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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • Had the H/T's on for 10 days now. What a difference to the A20 crap. My Highlander Hybrid, 2008 now handles much better - also is there more feel of the road. I can actually steer the vehilce without jumping all over.

    Will try snow soon. Glad to report I am not scared of wet streets anymore.

    Thanks again for this thread. Saved me of buying the Birdgestones and gettign into another disaster.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Just to confirm, you've got Toyo Open Country H/T's 245/55r19 ?
  • Yes, that's exactly what I got now. I was reluctant to get another TOYO tire after the experience with the A20's. Glad to say that as reported here previously, the HT is a completely different tire! Still beats me why the A20 is even produced....
  • Nowlen,

    Hi. Thank you so much for that tip on using disc. tire's calculator. That helped me decide what tire to buy from

    I ended up buying Yokohama Parada Spec-X P235/55R19 tire's from them to replace the terrible Toyo P245/55R19 OEM tires.

    Take care and have a great 2010.

    Thank you again for the link.

    Brother Jay
  • Hi Nowlen again,

    This was the post I was thinking about regarding the 255 60 r19 tires on the 2008 Highlanders.

    Thank you. You saved me from buying the wrong tires since I was looking at P255 60 r19 Goodyears since they only cost $87 each.

    Take care.

    Brother Jay
  • Hi 400e,

    How are you? Thank you for the advice and for the posts.

    We just ordered Yokohama Parada Spec-X P235 55 R19 tires from for our 2008 Highlander Hybrid. You lose very little width and almost no height on these tires and they have received great reviews from previous customers.

    They only cost $162 each and approx. $50 for shipping.

    Please let us know how your tires work out.

    Take care and happy new year.

    Brother Jay
  • Hi Boston,

    Did you buy tires yet? We just bought Yokohama Parada P235 55r19 from The customer service rep who assisted us, while recommending we use the OEM tire size, did admit that they were an acceptable tire size for the 2008 Highlander Hybrid, which we own as well.

    They only cost $162 each and they have warehouses throughout the US. They even have recommended installers in your area, several w/ online discount coupons.

    Have a great new year's eve & healthy happy 2010.

    Brother Jay
  • rd1943rd1943 Posts: 2
    I've had the Nokian's on since Sept. Have been in two snow storms since then--- the last the Nor'easter that hit Boston and the Cape three weeks ago.

    Great tires in snow and slush. Huge improvement over the stock toyo's. Very noticeable improvement start/stop and changing lanes. No problems in 12+ inches of snow in the Boston area and on the cape.

    One tip - 36 lbs in the tires provides the best ride. 32 lb as recommended by Toyota for the highlander is a little mushy and seemed bouncy. Others with the Nokians have recommended 38 Lbs. These are extra load V rated tires and perform better at a higher pressure.

    Sorry for the slow response but I wanted to get some miles in real winter conditions.
  • Had H/Ts installed on 12/31. Have driven in lots of ice and snow since. Kansas City is having snowiest winter ever. H/T are performing great. 32 PSI. Better road feel, but still a smooth ride.

    Did get 30k out of the A20s - with even wear

    My 2004 Solara has Goodyear Assurance TripleTreds - NOTHING compares to those. While a rough ride, they're velcro on ice
  • gqhgqh Posts: 3
    We have the factory Toyo tires on our 2008 HIghlander limited, and with 30k and a snowy winter they need to be replaced. So we ordered some 255/55/19 Dueler H/L Alenzas from the trusted tirerack salesperson who sells these tires for my identical Highlander all the time being that the 245/55/19 selection for all seasons is pretty limited (not to mention why would we want to buy the same crappy tires again).

    Upon trying to get the 255/55/19s installed we learned that our dealership/Toyota would likely void our warranty if we brought the car in with ANY repair issues being that we chose to put a 255 (vs. 245) on the HIghlander even though they agree the 255 tire would work just fine. Toyota customer service confirmed that we are basically limited to the same Toyos, the 245 Dueler or Bridgestone Blizzaks for winter- that is IT. Anything else voids the warranty on the WHOLE car. Not sure if anyone has ran into this? Looking for some last minute ideas b/c while I love the car we are pretty fed up with Toyota (have had major reliability issues with the car to boot) and looking to go to get another Subaru...
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    This isn't what you asked for, but, I think you should leave the lowering of your Highlander alone. Higher cornering speeds?? This car isn't for cornering. You might want to sell your Highlander and buy something a little closer to what you're trying to make the Highlander into. Otherwise you'll ruin a terrific vehicle and waste a bunch of money in the process.
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    Hey Rip;

    You're just getting around to responding to a post from 2006? Did you just wake up from a looooooooong nap? I suspect, just maybe, you might be a little late with your advice! He probably rolled his Highlander years ago.

    Pleasant dreams...
  • Good day.

    Yes indeed. There are many posts concerning using non-OEM "sized" tires on Toyota Highlander. I was in same boat in early November. Original tires are shot at 28k, needed replacements. Trusted guys at local Toyota shop told me same thing and to be careful with regard to warranty. Toyota as a Company very strict on such matters. Not that a Toyota "would" give you front end or transmission problems, but it is EASY way for them to VOID warranty if using non-standard sized OEM tires. Toyo does make another type of tire other than Open Road. At the time of my purchase, the other type (name) of Toyo tires in correct size could not be found anywhere in USA. Thus, I was stuck putting same type tire on vehicle. See prior posts. Believe most of Highlander drivers got them from Even my Toyota oil change guy said the transmission is computer controlled and different sized tires will impact gas mileage. I believe there are computer hackers who can adjust-modify the computer, but do not know what that would do to the warranty. In short, IF you don't care or need to worry about the warranty issues or potential issues, then go with whatever brand and size will fit on stock rims. I heard Michelin has good tire for winter and all around driving. Probably will be MY next set of tires.
    Happy shopping.
  • gqhgqh Posts: 3
    ...being that I am on my third computer and second converter in the car in two years, I am a little freaked. I got a lemon but moved states so have no case.
  • We were in the same boat but we went with the Toyo H/T 245/55R19. A number of other people in this thread opted for the same tire and they are having very good luck with the tires. Kauffman Tires is one outlet that was selling the tires besides some indedpendant tire dealers (I went with an independent dealer). Both the independent dealer and Kauffman Tires had very good luck with the H/T tires. One option is to call Toyo customer service at 1-800-442-8696 (Calif location) and ask for dealer locations. Good Luck.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Unless you've purchased an extended warranty, why are you worried? You only have 6K left on your factory warranty anyway. If you really want the 255s and they work for you, go for it.
  • gqhgqh Posts: 3
    Yeah we did go for the extended...
    In the last couple of days we decided to cut our loses and turn the Highlander in for a Subaru Tribeca. You can't get 55 inches of snow in 10 days and mess around with a car that is bad in the snow.
  • I am very disappointed in the performance of my '08 Highlander Ltd in the snow. I actually got STUCK in an unplowed parking lot (gravel underneath) and when I finally freed myself from that, my $38,000 SUV couldn't make it up a small hill to get me out of the parking lot. there were a lot of tracks in the lot and about 3.5'" of snow. I don't have the Toyo tires that everyone seems to be complaining about. Mine came with Bridgestone tires. I have the 19" tires. I do drive a LOT. I have 36000 miles on my Toyota.
    I need a recommendation for new tires that can handle the snow. Any brand any price. I need to be able to drive comfortably in the snow. I'm in Michigan.
    My last vehicle was a Honda Odyssey Van and it NEVER got stuck. :mad:
  • 400e400e Posts: 41
    I have the 19" tires. I do drive a LOT. I have 36000 miles on my Toyota.
    I need a recommendation for new tires that can handle the snow. Any brand any price. I need to be able to drive comfortably in the snow. I'm in Michigan.

    Have you read the last couple pages of this thread? A number of us have spoken very highly of Toyo H/T tires, which are one of the very few options in 245/55/19.

    We are digging out of our 3rd blizzard this winter so far, and the H/Ts have exceeded all my expectations. Absolutely NOTHING like the A20's. Just get Toyo H/Ts and be done with it.
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    I've followed this thread for over a year.
    I have an 08 sport with 19's.
    Got OEM 17 wheels (ebay) and put on Michelin X-ixe.
    We've had a sh%&load of snow for the past 2 weeks.
    I have TRIED to get stuck! Took every bad road. Couldn't get stuck.
    I love my HL with X-ice. Better than my Expedition 4wd w traction.

    Quit complaining and get the OEM 17" and put some real winter tires on them. Just my 2C.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    The OEM Bridgestones (Dueler H/L Alenzas) are just as bad as the Toyo A20s....maybe worse. The Toyo Open Country H/Ts seem to be MUCH better, according to first-hand accounts from this thread. The vehicle isn't the can spend as much as you want on ANY car, the tires are the only thing that ever touch the pavement (hopefully!)

    See if you can find the Toyo Open Country H/Ts in your area. They're frequently on backorder, though. If they're not available, the Bridgestone Blizzaks are a terrific winter tire, especially for an area prone to snow like Michigan. You'll want to have them taken off in the spring (necessitating a summer tire choice at that time), then put back on again next winter, etc....but you'll feel safer. Both of these are available in the OEM 245/55R19 size, so you won't have to worry about voiding any warranty by upsizing. Your factory warranty is over, though because you say you have 36K miles already.

    Good luck!
  • I can't find ANY in my area. Hopefully one of my local shops can order them. I'm leaning toward the Blizzaks at this point.
    Thanks for the info.
  • paw123paw123 Posts: 5
    After being on the Toyo H/T's (35 psi) for a few weeks now, I am still VERY happy with their performance in snow and rain. It seems though that my gas mileage went up a bit. (?) I used to be in the range of 27-29 mpg on the Toyo A20's (35 psi). I am at 24-26 mpg now. Just wondering whether other people can confirm this.

    Maybe.... the A20's were designed for gas mileage and therefore sacrificing friction/traction?
  • paw123:

    where do you live & how much snow have you driven in with the new ones?
  • wl12wl12 Posts: 4
    Like most people here I have found out I had a problem when the car lost traction in snow and I thought I am not going to recover. Then I checked the tires and just did not want to believe my eyes: they were nearly bald.

    Why didn't I check that before? Well, I had Toyo tires on my Nissan Maxima in the past and they lasted for over 100k km (62k miles). At 55k km (34.5k miles) on my Highlander it just did not register as a problem. Not until now, anyways. And Toyota being such a reputable brand, making highly reliable cars and all that ... They wouldn't have anything substandard on their vehicles, would they? Surely not the tires on a car, which costs $60k Canadian on this side of the boarder. Then I started searching the net and found this tread. Wow, what an awakening!

    Well, I visited Toyota dealership and complained about Toyo A20 tires on my HL Ltd. 2008. They couldn't find anything wrong with the tires, just worn out, needs replacement. Toyo A20 a bad tire? All OEM tires are like that and need to be changed early, etc. These people are well trained. After all if I killed myself in that blizzard it would have been attributed to careless driving, bad road conditions, restricted visibility but not to the inferior tires. Right?

    Now, here is the reason I am posting:

    At the dealership I was told that I don't need to use 245/55/R19 size. As long as I am within 3% of the original parameters I am OK. Warranty will not be voided, car components will not be damaged, simply there is no problem. Since Toyo Open Country HT are not available here at the moment, and I did not want them in the first place, I ordered 255/55/R19 Michelin Lattitute Tour HP 111V tires. These tires are fairly expensive in Ontario but I shopped around a bit and Toyota agreed to match the lowest price in the area. The spare Toyo A20 will stay as a spare and can be used with Michelins for a short emergency drive. So, I will buy tires from Toyota and Toyota will install them for me.

    This not only deals with all the worries regarding warranty or what is left of it but dispels bigger worry that even slightly larger or smaller tires could do real damage to transmission, suspension, etc. and could leave me with a huge price to pay sometime down the road.

    It stands to reason that there must a safety buffer built into the system if only because people drive with under inflated or over inflated tires, the diameter is getting slightly smaller with time, tires lose their shape for various reasons. If I wasn't told a lie and this margin is really 3% it should be large enough to accommodate other sizes. Of course, the closer to the recommended size the better.
  • paw123paw123 Posts: 5
    Live in Oregon. Went skiing a few times, few inches of new snow on top of packed snow. No issue at all.
  • grahampetersgrahampeters AustraliaPosts: 1,783

    I have just got back from having my tyres rotated and four wheel alignment. My 2004 Kluger went through its first set of Toyo tyres in 40,000km (25,000miles) and I was never impressed with them. Replaced with Yokohama Geolander H/T-S and now have 85,000km (about 53,000 miles) on them. Will need to replace in about 5,000 to 10,000 km but wear has been excellent and mud/snow grip remains superb even at reduced tread depth.

    Definitely wiil replce with Yokohamas again


  • wl12wl12 Posts: 4
    I just called Michelin at 1 866 866 6605. I was told that very soon now Michelin will introduce new tires in various sizes. This includes 245/55/R19 tire specifically engineered for Higlander. The new tire should be on the market this March!

    The guy I talked to said that Michelin is aware of high demand for this size. He also said that Michelin does not recommend using oversized tires on vehicles because it usually does void the warranty. I mentioned to him that at Toyota dealership I was told that there is no problem here as long as the tire is within 3% of the recommended parameters. He said that in this case its fine.

    Well, I already ordered Latitude Tour HP 255/55R19 because in Ontario I need reliable tires and I will never last till March with these bald Toyo A20s. But if I don't like the tire and the proper size is available out there then it should not take a lot to trade the slightly used one for the new recommended tire.
  • beachfish2beachfish2 Richmond VAPosts: 177
    "I was told that very soon now Michelin will introduce new tires in various sizes. This includes 245/55/R19 tire specifically engineered for Higlander."

    Oh happy days. (Insert dancing Snoopy "happy feet" pic.) Thank you, and thanks to Michelin, etc. Somebody had to tap this market.

    I like good tires so much that the '06 Avalon that I'm in the process of selling to a coworker needed tires a couple of months ago. The 17" factory tires only lasted 41k miles. I put Bridgestone Turanzas with Serenity on it and 4 of them ran me $790-something. Great tires, made a very good car better.

    I definitely will have good tires on my new Highlander and the sooner the better if they're highly rated for rain and standing water. I can walk to work if it snows, or ices up which is what Richmond usually gets.

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