Pinto panel port hole Cruisen Rallye wagon = HELP !

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I am taking a solid 1972 Pinto wagon and turning it into a Rallye type Cruisen wagon. It has the two barrel 2000 engine which appears stock accept for headers. Front disc brakes - automatic trans. The main problem is no rear interior came with the car. I have no idea how to mount the port hole window side panels or how to finish the interior from the doors back. Cant find any info - book - pictures - videos on what or how to finish it.

Car was painted white before being put in storage over 20 years ago. I hand stripped and re-coated the wheel wells front and back. Will use chassis black on under side of fenders then reinstall - clean and do same to inside of door panels. Every seam has been cleaned and re-sealed in the inside from fire wall to tail section.
I need front disk brakes(rotors) - need any parts to finish rear interior including carpet.

Any engine mod suggestions would be helpful - turbo ? So any input will be gratefully appreciated - any books or sites with info please tell me where to look - Thanks


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    This is the inside of my 1972 Ford Pinto Station wagon - turning it into a Port hole panel wagon -

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    Paging @xwesx ....

    Edmunds Lease Calculator
    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and let us know! Post a pic of your new purchase or lease!


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    That's some brave stuff right there! I'm honestly not sure where you're going to find the best information, but I'll give you one piece of advice... don't try to wring more life out of that little 2L four - I think you'll just end up disappointed. IIRC, you can fit a V6 in there without any issues, and these cars can even be modded to accept a 302 V8 without going too crazy with them.

    As far as panel wagon... it might depend on the level of authenticity you want to achieve, but I think just welding in a slab of 1/8" steel atop the body tab window frames in the cargo area should be a pretty good start.

    It's been a LOOOOONG time since I researched V8 conversion information for my '74 wagon, but I got most of my information from a Pinto forum. It's possible the site is long gone at this point (that was about 10 years ago).

    I really have no recollection of the rear seats from a technical standpoint, and I never pulled mine out. I think I do have a few photos of it sitting around somewhere, though.

    Mine was basically a white version of this....
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    If you're into social media, I bet this group could help

    I remember my dad wanted a Cruising Wagon back in the late 80s, he was an avid metal detectorist and thought it would be good for hauling his gear. I recall looking at a few of them with him, they weren't insanely rare in the PNW anyway at the time. I think my mom nixed the idea, but my dad would get his soon enough, when he brought home the 60 Ford.
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