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Kia Sorento Vibration Problems



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Beyond the stereo, horn and seat belt chimes that would be the ideal! But then there's the air conditioning, heater fan, talking nav, door ajar indicator and a few others. There's always earplugs! ;)

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  • Well...I have to agree they (Kia Service) did not take me serious on the "vibration"....I was persistent with every visit and eventually one of the Service Techs noted a significant vibration problem. I got ignored multiple times with a variety of "suggestions" (or excuses) as to what the problem was....the best one was that I just wasn't used to driving a 4x4 ....let's see by then I'd had a Ford Explorer 4x4 for close to 8 years!!! These days....after the major oops....they treat me nice at the service department. TBE..
    Troy no luck on the receipt with the part #. Will post again...have to go through receipts for taxes so with luck it will be there.
  • I do not necessarily need a part number, i just need to know where to tell the mechanic to look. the problem is there are various stepper motors in the vehicle performing different operations. I need to pin it down to an exact one. Thanks for looking
  • troy30troy30 Posts: 4
    This is kinda off topic. My crankshaft bolt broke today. my car is out of warranty plus my vin number was not included in the recall for this part. so kia Canada is trying to pass off responsibility. These guys need a class action lawsuit or something
  • ken89ken89 Posts: 4
    my crankshaft bolt was replaced when i brought it in for service and its a 2003 idont know why they wont fix it for you unless you only had so much time to get it done ?
  • mejias24mejias24 Posts: 1
    Three days ago i began hearing a loud screeching sound coming from the front drivers side of my 2005 kia sorento. The sound happens when braking but also (strangely) when turning left (only). Thinking it may possibly be the brake pads, my husband changed both sides; while they did need to be changed, this did not solve the horrible screeching sound. Has anyone had a similar issue or can possibly provide me w/ information on what the problem could possibly be? Hopefully, nothing too expensive... Thanks! :blush:
  • When do you replace the shocks and struts on a 2007 Kia Sorento?
  • Vivo en Venezuela y poseo una KIA Sorento 2006 XS, actualmente esta presentando problemas con la suspensión, específicamente la trasera, la camioneta rebota mucho cada vez que paso por algún obstáculo, a pesar de haberle cambiado hace 2 meses los amortiguadores por unos originales. Alguien del foro podria sugerir alguna solucion viable a mi problema
  • So what did this end up being? Just curiouos as I just got my 2007 Sorento back from the shop....yesterday it was loud crunching noise out of right front wheel started after we had just hit town after a two day trip coverinng maybe a little over 200 miles....we hit town and stopped to do an errand. Got in the car & while backing out of parking spot heard weird crunch-like sound ...intermittent with moving back & forward. It had a vibration. So fortunately my daughter & I with our superb problem solving skills decided to get a tow to the KIA shop on Sundary no less. Left a note & the keys. Got it back today with replaced wheel bearings on right covered under warrnaty. NICE SURPRISE. Only negative...when I asked about the replacing the left was told not covered under warranty but was told if a customer came in with the same problem outside of warranty they would strongly reccomend that both sides get replaced. I suggested that lets hope it doesn't fail and cause an accident. Apparently the wheel pretty got a lot worse when the frove it from the parking space into the shop. He told me he wasn't sure he would make it without freezing up. He told me our BEST decision was the ow.
  • Let me start by saying we do not own a Sorento yet. Have test driven 4 different ones & all appear to have a fine vibration that resonates through out the cabin. During test drives we had a bottle of water with us in the center console, it quivered like a constant earthquake tremor, vibrations could also be felt in seats. Even tried a v6 LX with different tires, same vibration. I have read about this vibration in the 4cyl but not the v-6. Been told it is "normal" & all of them do it! Drove all the competion & did not feel this in any of them. If you own a 2013 V-6 EX awd Sorento I would appreciate your feedback. Do you get use to it?, does it get worse, go away? Really love the Sorento but cannot get past this vibration to pull the trigger & buy one.
  • Hi,

    I have a the same car with 5000 miles on it. I have not had any vibration probelems what so ever. It has Kumho Solas KL21 18" tires and Kia alloy rims.

    The only problem I have is sometimes the nav package takes 5 minutes to load, the de4aler will reload the software when its in for its oil change other than that its been problem free.
  • Thank you for the reply & your experience, it is greatly appreciated. Somehow my thread got turned into "wheels & suspension" This has nothing to do with tires, we drove an LX model which has completly different tires & rims, the fine vibration was the same. Thought it was an AWD unibody thing so drove an V6 Outlander same bottle of water & no vibrations! As mentioned I have read nothing regarding vibration in v6 EX AWD so to have driven 4 with the vibration I am hesitant to pull the trigger on one. Maybe I need to wait for a new run from the factory?
  • I just bought a 4 cyl EX Kia Sorento and have had it in the service center twice for the vibration. First time they said it was a evac canister and the second time they said the idle had to be reprogrammed. It is actually happening worse than before. They say they haven't experienced the vibration yet it is there almost everytime I drive it. Mostly after heats up and you notice when you come to a stop and it is in gear. I too judge it with the water bottle. I am hoping this next time that they can figure out what it is.
  • By the way if any one knows what fixes it please let me know as I am going to take it in again when it is vibrating so they can actually feel it.
  • Lots of shaking going on with new 2013 sorento V6 EX. Still less than 3000 mi. Took it back to dealer and they balanced the wheels. Much better. Road Force (?) reduced from 16 to 4. There is still a subtle vibration that's going to result in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Going to call dealer again tomorrow.
  • Sorento2122 thanks for your reply & feedback. Sorry to hear that your new EX v-6 Sorento is a shaker! My wife & I re test drove one that we had already driven 2 weeks prior when we 1st noticed the vibration. I cannot be certain but it appeared that the dealership had sprayed rubber under the front wheel wells & I swear it had different tires on it from the 1st visit, also very odd that the same sorento was still on the lot after 2 plus weeks, there are only 5 total V6 EX Sorentos on lots in the Twin Cities area! When we drove it this 2nd time the fine vibrations appeared to be better but it pulled severely to the right, bad enough that you could not let go of the steering wheel! Needless to say I could not move forward & buy a new vehicle that appeared to have been manipulated/modified since the 1st test drive & that would not drive down the road straight. Something is fishy, I think we will wait for more to be sold & see what comes of it. Please keep me updated on your Sorento woes, it is greatly appreciated, I wish you luck!
  • It is very frustrating as I notice it getting worse. The first time the checked it they said they check tires and when I bought it it had little red stickers like a dot on the tire and on the rim matching up. Don't know what that was about. The funny thing is there is no engine light that indicates something wrong so the mechanics are clueless. I will take in again and see what they come up with. Let me know how the tire balancing works. :
  • usted puede tratar de un amortiguador de choque de dos etapas. son más caros, pero se puede hacer para un mejor viaje. Espero que ayude. rr70
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    edited September 2012
    I read these posting with interest. I have test driving numerous v6 sorrentos (2012) and non vibrated when driven. They all have, in my opinion, too much engine vibration at idle, but like all cars, being ideosinycratic, there is always something about a car that is objectionable. Its just about which ones hit a nerve.

    As far as the spraying etc., I have found that the folks who prep new cars are pretty clueless about a number of things. For example, improper use of tire dressing can cause the brakes to not function properly if spray gets on the rotors. spraying undercoating which gets on drive shafts will cause vibration.

    hope that helps. rr70
  • I have the AWD 4 cylinder Sorento (2011) has 51k
    On it and never had vibration in the cabin... It rides rather smooth :)
  • Update on 2013 Sorento EX w V6 engine. Less than 2000 mi. Back in the shop 2nd time for vibrations, especially at highway speeds i.e. 65 mph. Been in the shop 4 days now. Got to give them credit, they're seriously going through everything triying to get it fixed right. Tires have been ruled out. All wheels dynamically balanced. They're going to repace the transfer case. We'll see - hope that does it.
  • Thank you for the update! At least I know now that it just wasn't me as we test drove 3-4 different V6 EX Sorentos. I knew it wasn't the tires either as we drove 1 with different tires to rule out. I have a feeling it is AWD related, it is a such a fine vibration, not a shake, or shimmy. We are on hold to purchase one as there are none to be found in our area, I know I wll not pull the trigger unless I'm in one that doesn't have the fine vibration. Please keep us updated, there are so few 2013 V6 EX on the road as of now that your observations are very much appreciated. Glad they are trying to help you, I wish you the best of luck!
  • Been in the shop for 10 days. They changed the xsfer case, then tried Goodyear tires, next will put on a set of Michelins.
  • Thanks for the input you are all giving me. I had to drive out of town and in the mountains and noticed the vibration not as bad but still there. Or am I just getting used to it. I will give all the input to the mechanics when I take it in.
  • toonietoonie Posts: 8
    Going in for first oil change and to fix vibration. How did the tires do?
  • sblaissblais Posts: 2
    I experienced exactely the same issue. 2 road test with the Kia mechanics where they confirm the vivration at ±65Mph. They change the driving shaft and made multiple test to resolve the issue. I also made a road test with the mechanics with an other 2013 Sorento and we both agreed that there was no similar vibration on the other vehicule.

    Unfortunately, last week, they closed the case saying that it was a known and normal issue!!! I am now in a process to force them to resolve it or give me back my money by putting pressure. This is why I am also on this forum so please, keep me updated with the changes on your side. I'll do the same.

    Thank you.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Funny that they would bother to change the driveshaft if it was a normal condition.
  • Well- after 2 weeks in the shop they finally put a set of Michelins on and it is running much smoother. It's an uneasy feeling however, when they've tried three different sets of tires. I'm not looking fwd to 40K mi when I'll need the next set of tires.
  • sblaissblais Posts: 2
    Can you please provide me some additionnal information? If I understand correctly, they only change the original tires for Michelin and you dont feel the vibration at 65Mph anymore?

    Did they change them under warranty?

    Last question, can you tell me the dealer name and adress so I can share this information to my dealer and Kia Canada so they stop to say that this is a normal condition.

    Thanks again.
  • Correct - The vibrations are all but gone. At first they replaced the transfer case but that did not correct the vibrations. The michelins were added as a good will gesture - not a dealer warranty item. That means that they couldn't stop the vibrating after mounting/balancing the original tires, 2nd set of Kia tires, and Goodyear tires. The service mgr was excellent because he wouldn't settle for "that amount of" vibration is normal". The dealer is Peters of Nashua, New Hampshire USA.
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