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Mazda5 Cold Weather Issues



  • Hello,

    I have seen a couple of posts from Jan and Mar '07 about the freezing door latches and they appear to be on the '07 model.

    Can anyone confirm if this is still a problem / recall on the '07 models as I am considering purchasing a Mazda5 Touring edition and want to check first with other owners.

    Also, are there any other recalls / problems prospective owners should know about on the '07's? Would you recommend the vehicle overall?

  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402

    Just FYI bumped that post to New Owners Report
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    Mine is an '06, and there were quite a few problems, like the car was removed from the road for a while to fix a problem that caused a couple cars to catch fire. It was recalled twice, once for that, and then again for the door latch. I have heard of other types of cars having door latches freeze in cold climates.

    HiFive :shades:
  • kanatakanata Posts: 22
    My Mazda 5 had rear doors that would not latch in freezing temperatures. The initial attempt by the dealer to alleviate the problem was to clean and relube the latches: my Mazda's VIN was out of range for the door latch fix. The relube did not work and I was fortunate enough to have a new appointment the day after a very cold night. I could show the service advisor that the door was not able to be closed, the dealer contacted Mazda Canada and got authorization to apply the SB based on the visible evidence.

    However the car was left in a dirty state with oil runs from the doors down the sills, and oil splashes inside, especially on the 2nd-row seats. It seems that Mazda mechanics do not provide or use the paper floor or seat covers that NA car dealers use to protect the car interior from oily clothes and accidents.
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    I had the same issue when the temperature here was really cold (-35 to -40 C). Just the type of weather that you appreciate remote starters.
    I would here the horn honk to tell me that it responded to the starter but when I came out there was no motor running - just lights on, radio on and fan on but no heat.
    This has happened twice so far...
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    I'm interested in buying an '08 and I was wondering if anyone knows if the freezing sliding door problem has been fixed for 2008. It should have been! Thanks.
  • It only affected 06s I believe. 07s and 08s, no probs.
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    Has anybody experienced this? Lately, when the temperature is low (20s) and I start driving my 06, if I hit a (small) bump I'll hear a cracking noise that sounds exactly like the windshield has just cracked. It's quite loud and unnerving but there is no visible damage. I'll frequently hear it a few times until either the car has somehow "settled" or warmed up.

    One time it was noticeably worse (many "cracks") the next day after driving through a car wash. So this made me think moisture was somehow the cause. Maybe ice is forming between the windshield its mount. I don't know.

    Anyway I'm curious if this has happened to anybody else.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    I'm sure is not the same, but the dashboard crunches when very cold, that's pretty much it (see link below). I started noticing it until I began driving my 08 daily (and my 06 does it too).

    Not a biggie to me, my former car, a Honda Civic, did it since new as well (and that one's suspension squeaked bad during cold, but not my Mazda5s :surprise:).

    coolmazda5, "Mazda5 Suspension" #137, 1 Mar 2008 5:20 pm
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    if i did not know better i would say you had your service in Ottawa they are crap. they are all owned by the same guy i think.
  • ghollgholl Posts: 1
    It's possible it's a loose headliner clamp. I had a similar problem last year. I would hear a cracking sound which sounded like it was coming from the edge of the windshield when going over bumps.
    I am having the same problem once again. The noise appears to be more pronounced when it gets colder outside.

  • I recently purchased a 2006 Mazda 5 and noted there are two recalls on NHTSA site (ENGINE AND ENGINE COOLING:EXHAUST SYSTEM and LATCHES/LOCKS/LINKAGES:DOORS:LATCH).

    Does anyone know if one can look up a vehicle by VIN or other information to determine if the vehicle has had its repairs?

    Anything else I should know about the car? Seems like a great vehicle.

  • You can register it on (under Owners). Once registered you can see if those have been already applied
  • WOW ! ! ! That was beyond quick. Thanks for your help...............saftgek
  • Hi all. New to this. I noticed that a lot of the post is about the 2006 models. However, the past week or so, my Mazda 5's driver side sliding door will not close. First it won't open and when it finally does, it won't close. At first I thought heating the car up will help but after an hour of the car already running, heat at the highest setting, still the same problem. I finally took it to my dealer. Of course, once there, the door works. The office manager told me they just can't order a part to order a part especially if it was working. I told them, it's working because the car was running for 5 hours. I had to tell him that my daughter would have fallen out if I drove the car with the problem and he finally asked the mechanic to talk to me. The mechanic was nice enough and told me he will clean the latch and relube it and it should help. I said fine as long as it works. Guess what all, I went to work, park the car for 2 hours left work to pick up my kids at day care and lo and behold, the sliding door would not open. I didn't even dare try to open it again until I got home because I was scared it wouldn't close. Got home, got the door to open, and then it wouldn't close. I called the dealer right away and the manager ordered the part for me. Anyhow, has anyone else experience this?
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I would call Mazda USA, go to their website and call customer service. The 06s were recalled for this. I would scream lawsuit. My Mazda was recalled twice, once for an engine problem, and again for the door latches. I had washed my car the day that the latch stopped working, but it still should never happen. Mazda gave me a $50 gift certificate and also a check for $500 for all my troubles.
  • Thanks for the tip hifive. I was very disappointed with the office manager. He made me feel like I was overreacting about something so little. I will be contacting Mazda USA because as you said, this shouldn't happen. Will keep you posted. Thanks again.
  • My wife and I purchased an '06 Mazda 5 w/15k miles. We've had it a little over a month. Winter has set in around our part of the country: a couple of sub-zero days, some fairly stiff winds, and snow/sleet.

    Thus far, we've had no issues with doors - and are quite pleased with the vehicle. It has already carried 6 adults; 4 adults and a child's car seat, and some miscellaneous loads in the rear.

    I will watch for door problems, and really appreciate this website forum. As a new owner of a Mazda 5, its nice to be connected to "a community."

    Happy Holidays ! ! !
  • Hi - I just recently started hearing a similar noise from the dash or windshield. It does seem to get worse when it is cold. Just wondering if any of you figured out what was causing it?
  • riproyriproy Posts: 57
    I have this too - no idea why.
  • Also have this cracking windshield noise - seems like noise is at the bottom edge of the windshield. Taking it in today for this and list of other various noises. My 09 Mazda5 is 2 weeks old, 200 miles. :mad:
  • Well...I was the first one to buy a 2006 Mazda 5 Touring in NYC back in July 2005. LOVED the car to bits...SO much so that I ended up upgrading to a 2008 Grand Touring back in Dec. '07. Anyway, point is, even from back then, this problem has existed: if you look at postings back in the winter of 05 and 06, you will notice postings from me and others regarding the suspension "crunch" noise in the cold, but, more specifically, you'll notice that I also brought up the windshield "tapping/rattling" noise. You guys are NOT alone! You're NOT crazy! We're there with you! ;-)

    As much as I LOVE the 5, these little rattling noises have always bugged me. I brought it up SO many times to the dealer that they actually replaced my WHOLE dashboard in my 06 - replacing it with an 07 dash. But, the tapping/rattling/cracking noise was still there. I grew to get used to it. (And, YES, it does primarily only happen in the cold weather, like, below 50 degrees or so, and it gets worse as it gets colder.) I was hoping that the refreshed 2008 model wouldn't have the noise. But, alas, it still has it - albeit, a bit better than the 06. Mazda did, however, address the crunching when cold suspension noise. As far as the windshield/dash tapping/rattling/cracking/popping (all ways it has been described), again, I got used to it. I don't think there's a fix for it.

    I've read a lot of explanations for it, but none of them have either convinced me or explained to me satisfactorily the cause and/or how to fix it. If anyone out there can, PLEASE do!
  • Own an 06 and an 08. The 08 dashboard taps more than the 06 when very cold, weird (maybe because is newer?). I prefer to live with it than try to fix it. Disassembling the dashboard will loose something else up which will eventually start making noises, that is for sure, LOL

    My engineering theory: the materials used by Mazda for the dashboard contract during cold weather more than for other car brands to the point of not fully touching the adjacent parts (gaps are created) and causing tapping noises when moving. Once the weather/temp gets into a decent value, the tapping disappears as the materials come back to its normal size (the gaps are gone)

    As of how to fix it: filling the areas where we know gaps could exist with some foamy material. Now, would I do it? Is not bad for me with the radio on, so no :)
  • Well, I'm certainly not advocating that they do the whole dashboard changing thing since it didn't work for me. But, I know that my dealer did a really good job since the old dashboard was warped, and the new dashboard actually fit better and looked better constructed. But the tapping didn't go away.

    And, yeah, I do the whole radio thing, too. Good sound system drowns out any other noises.
  • I understand. I always find something interesting about differences on both cars, now that you mention it the finish of the dashboard looks a little bit different. I've been also finding more differences (i.e. the quality of the keyfob materials), just silly ones but naturally improved.
  • My experience with an 07 Mazda 5, I will never buy one again....... To put it bluntly.
    I'll admit most Mazda 5s are good, but mine was a nightmare!
  • I had the same problem with my 2009 Mazda 5 (cracking sound coming from where the windshield meets the cowl). After two attempts at correcting how the the plastic that is just beneath the windshield wipers (the part where the water from the windshield drains into) was fastened to the cowl, the dealership ordered and installed an entire new assembly and the problem has gone away. Except for this issue, I've been pretty happy with my Mazda 5 so far. It has about 6000 miles on it. If this is the only problem that I have with it, I'll be grateful!
  • During recent travel, we lost one of two keys to our 2006 Mazda 5. I assume they are expensive to replace, but have no idea the cost.

    Has anyone out there had to replace a key? If so, what was the cost? Was it a big deal to get it? Any feedback will be appreciated.

  • Hey, I'd love to know if the noise/problem for you is still a thing of the passed. The dashboard/windshield rattle is at a fever pitch right now since it's been so cold here in NYC, and it's driving me insane again, as much as I try to ignore it. If that fix your talking about really does work, then I'd like the same to be done to my car. Thanks.
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