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Jaguar S-Type: Premature Brake Wear

Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
edited March 2014 in Jaguar
Have the brakes on your S-Type worn out faster than you expected? Tell us your experience with this.


  • jspreitzjspreitz Member Posts: 2
    I have an '03 S-Type that has had no unusual brake wear with the exception of the parking brake. Several times, my Jag felt as though the engine was running on kerosene and I stopped to see what might be wrong. The second time it happened, as I walked around the car my leg nearly burned from the heat from the rear wheel. The dealer replaced the rear disks and brakes, as well as restraining the parking brake cable which caught and then activated on dips.

    Since the fix under warrantee, there has been no further problems.

    This is a recall item.
  • toy4xttoy4xt Member Posts: 4
    I have to replace my front brakes almost very six months. They tell me it's because I'm in so much stop and go traffic (in L.A.). Well, I was in that same traffic when I had my BMW, my Audi, Chevy, and other cars and I never had to replace the brakes nearly that often. What are they made out of, foil???
  • geechheemangeechheeman Member Posts: 6
    My S.E. 03 has just now begun to squeak at stops. It was certified S.E. at 18,000 and I only have put 22,000 on it in 3 years.
  • fflowersfflowers Member Posts: 3
    THANK YOU!!! I have the exact same issue...These brakes are made of paper! I have owned my car 3 years and brakes have been replaced 3 times! And rotors and the whole nine!! They never worked properly and they squeel like a pig! My automatic brake locks up and shuts down my car while I am driving and my fuel tank leaks.. can you say LEMON!!!!
  • derby99derby99 Member Posts: 1
    I had a 03 Stype. The front brake pads wore out at 14,000 miles. I changed them with EBC pads & I changed those after 45,000 miles. The mistake folks make is the Jag OEM pads are soft. They take the car in to their dealership & pay $300-$400 for a Jaguar brake job & the brakes wear out again. Jaguar installs the same crappy soft pads they carry. You have to use aftermarket pads like EBC because they are made of a harder compound & therefore they last longer.
  • dw_1946dw_1946 Member Posts: 1
    Have excessive rotor wear and grooving on rear brakes at 15,000 mi. on wife's '08 S-Type. Front pads/rotors are wearing almost as fast, but smoothly. Dealer, of course, says this is normal. Disc pads are soft and disgustingly small, however they are effective at stopping. Have ordered Cryo rotors & harder pads to replace the rear brakes, but I think this may be a temporary fix. I think the rear (twist-type) pistons are sticking. Have 300mm rotors front & back. Does anyone know if I can upgrade to larger stock Jaguar (Brembo?) rotors & calipers using my existing wheel assemblys? Have 18" stock rims, so these should work. Haven't found much solid info. on this newer model. Any comments on brake life with the larger Jaguar brakes? Would also like info. on aftermarket upgrades, but do not want to pay Brembo's "racing/track" upgrade prices. Any solid advice will be appreciated.
  • torquaypaultorquaypaul Member Posts: 2
  • torquaypaultorquaypaul Member Posts: 2
    I've a 2 year old S-type with 20k on the clock. Front brakes are down to 7mm but the rear pad and disc now need replacing. I've noticed for ages that the back of the car always smelt and felt hot after a run. I had assumed it was the exhaust but realise it wasnt now!! The cars in for service next week whats the chance of jaguar looking at the problem as a warranty claim. (fat chance I think!!)
  • oldcemoldcem Member Posts: 309
    I've got an 06 S-Type VDP that had the hot, stinky rear brake problems as well. The dealer put new rear brake pads and rotors on it when I bought it, and, 8K miles later, the pads were over half gone. My solution - I took off the factory rear pads, and, replaced the pads with Wagner Thermoquiets. I found that the dealer hadn't greased the caliper pins, and, I lubed them with silicon grease when I reassembled the brakes. I also lubed the parking brake mechanism with spray silicon lubricant. I checked the electric parking brake to make sure it was releasing fully, and, didn't need recalibrated. I've been driving the car to work for a week now - the rear brakes don't get excessively hot anymore, brake dust is minimal, and she stops as good as she ever did. Cost me $70, and, a few hours work, but, I'm very happy with the results.

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