Lexus RX Homelink Garage Door Activation

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This is the second time this has happened to me. I walked into the garage. Pressed the button to open the garage door. Got into 2004 RX 330. Started the vehicle. When I put the vehicle in reverse and started to back out the garage door started coming down. This time it damaged the light housing above the back window. I have not activated the Homelink system or whatever the interal system is called. I finally had to disconnect the door and back the RX out and then reconnect the door.


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    Wow, johnhunt, that sounds sort of scary.
    I haven't activated the homelink on my '07
    RX350 yet, mainly due to the fact that the last
    time I did that with a past vehicle, it
    deactivated my garage door remotes. I'm not sure if there's a way to get both the remotes
    and the internal homelink to work at the same time. Are you sure something isn't accidentally pressing on a garage door remote,
    since I assume you probably have your remote
    somewhere in the car?
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    I have both the Homelink and the door openers all functioning as they should. I had to program the opener using the "rolling code" method. It took me several attempts, but I finally got it. I have experienced no problems using either the internal Homelink button or the supplied remotes..
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    macdaddy2, I still haven't gotten around to
    programming my homelink along with my garage
    door openers. However, I've noticed that my
    second garage door opener has stopped working.
    I thought it was the battery, so I put a new
    one in it. It still doesn't work. I don't
    know if I need to reprogram it, which would
    probably mean reprogramming the other one that
    is working. I'm not sure what the best approach on this one is.
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    Well actually the problem was much simpler than it seemed. The good news I was finally able to program the openers int he Lexus, but not without calling HomeLink. The instructions aren't as clear as you'd like. Part of the issue is that you can't just press the Homelink buttons in the Lexus during have to press for a couple of seconds.
    Now...the original problem of the door closing on the vehicle...I'm pretty sure the lanyard of the opener was getting caught in the luggage rack.:) I shortened the lanyard and I've not had a reoccurence.
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    Well, fast forward to June 23, and after having the mobile tech come out to my home a couple of weeks ago to hook up my homelink and get one of my other remotes to work, I've had problems with the integrated homelink in my Lexus. It doesn't seem to have any range. I have to be right in front of the garage for it to work. I dropped the car off at Lexus this past Tuesday and also had them check out a rattle that I'm getting in the hatch area. I've been driving a
    loaner RX for almost a week now, as they're still working on some issues. It's nice to be able to drive a loaner that's the same as what you drive. At least it didn't take any time out from my work day or anything. They gave me the loaner and I've been driving around ever since. The only thing I'm missing is my satellite radio.

    So I was wondering if anyone has had problems with their homelink working properly in their
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    1st post, I have 04 RX330...Brought it at 78K....Could someone help me set up my homelink to open my garage...

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    We got our '07 IS350 several weeks ago. Before you program the car homelink remove the battery from the wall remote. All works well. Try it.
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    From the sound of things the Lexus Homelink system is a bear to program. I just bought an '08 RX350 and have yet to be able to program the Homelink in it. Each time I go to program it I get nothing. The funny thing is that I do not have any problems with my other car's Homelink (Toyota Scion TC), nor did I have any issue with my Toyota Highlander. One would think that since these are all Toyota vehicles the Lexus would be just as easy. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to chime in at any time. HELP!!!

    Jon :confuse:
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    When you say that you just can't push the buttons in the Lexus, you have to press for a couple of seconds, what do you mean by that?

    "still frustrated"
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    Just picked up my new 2008 RX 350 and took my remote garage door opener with me to the dealer. Saleman programed it by holding my door opener up to the Homelink and pressing the number 1 button and holding it. The red light started blinking, then blinked faster and then slowed down and stoped. He said it was programed unless I have a rolling block door opener. When I got home the Homelink did not work. I have the rolling block type opener. So, next, I had my wife start the Lexus and I got a ladder and pushed the "training" button on the garage door opener and had my wife push the #1 button on the Homelink and hold it. My garage door opener light blinked twice and it was done. Homelink works now.
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    I have tried programing my home link on my 06 325 bmw for 6 months now.
    the directions from the dealer and the home link website was just a bunch of bull .did not help at made it very your notes,drove out of my garage,programmed the #1 button like you said the sales man did.,came back and did exactly what you did and it woked.thanks a lot.its very simple took less than 5 mins.
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    this works like a charm. got it the first time i try after numerous fail attempts from lexus instruction. thank a bunch
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