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Chevrolet Tracker Towing and Toading

rvgondarvgonda Member Posts: 12
I purchased a wiring kit for my 2003 2dr 4x4 Tracker ZR2 2.0L automatic.

The instructions state that the 6-pin wiring connector that I plug the kit into is just forward of the jack compartment in the left rear of the vehicle. I am to supposedly remove the jack and locate the wire bundle going to the tail lights. No problem there.

However, I can see no connector since everything is packed so tightly and I can see no reasonable way to 1) find out if the conector even exists and 2) access the area ahead of the jack compartment to work on it.

An adjustable multi-directional mirror has been no help in locating the connector. It appears that I would need to take a giant can-opener to either the back fender area or to the plastic lining which constitutes the inside of the vehicle.

Does anyone have experience with this who could explain how to solve this?


  • inuvikinuvik Member Posts: 163
    You have to partially remove the drivers side rear plastic panel in the cargo area where the speaker is. If I remember correctly you have to remove the rear plastic plate that holds the carpet down at the back door also. If you do have to remove it unbolt it and SLIDE the plate before pulling it up, it has plastic tabs that it slides onto to help hold it down. You should also remove the drivers side rear tail light (don't unplug it, just get it out of it's mounting). Pull the drivers side rear plastic panel from the bottom until you can see the rear speaker mounted in the body of the vehicle. The plug is right next to the speaker. It may have a cap on it or it may be taped but either way it isn't plugged into anything else. All you have to do is plug in your adapter and run the wiring out through the drivers side rear tail light. Test your connection first before reassembling everything. Once you know it's working (there's no wrong way to plug in the adapter) reassamble and you're done!! :shades:
  • acarriganacarrigan Member Posts: 4
    Anybody know where the taillight/brake light switch is on a '03 Chev Tracker?
    Not the fuse. Not the pin connector. The switch.
    Trying to rig up a supplemental brake system to tow it.

    Thanks in advance. :confuse:
  • tsimpkinstsimpkins Member Posts: 2
    G'day Everyone.

    I am presently trying to set up our Tracker as a toad. Need a wiring schematic or location and color codes for the tail light systems. Hand drawings etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Courtenay, BC
  • davefreydavefrey Member Posts: 2
    I have a 98 Chevy Tracker and I want to tow it bhind my RV, it is a manual trans and has auto front hubs. Do they need to be changed to manual before I tow it? From what I understand this is a good car to tow? I have asked numerous mechanics, including Chevy mechanics and I still have no definate answer. Help Please!
  • beavertrackerbeavertracker Member Posts: 1
    We own a 1998 Chevy Tracker, 4Dr/4WD, automatic trans, manual hubs. I have been towing it on a two wheel dolly with no problems, but now I want to flat tow it. I have asked the dealer to no avail what is required. When towing on the dolly, i just put the transfer case in neutral and I did not stop and run the engine after every two hundred miles. What would the difference with a flat tow?
  • rgirardrgirard Member Posts: 8
    Hi....I had the same problem so I took the easy way out. I purchased a set of magnetic base tail lights from Harbor Freight. I ran a separate 4-conductor wire from the front bumper to the rear of the vehicle along the frame and up into the jack compartment. I spliced in a flat four lead connector. I mounted a four lead female connector behind the front grill to fit the power connector that came with my Roadmaster tow bar. When I am ready to tow, I set the magnetic lights on the top of the car and plug them into the flat four lead connector. I connect the Roadmaster power lead between the connector on the front of the Tracker and the stock trailer connector on the motor home. The magnet holds the lights in place (they look like a pair of Mickey Mouse ears on top of the car according to my grandkids).

    The nice thing about this setup is that it is cheap, easy to set up and it does not disturb the stock wiring on the Tracker. Also, I don't have to worry about diodes, back-feeding, etc. Hope this helps.

    PS: The Tracker is a great little toad.
  • oklahoma_guyoklahoma_guy Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2001 Tracker 2-wheel drive, 2L automatic. The vehicle has w/104K miles on it. It’s been well cared for but...

    I towed the vehicle behind out RV for 200 miles after warming it up and placing the transmission in neutral. Upon reaching our destination the car would not back up when placed in reverse, it acted like it was in neutral. The Chevy garage said it was the Star Sun gear that went out and that I needed to replace the transmission. Now the “forward” gears are doing the same.

    My question is: Can this Tracker model (with Auto transmission) be towed w/4 down? And, did I damage the transmission towing it?

  • tsimpkinstsimpkins Member Posts: 2
    Have you checked your '2001 Tracker Manual', my guess is that you have destroyed your tranny. I forget where I heard or read that the straight automatic could not be towed 4 down.
  • rgirardrgirard Member Posts: 8
    Sadly, you probably did some serious damage. It is my understanding that only the 4 wheel drive Trackers are flat towable without modification. The instructions in the owner's manual on 4 wheel drive vehicles specifies that the transfer case be placed in neutral, transmission in park and the steering wheel unlocked. It also specifies that the engine should be started every 200 miles and run for as few minutes with the transmission in drive. Having the 4 wheel drive transfer case is the key feature. Placing it in neutral effectively disconnects the wheels from the drive train.
  • rgirardrgirard Member Posts: 8
    Added....If you don't have the owner's manual you should be able to download one here http://www.gm.com/gmownercenter/chevy/
  • windchaserwindchaser Member Posts: 1
    1992 Tracker 5 speed std trans. 4/4, what method is recomended to tow behind a Motor home, a dolly or flat ? Any suggestions. I currently have a dolly.
  • madsmoggermadsmogger Member Posts: 1
    With out being 4x4, you have no transfer case, the :(:( 4x4 transfer case effectively when in neutral takes the transmission out of gear another words automatic trans is just sitting there for the ride.
    2wd Automatic trans...with drive wheels on the ground the driveshaft spins the transmission, without the motor running the front pump doesn't work. So the driveshaft spins the trans, front pump isn't pumping fluid to keep the trans cool. Sooo sir I'm sorry to say you burnt your transmission up. You can tow it on a car dolly with drive wheels up
  • llgillettellgillette Member Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 tracker 4x4 manual trans and I want to tow it on a dolly with front wheels up. How do I set up the transfer case and tranny?
  • rgirardrgirard Member Posts: 8
    If your tracker is a 4x4 you can put the transfer case in neutral and tow it with all wheels down. I have a 2003 racker 4x4 that I have towed over 12,000 miles with no trouble. You can buy a good used tow bar on eBay for under $400 or you can buy a real inexpensive one from Harbor freight for less than $100.

    Good luck...
  • rgirardrgirard Member Posts: 8
    I'm sorry....I just noticed that I didn't answer your question. The set up for a dolly tow is the same as for towing four down. Put the transfer case in neutral and the transmission in park. (You have a rear wheel drive vehicle). The manual says that the engine should be started and run for about five minutes every 200 miles. I usually forget to do this and I haven's had any problems.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 236,920
    Transmission in Park with the rear wheels on the road?

    That doesn't sound right....

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  • llgillettellgillette Member Posts: 2
    My tracker is a standard transmission and I want to tow it on the dolly I have already invested in. I want to tow it with front wheels on the dolly.
    Transfer case in neutral and tranny in neutral??
  • rgirardrgirard Member Posts: 8
    Sorry....I thought we were talking about an automatic transmission. If you have a stick shift transmission strap it to the dolly, put it in neutral and go.
  • toadvinetoadvine Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    Surprisingly, 2WD Tracker is NOT FLAT TOWABLE!

    - Two-wheel drive Trackers cannot be dinghy towed.
    Two-wheel drive models MUST be towed with the rear drive wheels on a dolly.
    - The towing speed must not exceed 90 km/h (55 mph).
  • rgirardrgirard Member Posts: 8
    If a Tracker has a standard transmission it is flat towable as is nearly all vehicles equipt with a standard transmission. Four wheel drive Trackers with an automatic transmission are flat towable because the transfer case can be put in neutral. I have been towing one for four years.
  • jayntinajayntina Member Posts: 1
    Can I Flat Tow my 1998 Chevrolet Tracker 2 Wd with 5 Speed Manual Transmission??
    If yes....anything I need to know?
    Thank you
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