT editor say it's far behind the competition. I wonder which SUVs they consider the Outlander's competition: BMW X5, Acura MDX? What a BS review !...
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    In MT tests, the Outlander posts 8.1s 0-60 MPH and Santa Fe 8.5s 0-60 MPH. In Auto Week test, Outlander 8.9s and Santa Fe 9.4s. Also, the braking distance 60-0 MPH is 128ft for Outlander and 129 ft for Santa Fe in MT test and 134 ft/135 ft in Auto Week test. I wonder why such a big difference when they tested virtually the same vehicles? I can somehow explain the 0-60 MPH times, but what's up with the braking distance?
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    Don't worry. They have to do that. Mitsu came out to close to their 2007 sport/utility of the year winner Mercedes GL450 with big V8 in performance numbers. Check it by yourself. In OCT MT issue Ron Kiino wrote:
    "Interior quality is premium and design contemporary...
    3.0 liter with MIVEC is a refined and robust unit...
    New Outlander has an air that's all SUV enhanced with such luxury as standard LED tail lamps, available Xenon headlamps and 18" wheels...Outlander can easily hang with the best in it's class...delivers excellent balance through high-speed maneuvers...Seeing that Outlander is now a legitimate contender."
    I rest my case.
  • njawdrivernjawdriver Member Posts: 23
    I just picked up an '07 XLS with the NAV system.

    I can NOT find any info on the NAV / Multi-communcation system in the car's manual. Is there another book on how this system works???

  • supersailsupersail Member Posts: 5
    Yes there should be a separate book, about a 1/2" thick just for the NAV. Mine came with it.
  • tom5314tom5314 Member Posts: 20
    Did anybody can explain the "Multi-communication system"? Is it a kind of voice activate feature?
  • jdwksujdwksu Member Posts: 27
    Does anyone know if these have keyless start? I see they have keyless entry. What would be the point of keyless entry if you then have to dig your key out to put it in the ignition.
  • supersailsupersail Member Posts: 5
    The multi-comm system is just that the nav can tell lots of the things in the car to do. Door locks, headlights, etc.

    Yes, it is keyless start also, with an emergency key inside the keyfob. Works great, I love it so far.
  • mrmister2000mrmister2000 Member Posts: 86
    That's correct. The XLS models with FASTKEY let you start the engine by turning a plastic knob located near where the key cylinder usually is.
  • nbmannbman Member Posts: 5
    Motor Trend receiving more advertisment revenu from Hyundai than mitsu probably explains the higher rating of the Santa Fe.
  • sampowerssampowers Member Posts: 30
    I test drove a Santa Fe, (actually I have had it for 2 days now) and I was SHOCKED about with the quality in the vehicle. SHOCKED I tell you! Inside, the SF has the Outtie beat IMHO hands down. Exterior styling is a toss up. The plastics and vinyl that Hyundai uses seem to be far superior. Also, the fit and finish seem to be better…..I noticed a couple of flaws on the dashboard of the Outlander and in other places. (In front of the instrument panel, there is a piece that does not fit…this seems to be on very model.) Also, when I flipped the rear seats forward I was unimpressed with the build quality of the seats and the plastics.

    True the Outlander is faster, but that’s only because it’s lighter. The SF felt heavier and more solid. I never wanted a nav system, so the lack of that feature is of no consequence to me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Outtie, but right now I can get a Limited SF for the same price as a XL Outlander (with Hyundai’s incentives), it will just comedown to price and gut feeling next month. Also, this extended test drive has me placing the SF 1st by less than an inch over the Outtie.
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    Actually Mitsubishi got higher ratings in performance and safety with rest of them being equal. The commentary of Ron Kiino was strange, since in OCT issue the same author wrote: "Interior quality is premium and design contemporary... 3.0 liter with MIVEC is a refined and robust unit... New Outlander has an air that's all SUV enhanced with such luxury as standard LED tail lamps, available Xenon headlamps and 18" wheels...Outlander can easily hang with the best in it's class...delivers excellent balance through high-speed maneuvers...Seeing that Outlander is now a legitimate contender."
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    Calm down. We are all glad you liked Santa Fe so much. But this is personal opinion. The interior in both cars received four stars in MT SUV of the Year contest, (RAV4 got three). Personally I think they are pretty close in material quality with Santa Fe being slightly more attractive, (except for fake wood) and in the Outlander- more sporty looking. Seat comfort is a different story, IMO better in a Mitsubishi, not that flat and short as in Santa Fe. Some owners reported this on this forum before. But all of this in very subjective and you have to try both, to find one which suits you better.
    And price being the same?
    Outlander AWD XLS 25.010
    With some owners reporting price paid 23.700 for this trim
    Santa Fe Limited AWD 27.945
  • ghettofabulousghettofabulous Member Posts: 15
    There is a voice activation feature if you are using a cell phone with bluetooth capability. You can call from the steering wheel and say the phone number. - Pretty nifty.
  • mrmister2000mrmister2000 Member Posts: 86
    Motor Trend receiving more advertisment revenu from Hyundai than mitsu probably explains the higher rating of the Santa Fe.

    I was thinking the same. In fact, the past two times that I've gone to the movie theater to see a movie they had commercials up on the big screen for the new Santa Fe. The only other type of car I've ever seen advertised in such a grandioso manner was a Lexus.

    Obviously Hyundai is pouring "tons" into advertising the Santa Fe. I still have yet to see even a single commercial that even mentions the new Outlander. :mad:
  • ghettofabulousghettofabulous Member Posts: 15
    I've seen 2 commercials on television but I wasn't paying attention to the channel.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    I have seen the Outlander commercial few times on TBS.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    07 Outlander Commercial: http://www.mitsubishicars.com/MMNA/jsp/company/musictv.do

    The video encoding isn't really pretty. Is it my PC or is the music kinda out of sync?
  • mrmister2000mrmister2000 Member Posts: 86
    Hmmm... I just watched this video. Yeah, it does seem kinda' off. They cut from one scene to the next so fast that it's hard to see what you're looking at. Also, at the end there is someone's voice muttering something, but I can't quite make out what he's saying.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Another review penalizing the Outlander's interior quality.
    2007 Outlander review@cars. com
  • mrmister2000mrmister2000 Member Posts: 86
    Hmmmm... I had not seen that particular review before.

    They certainly did go about merrily chastising the interior quality, but for the most part the reviewer seemed rather satisfied (if not impressed) with the rest of the vehicle.

    Some things popped to mind while reading this article..

    1st... for those out there who own (or intend to own) their new Outlander, the fact that you can get an aftermarket dash kit for under $250 could probably make up for what seems to be the Outlander's one, major short-coming--the interior plastics. If I owned one I probably wouldn't hesitate to drop the money on one of these dash kits.

    2nd... while speaking of the R-F stereo system, the reviewer had said that at louder volumes it sacrificed clarity in favor of power and loudness. It would be interesting to hear how this premium Rockford Fosgate system compares 'sonically' with the premium sound systems available on the CX-7 (Bose Centerpoint) and Santa Fe (Infinity Logic). I imagine nothing could touch the Bose system, but I wonder if the R-F system could hold its weight against the Infinity system. Any ideas?
  • ehasleyehasley Member Posts: 18
    Bose is over rated. There are far better systems out there, personally I would take Rockford Fosgate over Bose ANY day.

    Bose = Two words--- PAPER CONES
  • jflorjflor Member Posts: 20
    i agree. in fact they say BOSE stands for "buy other sound equipment." this link says it all about BOSE being over rated.

  • joechangjoechang Member Posts: 2
    I noticed some weird sound coming from the left front door and I guessed that's because one piece of plastic did not fit quite well with the other. Anyone out there is facing the same problem? Thank you!
  • ginobili_fanginobili_fan Member Posts: 9
    Hey everyone...had a quick question that hopefully someone can answer. I hooked my IPOD up to my new outlander via the component cables located in the back seat. When you play this in the car the information doesn't show up on the screen though. Is it possible to do this, or am I just out of luck? Maybe there is something you can buy to make this possible? Anyone have any ideas?
  • euler21euler21 Member Posts: 1
    I'm not sure where to put this, so here's my best shot. I just bought a Labrador Black 2007 Outlander, and I just might love it. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how the front license plate is supposed to go on. Am I just supposed to drill through the little indentions, or is there a bracket or something I'm missing. I found a couple of brass screws with rubber sleeves around them, but they are flat, so I don't know how that's supposed to work. Does anyone here know? Thanks in advance.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    I do have it in my Outlander joe. Previous posts mentioned something about a 1-2in gap between the mirror and the windshield causing all this "vibration". I thought at first it was the cupholder rattling but it was not.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    I found a couple of brass screws with rubber sleeves around them, but they are flat, so I don't know how that's supposed to work. Does anyone here know? Thanks in advance.

    The front end is supposed to be a "crumple zone". See that it's just plastic with foam beneath it. As for the license plate, I think you just need to screw it into the metal screws inside the rubber sleeves. Since I don't have the plates and screws to try this, I think the metal screw will make the end of the rubber sleeve buckle a little bit when you tighten it, making a "lock". Just like how a rivet works. Just give it a try if it works that way.
  • spaceman210spaceman210 Member Posts: 50
    1. Is an auto-dimming mirror available? I haven't seen mention of one.

    2. Is the tire pressure monitor an individual psi readout, or just a warning light?

    3. Brochure says DRLs replace fog lamps if xenon equipped. Does this mean they aren't switchable at night?

    4. Has anyone tried to confirm / reduce the wind noise by experimenting with a clip-on supplemental mirror that extends outward, or other means (alter mirror housing, add sound deadening material in door/A-pillar, etc.)?

  • solowalkersolowalker Member Posts: 118
    I gave a quick look under the new Outlander and couldn't find the engine oil filter...I do my own changes and am wondering just how involved in time is a simple oil change.

    There is a plastic shroud underneath that has alot of clips that I know I will break eventually..

    Anyone know where the filter is?
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    To the best of knowledge:
    1. No auto-dimming mirrors
    2. Just warning lights for low pressure
    3. DRL fog lamps are always on when the engine is running, and you can't turn the fog lamps off if you have HID (part of Luxury package in XLS).
    4. In my case I haven't tried anything you suggested.
  • suv4betsysuv4betsy Member Posts: 38
    I'm shopping for a replacement to my wife's aging 98 Passport and I really like the looks and features of the Outlander, but I'm being very picky about collecting evey square inch of space I can in the back, rating is 39 cu.ft. behind 2nd seat which I have to keep down with child strapped in.. this is my delimma when I look at any of the smaller suvs, 2nd row seats all fold away to give that extra space but I can't do that with a child tucked in. I'm trying to envision stacking that $250 costco trip in the back, diaper boxes etc.. today that trip fits really well in the Passport.

    I want the loaded XLS package with the sunroof which is combined with sound package "including an integrated, enclosed 10-inch rear subwoofer" I've got a concern about that huge speaker mount in the rear - don't cringe, but I'd like it removed - is it easily removable or is it part of the moldings of the left rear interior? I look at it but not close enough to see if it has some seperate mounting.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    It has separate mounting and is not part of the molding in the rear. But whether it is easily removed or not is one thing I can't answer, maybe some of our members can share their thoughts on that. What I can suggest is bring you passport to the dealership and just do a side by side comparison. I am thinking that you can eyeball between the two vehicle's compartments to see whether the Outlander will serve your purpose.
  • ghettofabulousghettofabulous Member Posts: 15
    The 2nd row seat is a 60/40 split, so you could put your child on one side and fold the other half of the seat forward to accommodate larger items. I took a trip with my daughter and a friend who sat in the back seat. We were able to put all of out luggage in the back behind the 2nd seat(3 suitcases, pillows, etc. ) with no problem. You still have plenty of room for groceries,etc. As for the subwoofer in the rear, it can be turned off. My daughter likes to "bump" her music but when grandma rides in the back seat, we turn the sub off. So, you can have the best of both worlds. :)
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