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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • My experiences for Highlander tires are:
    A. Stay away from Toyo. Stock on my 2008 Highlander Ltd. was Toyo A20. Junk tires that did not last very long, real bad on WET roads. When wore out at 24K, I had no choice to get TOYO H/T because my 2008 Highlander had 19 inch tires.
    These lasted ok, but not stellar. Wet roads just so-so. Michigan Winter, not too good.
    I now have Goodyear Assurance CS tires on vehicle. Been VERY happy with them so far. Comfortable ride - good grip on wet roads - seem to handle high speed and cornering pretty good. I had Assurance tires on a Bonneville a few years back and they were good tires, so I went with these. I have heard from dealers the Comfy Tred + Triple Tread were former styles.. This one is called Assurance C/S and has quieter tread design compared to former styles.

    I would also imagine it does boil down to one other important factor --- How long do YOU plan on keeping vehicle? Tires are big/expensive investment and you can pay lesser money and get lesser quality tires -- OR -- you can buy better quality like the Goodyear tires and pay a bit MORE for them, but get better results and longer lasting tires that are quieter-better handling - better fuel efficiency - better on wet roads. Mine are Goodyear Assurance C/S - 19 inch and have them on vehicle for about 4,000 miles so far. Happy with the purchase and will see how they handle when Michigan Winter arrives. Hope this helps and happy shopping and safe driving.
  • I purchased a set of Firestone Destination LE's 11,000 miles ago. I'm very happy. good ride,quiet and good traction. Had them rotated yesterday and the tech listed the tread as 10/32. I think that is what they came with. I am still waiting to see what happens in the snow. Paid $784 for the tires plus mounting.
  • beachfish2beachfish2 Richmond VAPosts: 177
    Re: my 2010 Limited and the two-month-old Goodyears.

    Late Saturday night the low pressure light came on, so I messed with it Sunday and couldn't get the reset button to do anything after I adjusted the tire pressure to 27 in all 5 tires. Three of the tires measured 27, the right front was 31 and the spare was 25. I don't know why, did someone at the party mess with it? Nah. I figured Goodyear was aiming for 27 when I bought the new tires 7 weeks ago. It was actually chilly Sunday morning and I was parked in complete shade fwiw.

    Yesterday I gave up and went to Goodyear after lunch to ask for advice. The man on the desk said he used to work for Toyota. In about 2 minutes they had all 5 tires up to 30 pounds. When he started the car the light went out. He never touched the reset button and added that you should seldom (ever?) need to reinitialize the system.

    Oh, and he told me that the light will come on if one tire is off by a single pound. So how did my pressures get so out of whack without the light coming on? Hmmm? I hate computers.

  • I can relate to your quandary about the tire pressure sensors. My 2008 ltd. had same issues with pressure being off a tad on one tire or another and idiot light coming on. Put a bit more air pressure in one or all of the tires, pressed the reset button underneath the steering wheel and light went out.
    Now comes the new Goodyear tires. Have not installed them yet, but have them in garage ready to install when winter arrives. How do you like the ride, gas mileage, etc. of the tires so far?
    Regarding the sensors - Tire store wanted to sell me a so-called rebuild kit with some sort of gaskets and other stuff they sell. My mechanic told me to have them install stainless steel valve stems like "olden day" cars and forget about these stupid sensors all together. Reason for sensors are for those folks who DO NOT take a tire pressure reading periodically and is nothing more than a nuisance to those who do when fueling vehicle or when your trusty oil change guy checks the pressure for you. Anyone who spends a bunch of CASH on tires should have enough gusto to check pressure on regular basis anyhow. I do, especially during temperature changes in my area. Thus, I will be omitting the sensors and installing stainless steel valve stems to prevent against corrosion in salty roads in winter around here. Let me know how you like the Goodyears so far....
  • beachfish2beachfish2 Richmond VAPosts: 177
    I like the tires a lot and I'm very pleased with them so far - drove 300 miles on the Interstate Thursday, but there wasn't much traffice and it was all clear weather. I might not be the best person to ask about tire noise because I like loud music and open sunroofs and I ruined my hearing during the '60s and '70s.

    I used to do a lot of surf fishing and own a digital pressure gauge and a fairly expensive one with an 11" flexible hose. When you need to be at 10 or 15 psi to drive on the beach you get good at putting air back in. I completely wore out an '86 Subaru wagon surf fishing the Outer Banks. It took 14 years, but rust finally ate the front sub-frame.
  • I saw 2old2worry's comment about the Firestone Destination LE's, and wondered whether anyone else out there had experience or concerns about them? I checked Tire Rack and the people who have them seemed real happy, but a small sample of 25 or so and I didn't see anyone who had them on a Highlander. They seem an awfully good bargain and am wondering why more folks aren't using them.
  • I can not believe no one else has responded. I now have 15000 miles on the LE's and 1 good snow fall. They worked good in the snow and I am very pleased with them. May be some one else will reply.
  • I've had these tires on Toyota Highlander LTD (2008) 19 inch wheels since December, 2012. So far results have been favorable in the snow and sleet and slush we have encoutered in MI. Drove on them thru bad storm to Chicago area right after Christmas and they held the road good across the turnpike.
    Quiet running tires on dry pavement - hold the road good on wet pavement - and track thru the snow good. Only complaint is gas mileage I am getting with theses tire. Past mpg was 18-19 city driving -- 21-22 on expressway-toll roads. Has fallen to 16.5 in city and can only achieve 20 mpg. MAX on long road trips. Don't know what to say about that aspect.

    Even though tires were a bit expensive, I did get a Goodyear rebate of $80.00 on a set of 4 when purchased. Other than decreased fuel mpg. I've been happy with the set of 4 put on my Highlander 08 (4WD) LTD. 19 inch wheels.

    So, it probably boils down to: If you plan to KEEP vehicle for awhile, why not put a GOOD set of tires between YOU and the Road. If not keeping vehicle and plan to trade/sell, then go with cheaper options.
    Mine has been running very good with no complaints. I see Highlander did get very good reports as vehicle of the Year for 2013, so it all can't be that bad... right?
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    edited February 2013
    Many posters on another Toyota Owner specific forum state that the Bridgestone Dueler Alenzas for the Limited are great All Season tires. The OEM size for the tires is 245/55-19 but the Alenzas come in 255/55-19 which is what they are having installed. They state that it is no problem to have these slightly wider tires on the original Wheels. They are highly rated on the TireRack website and are apparently great in the snow which the OEM Toyo's are not. I have a 2012 Limited AWD and when it's time to replace I am definitely going to consider them. I may even replace them sooner because we travel in snow country for my College Son's Indoor Track season which begins in Mid January.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • md4runnermanmd4runnerman Posts: 72
    edited April 2013
    Just thought I would check in after 8 months of replacing my OEM tires. I got the Yokahama Avid Envigor 245/55/19. The winter was mild without a lot of snow but the couple of inches I drove in one day was a good experience. No noticeable slipping and sliding (I am not a crazy driver either, lol). They have been great in the rain/wet roads too. And so far I have not collected any nails like those dog gone OEM tires did so easily. I can recommend this again.
  • gusfifigusfifi Posts: 1
    I have been in Florida for 8 years and this is the third set of tires I am looking for. The heat is a tread killer. My current tires Kumho Solus KR21’s (85,000 tread warranty) have 22,600 miles on them, three years driving. I’ve looked at the Bridgestone Dueler Alanza, Goodyear Triple Tread and Hankook Optimo H727. Does anyone have any experience with my kind of problem? I would be grateful for some advice.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 889
    edited April 2013
    Florida is known for its poor tire wear. The streets are made from what is called young limestone - that is limestone that hasn't been subjected to long periods of heat and pressure - unlike other parts of the US. In the rest of the US, you can merely see the fossilized shells that make up the limestone, but in Florida, the material breaks apart such that the shells have sharp edges - and that chews up tires.

    Sorry, but that is the situation and there's no getting around it. The only thing you can do is buy tires that have high treadwear ratings and warranties, but tires are never going to get the mileages that other parts of the country experience.
  • azurexazurex Posts: 1
    22,000 miles and car not safe to drive in rain. Contacted Toyo and they said this was a Toyota spec tire and has no tread-life warranty. Toyo said to go to Discount tire as Toyo has a "40,000 mile Goodwill warranty". Tread depth was 5/32, but less than 2/32 to wear bar. Toyo would allow 1% prorating tire. I will never buy Toyos a new car again with Toyo tires or any tire that doesn't have a real warranty.
  • typemetypeme Posts: 3
    Anyone tried Michelin 245/55/19 yet ? After 26K on A20 and another 50K on H/T, I am done with Toyo... ready to move on ...
  • jimp01jimp01 Posts: 3
    Have had them with good results, replaced Bridgestones on 2 new Venza's before they left the Toyota dealership. About 48,000 miles on first set, with good rubber left. 2nd set only 8 months old. Some people complain, but I have had no problem in Iowa weather.
  • jimp01jimp01 Posts: 3
    I was referring to the Latitude 255/60/19 on my reply. At the time of purchase, that was the only 19 size.
  • typemetypeme Posts: 3
    ok.. thanks...Being Michelin fan all my driving life so naturally I am steering in this direction ...
  • yzfr1guy1yzfr1guy1 IowaPosts: 1
    I currently have 65K on my stock TOYO tires and still have good tread on 3 of the 4 tires. The passenger front is the only tire that is bad, and it has about a 1" wear band on the outer edge of the tire. After reading all of the tire reviews, I am really lost as to what tires to get as a replacement. I just want the best, longest lasting, all season tire. I have obviously had a different experience with the factory tire so that leaves me little for comparison to all of the others. I live in Iowa so we get every bit of all four seasons. What is the best tire out there?
    2010 Highlander Limited
    2012 Tundra TRD
  • zandorzandor Posts: 67
    I usually just get on, set the search criteria, and sort by consumer rating. Then I look through the top half dozen or more. Also, be sure to check the UTQG wear rating.

    The reason I always look at the actual survey results is that I don't necessarily weigh the results the same way Tire Rack does when calculating what order to put them in.
  • I've got a 2009 Limited and am looking for the 3rd set of tires. The OEM Toyos were the ONLY option when the car was new. They lasted about 60K miles, but had poor wet traction even when new. The next set were/are Nitto Crosstek CUV. They are at the wear bars now at 51K miles. These have a slightly harsher ride than the Toyos, but pretty good traction for wet and dry. I may replace with the same (Nitto) tire, however I'm curious if anyone has used Michelin Latitude Tour HP long enough for a review...
  • berriberri Posts: 10,166
    One of my kids put them on a Highlander and has been very satisfied. Only got around 26K from the oem Toyo's.
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