2021 Atlas 2.0T S Lease

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Trying to find out what I should be paying for the following lease:

2021 Atlas 2.0T S
Zip: 91941
48 month
12k miles annual
$32,935 MSRP
Trade-in: $19,000 (this is terminating my current lease early)

I was told $2k down, $493/month including all taxes and fees. I was also told the termination of my current costs are wrapped into this.

If it helps, the current lease I'm getting out of has outstanding balance of $17,500 with a payoff of $24,500.

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    MF/RV and any incentives as well please. Thank you
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    I've never gone through a lease termination etc., so it's all new to me. We need more space, hence the upgrade from our current Tiguan.

    Current Tiguan still has 36 months left of lease (out of 48 month term), residual of $12,429, remaining lease payments $15k, quote amount $26k (via vwcredit.com account). The dealership I'm speaking with now said the trade in would be $19k (on par with KBB), so I'd owe the difference between trade-in and pay off which is $5,500. So they rolled the $5.5k into the Atlas monthly lease.
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    Also doing all of this remotely because of COVID. MSRP is $32,935 on the Atlas and sales guy said he's getting $4k off, so $28,935 I suppose would be the sale price.
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    @Michaell also curious what your opinion is of the deal - good, bad, ugly etc. Thanks so much!
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