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Honda CR-V Recalls and TSBs

If you are experiencing noise from the rear differential when turning, especially u-turns then you could have one of the many '07 CRVS that was sent with bad differential fluid from japan. Honda corporation is replacing the rear differential in all those vehicles. make sure to contact your local service place or honda corporation themselves to get your name on the list. Don't just think it will go away and years down the road you will have a screwed up car with no warranty!!!


  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247

    Do you have a link for that announcement?
  • There is no official announcement yet but the honda corporation is calling people they can identify on the honda link. I got my call last week. A lot of dealerships apparently know about it as well.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247

    Obviously it is TBA, to avoid too much publicity before they have a chance to contact as many as they can.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    Would recall be the right word? If it's a safety issue I suppose so. It may not be ideal to launch a new model with some problems, although I'm not making excuses, bad fluid isn't the worst thing that has ever happened. When the 2G CR-V came out they had to tow some vehicles back because of a seatbelt problem IIRC. Now that's a safety issue.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Nothing is "officially" a recall until the government gathers enough information, hard data, either from their own investigations, or information provided by the manufacturers. ;)
  • ledaleda Posts: 2
    After reading your message I took my new CRV out for a spin in the parking lot doing tight circles (my wife has been driving it and hadn't mentioned any problems). I think I have the problem you are describing. There is a binding/vibration noise of moderate intensity coming from the rear axle that doesn't sound good. The noise will be reproduced with just 90 degree turns for a 10 seconds or so then goes away when I drive straight for a little bit. I have contacted service at my dealer and have an appointment next week. This problem is not something they have heard about.
  • Well i'm glad i could help some people out, just have the service department call honda corporation cause i had it there twice before they called and found out that was what was wrong with it. good luck!!
  • Yeah the guy who called used the term loosely, its more of contact and bring it in to get fixed. You know they don't want their CRAVE campaign to turn into CRAP campaign. ;)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Toyota seems to do "campaigns" instead of "recalls" too:

    Toyota FJ Cruiser Recall - Special Service Campaign 60D


    Toyota Prius Recall - Special Service Campaign "60C" Steering Shaft Assembly issue

    Reminds me of the old saw that domestic cars get repaired while imports get maintenance. :shades:
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247

    Well, the verbiage is a legal necessity. As I posted, only the government, in the United States, can implement a recall, either with information supplied by their own tests, or data submitted by the manufacturers, at their own request. ;)
  • I also have the same problem. The dealership isn't aware of it though. Also, I received no communication from Honda. I called Honda America with my concerns. They said they didn't know anything about it. I assume they will replace the differential, but I don't see an extended warranty in the works.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Try checking back with the Service Manager of your dealership, another dealership, and calling US Honda again.... ;)
  • Interesting. I would say make sure you are registered on the honda link and just keep calling back. Especially having the service department call directly to honda america. They replaced my differential two weeks ago. Sometimes you just have to keep bugging them in order to get something to happen.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Exactly so. Always remember that with Service Writers the overturn is big. They may well know little of nothing about mechanical matters..... ;)
  • richk6richk6 Posts: 87
    My dealer told me that Honda notified them about the differential noise problem, even though Honda America denied any knowledge of it when I called them.

    The service tech said they are waiting for the "official" fix from Honda and have two other 07 V's besides mine on the repair list.
  • For those that are or have experienced the differential issue (wrong/bad fluid, resulting in repair), could you post your VIN, so we can idea of the range of vehicles affected by this?
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Posting a VIN in a public forum, is problematic, BJ, same as posting your Social Security or home address.... :shades:
  • Really? How so (the VIN part, not the SSN or address)?
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    In some localties, not most, depending on the database accessed, it will return personal information about the driver and/or purchaser, such as home address, etc.

    Posting such information publicly, it depends on who sees it, and what access they have....or their hacking abilities. A 14 year old can routinely hack most DMV databases without any trouble whatsoever. ;)
  • bitobito Posts: 5

    I'm looking at a CR-V as a possible purchase. I've asked 2 local dealers if they knew about the differential issue and if they had a manufacturing date when the problem was corrected, so cars manufactured after that time were not affected. Neither dealer knew about nor acknowledged there was an issue. Does anyone have any updated information? Thanks.
  • Best I can tell you my CR-V was manufactured in 9/06 so look at what is on the door, most likely its going to be ok by now. Although i was told a friend of ours is purchasing an EX-L and won't have it until march they are starting a wait list. so better get on that purchase if you want one.
  • richk6richk6 Posts: 87
    I'm sorry that I don't have any new info on the diff.noise, even though my dealer has acknowledged the problem and has yet to fix my vehicle (and a few others).

    If Honda America or your dealer still hasn't admitted the problem when you're ready to buy, insist on test driving the one you plan to buy before signing anything.

    Just do a tight left hand circle in the parking lot. If the diff. is bad you will hear and feel a low pitched sound from the rear. Like riding on a grooved highway.
  • bitobito Posts: 5

    Thanks for all the responses. It is greatly appreciated.
  • fw57fw57 Posts: 3
    Hi all,

    we brought home a LX 4wd yesterday. on leaving the lot my wife said she heard a noise from the rear and went right back. The salesman said it's from "rust" that accumulates when the car sits. ????? Didn't ring at all true to me but I was very tired when she told me. I'll take it out today and do the turning test and let you know.

    btw, I can't tell from this alert whether the fix is new fluid or new differential? which is it?

    thanks very much for the alert. BTW, did any of you guys buy a Honda Care warranty. We didn't at the dealership, but i'm thinking of getting one from a dealer on line at a discounted rate, e.g. 120K for $685.

  • fw57fw57 Posts: 3
    follow-up on previous message. turned and turned, heard nothing. hoping the initial sound was indeed nothing.


  • Where is the Honda Care Warranty quote for that price from?
  • sbgsbg Posts: 9
    Considering buying an 07 CRV this month/next few months. (Wish I could have gotten an 06 but waited too long.) How do we make absolutely sure that we don't purchase one with this differential problem especially since some dealerships and even Honda headquarters are "unaware" of it? Thanks.
  • I think the dealer was referring to the light coating of rust that develops quickly on the the surface of the rotors. The first couple of times you touch the brakes, it makes a weird sliding/scraping noise, until the pads clear off the rust. It's not related to the rear differential issue, but it's certainly not a pleasant noise to listen to, and still creeps me out when I hear it.
  • fw57fw57 Posts: 3
    Thanks very much. We've never heard it again and it's nice to know there's a real thing like that instead of some jive.
    Actually this dealership has been straight with us from the start and I have no complaints.

    take care,

  • We bot a new crv 6 weeks ago and within 2 weeks, we heard a noise when we turned hard to the right or left. Took it back to dealer and the Dealer put in a new differtial and now again 2 weeks later there was a grinding. Took it back and they are now putting another differential in. What a mess. The dealer did not know about the problems with the differentials but they do now. Am amazed that Honda has not corrected the problem although the dealer said today that they are sending the new improved version. We will see. Have owned Hondas since 1980 with no problems with over 20 new Hondas. Am very surprised that Honda is experiencing this problem let alone any problem. What is going on????
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