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Sport Trac Engine Problems

KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
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  • rockyprockyp Member Posts: 6
  • rockyprockyp Member Posts: 6
    When should I think about chnaging the timing belt on my 2003 Sport trac that has 112,000 miles?
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    The only blue oval badged vehicles EVER sold in this country with timing belt vs. chain was the Ford Probe and 1.8L Escort GTs from early 90s.

    You don't need to change a timing chain.

  • ncboldancbolda Member Posts: 2
    temp guage fluctates. had heater valve changed, flushed cooling system, changed belt, intake hose at radiator is hot and outpuy hose cold. facing truck right side of radiator cold to touch and left side warm to touch. heater coil not leaking/ ant suggestions. 1995 ford explorer sport trac xlt 134,00 miles
  • mrknowalittlemrknowalittle Member Posts: 1
    sounds like its either a thermostat(most likely) or maybe the water pump(less likely)
  • gavin16gavin16 Member Posts: 1
    the problem is when I turn on the heater or a/c to any other position besides the feet, the tac goes way down. about every other second. if i am idling it is really annoying. i also noticed when the a/c is running it does not stay cool when idling. anyone have this problem?
  • sporttrac04sporttrac04 Member Posts: 1
    I recent bought a 04 st I put in a new air filter, took it through the carwash and got home to find a sqwheeling noise from the drive belt. I lubricated it with wd40 and went to rev the engine to clean extra spray off and the engine misses after 300 rpm's? any thoughts?
  • mickeymouse2mickeymouse2 Member Posts: 161
    WD40 is the worst thing to spray on a drive belt. It will shorten its life, and rot the belt. They make a belt dressing for spraying on belts. WD40 is basically diesel fuel, kerosine, and machine oil. The way rubber produsts are these days, they don't react well to wd40.

    As far as your miss. Check that all the clamps and hoses are connected leading from your air filter box all the way to the throttle body. Your Mass Air Flow sensor [MAF] is inline on the snorkle intake. If there is a slight leak after your MAF, it can cause all kinds of running problems. The MAF gives info to the PCM as to air flow demand to the engine. Good luck.
  • conundrum62conundrum62 Member Posts: 1
    My 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac was having a slow leak of anti-freeze, so I nurse it along as I could not afford to have the hose replaced. Last week, the hose burst & the truck lost power and speed. The Weird thing is, the heat sensor was showing the temps in the middle so, I pulled over. The hood was steaming white smoke, I turned off the truck & tried to restart and got nothing. Only then did the heat sensor show overheat. I had my truck towed home. My question is, can my truck's engine be repair and what is the ideal cost for a repair bill like this, or am I screwed and the truck is useless?
  • RMassRMass Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever get an answer to this, I have the same problem.
  • cminniearcminniear Member Posts: 1
    i have a 2005 sport trac that just died today. got it home, pushed the fuel reset switch, and it will start. once we turned it off, tried to re-start and wouldnt. was able to get it to start again by hitting fuel reset switch. it is running a little rough, barely got it into the garage. obd2 code coming up was P1233. is the fuel pump bad or hopefully just the filter? has 80k miles
  • yellowvetteyellowvette Member Posts: 25
    Have a 07 sport trak V/8 with automatic 6 speed. Shifter starting to get stuck in park, won't move at all. Anyone else having this problem?? When I bought truck dealer had one in with this problem, said it was caused by a spilt coke. Could this be a safety switch issue? This is a floor shift also.
  • mickeymouse2mickeymouse2 Member Posts: 161
    Obviousely its a fuel issue of some kind. Your inertia switch or fuel switch will pop if the fuel pump is drawing too many amps. Thats a sign of a bad pump. Don't trust any t codes untile fuel pressure is checked. Autozone has a guage and the ford adapter you can borrow. Pressure must be at least 30-40 psi. Very unlikely it is your fuel filter. Some of the Ford 4.0L run at 60psi and no spec is listed, those that do come from the factory that way but will run fine at 35-60psi. Just incase you have the odd ball. A low voltage to the inertia switch may cause this also. Unplug the switch and verify 12volts. If you have low voltage reading while it is plugged in, a problem with the pump will cause that reading. If your worried about the diagnosis cut the green wire at the switch key on verify 12v. A shorted pump will fool the multimeter reading. This symtom is always the pump though.
  • yellowvetteyellowvette Member Posts: 25
    Thanks for the info, will check it out.
  • lictaolictao Member Posts: 1
    i have a 02 sport trac that especially in the am and often times while driving the engine diesels the rpm's drop and eventually after a few minutes the engine dies. the trouble codes points to the o2 sensors which i have replaced all of them!! to no avail....... any thoughts?
  • mickeymouse2mickeymouse2 Member Posts: 161
    O2 sensor codes may be false and probably are. However it does explain a clue as to what might be wrong. The computer is getting bad information from the O2 sensors so it doesn't trust the info and runs the engine in default. Bad o2 sensors will not cause your vehicle to die. Most likely cause is a drop in fuel pressure, or a malfunctioning EGR valve. Both would cause a lean condition that the PCM would interpret as faulty O2 information. The easiest to check is the fuel pressure. Hook up the gauge and see if the pressure drops below 35psi when the problem symptom repeats itself. You can also do a mechanics trick to check the EGR. When the vehicle is running ok, disconect the vaccum hose to the EGR valve and plug it whith a golf tee. this will set a code, but its part of the test. If the problem goes away, the EGR is sticking open or the vaccum controls to it are malfunctioning.
  • rearwheeldriverearwheeldrive Member Posts: 140
    Engine overheat.

    Your white smoke was probably steam that the engine was making when the gasket for the cylinder head gave way when it was too hot. My little four cylinder did this once I kept pouring water in it, but it was burning it up so fast, I had to pull over before I maxxed out the temp gauge and damaged the engine more. If you did pull over it might just be a new gasket and no major machine work needed.

    Id talk to a local engine rebuilder or NAPA parts store for any recommended machine shop that could check the head for warpage.They can do it in front of you for no charge when you get the cylinder head off.
  • skyfest2001skyfest2001 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 sport trac bad engine production date 03-00 with vin e 4x4 found a 2003 engine 4x4 with vin e production 07-24-00 would like to no if they will interchange thanks please help :sick:
  • jzurcjzurc Member Posts: 1
    2002 Sport Trac fuel filter; do I need to depressurize the fuel system in order to disconnect fuel lines?
  • billf2310billf2310 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 ST the harmonic balance pulley separated after 65,000 miles. I had the pulley replaced and now the check engine light has started coming on. It came on the day I had the pulley replaced on acceleration. It went out and has not come on again for 2 weeks. While driving at 70 mph the engine loses power and the check engine light comes on. The rpm's stay up, the gauge's all remain in the normal range. The engine loses power and will not accelerate, then suddenly it will regain power and again accelerate. I am not sure what is going on unless it is a crank position sensor possibly going bad.
  • edjmatthewsedjmatthews Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Sportrax and will not start. I was told it could be a timing chain/Adjuster problem and that it will cost me somewhere around $1800 to $2000 to repair, because it has two chains. With 175,000 miles on it, is it worth fixing or replacing the motor?
  • westsidexwestsidex Member Posts: 1
    My 2003 sports trac has a TSB #18719, Malfunction indicator (too lean condition), on the Check Engine Light. Another bulletin NHTSA #10017860 shows the same results. Malfunctioning Indicator after receiving a false code. My issue is: How do I make this light disappear. I've check the engine for vaccum leaks, none found. My next option is to replace the fuel filter. How do I get this repair information from these bulletins without dropping $45 dollars just to get the fix. Has anyone had this issue before? Whats a Do It Yourself Mechanic supposed to do?
  • tylernd45tylernd45 Member Posts: 6
    edited January 2011
    I didn't know where to present this question but I've recently noticed that my anti-freeze reservoir isn't staying full. I first noticed that there has been problems with my heater (not staying warm), thats when I refilled my empty anti-freeze reservoir. A week later the reservoir was almost completely empty. Am I burning through it with this cold weather or is there a leak? If there is a leak I haven't noticed any anti-freeze on the ground. Any help would be much appreciated

    I have a 2007
  • chanjeupchanjeup Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever find a solution to the lean furl mixture?
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