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Toyota Solara Audio Systems



  • blozanoblozano Posts: 23
    Great to see you succeed. Scary what these dealers will do to people and sometimes we have to take risk and try to fix ourselves. I gave it a shot and wanted to share my story. Pleased to see you are up and running. I hate to advise you all the pain I went through. I replaced my radio and amp and after all was done and did not fix problem, found switch as a needle in a hay stack.

    Best Regards,
  • 93khj93khj Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    I have a 1999 Solara SLE with the JBL system (says Toyota 18606 on the front). When inserting a CD I get message, "Err 1" which I assume is error 1 and then the CD is ejected. Sometimes I get no message but the CD will still eject. Anyone know what this error means and is there a fix? I ran a CD lens cleaner but that didn't work.
  • gman51gman51 Posts: 3
    I have been having the exact same problem for almost 2 years now, in my 2005 solara convertible. I tried to purchase the switch using the p/n in your post, but was unable to locate one. I called the toyota parts number and the guy told me no such part exists, and am I sure there is a switch that controls the amplifier, when the top is operated. He said the problem "must be with the radio" and I should have it replaced, although I have already had it bench tested and it is fine.

    Can you please tell me where I can get a replacement switch?
  • gman51gman51 Posts: 3
    I read in another post, that the part number is correct and that the dealers have the part listed as a courtesy light switch and therefore don't recognize it when you ask for the switch that controls the amplifier. I removed the panels this morning, found the switch and was able to recreate the problem at will. I took the switch out of car and so far, the problem has not reoccurred. If it goes a couple of days error free, I will bring the switch into the dealer to get a new one.

    Thanks to everyone who has posted relating to this problem. I received quotes from $530 - $1600 to solve this problem, and apparently, those repairs were just "shots in the dark" because none of them involved replacing the switch. The dealerships don't even seem to know about said switch.
  • pavilespaviles Posts: 1
    I have read all the other 67 comments,
    I think I have a different problem. My 2002 Solara is a summer car only. It has been stored for the winter and when I re-installed the battery the car seemed fine. Except the radio (JBL cassette 6 disk cd changer) has NO volume at all. I replaced the radio and the new one does the same, so I was about to change the amp, and my mechanic stated that the amp and radio need "programmed". He said this is a common thin when these and some Audi's are stored for extended periods of time. He claims that there is a combination of buttons on the radio that program the radio and the amp. I am not sure if this is a security measure or a sync thing. My mechanic is has never been deceiving and is very helpful by giving tips and advice for free on all my familys 20 cars in the area. Does anyone know anything about this programming issue? How to do this. Please help!
  • miklosgmiklosg Posts: 1
    I took out the Factory JBL stereo and installed a Pioneer P3200BT head unit (and XM Satellite Radio). There is a Blue wire with White stripe that comes out of the Pioneer that I need to connect to something to get the Antenna Relay to raise or lower the antenna.

    Any suggestions on where this needs to be connected?

    One difference in that the antenna will raise regardless of which source I use. On the JBL, the antenna only raised when Radio was selected, not on CD etc. For the Pioneer there is no such granularity (I believe) and the antenna will raise whenever the Pioneer is turned on. I can live with this, but ideally it would be source specific.
  • svojeffsvojeff Posts: 1
    I too am having the same problem with my sound from time to time. Can you give me the part # so that I too my correct my problem with my convertiable. Thanks this is really driving my wife crasy!
  • capeflyercapeflyer Posts: 7
    From my November post:

    "I just went to the Toyota dealer. He says part number 84231-06010 is a courtesy lamp switch - cost=$20.50. He gave me a print out/diagram and that part number goes to a courtesy lamp in the passenger door."

    Good Luck.
  • dgboswelldgboswell Posts: 1
    Blozano, please send me the picture and the diagram. I have the same problem on my 2006 SLE. Thanks.
  • rpfarmerrpfarmer Posts: 1
    I came to this forum with the same problem.....and the same problem with the dealer. First, my dealer does not have a wiring diagram for the convertible, so no way to list the switch. I used the part number listed here and ordered the switch anyway.

    Although the mechanism of the switch looks the same, the new one only has a single mounting point and the connections are different. But, I decided to take it out and take it to the dealer......and to my surprise and satisfaction, by removing the switch entirely, the problems with the sound system went away. The only thing that is affected by removal of the switch is the dapening of the radio when the top is raised. So, I decided to just leave the switch out altogether. Does anyone see a problem with that solution?
  • meekiemeekie Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2008 Solaro 2 months ago and I am hating the sound system. It sounds very week. I have the Bass and the Treble on 5 and the sound is still very weak. The volume is very low until I turn it up to 30. The dealership has changed the rear speakers and the radio, but it still sounds very low and weak. Last week I went to an outside dealer and purchased an amplifier hoping to get a better sound. Still nothing. Can someone please tell me what I need to do? Do I change the radio to non factory radio? or do I bring it back to the dealer for them to check the factory installed AMP...Dont want it to sound like a metal box with a lot of bass, just want a nice sound system for the car...
  • I have the SAME problem. But I bought my car about a year ago. I LOVE my Solara. But the sound system is on the weak side. I have actually gotten used to it. When the windows are closed it's actually not too bad. And when I play a CD or connect my MP3 player to it, it sound pretty darn good.

    Yes, I would prefer a better sound system myself. In fact, what I realized AFTER I bought the car was that if I had bought the version with the NAVIGATION system (package) that "option" would've included the better sound system. I heard that sound system and there is an obvious difference in quality.

    You might want to consider going to your Toyota dealer and asking them what it would cost to upgrade to THAT sound system.

    Please let me know as I would consider doing it myself!
  • I love my toyota but the volume turns itself down and you have to fight with it, so I end up turning it off. After it's off for about 10-30 minutes I can turn it back on and the volume ends up working just fine.
    It has auto volume but it doesn't matter if it's on or off. It seems like it happens more often when it's hot out but this is driving me nutts!!
    Can anyone help me with this issue? my car isn't a convertible and I read a post on how to fix this but I don't know if not being a convertible makes a difference.
  • cjb9cjb9 Posts: 1
    I have the same error message, i have tried to disconnect the battery without repair.
    Have you been able to correct the problem and what was the solution?????
  • hlsmithhlsmith Posts: 1
    This radio is a 6 disc JBL radio in which the audio cuts off for about about 3 to 4 secs periodicly. The power does not go off to the radio. The information on the radio screen does not change during the audio outage. The dealer have replaced the radio 3 times already and the problem continues. The car is still under warranty but the dealer is not making progress just making continued replacements. Should I change dealers? Write a letter to Toyota? Any ideas?
  • gman51gman51 Posts: 3
    I am assuming your car is a convertible. If so the problem is the switch located on the passenger side of the rear seat that tells the amplifier to adjust when the roof is raised or lowered. My dealer attempted to replace the radio at a cost of $1600, but I told him no. No one at any Toyota location, incuding Toyota USA parts department will even acknowledge that the switch even exsists, because it is listed as a "courtesy lamp switch" on the car parts diagram. I removed it myself in about 20 minutes, and my radio has been problem free for two years so far. Unfortuntely, I can not find my paperwork that has the switch part number, but it is failry easy to locate and remove with only a screw driver. You have to remove the interior plastic side panel on the rear passenger side of the car. If you raise the roof half way, you will see the switch where the roof compresses it when it is all the way down. Simply unplug the harness, and remove the two screws. If you like, you can replace the switch (approx. $20) or simply leave it out, it will not harm anything, but you will have to manually increase the volume when you lower the roof.
    I can sympathize with your frustration. It took me almost 2 years to locate the problem, and was told by several Toyota dealerships that I was wrong, and that the only solution was to replace the entire radio and/or amplifier.
    I hope this helps. Best of luck!
  • homeinpcbhomeinpcb Posts: 1
    Did you fix it yourself? How did you get to the switch?
  • frankccc48frankccc48 Posts: 4
    Wow, same problem with my 2006 SLE Conv, driving me crazy for 4 months,
    per these threads I will purchase part number 84231-06010 and replace this wekend. If anyone has the diagram or pics please le me know where I can download them?
  • I'd like to thank you for posting this solution. Our car was experiencing the same problem - the radio, CD player and Auxiliary unit was cutting out. I took it to the dealer and, because it was seven days out of warranty, they wanted $3450 to replace the radio. After I politely left, my DH suggested I Google the problem. This is the first site that came up and after an hour's work, the problem appears to be solved.

    Thanks again.
  • frankciafrankcia Posts: 3
    i have a 2007 sle convert---am trying to remove rear panel---have armrest off and one screw removed----but cannot see the second screw. help---what am i missing? thanks, frankcia
  • The screw is inside the cup holder remove the bottom pad and you will see the screw.
  • frankciafrankcia Posts: 3
    had removed that one, found second screw by head rest and third screw behind front seat, seat belt retractor ---sneaky little devils. did the switch replacement and all well so far. now if i could just get the supposed speed sensitive automatic volume control to function.----anyone got thoughts on that? thanks, frank
  • frankciafrankcia Posts: 3
    i have a 2007 sle convertible with nav system/jbl stereo. the manual tells me i have automatic speed sensitve volume control if i enact the 'asl' button on the audio screen. can find no difference with or without 'asl' buttom on/off, and have to manually adjust volume as speed changes. is this just another over-hyped, under-performing option? or am i missing something? thanks, frank
  • bob720bob720 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a diagram how to remove the rear panel and how to replace the switch replace the switch

  • lily_elily_e Posts: 3
    hello, i'am experiencing this problem now and i was trying to open the panel, after taking 4 screws out, and the panel wouldn't lift.. i can't locate the switch too, i don't know, how it looks like..could you tell me, please if i have to use force to lift the panel and if you could email me the pic of the switch, so i could identify it among the rest of the black and grey parts.
    Thank you in advance!!
  • lily_elily_e Posts: 3
    hi, did you fix this problem in your car?? do you have a diagram, by chance, please email me, if you could?!
    and also-how did you lift the panel?? does it come off easy or i have to apply force??
  • lily_elily_e Posts: 3
    hello, i'am experiencing this problem now and i opened the panel, after taking 4 screws out. i can't locate the switch, i don't know, how it looks like..could you email me the pic of the switch, so i could identify it among the rest of the black and grey parts.
    Thank you in advance!!
  • Thanks for this info have had this problem for years. I get angry every time i drive this car. dealer said to replace amp. I will order part and try this fix. I think you just saved me some $$$$$$ thanks again.
  • Yipeee! The switch worked as suggested here. Everything works now. The switch even has a new number: 84231-06011. Thanks for the help.
  • Google is a wonderful tool! I started having the same problem with my radio. Thought it was just the station. Second day figured out I had the same problem with CD player. Now it is getting progressively worse.

    hlsmith - you've saved me lots of grief. Thanks for your posting.
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