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    I got the rims at Sears. It is their own brand:

    Model No. 462
    18 x 7.5
    Bolt circle 5-4.25/5-4.5
    Offset +45
    Centerbore 72.64mm

    Yeah, Toyota really screwed up on this one. At least they screwed their customers. I learned a valuable lesson for sure.
  • houston_manhouston_man Member Posts: 34

    Sorry it took so long to reply.....I have not visited this board for a while. I did inquire several sources and was told that the load rating, width, and sidewall were within specs for this vehicle. The max load shows 825kg, or 1,819lbs. I have about 1000 miles on them now and with no issues or complaints. Personally, I "think" it is quieter than the Toyo tires I had. They channel water well in the rain, grip seems fine. So far, so good.......but if you have different info, pls. let us know.
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    It's amazing. Toyota don't want to take responsibility about what happen (if they already knew this issue). There are only two tires which can fix on most of Toyota Highlander 2008. Both of them are bad. If most of us, owners of Toyota Highlander which comes with 19" Rim, complaint publicly, they may do something. Do you think?
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    I just bought a used 2008 Highlander base model in Nov. I live in Mass so snow is a huge issue. I had the car for a month and was in an accident due to sliding in the snow. I have owned a toyota minivan for 10 years and never had a problem. It was great in the snow. This vehiclehowever is terrible in the snow. When I had it repaired the guy told me that the tires were not all weather and that I needed to replace them. Do you suppose that the original tires were changed out or could these be the originals. I have only made on car payment on the thing and it already has cost me my insurance deductable for my accident (first one in 25 years...I hate this car!) and now I need to buy new tires? any thoughts?? What should I buy for tires? Just want to sell it....I dont feel safe with my kids in the car.
    Help !!
  • hlanderhlander Member Posts: 31
    What tire is on your car? Toyo Open Country ? You said your car is base model, is there any upgrade, like 19" Rim?

    If it is 245/55 19R, you have only two choices for all weather which are Toyo Open Country and Bridge Dueler.

    If you want snow tire, there is only one option, I think it's Bridgestone (please read back under this thread).

    If I know this 2008 Highlander with Rim 19" has a lot of issue with tire, I would not buy this car.

    There are other option that to change the rim size, which will cost you more.

    If your base model come with 17" Rim, you are so lucky, there are a lot of choices, I prefer Michelin.
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    I have 35000 miles on my Toyo tires with my 2008 limited. I drive the freeways so that may be part of my luck. I am thinking about just going with the Bridgestone for now as they are the most available tire. What do you think about the Bridgestone dueler?
  • typesixtypesix Member Posts: 321
    Your tires are likely still the original and are all season. Just because tires are labeled all season does not mean anything, a manufacturer can put an all season label on it it they want. Some all season tires are great in snow while others are slightly better than summer tires. I also live in MA and have a fwd 2004 Highlander that came with OEM Toyo A11 Transpath tires that were terrible in snow, I once slid thru an intersection with an inch of slushy snow on the ground despite applying the brakes more than half block away from the intersection. I was lucky to avoid having a car hit me. I changed to Goodyear Fortera TripleTreds and have much better traction in the snow and ice. One of the recent issues of Consumer Reports tested tires and you can look that up, another source is
  • cap2008cap2008 Member Posts: 11

    Go to and look up the dueler. Click on the "reviews" tab. You won't like what you see.
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Member Posts: 470
    Duelers came from the factory on my '04 FWD Highlander. Search this discussion for details from early 2008 when I replaced them. They're not awful tires, but weren't as quiet as my present tires and they weren't very good on snow and ice. They were rated at 60K I think, but I only got 51K out of them before the tread was worn enough that I wouldn't have passed state inspection in Massachusetts. Other people didn't get as many miles on Duelers as I did.
  • jdavyjdavy Member Posts: 5
    I was reading where you can use the same rim and perhaps use a 255/55 r19? Any news on new releases for the 245/55 r19? Hersogtom71, i do not think the '04 highlander uses this huge rimed tire so I am not sure your tire story matches. Did you use the 400HL?
  • nimrod99nimrod99 Member Posts: 343
    I would suggest Open Country H/T
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Member Posts: 470
    Right. Same tire, different size. Your choices, unless you change rims, appear to be Bridgestone Duelers or Toyo. It sounds like no one has had good luck with Toyos. Duelers have been around for a while and aren't outrageously expensive. If you have to choose one or the other, go with the Duelers and expect acceptable but not spectacular performance and wear.
  • btacbtac Member Posts: 4
    Clearly, the original Toyo is absolute garbage and from what I hear the Dueler is a menace in the snow. The Bridgestone Blizzak also comes in the evil 19" if you can find it.

    Anyone have experience with this tire? I hope there is a least 1 tire for this vehicle that will work in the elements.
  • w41 packagew41 package Member Posts: 8
    The Toyo Open Country A20s on my 2008 Highlander Sport (19" rims) have 25,000 miles and are at 4/32 treadwear. I was looking for replacements and after much searching I learned the following tires are available:

    Bridgestone Duler
    Toyo Open Country A20 (OEM)
    Toyo Open Country H/Ts (On National Backorder but you can find one here and one there).

    After much research I ordered the Toyo Open Country H/Ts for about $210 each (including shipping). Does anybody have these on their Highlander? How do they ride?
  • wxjimxwxjimx Member Posts: 2
    Hello all. I am new to the forum. I too have a 2008 Highlander, 19inch rims, TOYO Open country OEM tires with 25k miles and they are almost gone. I am going out of town on a trip in two weeks and was shocked to find out there are no tires available. National backlog, whatever the hell that is.

    After much disussion with the TOYO tire dealer, he recommended Toyo Proxes ST 2 tires, 255 50 R19. They are a little bit bigger than the OEM Open Country, but the dealer says they will work. Has anyone opted for this tire? It appears there is no mileage warrantry on this specific tire, but because I am time constrained, I need to get something on the car. I cannot believe Toyota is sacrificing its reputation for quality cars by having these issues with the tires. Its about time all the buyers of 2008 highlanders are going to be coming in with tire issues.

    I am also going for the Toyo warranty claim on the OEM tires I am replacing.
  • tlctxtxtlctxtx Member Posts: 2
    Continental makes a well reviewed tire, Cross Contact UHP, in 265/50R19 almost the same diameter (-0.1") and 3/4" wider. It is recommended for 7.5"-9.5" rim width (low, but within limits) Why, other than price, would this not be an acceptable alternative?
  • wxjimxwxjimx Member Posts: 2

    I will look into it.
  • w41 packagew41 package Member Posts: 8
    I've been trying to order these tires from other places and they are sold out. It looks like they are like $350 a piece delivered. Are these tires worth it?
  • terry79terry79 Member Posts: 27
    Before I spend $350 for a tire I would take that money and buy smaller rims. There are some good post here about choosing the correct rim. It seems the car manufacturers are in a pissing contest to see who can get to 22" rims the quickest.
  • houston_manhouston_man Member Posts: 34
    Re:W41 Package,

    I bought 4 Hankook 235/55R19 H725 Optimo Mileage Plus II tires off E-bay brand new delivered to my house for $600. Got 'em at East Coast Tires in Asheboro, NC. I now have 1,500 miles on them, no problems so far. However, I live in TX, so there isn't the snow/ice issue to deal with......
  • w41 packagew41 package Member Posts: 8
    I found a set of 4 H/Ts 245/55R19 for $215 each delivered, so I bought them and had them mounted. They ride fine and do not seem noiser than the A20s. The guy at the tires shop said they will last 30,000 miles on an AWD car. I now have some used A20s with 5/32nd of tread for sale in Loudoun county VA.
  • jdavyjdavy Member Posts: 5
    The Toyo HT's for the new Highlander are coming in stock at Les Schwab. I am getting a set for $1100 (Taxes, Mounting, Ballancing, Road hasard, included) next Tuesday. The tires should be good for 60,000 miles. I got 33,000 on my A20. :)
  • jim_bojim_bo Member Posts: 2
    I posted on the Toyota Nation site, but will repost here to get the options out there for all of you who are faced with replacing your 19" tires. We just put on 255/60 R19 Michelin Latitutes and are very happy (they just barely clear the rear strut, so I would not recommend this size for snow). At $113 per tire (Discount Tire matched Tire Rack's sale price) we couldn't beat the deal for a 65k mile tire. They ride great and I am thrilled to be rid of the Toyos. Yes, they mess up the speedo by about 4 mph, but I have always run oversized tires without any other issues on several vehicles that I have put over 200k miles on.

    Another option we considered was buying a set of 18" stock wheels off a Lexus RX 330 with the same tire size - they are basically the same car and offset wouldn't be a problem. I was quoted $1200 and some change to exchange our 19"s for the Lexus wheels with General Grabber tires at a place called Tucker Tire in Laguna Niguel, CA (great shop, but Discount Tire came up with the 255/60 R19 option with a great price).

    I know these 19"s are big wheels, but in my opinion they look great on the car (not a bling bling low profile 20" worthless show wheel set) and I am happy I found some tires to work with them that are decent mileage and made by a reputable company. I was with a firm that was national counsel for Ford in the Bronco II/ Explorer roll over cases, and can say from an inside perspective that Bridgestone/Firestone is a terrible company. When I was faced with having to buy another set of POS Toyos or Bridgestones, I knew there had to be other options -so I am just putting our experience out there.

    As happy as we are to have this issue resolved, and as much as the vehicle is serving its commuter car/family hauler purpose, we are looking forward to the day of trading this car in (it is, after all, just a Camry in truck clothing) and getting another 4Runner. My '03 4Runner with 130k on the odometer (and oversize tires) runs like a champ and tows like a full size domestic. The Highlander looks nice. And, of course, they both should run forever.

    Just my $.02

  • laceyjlaceyj Member Posts: 1
    I have a brand new 2008 Highlander Limited and was in snow for the first time and tried to return the vehicle. I have Bridgestone Dullers and they are the worse tire I hagh ever been in thne snow . Very unstable almost caused an accident. Looking at getting Blizzack snowtires and of course no one has them in the infamous 245/55/19 size.. This is my fifth Toyota and will be my last what a dissappointment in what has been a great car company. Wish I had bought a Tahoe.
  • jdavyjdavy Member Posts: 5
    I am getting the new Toyo H/T tires tomorrow. I will report back my experience with them. On the surface they look good. I agree with everyone's frustration with these stock tires. That is partly why I ran my original set so long. More to come. Anyone who has tried the new Toyo H/T's should write a review as I am only having to contend with rain here in the San Francisco Bay Area. FYI from what I have gathered the only tires in a 245/55 R19 are:

    Toyo Open Country AS20 UTOG 300AA
    Toyo Open Country H/T (New) UTOG 640AB
    Bridgestone Duller UTOG 400BB
    Bridgestone Bizzack UTOG ?

    :sick: :mad:
  • cap2008cap2008 Member Posts: 11
    If you look back a few pages you will see some of my posts regarding replacing the 19" rims. I ended up ordering an 18" rim at Sears ($120 each) and got the Michelin MTX M/S. Although the tire was listed at $246 each at Sears, they price matched the price of $129 per tire. What a deal. I absolutely must have a good snow car and now that I have these tires, I do. My 01 Highlander and my 08 Highlander are great in the snow. We have received about 4 ft. of snow since mid-December and now that I have my new tires, the car performs GREAT! I love Michelin and have used them for years. Great tire.

    For anyone looking to get a 19" tire, please check out the reviews on tirerack.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Member Posts: 195
    I'd have to think that as time moves on, more tires will be available in this size, and with some snow ability that won't get us killed, as I have experienced more than once in my 08 HL LTD here in the Chicago area.
  • maphammapham Member Posts: 3
    Hello jim_bo,

    I have a 6 and a 4 year old that loves to sit in the third row seat, plus a cargo carrier on the roof when we travel. If you where to guess will the 255/60 R19 hit the back rear strut with that much weight in the back when we travel?

    Has anyone tried the 255/55 R19 on the 08 HL?

  • jdavyjdavy Member Posts: 5

    I recommend sticking to the factory size tires for warranty and performance. I just got the New Toyo's installed and I am very happy with them. Much better than the stock Toyo. Is is firm and gives you a good feel for the road. More like a truck tire should be. Also comes with a 60,000 mile warranty. :)
  • tywebb3tywebb3 Member Posts: 8
    I just bought a set of 2007 RX350 18" take-offs and plan on putting a set of 245/60R18 Michelin Latitude Touring HP or Continental CrossContact LX tires on them. I am leaning toward the Continental because of the good reviews on That size is very close in diameter to the original 245/55R19 tires (-0.1%). The way I figured it I will have less in the RX wheels and tires than if went with one of the junk 245/55R19 options available at this time. I don't know much about the Toyo H/T's but I do know that after my experience with the A20 Open Country I will never buy a Toyo tire again. I have 15,000 on mine and I may be able to squeeze nother 5,000 out of them. I love my '08 Highlander and the 19" wheels look great.....I just can't believe we are getting hosed on the tires.
  • bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    I just purchased a 08 HH Limited an it has the Toyo's on the 19" wheels. I was out looking and was disappointed as well as to the lack of snows etc in that size. I'm hoping that by next fall there will be more available. Hazing had Blizzaks on other cars and the Michelin Xices on my 06 HH I can say they both make an excellent snow tire, but just not in this size :cry:

    When the stock tires on my friends Tacoma were giving him problems the dealer gave him a choice and he picked the Toyo's. He has had great wear results with his so far, so I guess it's just the OEM's that maybe suspect, like most tire manufactures they really cut the cost to get the business of the car manufactures and that only means one thing.... lower quality tires for OEM's.
  • howards1howards1 Member Posts: 2
    I've been reading this message board regarding the availability og 19" tires. Toyota in my opinion really doesn't care about lack of adequate choice for quality tires in this size range. I have emailed Toyota on numerous occasions and just maybe if
    they received many emails they may do something. Here is the address that I have.

    Maybe they will get the message that a lot of their customers are unhappy. Who knows, maybe they care.
  • HoundDoggieHoundDoggie Member Posts: 5
    I just got my NEW Wheel and TIres and Love them.
    I used Ebay and bought Lexus take offs that had the exact same dimensions as the 19" Wheel but in 18" and got the Continential Cross Contact LX tires.245/60/18... including shipping from CT to IL the total was $1068.00.... that was dirt cheap... My local Toyota Dealer is not all PO'd.... cuz all of a sudden they said "they could have done that".... so why didn't they?
  • HoundDoggieHoundDoggie Member Posts: 5
    Before I finally went to 18 rims... I met in person with a Toyota Supplier Representative.... this guy was a supplier engineer who has been working on the Tire problem...... he told me that Toyota has taken Toyo off their approved Supplier list..... don't expect a change soon... they have an obligation to use the tires that are on contract.... but he said that that only left the Bridgestone tire.... Not much of an alternative..... Sorry but it might be a year before we see a suitable 19" tire for this vehicle.... I bought Conti Cross Contacts for Lexus 18 rims and Love Them... it snowed this week and the stuck like glue and all speeds.... and quess what.... the Toyota Highlander will actually STOP IN THE SNOW... this good tires... this is the first time in a year and 35,000 miles this vehicle stopped in the snow... Thanks God!
  • jim_bojim_bo Member Posts: 2
    The clearance issue is not affected by weight. I just read about the new Lexus RX 350/400h and they have gone with a trailing arm rear suspension to reconfigure the rear strut set up - making it less car like. Interesting.

    My wife has put over 2k on the car since the tire change and I moved a large very well made bookshelf with drawers at the bottom with no issues. Again, the rears tires should be fine clearance wise at full compression due to the construction and suspension geometry. So, Discount tire and I only checked the fronts at full compression and full lock. As for warranty or wear issues, paaaaleeeaaasseee. These tires are only 1" taller than stock. We're lawyers and we'll welcome the challenge of a waranty denial. My local Toyota rep even admitted this was okay as tire option and I would doubt most Toyota customer service reps would even notice.

    Again, just my $.02.

  • tywebb3tywebb3 Member Posts: 8
    Can anyone with the RX wheels on their highlander post a picture or post a link to a picture of a 2008 up highlander with these wheels? I really want to see what my '07 RX wheels are going to look like.

    The info on the Continental Cross contacts is great. I am definately going to go with them now.
  • HoundDoggieHoundDoggie Member Posts: 5
    I had my Highlander in for Service on Friday 2/27 and the service mgr noticed my 18 Lexus wheels... and since I had made is live a living hell over the the 19" wheels and crappy tires he showed me a Service Bulletin that said that Toyota had available "PORT TAKE OFFS" that could be used for the Highlander Sport and Limited. These are new wheels taken off Lexus when the customer orders the wheel upgrade..... they are selling them for $50 per wheel.... that's the Dealer Cost plus shipping... so I'm sure you can get them for about $100 a wheel.....The wheels require you to mount 245/60/18 tires.... and off course your Toyota Dealer will not sell you the wheels without the tires..... UNLESS you really [non-permissible content removed] and moan A LOT...... Frankly I got a better deal on the same wheels over the internet... but at least TOYOTA is now doing something... frankly the wheels are not near as cool in design as the 19"... but they still look better than anything you can by unless you pay $300 a wheel.... note..... if you go buy the LEXUS wheel as a replacement wheel ... as if you had a damaged wheel... the retail is over $400.... you can also get Toyota center wheel badges installed.... they cost about $4..
    Keep the pressure up on on Toyota...otherwise the tire manufacturer will never do anything about the 19" tire availablity.... also write the tire Mfg... especially Bridgeston, Continential and Michilen
  • hlanderhlander Member Posts: 31
    Ha Ha, I sent e-mail to them about poor quality OEM tire and hard to find tire for that kind of size.

    I got back mail from Toyota. At first, they said apology. Then they explained about quality control of every single part of the car to satisfy the customer following by quality control of OEM tire.

    Tread life of tire depend on many things; weather, road condition, speed, driving style and so on.

    At last, they suggest me to drive safely and practice some advice of them to get good tire life.

    Like, I am the one who drive badly and because of that habit my tire worn out very fast.

    My next car will not be Toyota anymore.
  • tywebb3tywebb3 Member Posts: 8
    These are the wheels I went with. They are off of an '07 Lexus RX.

    I just can't find a picture online of an '08 and up Highlander with these wheels on it. Oh well...I guess I'll just have to wait until I get the tires mounted up. I am going to try to squeeze another 5,000 out of the Toyos first.
  • drocdroc Member Posts: 4
    Is there anything in the pipeline that would encourage me to buy a highlander with 19" rims. I do not plan to replace tires every 20 thousand miles at 200 a wheel, or have to change out my rims to get a safe tire. My anticipation is that I was buying my wife and child a safer awd drive car, but from what I read this car is unsafe in any snow and there is not a replacement available.
  • bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    I just picked up my HH with the 19 inch Toyo tires and it was/is no different then my 06 was with the Michelin Energy tires it had on the slippery roads.... pretty bad. If you live in an area with snow and ice the stock M&S tires just don't cut it. I've been getting snows and wheels from the Tirerack for our last two vehicles and believe me it's a differene worth the price. My wife made the comment a set of snow tires and wheels is cheaper then even repairing a slide into a curb, let alone another car or worse.

    I see currently there is very limited availibity for the 19 inch tires, but even the tire rack offers snows on 18 inch wheels. Hopefully by next fall more tire makers will have them, I wrote to Michelin last week asking them when they will have tires available, I suggest everyone do the same. In the mean time I've asked my dealer to check into the Lexus 18 inch take off wheels mentiond on the forum. A friend changed his over to the 19 inch Bridgestones after the first snow storm and has been very happy with their response in the snow, so there are options, but just not a lot right now as the tire manufactures gear up as with any new vehicle and tire size.

    For those that have done this, if your doing this for the winter tires only are you transfering the tire sensors over to the Lexus wheels or have you gotten another set.
  • jhornjhorn Member Posts: 18

    I bought my AWD HL limited hybrid 2 weeks ago. The car has original Toyo tires.

    I live in W. Hartford Connecticut; and we are having a major snow storm today. This morning, I drove the car in the snow 1st time. I left the house at 6:30 AM. There are ~6" of snow on our street. The car handled the snow very well better than I had expected since I've read many bad reviews about these Toyo tires. I had no problem on I84, which had ~2" of wet snow (~50 mph). When I got to Route 5 (local main road), I tried to stop the car while it was traveling at ~45 mph (no cars were around me and ~3" of wet snow on the ground). The traction control light came on and the car stopped without sliding. I got to the company parking lot, there were ~4" of snow, I had no problem parking my car.

    I had a good feeling driving the car. I could have driven my 08' Civic this morning. I wanted to test the HL to determine it was safe for my and son. I can trust it to reasonably protect my family in bad weather.

  • bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    Great to know John.. thanks for the update, my experience has been like yours.
  • hlanderhlander Member Posts: 31
    Yes, when it's brand new, it's very good. I bought my Highlander Hybrid last year, end of February. My car is on second floor of dealership. We checked the car on that floor and salesman took down the car to first floor via outdoor drive way which has 30 degree slope and there was about 2 to 3 inches of snow on it. Both of us were scare but it went down slow and steady. We were very impressed at that time. That impression didn't long for a year.
    I wish you guys may joy longer. I think, there may more tires next year.
  • bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    Reply I received from Michelin;

    Thank you for your email. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Please check back this summer as new sizes are released to see if we have the requested size available.

    We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Michelin.

    I suggest everyone do the same to ensure our sizes are available.
  • petepiepetepie Member Posts: 9
    I emailed Michelin and got this response:

    "We have no plans to make a tire in a P245/55R19. We apologize for the

    So, no Michelin options in the near future
  • bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    Interesting how their responses are so different.... I would still suspect that they will not leave this segment to others and miss out on sales. I'm hoping by late summer we see this size in at least a few more choices.

    Note on the Lexus wheels (18"). My dealer said they didn't receive that notice but is still checking for me to see if they can get them for me. On that, is the aspect ratio the same for your 18" replacement tires, or did the dealer have to reprogram your vehicle for the different size wheel and tires? Please provide the size of the 18" tires you used.
  • maphammapham Member Posts: 3
    I took jim_bo advice and went and bought some 255/60 R19 Michelins at Discount tires for $113 each. They even gave me $100 for the 4 used Toyo A20 Tires (which still had little tread left). I walked out paying $493 for everything including tax.

    I drove 500 miles on these tires and they are GREAT. It makes the HL feel a little higher off the ground, but I am fine with that. As far as everything else it feels just like driving on the factory Toyo A20. I think it looks great on my 08 HL sport.
  • hlanderhlander Member Posts: 31
    Is there anything problematic which can come up when we do inspection? If not, I rather try to do like you than buy pairs of Toyo HT.
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