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Lincoln MKX Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 236,362
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  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 236,362

    I moved your post here:

    Lincoln MKX: Lease Questions

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  • pablo651pablo651 Member Posts: 7
    With the MKX due to hit our dealerships (Las Vegas Area) in mid January, I wondered if this late arrival affected the resale value. Is the vehicle going to depreciate in six months when the 2008 new car models hit the showrooms ?
  • sneakypiesneakypie Member Posts: 3
    Though it is true that access to a Ford X Plan can make one's buying experience painless (because the price is the price--no haggling), be aware that your trade-in value may suffer with X-Plan pricing. I priced both the Lincoln MKX and Volvo XC90 using the X Plan and, in both cases, the dealer took more from the trade than Blue Book or other valuations. The Lincoln dealer was kind enough to explain that, because of the already-low X-Plan price, they had to get more from the trade.
  • drollydrolly Member Posts: 32
    Really? Not a single buying experience for this vehicle? I test drove one the other day and was hoping for some help with what other people were paying... any help would be great. Thanks
  • bromanobromano Member Posts: 6
    If you have not purchased your MKX yet, I suggest you look at the Ford Edge. I just saw one that is identical to my $42k MKX and very upset that it's identical in almost every way including the color.
  • mkxawdmkxawd Member Posts: 22
    If you feel so strongly about it today, how could you not have felt so strongly about it when you purchased your MKX? What has changed?

    I feel as strongly today as I did 1700 miles ago that I made the right choice... Pewter MKX w/Ultimate package, Sirius and THX.... Regardless of the price, the Edge was never a consideration for me... My opinion hasn't changed... In fact I like it more today now that I've put a little time behind the steering wheel...

    I knew going in that I was getting a first generation Lincoln/Ford CUV... For a first generation CUV, I'm very satisfied. Will it be better 3 years from now?... Should be.. All the others are.. Maybe then I'll trade mine in for a 2010 MKX... But, I'm very satisfied with my 2007 MKX...

    I do agree with you that we all should do our homework before purchasing a vehicle. I did... and of course that includes comparing the MKX vs the Edge, Lexus 350, Pacifica, MDX, RDX, Sante Fe, etc. etc., etc....
  • 07mkx07mkx Member Posts: 7
    #33 of 72 Re: Good deal or no deal for a MKX lease [ridge2] by bromano May 23, 2007 (1:35 pm)
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    Replying to: ridge2 (May 23, 2007 8:57 am)

    Dear Ridge2. We're in the process of buying much the same car in a dif color. Offer we got was $38,000 at 1.5%, too. We haven't talked payments yet. The dealer here (Drivers' village), has not mentioned the incentives and rebates you noted in your message....so that's good to hear about. I'll have to ask! Thanks.

    You wrote this back in MAY, and then come on in Sept acting SHOCKED? and not only here on this site, too.
  • bromanobromano Member Posts: 6
    You're right about the comparison. I did some of that but just never realized how similar these two vehicles. Lincoln has always had it's own stand-alone styles and had not copied products from Ford. In this case the copy is severe and does not distinguish the brand enough to hold up to the pricing difference. Except for the A/C seats, which is a nice feature but very unformfortable, and a bad windshield (imbedded fractures)and,non-working daytime running lights, we like the vehicle a lot. Just disappointed in auto likeness.
  • yweltonywelton Member Posts: 2
    I bought a new 2007 MKX in April for 39K, this was with a Employee discount. Kelly Blue Book has this car valued at $36K for a new one now. I agree with others comments about there being no difference between the Ford Edge and Lincoln, only the symbol. I wished I had not bought the MKX now. Lincoln has really gotten shoddy. My biggest complaint is that I am only getting an average of 10 miles per gallon. The most I ever got was 16 MPG Hwy. I feel that Ford has falsified their Fuel Economy Information and I am in the complaint process now with them. I went to the dealer and they could not find anything wrong with it. So what now. I spoke to them about trading this car in for another, per not happy. They told me that my car with only 5700 miles and 6 months old was now only worth $29K. I understand vehicle depreation but, when the dealership is listing list price at $43 and 6 months later informs you that your car is only worth $29, but yet their stickers still say $43 for the same car, go figure that out. If you are buying a new one, I would make sure that I get the price down to Kelly Blue Book price first and then ask for any incentative. Again KBB only shows it being worth $36K retail. For Trade in Value KBB list the vehicle for $32K, but the dealership informed me that $29K was their best offer and that they could buy a 2007 with low miles at a car auction for less that $29K. My advise go to the car auction and get one with low miles, buy an extended warranty and you will save over $12K.
  • yweltonywelton Member Posts: 2
    I had a great buying experience, its after I bought it that I fould out how stupid I was. Kelly Blue Book says this car is worth $36K loaded. I paid $39K. I have had a problem with the fuel system since I bought it I have not ever gotten close the what the sticker states. I have complained and had it check out. I asked the dealer to trade mine for another, willing to pay some difference but was thrown a loop when they told me that they could only offer me $29K for my car. My car only has 5700 miles and is only 6 months old. KBB also states that the car in excellent condition is only worth $32K, which the dealer told me he would not give me that price per he could buy them at a car auction everyday for less than $29K. They are still listing this car at $43K on the sticker. I did a 3 year lease and put down $3K, my payments are $460 a month. I hope this helps you make a more informed decision.
  • verdugoverdugo Member Posts: 2,286
    I understand vehicle depreation but, when the dealership is listing list price at $43 and 6 months later informs you that your car is only worth $29, but yet their stickers still say $43 for the same car, go figure that out.

    Well, apparently you don't understand depreciation after all. that shiny $43k on the lot will cost $29k as soon as it's driven off the lot. Yes, it sucks, but that's the way it works. If you don't like it buy used next time.

    Do more research next time. And you're leasing, so you don't have to worry about being stuck with it forever.

    As for the mileage, those are guidelines/best case scenario. Keep in mind that as the engine breaks in, the mileage should improve. Enjoy your new car and don't stress out so much.
  • 07mkx07mkx Member Posts: 7
    "I bought a new 2007 MKX in April for 39K, this was with a Employee discount. I did a 3 year lease and put down $3K, my payments are $460 a month"

    So what was it? BOUGHT or LEASED? You GOT the employee price? how so? You work for Ford?

    What was the actual sticker price? To get 16 MPG, you must be hotfooting it or going uphill both ways.

    You "paid $19560" to rent it for 3 years, Drive the hell out of it I say, I mean why worry about the price of gas, when you only cared to have it for 3 years?

    I'd say 'if' you 'paid $39K for it employee price then you got the $43885 loaded one.

    As for what your dealer told you, - consider the source.
    I think your statement leaves out a lot of the details that tell the real story.
  • verdugoverdugo Member Posts: 2,286
    Yeah, and no way is $43k employee pricing. Like 07mkx said, we're not getting the full story.

    Hopefully he won't turn out to be a troll.
  • allisonhallisonh Member Posts: 8
    After crossover shopping for months, I had my heart set on the MKX, but Lincoln dealer didn't want my trade and suggested I go to carmax! CARMAX paid $12,500 for the lease buyout of $12,113 so I got $387 (which is Much better than me turning my Highlander back in to Toyota and having to pay them a $300 disposition fee plus $1000 in minor dings the inspector found) I just leased the 2007 Lincoln MKX and believe I got a great deal (well, at least the dealer says so!). I'd like an objective opinion from you experts..here are the figures on my lease:
    MSRP $35,285
    agreed upon value $32,707 (dealer said this is under invoice)
    Payments will be $403.07 month (includes tax) for 39 months.
    Here is where i get confused. I gave $1000 cash down, but the lease says $3693 was due at delivery. Dealer said this figure includes the $2750 rebates and that my tax, lic, etc and 1st month payment came out of that? sound right :confuse:
  • ventr4thventr4th Member Posts: 9
    Do not buy a Lincoln or Edge with Sync unless....the salesman Syncs your bluetooth phone with the car you are planning to buy before you buy the car.

    I purchased the 2008 Lincoln MKX last Friday specifically and only because I was guaranteed by the salesman and the sales manager that the Lincoln would Sync with both my Motorola Razr and my Motorola Krazr. After 4 trips back to the dealership with a total of 12 hours with three "certified" Sync specialists the car will still not Sync with either phone.

    Now they are blaming the phones even though the Motorola Razr is the phone on the Sync brochure. They gave me a list of ATT phnes from Syncmyride.com and told me to try buy yet another phone. Note to Lincoln ... "why don't you sell $150 phones that are guaranteed to work with your $40,000 cars"?

    The bottom line is that the training of the service and sales staff on the Sync system sucks and at this moment I am an unhappy and frustrated customer who can't get the Sync system to make voice activated calls on either of the aforementioned phones. Also, when I plug my Ipod into the Line In all I get is a message saying "streaming bluetooth".

    Today, my 4th visit, they said maybe that the car does not have all the necessary Sync software updates.

    These are issues Lincoln and Ford should resolve for their customers. The fine print says it is the cutomers responsibility to resolve Sync issues but there is no 800 number for a frustrated Sync user to call. Even the Lincoln service people do not have an 800 number to call with someone who can help diagnose problems at the other end. This system is definately not ready for prime time.

    I will try to return the car, get my money back and find a GM car with old tried and true tested Onstar. As far as I am concerned Sync sucks!
  • 07mkx07mkx Member Posts: 7
    Sync sucks,.. All because you want to be able to drive with a cell phone in operation.

    Your more shallow than you know.
  • robw64robw64 Member Posts: 76
    I purchased a new 2007 MKX a few days ago. It is black w/charcoal black interior, has Ultimate & Elite packages and the towing option. MSRP was $41,880 and the bottom line price (before tax, tag & title) was $37,000 even. Traded in my 2006 Cadillac DTS and financed at 0% with Ford Motor Credit. I will be taking the car back next week to have remote start installed at the dealership service department. They have a remote start system that is programmed on the existing keys (no additional key fob necessary) and is warranted by Ford/Lincoln/Mercury. However, it's pricey......$499 installed.....but I think it is worth the additional cash when the purchase price was so discounted.

    Overall, a very good purchase experience.
  • ghawk2030ghawk2030 Member Posts: 1
    In many ways, yes. However, Lincoln is a luxury line and has a better warranty and subtle extras like adaptive headlamps, THX sounds system, woods accents and heated front and rear seats. Options which are not available on the Ford brand. One will have to contend if these perks are worth ~$6.5K more for the identical chasis and powertrain. :surprise:
  • ventr4thventr4th Member Posts: 9
    Why buy a car with hands free voice dialing? It is the only way to go as far as I am concerned if you spend alot of time in your car and alot of time on your phone.

    First of all states are starting to ban hand held cell phones. Second, it is dangerous to drive and dial at the same time. I have a totaled BMWX5 to prove that point. Thrid, if you spend two or more hours a day in the car why wouldn't you want a hands free cell phone driving experience? States should make this mandatory .. but only after the dealers, the cell phone manufacturers and the carriers like ATT get their act together.

    It turns out that the Motorola Razr on the Sync brochure at the Lincoln and Ford dealerships could be a Motorola Razr v3 (which I think it is because at the time the brochure was published that was the only version available by ATT) or it could be a Motorola Razr v3i or a Motorola Razr v3r or a Motorola Razr v3xx. I have the ATT Motorola Razr v3 version which is not voice dialing compatable with Sync. So the one feature I wanted does not work. The newest Razr phone out by Motorola is the Raxr V9 which is a sweet phone which of course is not voice dialing compatable with Sync as of Nov 2007.

    I bought the Lincoln MKX for the hands free dialing experience and I am frustrated but not enough to return the car .. an option offered by the dealer. The MKX gets about 13MPG. My wife drives the Cadilac SRX which has a slightly better ride but the glitz, glitter, styling and head turn factor beats of the MKX beats the Cadillac. The OnStar system on the Cadillac beats the features offered by Sync unless you are a computer genius and a cell phone genius combined.

    If only Microsoft, ATT, Motorola and Ford could get their act together they would have the tech needy tech savy crowd eating out of their hand. Ford, require dealers to offer voice dialing compatable phones with the cars they sell and require the dealership to Syncmyride.com for the customer. The average customer is never going to be able to figure out how to use the features of Sync and Ford is going to have frustrated buyers out there when the word gets out.
  • dt63944dt63944 Member Posts: 66
    I can't believe what I am reading, so I have to ask: you bought a new vehicle because of its Bluetooth interface?

    For less than $30 I can buy a Bluetooth Samsung headpiece that works beautifully with my VZ Wireless RAZR phone.

    The Bluetooth is something to consider in a purchase decision, obviously after being certain your current or near-term future phone will work properly with it, but it seems to me there are other reasons to purchase a new vehicle that are more important. If there are no more important features to you than Bluetooth in evaluating a new purchase, hopefully we can agree to disagree!
  • steevosteevo Member Posts: 389
    You wouldn't need to wear a headset if the car was equipped with a Bluetooth handsfree system like the competitions vehicles are. I don't think someone would base their decision SOLELY on the lack of a handsfree bluetooth system, but why make excuses for the manufacturer?
    Tell me that the window controls and the buttons on the steering wheel are all backlit...And the fuel door opens remotely...a backup camera...
    All these little things are not required on any car but all the little things are what sets one manufacturer apart from another especially with a Luxury brand.
  • dt63944dt63944 Member Posts: 66
    It certainly seemed to me that the Bluetooth interface was the most important, if not the only, reason they bought the MKX, so I was just asking for some clarity. I purchased another car in 2006 with the Bluetooth interface and I did all the necessary research before determining the interface would not be compatible with my then-current phone, but I was thinking of getting a RAZR which was compatible, so I got the RAZR and considered it a necessary expense. My point is that if someone puts a high priority on some feature, particularly one involving technology, they research it thoroughly, reach out to anyone they believe will give accurate and unbiased advice and realize that it still doesn't guarantee there won't be problems. I suppose it is possible the next cell phone I'd like is incompatible with the Bluetooth in my 07 car and then I'd be going through the research and decision-making all over again!

    I agree with the rest of your post; there are many issues to consider.
  • april58april58 Member Posts: 1
    First we are in the So. California market, so you'll get the picture on pricing here. Traded in my year old Chevy HHR for a 2007 MKX in White Chocolate with charcoal interior. Not my first choice of colors, but they were long out of the light interiors with the white ext. Got the Elite package with the Vista roof and all the goodies that go with that pkg. Sticker was $45K. Dealer took $3K off, plus another $3K in rebates. We leased this vehicle and put down $6K. The bad part was that we had to WRAP $10K from the purchase of the 2006 HHR into the deal. We bought the HHR a year ago and had to wrap $4K from a 2001 Suburban we'd had for 6 years (was first a lease and converted to purchase at end of 48 mo. lease). We had no leverage b/c of the trade in, but on the upside after this 36 mo. lease we can throw them the keys and get something else with no WRAPs. Probably not the greatest deal, but it never is IF you have a trade-in. To answer question of WHY trade the HHR, it was a nice car (it was bright red with the Spring Ed. pkg so was chromed out, and had all the stuff they put on those fully loaded) but it was small inside, not comfortable and didn't feel crash-worthy. The Lincoln is more substantial and has many more safety features should an accident occur. We're over 55, so maybe it was our turn for a Lincoln. Anyway, she's a purdy girl in White Chocolate. The ouchy part is the lease payment of $762/mo. I can feel the pain already. ;)
  • ventr4thventr4th Member Posts: 9
    I did hours and hours of online research before I bought the 2008 Lincoln MKX. The dealer and all of their "certified Sync" techs assured me the voice recognition system in Sync would work with my model Razr and Krazr. It didn't but they offered to take back the car. After all the time invested I decided to keep the car (2 year lease). I am waiting for Sync to work with the Razr V9. If anyone who reads this post knows of Microsoft's plans to add phones to the Sync compatibility list please post a reply. So far nothing on syncmyride.com.
  • mandkolemandkole Member Posts: 3
    In 25 years of car buying, the best experience we've ever had to date buying a car after dealing with Gary-Worth in Gladstone, Or. Came out of an A4 lease. With the incentives right now, we leased a fully loaded MKX (elite, spec ed, ultimate) for $615/mo out the door with only $220 out of pocket (24mo/ 15K, 63% residual). The list was $45K; w/ incentives, we were at less than $40K. With the .000207 Red Carpet rate for 24mo, we will actually be able to buy this rig after 2 years for a better buy then with a cash deal right now....

    My wife just loves it and the kid loves the nav system toys. The sync system works as advertised and they have their stuff all plugged in.
  • leeseleese Member Posts: 8
    Hello. Does anyone know if this is a good deal? 39 month 10 500 mile lease, Ultimate Package plus double headrest DVD and Vista Sunroof for $486/month. No money down, taxes and title of approx $2200 due at signing?

    Any opinions as to whether or not the deal will get better if I wait till Jun/July?
  • abrahamlincolnabrahamlincoln Member Posts: 2
    It's a fair deal. The $ due at signing through Lincoln on the MKX is only $300 though. You're putting $1,900 down on the car. That's $535 a month before that cash. That said, it's a fair enough deal. If it's a Limited, Ultimate, Elite with $300 due at signing, the normal payment is around $580ish on 39 months. With headrest tv's, I'd jump at the deal. $535 is cheap.
  • leeseleese Member Posts: 8
    Thank you, Honest Abe for taking the time to respond to my earlier message. I'll keep you posted!
  • leeseleese Member Posts: 8
    Hello. The package is only Ultimate Package with vista sunroof option and double headrest DVD for the kids in the backseat to watch. NO NAVIGATION system. Also I was under the impression that the $2000 at signing was for taxes and title, is that not so?

    Is your opinion that it is still a fair deal? Thanks again!
  • abrahamlincolnabrahamlincoln Member Posts: 2
    Tax, title and license shouldn't be that much...that's crazy.

    Also, ask them to waive your first month payment and if you currently have a non-ford lease, they may pay up to 3 payments off. Good luck!

    PS: It's still a very good deal.
  • leeseleese Member Posts: 8
    Many thanks, again. i am going to try and seal the deal tomorrow, we will see! I have one month left on my current non Ford car. I'll keep you posted. All the best, Leese!
  • marks1965marks1965 Member Posts: 10
    Trying to get input as to whether this is a good deal and what you would recommend to do. I received the following quote today from a Lincoln dealer in Northern NJ: Tax and MV fees down (about $2000). The truck is fully loaded with the panoramic roof, navigational system, THX radio, all the bells and whistles, etc., etc. et. Dealer will also install Headrest DVD feature for $530/month, 39 months, 12,000 miles, residual at 50%. First, would you (or anyone else out there) consider this a good deal. Second, I have a Murano with 5 payments left ($400/month or $2000). The dealer offered to take my truck, pay it off, and then increase my monthly payment $50 to cover the cost of the old lease. Is this something to consider, or are there any benefits to paying off the Murano lease myself. Can I try to get Lincoln to pay off some of the lease.
  • leeseleese Member Posts: 8
    Is this a good deal> The Lincoln MKX with ultimate package and two dvd's in the headrest for the kids. NO NAVIGATION SYSTEM. $1770 down.$475/month for 24 months 10 500 miles. Please advise picking up the car in 12 hours!
  • klafter53klafter53 Member Posts: 2
    got deal- 0 down (1250 fees) 450 a month (includes tax)- AWD w/ Ultimate Package, 20inch chrome wheels, splash guards- 39 months, 12K per year-
    54% residual.... I think its a good deal- every other dealer was around 2K down 525 a month w/o tax....
    and how does everyone enjoy thier MKX?
  • leeseleese Member Posts: 8
    I think that sounds very good. I am very happy with the car. Good luck! I am paying 475/month with ultimate plus double headrest dvd, vista roof, and 24 months 10 500 miles. Paid 1770 up front. it works out to 550/month all included over 24 months. good luck! they were prepared to give me this same deal for 24 or 39 months if that makes a difference to you.
  • sabre364sabre364 Member Posts: 18
    Does the AWD mkx sold in the USA have heated side mirrors? Is it an option?

    I did not find anything on the usa site, but found that this option was standard in Canada (obviously). I hope this is also the case in the US, but all I see on the website is the *GASP* chrome skullcaps on the mirrors.

    I honestly wish lincoln could shed its chrome and inner city fascination with them but I guess thats just wishful thinking...
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,698
    ...from McDavid LM in Plano, TX. The most pleasant car buying experience I could imagine. No pressure, over-weekend test drive, rapid negotiation, only minor pressure in the F&I office. List $42,090, dealer discount $3000, rebates $4500.
  • rpaladinrpaladin Member Posts: 1
    TEXASES - sounds like you received a good deal.


    1. Sounds like you paid $34,590 for the car. Pls confirm.

    2. Did they show you the dealer cost price? Sounds like you paid well under dealer cost.

    3. Lastly, the $4500 rebate - - is this open to all customers or tied to a special incentive (ie returning customer / loyalty program).

    Thanks. Robert
  • veedidveedid Member Posts: 1
    Could someone please tell me what they think of this price...MSRP 40,755...Comes w/ ultimate package and vista sunroof....$3000 down and 463.10 a month (tax included) for a 39 month lease at 12,000 miles a year....Thanks in advance
  • michaelvg1michaelvg1 Member Posts: 5
    I went into the Wayne, NJ dealership yesterday and was interested in signing for a MKX. They only had AWD and I was not interested in the package with NAV or the roof and whatever. I have NAV on my cell phone. They came out with a price of $500 per month with nothing down @ 12k a year for 39 months. I did not tell him that I was elegible for the 'A' plan. I went outside, was told I can get the A plan price, went back in there and they said the $500 per is the best price. I think that is BS. I figured I would be able to get it for a lot less on the A plan.

    Any thoughts out there? I want to turn in my 2006 Lincoln LS early.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • leeseleese Member Posts: 8
    I don't know what the A plan refers to. I recommend you get the roof, it is awesome. It's a great car. Go to a few dealerships and negotiate. They are advertising it heavily. The mileage affects the lease price obviously but if you look back at the posts, you will get an idea of good deals gotten. I got mine (2008 model) in April and I think got a good deal. MKX FWD 10 500 miles, 24 months (or 39) I was able to choose. With the roof, and double DVD in the headrests for the kids, No Navigation system. 1700 down, I pay $475/month. It works out to about $550 / month over the 24 month period that I chose.

    The dealers are negotiable so good luck. I love the car. I don't think it will get cheaper in a few months, (unless its the 2008 you are talking about) it has been the same or sometimes more since April.
  • michaelvg1michaelvg1 Member Posts: 5
    Yes. I am talking 2008. they have a ton of them on the lot. No Sunroof with Ultimate.
    What should I be paying? Nothing down, 12k per year.

    A plan is a ford member family discount for employees in Detroit. I don't trust the dealer.
  • 20thaeguy20thaeguy Member Posts: 12
    how about some purchase prices guys? what are you picking these up for?
  • shorty101shorty101 Member Posts: 30
    I went by Lincoln yesterday because I had it with Toyota. I decided to test drive an MKX. I was very surprised. It is a very nice vehicle. I was given the following price.: MSRP 37,720-Rebates 7750= 29,970. When I ran the $5000 rebates from factory off of the invoice I came back with 29,342. I am going to start my numbers at 28,625 and see what happens. Either way if they can meet my trade in of $9,000 I think this is a good deal. Any opinions. They have 25 MKX (2008) on the lot. They told me they ordered many of then right before the last order so that they would have them on hand when the end of the year rebates went through? Any help would be appreciated.
  • michaelvg1michaelvg1 Member Posts: 5
    Those are some great rebates. Can you tell me what they consist of and is this a promotion right now?
  • shorty101shorty101 Member Posts: 30
    Breakdown of Rebates in Baton Rouge, LA at Robinson Brothers Lincoln

    $4,500 Factory Rebate
    $2,750 Dealer Rebate
    $500 Rebate because Member of American Quarter Horse Association

    Two weeks ago I was told that I could have an additional Rebate from the factory if I owned a ford. Ford changed the requirements to the following: you must own an Explorer, Mountaineer of Explorer Trac. I lost that one because I don't own one of these vehicles

    This runs until November 3, 2008.
  • shorty101shorty101 Member Posts: 30
    I went back to the dealership and this is where my negotiations stopped.

    MSRP $38,005-Rebates $7,750 -Trade $9,000 +TTL $1,854 = Final Price $23,109.

    I was offered a rate of 4.65% to finance the remainder over 36 moonths.

    Does this sound reasonable. The cost is higer then my original post because I choose a more expensive MKX.
  • shorty101shorty101 Member Posts: 30
    I bought my MKX today. It was a very pleasant experience. Robinson Brothers Lincoln in Baton Rouge LA are wonderful to work with.

    I bought a Vapor Silver MKX with Light Stone interior. It has the Uttimate Package

    MSRP $38,005-Rebates $7,750 -Trade $9,000 +TTL $1,844 = Final Price $23,099.

    I was plesantly surprised when the offered me a lower interest rate then yesterday. I was offered a rate of 4.33% to finance the remainder over 36 moonths.

    I am happy. I tried to work with the other Lincoln dealerships in the area and no one could even come close to this deal.
  • mjm917mjm917 Member Posts: 1
    I am a newbie on these forms so forgive me if this is posted in the wrong one. I live in Illinois and am would like to purchase a new (2009) MKX. While doing my research, I thought I would put together a financing spreadsheet to help me identify Rebate versus interest rate and differences in payments. Anyway, I would like to know what is actually taxable on a new vehicle sale. Please look at the list below and identify if it is applied Pre or Post Sales Tax.

    Documentation Fees
    Negotiated Trade-In Value
    Down Payment
    License & Registration
    Destination / Delivery Fee
    Interior/Exterior protection

    Thanks in advance
  • luvbriscoluvbrisco Member Posts: 1
    Hi- I am looking to buy the 2008 or 2009 mkx in the los angeles area of california. any good deals out there? how do I use the dealer invoice price to negotiate? one guy told me with the employee pricing and etc, that there was nothing else they could do to lower the price???
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