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Honda CR-V Recalls and TSBs



  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    I have been having this same problem since I got the CRV 07 EX-L 2WD...told the dealer repeatedly..took in TWICE for it so it just did it again. they changed the shift something and reprogrammed the was just DEAD last night, and I just was there 2 days ago for when I turned the key it did a clicking sound..then when I turn again..starts. I am so sick of this. I had a 10 yr old Toyota Camry and was never in the dealer this much. I have been to the dealer 5 times now..3 for the tire pressure monitoring light not going out now this. I am really to just get my money does the lemon law work? Anyone here have any suggestions? I do LOVE the CRV but I can not continually go back and forth to the dealer. I have a job and a life. Someone told me to have them come here to get the vehicle and bring me a rental. What do you think? I had always had Toyota's before...and I am regretting not getting another Camry now.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "I am really to just get my money does the lemon law work?"

    Depends on the state. Here in CA, you can invoke the law if the vehicle is in the shop 3 times for the same problem or 30 total days out of service in a year. There may be qualifications to this law; I would speak with a lawyer I was in your situation and wanted to go further.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    Unfortlanty all new cars trucks and Suv may have some minor issues with first year models there may be more. Consumer reports reports that

    "It is true that most newly introduced or redesigned models have more problems than later model years of that design. This happens even to models from the most reliable manufacturers, such as Toyota/Lexus and Honda/Acura. But despite the decline in reliability due to the new design, reliability of first-year models from those manufacturers were still at least on par with the average model and within our reliability criteria for recommendation. In the second year, those models often improve and compare well to other models of the same age.
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    I live in Florida...the CRV is at the shop today...3rd time for this issue..I only have car since 10/30/06 and have 1600 miles on it. It did the clicking sounds on start up twice now today and last night it did not. They gave me a rental to use at their expense. I hope they get this resolved. I really like the look and the way it drives but this is so frustrating. The first 2 weeks I had it was in the dealer for the tire pressure monitoring light not going off. This is absurd.
  • clubguyclubguy Posts: 15
    Have an EX-4WD...have experienced the same symptoms you describe...Turn key to start position.nothing happens??
    ..return key to off position and retry..starts as if nothing was wrong..?? When starting this vehicle it seems to me it turns over slowly...I keep my fingers crossed it will start in this cold weather (sub 20* F)...any thoughts by anyone..???..Ours was purchased in October..had TPMS issues from the start...took three trips,two overnights and one new TPM installed on LF wheel...
  • My turns over slowly, as well. I've made sure all of the accessories are off to see if it helps, and there's no affect. I haven't had the problem, whereby it doesn't turn over at all, though.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Make sure you document everything.

    You're much better off working with the dealer, rather than threatening a lemon law suit, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
  • I spoke to Honda Americas and told them that why is not Honda calling the customer and letting them know about the rear differential problem and arrange so that they can get it fixed with the dealer ASAP. The customer service rep told me that your car might me the only car that might be having the problem nobody has reported such kind of problem before. I told her that I read couple of notes on the internet which states this problem and she said that honda Americas does not have any such problem documented. Do any of you guys have a case number with Honda Americas for the rear different problem.
  • I picked up the '07 CRV today after the repair for the rear differential noise/problem. The Honda service invoice reflects that they replaced the rear differential sub assembly with a case kit per the part number and cost below:

    41011-R09-000 CASE KIT, T.C.D. 1 2007 CR-V $1316.77

    They also show on the invoice Honda Dual Pump Fluid and Hondabond HT sealant in the repair. I have driven the vehicle approximately 50 miles since the repair and the driveline is a smooth as glass and with out any noise at all while completing low speed u-turns in either direction. I hope this solves the problem. Now, I can install my Curt 2.5 hitch in the next couple of days.

  • Have just taken my 2007 CRV to the Honda dealership for the 2nd time. The first time it was due to the problem you are describing - the car would not start, then after a few tries it would start. Also the TPMS and Air Bag malfunction light go on and stay on. Had to convince the dealership there was something wrong. They tried to tell me the air bag malfunction light goes on when you have your purse or something light weight in the passenger seat. Not true - the "Air Bag Off" light will come on in that case, not the malfunction light. In any case, they got it to repeat the non starting problem and replaced the battery. This was about a 1 1/2 weeks ago. Today it would not start at all. Had to have it towed to SF Honda. Not sure what is wrong. Also had terrible customer service at SF Honda - I had to take the bus home! Has anyone else had the starting problem? Thanks.
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    I had the problem where it would not start on the first attempt..second time starts right up...After THREE visits they finally got it fixed..they replaced the starter. Now I have the problem with the airbag light..for 5 months it stayed lit "OFF" now all of a sudden it is unlit. Maybe should always be not lit unless someone sits there..BUT for 5 months it was there is something NOT right...They give me a free loaner car because I called Headquarters Honda and demanded it..this is a brand new car after all. I truly regret getting a Honda. I always had Toyota..should have stayed with it.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    These initial problems are the reason I try to wait a few years into the model run before buying. Hope yours get corrected.
  • satuitsatuit Posts: 5
    the problem with non starting seems to have gone away. i would absolutely buy the car again. i love it. with the warrantee i'm not concerned about this as a issue. buy one - you'll love it.
  • I would rather have spent $25K+ on a car that starts everytime and does not leave me stranded somewhere at night with no way home other than waiting for Triple A to rescue me. I excpect more from a brand new car no matter what the warranty - way more! As I sit here waiting for Enterprise to drop off my economy 2 door, tiny rental car - because that is all Honda will cover after I complained - I wish I had made a differnt choice for a new car. I don't love it.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    O.K. I'll give you $10,000 for yours if it's other wise perfect.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
  • I'll take a look,Thanks.
  • marig0107marig0107 Posts: 92
    should my new car be affected? I bought it late march 07? Or would that have already been looked into by this time?

    Like any good new car owner, I'll have my husband test it like crazy.... ;)
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    Honda has finally issued a TSB on the rear differential issue:

    Applies to: 2007 CR-V – From VIN JHLRE4...7C000001 thru JHLRE4...7C035374

    So somehow, all of the dealer talk of just a handful of units affected, ended up being over 35k of them.
  • twilight901twilight901 Posts: 13
    Its about damn time they did. Although i am sceptical with their reasoning considering i bought my car in september last year and it had not even seen cold weather. So i personally still think it was a bad batch of differential fluid.
  • garywigarywi Posts: 54
    My 07 AWD is doing something wierd. We have speed bumps in our parking lot. If I hit one a bit too fast, after the rear wheel hits it and comes down on the other side, I hear a bunch of noise from the rear diff. Is this consistent with problems you are seeing?
  • crvme3crvme3 Posts: 140
    gariwi, The rear diff. issue as it has been explained to me is a grinding/crunching noise coming from rear of vehicle at low speeds in tight turns (ie: parking lot making tight circles right or left) Have you experienced this? Your complaint as you indicated suggests more of a suspension concern in relation with the up & down of the wheel. Hope this was of some help.
  • happcamhappcam Posts: 3
    First of all, thank you to all of the posters here. What a HUGE help!!!

    Long story short I took my car in for one noise and they told me that they didn't hear that but that they found that the rear diff oil needed to be swapped out. I mentioned that I read about a service alert and thought my problem sounded very similar. My service advisor said that he never heard of such a thing and that this normally doesn't occur until 30,000 miles or so, but hey "a car has a lot of parts and anything can go wrong with any of them." I looked on the Honda service bulletin and my vin is beyond the range listed. Only help the service advisor could give me was the Honda America phone #. 2 questions: 1) What damage does bad oil do to your car? I've had this noise a while and thought it was something else. Nervous there was perm damage done. Any insight? 2) Anyone else out there that has this problem and isn't listed in the VINs of the service bulletin?

    What a headache for a new car! I would think you'd deal with this on a used car, but a new one... learned my lesson about buying a new model I guess!
  • marig0107marig0107 Posts: 92
    Honda has finally issued a TSB on the rear differential issue:

    Applies to: 2007 CR-V – From VIN JHLRE4...7C000001 thru JHLRE4...7C035374

    So somehow, all of the dealer talk of just a handful of units affected, ended up being over 35k of them.

    okay, took me awhile to check on this. I think I may have missed the posting. But it looks like my VIN # falls just past this so hopefully we are okay. I have not noticed anything with my car. And usually I am not a daily driver. However, since we bought in the spring and all the year end activities with the kids and daily summer swim lessons, I have been driving way more than usual so I would think I'd have seen something by now.
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    It happened AGAIN. Honda already replaced the starter and something with the gear shifter he thought it might be, and they reprogrammed the keys. This is getting ridiculous for a brand new vehicle. I am so tired of this turning the key and dead...turn again and it starts right up. It did it 2x 2 weeks ago and now today did it again. This has been AFTER they supposedly fixed it. If I could just know what it is so they can fix it once and for all. I already paid the vehicle off and I don't want to trade in for another car and lose money. This is not right.
  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    Air bag light. Here is how my light works. If I start the car, and nothing is in the seat, it is lit for a brief period of time(OFF), then it goes out. If I put an object on the seat, and it is under the pound rating, it comes on.
    If the object is over the pound limit it doesn't come on. So it senses any weight and comes on if there is any weight on the seat below the weight of the small child, it stays on. At least that's what I've noticed. 2007 EXLx2.
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    I have the same vehicle as you..the airbag light is finally ok. But, today again..I get in car...turn the key...DEAD..turn again...starts up.

    What is the killswitch in the vehicle..the service mgr said there is one in the CRV and you have to turn the key all the way to start it or it wont start? I do turn it all the way, but I am still having this problem intermittently where it wont start on the first turn of the key
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    When you say it won't start on the first turn of the key, do you mean the engine won't even turnover or that it turns but doesn't start?

    This may have nothing to do with your problem, but my 2007 CR-V will not start as quickly as my previous car ('98 Accord). When I do a quick turn of the key, it doesn't start. When I hold it a second longer it starts without a problem.

    Is the starter motor a little underpowered? Possibly. It doesn't seem to turn the engine over as fast as other cars I've owned. Maybe they wanted to save a little weight or money.

    Now that I've adjusted to the difference, it starts fine. Good luck.
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    When I turn the key..the engine does not even attempt to is just DEAD...then I turn the key back and try again and it starts right up. What makes me nervous, is the other poster who had this problem and then one day it just did not start at all and she had to get towed.
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    what happened with your CRV...did they ever finally fix the starter issue and what was it???
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