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Honda Odyssey Engine Problems



  • huston1huston1 Posts: 1
    Have an '03 odyssey w/77,000 mi. Had power steering connection replace 3mo. ago that fixed the idle revs. However, it revs slightly while driving at 30-50mph. Any ideas?
  • dang_tridang_tri Posts: 6
    I have my Idle Air Control Valve replaced on my 04 Odyssey and it didn't fix the problem. It still revs up and down in drive gear (not at Park or Neutral) between 700 and 1000 rpm when stopped at traffic light. The amazing thing is that it doesn't happen all the times. My coolant level is right. I checked my Power Steering Switch wire, it is fine. I don't know what to do now. It drives fine at high speed.
    I need help desperately. I am thinking trading it in for Toyota Sienna. Can anyone give me a good tip how fix this problem?
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Posts: 315
    I took my 06 oddy in for the same reason. They told me that some of the 06s had dirty power steering lines which messed up the power steering fluid which ruined the power steering pump. They replaced the pump and flushed the lines and it has been working great since. no noise
  • geologistgeologist Posts: 4
    we still hear the noise..... we're due for another service interval at 12K plus miles.

    we always get the same answer from the service manager (that it's just mechanical noise). funny thing is, we drove a courtesy van and it made the same noise!

    we plan to meet with the district service manager (again), so will keep you posted with the outcome
  • 2 days ago after a 300-mile drive that was perfect, after stopping the van for about an hour, then starting up again heard a dull tapping/knocking noise.

    The closest I can describe the sound is like the sound helicopter off in the distance.
    Opening the hood, I could almost replicate the sound by tapping on the plastic engine shroud with my fingertips (not my nails).

    The sound occurs whether standing still or moving, and whether the fan is running or not. It speeds up with light revs. Once you get 'under way,' the sound disappears and the car ran effortlessly and quietly for the 300 mile return trip home.

    Took it into the dealer this morning. They heard it, want to take it in an look it over, but they admit they are unfamilier with the noise.

    Car has 38,000 miles -- just out of warranty -- This car has been driven gently by my wife all its life and has been meticulously maintained at the dealer.

    Anybody with a similar noise?
  • pingypingy Posts: 12
    I took my 07 odyssey back to the dealer today for inspection. I had the service mgr. take a ride with me and I drove him around untill he had to admit that he hears the pining. It was like a game of cat and mouse. I could hear it, he said he didn't untill I just about parked it in a underpass and the ping was very audible.
    I told him that I had blogged with several people in the same boat, and he still wouldnt admit that there is a problem with the 07 odyssey.
    I also told him that I am worried about the engine failing once the 36k mile warranty was up. He then said that he would double my warranty and make it good for 75k miles. He knows there is a problem, but he wont come clean. Why would he I guess. He also told me that his factory rep will be in next month, and he would let me talk to him, and "maybe he could do something more for me".
    I am not holding my breath, but I would love to talk to him.
  • we have our 15K service in about 2 weeks, I am bypassing the service manager and going to the dealer owner before I turn the car in for maintenance. I'm at my wits end with the problem. We've had the heat shield replaced, plus the service manager claims he can't hear the problem, we've ridden with the district rep. and that didn't get anywhere. He just basically said, even if there is a problem, the car is under warranty.... our tranmission makes a low growl noise at <1800RPM, when not under full power.

    good luck!
  • I have the same weird and annoying idle problem with my 2004 Odyssey. I have almost 93,000 miles on it. I think I may just trade it in before I hit 100,000 miles rather than address the revving problem.
  • I have an Odyssey 2008 -lease. Had it about eight months. About 3 months ago it would do the same thing. Went up to 2000 and came down. A bit scary but I disregarded it. Last week, it went up to 3000rpm - car was hard to control but it settled down. Drove that evening and the car started to race so much as I was coming to a stop. I looked down and the rpm was at 5000. Couldn't stop the car and I was afraid I was going to run someone down. I quickly put in park and shut it down. People on the street came running to get me out since they thought it would explode. Had it towed to the dealership. They kept it for three days, put 100 miles on it and couldn't find a thing. I've driven it for a bit but I really am scared. Guy was really nice but said he couldn't find anything wrong. Don't know what to do.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Can you rub the Aladdin magic lamp so the Honda tech can come right out when you have same thing happens again? ... lol
    Get ready a digital camera and try to take photo of instrument panel RPM & in PARK to showing to the tech that really happened.
  • This is happening to me - what did you guys do. its going up to 5000 - I am petrified I am going to hit someone!
  • After several trips to the Honda dealer, we opted to turn the car in for a new one. They could not replecate the issue during the time period they had car (on more than one occassion) and my parents refused to drive the vehicle for fear of their safety and those of others. They still feel they may hear something on news regarding the car killing someone, but we were at a loss given the dealership would do nothing to repair the issue. While it was expensive to turn in for a newer version of the vehicle, the issue has not occurred with their new one and they have been fine (knock on wood). Yes it is VERY scary when it happens.
  • mpberinmpberin Posts: 5
    My wife drove the Odyssey (05 80k miles) 35 miles stopped for an hour and get back on. Turns the key and car bomb type explosion! It shook the neighborhood. Top half of the manifold is in pieces. I have full fuel with 30% oil life no previous case of knocking or pinging.

    Bizzare. I am hoping Honda does good and stands by their product. Initial dealer reaction is it is not covered by the warranty. Looks like I need to do a lot of work. Can anyone help steer me on how to deal with this?
  • mr_isuzumr_isuzu Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Honda Odyssey (1999 Isuzu Oasis) that suddenly dies when I am driving, and when I am stopped. No pattern at all. I took it in to Manual Isuzu and they replaced the recalled ignition switch, but the vehicle is still acting up. I can restart it, and even restart while driving. I can also hold the key while driving, and the vehicle seems to be fine. Any suggestions?

    The only "clue" I have is that the fuel gauge seems to vary a bit after I restart the engine.
  • nanironaniro Posts: 1
    I have a brand new '09 Honda Odyssey and last week it just stopped running. I was driving and suddenly my van started losing speed, I gave it some more gas and it started to go for about 20 seconds and then stopped. There was no grinding just quiet. It has been at the dealer for over 1 1/2weeks and they just ordered cylinder heads. Oh, the van only has 352 miles on it. Has anyone else had this problem? The service manager is saying I won't get another car, but I am going to keep fighting them on it.
  • bcheneybcheney Posts: 1
    I just have this 09 Odyssey for a week and it has about 1K miles on it.

    I notice that whenever the speed is at 40 ~ 50 mph the engine started to making noises and causing vibration.

    My husband said it's probably because it was switching gears at that time. But I'm concern about the engine is having some problem. I don't know whether it is normal or it will eventually go away after a while.

    Can any expert here give me some advice please?
  • pingypingy Posts: 12
    I have an 07 and had noises (pinging mostly) almost from the start.
    after me taking it to the dealer several times, they finally recognized that there was a problem. They replaced the "knock sensor" and it seemed to stop, but I think I still hear it at times.
    the octane of fuel doesnt matter either.
    Now, I am starting to feel the transmission shudder.
    I wish I had stuck with the dodge product that we had before this Honda.
    The honda is allot nicer inside but overall, I am not happy with it.

    the constant haggling with the dealer makes me crazy!

    there is a service bulletin out there ofr the knock sensor. you can prob. find it on google.

    good luck!
  • hyuhyu Posts: 5
    I have the exactly same problem with my 2009 Odyssey. The mileage is now 1700. I found this problem on the same day when I bought a car.
    I visited 3 different dealers, 5 times.
    The first answer from Honda America was that I need to drive until 5,000 miles then it will disappear.
    The second answer from Honda Dist. Mechanic was that it is normal.
    The third answer from Honda Tech. Line was that it is a new issue. They asked a dealer to take a snapshot of my car and another brand-new Odyssey. After that they said they need to investigate more.
    In three weeks, Honda gave me a call and asked me to bring my car to a dealer. They wanted to try several different ways.
    Still my car is in a shop now.
    I bought my car on April 22, 2009, but my car was in a shop for 17 days during 4 attempts to fix the problem.
    They adjusted an engine mount, a transmission mount, and an exhaust system.
    Now they are checking a transmission torque convertor, a transmission speed sensor, etc,..
    One of service managers said he tried to fix this problem on 2005 Odyssey with a mileage of around 50,000 last year, but he couldn't.
    The problem happened at the speed of 45-55 MPH with a RPM of 1400-1500.
    It is a little bit better if it is warm, over 70 F.
    A friend of mine, who is a mechanic with over 20 year experience, said Honda may or may not know this problem, but they don't have the process to solve this problem. He also told me that if the problem remains after 3 visits to a dealer to fix the problem, I need to return the car.
  • hyuhyu Posts: 5
    Did you go to a dealershop?
    If yes, what's the result?
  • kayefkayef Posts: 3
    I bought a pre-owned Honda Odyssey 3 weeks ago with 44,000 miles. Yesterday, for the 3rd time--I was stopped at a crosswalk with my brake on; suddenly the engine revved up (think NASCAR). The car started lurching into the crosswalk as I kept my foot firmly on the brake. It's at the dealer and they can't find anything wrong. I can't drive it as I almost ran a person over yesterday. Help
  • ee4lifeee4life Posts: 14
    This TSB was just issued today:

    Product Update: Lock-Up Clutch Judders Between 20&#150;45 MPH

    2007&#150;08 Odyssey &#150; ALL
    2009 Odyssey
    LX, EX:
    Production Line 1 &#150;
    FromVIN 5FNRL3...9B000351
    thru 5FNRL3...9B056551
    Production Line 2 &#150;
    FromVIN 5FNRL3...9B400201
    thru 5FNRL3...9B410343
    EX-L, Touring:
    Production Line 1 &#150;
    FromVIN 5FNRL3...9B000201
    thru 5FNRL3...9B050869
    Production Line 2 &#150;
    FromVIN 5FNRL3...9B400321
    thru 5FNRL3...9B405632
  • dang_tridang_tri Posts: 6
    I had the same problem as yours. Engine rev up and down after 30K miles. I took my 04 odyssey
    to dealer, they said there's nothing wrong with it. Dealer is useless.

    I took it my mechanist and he changed Idle Air control (IAC) valve. I bought Iac at $125.00 from Honda dealer and mechanist charged me $40.00 for installation. Eng
    rev is gone. No more rev up or down.

    I suggest you take your car to your mechanist. Hopefully
    u get the same result. Good luck

  • We bought the van new and we now have close to 3500 miles on it. When the van is idling in the garage the knocking is very slight but noticeable. It almost sounds like piston slap. We had a 2002 Accord 4 cylinder that had the same noise and they had to tear the engine down and replace the piston rings. It was under warranty so I hope I can do the same with the Van. Never buying hondas again.

    Has anyone had luck getting Honda to fix this?
  • hyuhyu Posts: 5
    I reprogrammed the transmission software twice, but still I have a vibration issue.
    What is the next step?
    Replacing the torque converter?
    How can I do that?
  • vsalvsal Posts: 4
    I have a 2005 Odyssey ( 57K miles) and had the same problem this morning. I drove it for 20 mins and parked it at the church for an hour. When I got back and started the van the manifold blew up and is in pieces. It felt like a bomb went off in the front of the car. I was lucky the fire did not run down the fuel line and explode the van. I'm so happy my family is safe. My fuel tank is 30 % full and I had changed the engine oil a few weeks back. The AAA technician was shocked when he opened the hood. I have parked the van at the Honda dealer. Can you kindly guide me how you addressed this issue.
  • vsalvsal Posts: 4
    I have a 2005 Odyssey ( 57K miles) which I drove it for 20 mins and parked it at the church for an hour. When I got back and started the van the manifold blew up. It felt like a bomb went off in the front of the car. I was lucky the fire did not run down the fuel line and explode the van. I'm so happy my family is safe. My fuel tank is 30 % full and I had changed the engine oil a few weeks back. The AAA technician was shocked when he opened the hood. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  • Did you find out what caused this? I have the same problem. I started last night... Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • kayefkayef Posts: 3
    The Honda dealer was useless. They claimed that the had never heard of the engine revving up on the Odyssey. They had the car for 3 weeks and said that it never acted up for them. This was very annoying as we bought the car so that we could take it on a 4,000 mile driving vacation. The car stayed home while we rented a car! The car had acted up 3 times in the 1st 800 miles that I drove it. We got the car back and it hasn't acted up again. I'm still nervous while driving it. Maybe the dealer cleaned some wires or something. We'll never know. I contacted Honda America and they were also useless. I swore off American cars because we had so many problems with our Dodge Caravan. Now I'm not sure what I'd do if I had to buy another car. Good luck with your car.
  • I had exactly the same problem. They speculated that fuel might have entered the engine I have a 2005 honda odessy about 80k miles

    I had my insurance pay for the damages it is back together but I think it needs shifting adjusted.

    If more people have this issue maybe we can get Honda to fix it. good luck
  • vsalvsal Posts: 4
    I took it to the dealer and they speculated that it could have happened due to carbon build up. The replaced the manifold and also added an additive to clean the engine. You should call Honda customer service and report the problem.
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