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Honda Odyssey Engine Problems



  • nancyc3nancyc3 Posts: 2
    YES! My parents are on their second Odyssey. The first one had the same issue and the dealer could not find problem after one week. My Mom was so scared to get in it again they turned it in and got a newer model. Now their second one is doing the same thing! Same issues you note. Both are after they have had the car for about a year. Not sure what to do for them. I'm looking for others who have had the same issue as I wasn't sure if it was my Dad's driving. I've seen one other complain like ours on another link threadid=29508
  • ping3ping3 Posts: 11
    Hey there.

    I'm having the same problems on my 07 Touring, so it's not just the non-VCM Odysseys. I even tried 92 octane.

    My dealer worked on my van's preingition problem for 3 weeks with a Honda Canada Rep. as he said that they have another brand new EX-L on the lot that is also " pinging" badly. They replaced/swapped everything they said they could think of. So I took it to another dealer here in town and same thing; so back on the phone to Honda Corp.

    Mine is a lease so I said, to Honda Corp.,if you don't fix it now you can have the piece of crap back once it burns holes in the pistons or valves and then you need to give me another van! Their reply was that they don't know why some Odysseys are "pinging" and they want us to keep driving it until it does break down so they have a better ideal of what is causing it. What??? So I'm to be your test mule? Nice way to stand behind your product!!!
  • ping3ping3 Posts: 11
    The only other issues that I had with this van was the front-side windows rattling, but that was fixed by Honda installing new weatherstrips. No other work was ever done besides scheduled services.

    The part that I don't get is that my van was fine for the first 17,000 Km or 10,500 Miles before it started having the pre-ignition problem. So something had to have gone wrong instead of it being wrong from the start....I assume. But the EX-L that my dealer claims has the extact same problem is brand new.

    I guess the good thing is that the problem seems to only be on a few of these vans, the bad news it that the buggers can't/ won't fix it and you may not know if you have one yet. Actually there probably is a few thousand more of them but the average person won't recognize the sound or be able to distinguish it and not know that it will eventualy and inevitably destroy the engine.
  • ping3ping3 Posts: 11
    It's definitely not " normal ". Mine also does it on initial acceleration, just before and after the vans shift points at 50km/h(30mph) and 70km/h(45mph) under light acceleration, and up hills especially when the engine is hot.

    The knock sensor is supposed to prevent this from happening.

    The problem is real! Honda Canada and my dealer said that it is indeed a pre-ignition noise. They don't no why it's doing it, and they don't know how to fix it!!!!

    The problem is defined by Wikipedia in 2 ways but the result are the same :

    Knocking (also called pinging)-

    Colloquially detonation—in internal combustion engines occurs when air/fuel mixture in the cylinder has been ignited by the spark plug and the smooth burning is interrupted by the unburned mixture in the combustion chamber exploding before the flame front can reach it. The engineered combusting process ceases, because of the explosion, before the optimum moment for the four-stroke cycle. The resulting shockwave reverberates in the combustion chamber, creating a characteristic metallic "pinging" sound, and pressures increase catastrophically. It can range from hardly noticeable to complete engine destruction.

    Detonation or pre-ignition-
    The fuel/air mixture is normally ignited slightly before the point of maximum compression to allow a small time for the flame-front of the burning fuel to expand throughout the mixture so that maximum pressure occurs at the optimum point. The flame-front moves at roughly 33.5 m/second (110 feet/second) during normal combustion[citation needed]. It is only when the remaining unburned mixture is heated and pressurized by the advancing flame front for a certain length of time that the detonation occurs. It is caused by an instantaneous ignition of the remaining fuel/air mixture in the form of an explosion. The cylinder pressure rises dramatically beyond its design limits and if allowed to persist detonation will damage or destroy engine parts.

    Consequences of Knocking or Pre-ignition
    Engine knocking has disastrous consequences for the engine, since it leads to the catastrophical wear of the combustion chamber walls, through particle wear for moderate knocking, to welding for serious knocking. This is due to the contact between those walls and high temperature gases resulting from the unwanted explosion. The processes also lead to a 'knocking' noise for the engine, that give its name to the phenomenon.

    A big problem us owners are having is finding enough of us to recognize our vans have this problem and to make Honda do something about it - I think they should buy the vans back and do the research on them that is required to fix all of them.
  • I have a 2006 Odyssey EXL. When warmed up under very light acceleration there is some engine knocking. If I apply the brake then give a very small amount of gas it might knock but not all the time. Backing the boat into a parking stall will do the same thing, but not all the time. Has anybody heard this knocking?
  • '05 EX-L has the same problem at 1500 rpms between 30 and 38 mph. Dealership couldn't duplicate problem.
  • hi i have a 02 odddyssey and about 4 month ago at 96k miles i change the plugs and now the engine vibrate a little and rpm goes pass up and dont go over 1krpm just up and down when park,can any one give me some tips on what should try before going to the dealer,thanks
  • My 2006 Odyssey LX has the same knocking on a warm engine at 20mph uphill. Started at around 14k miles. Haven't talked to dealer yet. Quite worrisome. I haven't been able to find out any other info on the web except in this forum.
  • I have a 2007 Touring, my wife normally drives this vehicle but on weekends I usually end up driving. I noticed ours was pinging from the start when we purchased a few months ago. On certain days when the ambient temperature is about 68-72 ours pings very bad under no load, flat road driving about 15-30mph. I have also noticed it uphill and under acceleration. The thing that is most bothersome is the average MPG I am getting 12-15mpg. My new 07 tundra v8 is getting 18-19mpg with no cylinder cut off. Honda has looked at it with a response of quote (WE KNOW OF THE PROBLEM BUT CURRENTLY DO NOT HAVE A RESOLUTION). I cant believe that. I have pursued BBB for a buyback. Honda's statement (THE PROBLEM DOES NOT CAUSE ANY SAFETY PROBLEM THERFORE WE ARE NOT BUYING THE CAR BACK). Now it is off to arbitration to see what they will do. I will keep all posted. :sick:
  • I brought my brand new 2007 Ody for its 1st oil change and right after that the a/c failed to blow cold air. I would have brought it back immediately had I realized it was a problem. Since the a/c was working BEFORE I brought the van for service, I thought it was just me not feeling the cold air. Besides, traffic was bad to make a U back to the dealership. I called the service dept and was told at that it might just be a resistor. But when I brought the van back for a check-up, the service person told me the condenser coil has a leak and most likely was caused by road debris. I asked if the warranty covers the damage but was told no since it's an accident. Since the leak on the condenser is in an area that has no protection from any incoming objects, no matter how tiny, I told the service person that Honda has to realize this is a design flaw. Is that how you managed to have your a/c fixed under warranty? If not, I would appreciate your leading me to research on this issue.

  • I purchased a 2007 Odyssey three months ago. Before I made my first payment, I could hear the pinging sound. I thought it must be an older car driving next to me. But when my wife heard it too I knew something was wrong. I am currently fighting with Honda at the momment regarding this issue. I hope together we will be able to generate enough commotion to make them fix this. At first, they pretended not to hear it. Then they said it was normal. Then they said it was a software issue but Honda had not yet come up with a remedy. I have and will continue to force this issue.
  • If you have not called Honda, please make sure you do. Get your claim on record. They will give you a claim #.

    Honda US - 1-800-999-1009

    Honda Canada - 1-888-946-6329

    Honda Europe - 01753590590

    Let them know you will never buy a honda again.

    This 2007 Odyssey is my third Honda in 10 yrs. If they do not remedy this pinging issue, it will be my last.
  • pcb7pcb7 Posts: 1
    I cannot believe that this post describe exactly what my Honda Odyssey does. It just started doing it after 100,000 miles (it's a 1995).

    Does anyone know what this noise is and how to solve the problem?
  • I have the knocking under very light acceleration only when the car is good and warmed up.... its a deeper type of knock and only present from about 1700-2200 rpms - again only under very light acceleration... it doesnt sound like pre-ignition to me... oh and my car's a Honda Accord 2001 with 97k on it - (sorry I'm posting about my Accord on this page - but i noticed that at least 2 other folks said they had the same type of knocking issue with their Odyssey... If anyone knows what this might be - please let me know!!
  • Well, Honda replaced the knock sensor on my van and it still knocks. It is funny, when they called to tell me that my van was ready, I asked if it was fixed. The service Advisor said,"Well, I test drive a 2008 and yours is quieter." So the 2008 version must be screwed up also.

    I have another appointment tonight with a different dealer. After, hearing all of your stories I do not feel very confident that Honda will do anything to fix it but.....I'll keep you posted.
  • we bought a 2007 EX in July 2007.... it started making the pinging noise after 600 miles. We've tried different grades of fuel, and the most frustrating part is that the Honda service people that ride with us claim not to hear it......

    our last visit, they replaced the heat shield as there was a service memo that had a pinging condition at 1500 to 2200 rpm. but we just got it back and it still makes the noise.

    I'll try the Honda numbers you provided earlier. Have you gone to arbitration on the vehicle?

    bottom line is we're not happy whatsoever with the vehicle, especially given the amount of hard-earned money it cost!

    the service manager even said to us: even if there is a noise, it's under warranty and if it doesn't effect the driveability, what's the big deal? I went off and just said that Honda could come pickup the vehicle after I stop making payments.

    :mad: :sick: :lemon:
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Take a look the thread " Odyssey Grille Insert " ... that is the one discussion to tackle the problem. The one designed the bumper grille opening has to be spranked, just wondering hoe he got hired by Honda.
  • 2001 Honda Odyssey while in idle (park or brake) makes weird noise, engine races up and down.
    I took it to a mechanic and he advised it's a TPS problem and it needs to be replaced.He tried cleaning it up, but that did not help.The sensor its self cannot be replaced without replacing the whole throttle body unit. Is it hard to replace it? Are there any codes to erase once the part has been replaced? The estimated cost parts and labor is $850.00. Am I being ripped off.
  • Honda has definitely taken a stand in regards to this engine ping. I have taken my 2007 odyssey in 4 different times and no fix. Honda representative (corporate) said there is nothing they can do. I will never buy another Honda. I am in the beginning stages of filing a lemon law case. I will let you know how that turns out. In the mean while please keep calling Honda. Let them know you will never buy another Honda unless they fix the ones we have.
  • I have a 2005 Odyssey and was wondering if any one else has the the same problem,it seems that the power steering is under powered.The fluid is full yet it makes the noise as if there was no fluid.A friend who also has a Odyssey says that the power steering pump is under sized therefore the problem.Anyone esle have this problem?
  • Geologist,

    What state, country are you in? You should try a lemon law attorney. I looked it up on the internet. There are lemon law attorneys in most states in the US. You should try there. Honda will not do anything regarding us loosing our hard earned money. My case was just accepted (2-29-2008) by an attorney here in California. I will post the disposition of my case when it has been decided.
  • we live in Jacksonville, Florida

    we're meeting with the district representative today (again). Very frustrating and disappoiting that they claim not to hear the noise.

    How long will it take for your case to reach a settlement?

    Out of curiosity, what does your attorney predict for an outcome? Does Honda replace the vehicle, etc?

    good luck!
  • I am not sure how long it will take to reach a settlement. My attorney is seeking a repurchase of my van. This means Honda will buy back my vehicle for the full purchase price less any damages.

    When you say you are meeting with the district representative, do you mean Honda's rep? Because they are only in it to confuse and or convince you that there is nothing wrong with a new vehicle sounding like it is headed for BIG TROUBLE. The sound is indeed indicative of of bigger trouble on the horizon but they would have you believe it is not. I hope you will keep pressing this issue. Even if I am not successful, at least I will know that my case has been documented. I will keep you posted.
  • Geoliogist,

    You do have lemon law rights in Florida. I assume you are computer savy since you are on this site. Yahoo search - lemon law florida or call this one 1-800-875-3666 ( I spoke to the receptionist and they are interested in hearing from you). I believe they can assist you with building your case. I was directed to take the van in for repair a minimum of 4 times before they would accept my case. I even had to turn to a second attorney after the first seemed disinterested (stopped returning my calls). I hope others will also contact a lemon law attorney. Please do not give up. We deserve the vehicle promised to us by Honda. Please keep posting as we are not the only ones suffering through this.
  • Our 2001 Honda Odyssey began having a similar problem today. The engine began (speeding, revving, racing) up and down, not just at idle, but also when put in drive, or in reverse. The racing engine would cause the vehicle to surge forward (not too safe).

    I kept searching and found a solution for the problem (happy about that). I discovered another site, and one of the things it said was, "Make sure there are no vacuum leaks. You will hear an abnormal hissing sound when engine is idling."

    I put the hood up and listened to the engine while it revved up and down... I heard the hissing noise. I found that at the back/center of the engine, a large vacuum hose that comes from what looks like a brake booster, the cylinder about 5 inches in diameter and mounted to the upper right area of the firewall. This vacuum hose at the point where it mounted to the back of the engine was very loose... not the hose itself, but the surrounding mettle housing that mounted the hose to the back of the engine. I could feel a screw (10 mm) that was loose, so I grabbed my socket wrench, put the 10mm socket on and tightened the thing up. I started the van back up and it sounded perfect and the hissing noise was gone. No more up and down engine speed at idle.

    In case this didn't help with your problem... here is the link that lead me to my conclusion:

  • Please help, if anyone knows how to deal with these issues let me know.

    Our Odyssey currently has 7,200 miles on it. The power steering pump was replaced at 5,000. The same issue is happening with noise after the car has had a chance to warm up. Another steering pump is probably needed. The main issue that the dealer has not been able to diagnose is the harsh downshifts at approxiamtely 40 mph and 15-20 mph. I am assuming this is from 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to 1st. During these shifts, the rpm would jump up approximately 300-400 rpm. It happens about 85% of the time and the jump in rpm varies. Any ideas? Also, at 50 mph there is vibration and feels like the car is having issues picking gears. I was told by the dealer it is the overdrive point???? Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, just drove our 2004 mazda mpv this evening and that car drives like a charm compared to the odyssey that cost us 3 times as much.
  • carguy74carguy74 Posts: 18
    just a little info on earlier odysseys with engine revving up and down.. sometimes when u are low on coolant, it will do this,, but the main reason this happens is because on the pass. side back of engine, there is a power steering pressure sensor in the p/s line. this sensor wire will either break or get corroded and lose connection. what this sensor does is it revs the engine up if you are turning to help with the power steering when turning. turning creates pressure in the p/s system and this sensor picks this pressure up and tells the computer to raise the rpm a little. i've seen this on may odysseys....i've seen the wire to the sensor break completely off....
  • dang_tridang_tri Posts: 6
    My 2004 Honda Odyssey has the same problem as yours. My vehicle only has 26K, Engine ocassionally rev up between 800 and 1100 rpm in parked postion and
    constantly race between 750 and 1000 rpm in drive gear when stopped at traffic light. I dont know what happen, I already made appoint with dealer on Apr 5, 08. Is this problem under warranty considering the van has only 26K miles?
  • dang_tridang_tri Posts: 6
    I took my van to dealer and nothing was found. When the van was at dealer, the engine was quiet and no reving up or down happened. Dealer didn't charge because no problem was found. Next day I drove my van it happened again. The engine revs up and down between 750 and 1000 rpm when stopped at red light. It is very annoying. Then I took my van to another mechanic, they hooked up diagnostic tool and find nothing. When I left the mechanics it started reving up and down again. I am very frustated. Does anone have the same problem? if yes, please advise what I should do to correct this problem.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    To have dealer repairman to see this problem you mentioned, you got to leave the car to the dealer 1 to 2 days and let the mechanic to drive home & to work roundtrip. This way the mechanic can see it for himself then to figure out the repair.
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