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Put Sport Trac's the rubber on the road here

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    I just swapped out my 16 inch stock wheels and tires with a set of 18 inch wheels off of a new Ford Edge. Wheels are rubbing the fender wells when I max out the turn ratio. What is the best fix? Trim the rubber fender wells?
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    This sounds like an offset issue. I doubt the Edge wheels have the same offset as the Explorer and Sport Trac, so this is likely the cause. I wouldn't trim body parts - you may need to find wheels that are properly spec'd for the ST.

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    I have just lifted my truck with a 3 inch lift and an additional 2 inches with shackles and torsion twist.
    Now I am trying to buy new wheels and tires but am kind of stuck because of the whole backspacing thing. The wheel that I am looking at has a backspace of 5.6 and there is a no return policy so I am wondering how much backspace is allowed even with the lift.
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    I am trying to buy new gas door chrome .
    a store has? if anyone knows the number of part of the chrome gas door . please advise ..! :)
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    The offerings from almost all manufacturers in this size and spec is pretty slim. You only get road/highway tires...I ended up spending another $800 on new rims and downsizing to 17" could also go to 16" to expand your rim options....this made a world of difference in my options. Lesson learned -dont go for the factory options unless you research the impact. I chose to keep my 18's and put highway tires then in the spring and fall i switch wheels to wear them over a longer time. If you can take the hit...this is a good strategy.
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    My original Goodyear tires on the 2001 Sport Trac were great for 51 thou miles. I replaced them with the same tire and have had trouble ever since (last 4 thou miles). They either pull to the right or to the left, depending on the tire rotation. I have had the tires rotated and wheel alignment done many times, but the problem remains. I am 82 years old and this will be my last car. Does anyone have a solution?
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