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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • Why would you ask Toyota this question ? What would they know about H/T ?

    This seems as Toyo question.
  • as48as48 Posts: 9
    I did not know who else to ask. TOYO site dose not have any information about the A20. Hence, I couldn't compare their information on the H/T to that of A20. In addition, I did not find a customer contact address on the TOYO site. I am hoping that the Toyota customer service will make an effort to address my question.So far, no answer.
  • Greetings:
    Do not know what question you may have about Toyo tires. However, the many posts on this site all say about the same thing. Toyo tires are not *that* bad, but just wear out quickly as any other OEM tires when installed on NEW vehicle. My Toyota dealership is one of the most *honest* and trustworthy dealerships I have ever done business with and give straight answers. The Toyo tires (A20) are on order from my local Belle Tire store. They are only authorized dealer who has access to them. Discount Tire does not and they too, told me so.
    Toyo tires are like Goodyear or any other low-end tires that come on new vehicles and this is how they choose to sell and market the cars. Once worn out, they expect you to purchase higher end tires that will give you more miles and better ride perhaps.
    However, like the dealership told me, "be careful if your vehicle is still under warranty because different size tires are NOT calibrated to transmissions, speedometer, and 4WD"... and if ANY issues develop with those "related" parts *AND* you have different size tires on vehicle, *YOUR* warranty will be *VOID*.

    My choice: install the Toyo tires just before winter driving season. I have them on order and Belle Tire is holding in back room for me since this size for my Highlander Limited is a very *RARE* tire to be had from *ANY* warehouse. I guess it is "first-come-first-served"...
    Next tires will be higher grade like Michelin or other brand, but for now, it will be the replacement TOYO tires, not Bridgestones due to NOISE and rough ride as noted on
  • I finally pulled the trigger and got a set of Toyo HTs installed on my HL Limited. I got them online at for $710 (shipping inc) and mounted and balance at my local Toyota Dealership for $12/tire. They drive great and are very quiet. I am definitely pleasantly surprised. It was not easy to buy a Toyo product after the incredible disappointment from the oem tires. Do not buy the A20s for replacement tires - get the HTs. They may be hard to find so find out when the online tire sites receive their delivery and call on that day. The HTs have a nice deep tread with a couple of large channels for water and they should be much better in snow than my old Toyos. I took the HL on the highway it handles perfectly, tracks like a new set of properly balanced tires should. If you are not going to change tire size, then this is your best bet...IMO
  • I have a 2008 Toyota Highlander Limited. This is the fourth Highlander Limited I have owned and every one has had Michelin tires except this one The OEM tires Bridgestone are horrible treadware and at 20K need to be replaced. So I went a searching for Michelin and they don't make 245/55 R19. They do make 255/55 R19 but putting these on the HL will void the New Vehicle Warranty.

    I called Michelin and asked if they are planning on manufacturing the 245/55 R19 and they did not know but they took my information and are forwarding it to corporate HQ. Speaking to the supervisor at the customer service center he says that they track requests and will act on it IF they get enough demand.

    Lesson here is call Michelin at 1-866-866-6605 tell them you want to request that a tire be made to fit the Highlander. Make sure they take your information. :shades:
  • 400e400e Posts: 41
    I have an '08 Highlander Hybrid Ltd and need to replace the tires at 25K miles.
    Just called the local Costco and can get Michelin Latitude HPs in 255/55/19 at $315 per tire (total price, mounted/balanced with road hazard). Still seems high.

    Am concerned from what I'm reading about Toyota possibly not honoring the warranty if using this size so probably will go with the Toyo HTs.

    If anyone has any snow experience with the Toyo HT, I'd appreciate hearing about it.
    (Sounds like some negative reviews about snow performance on the Michelins, at
  • Greetings:
    Yes indeed - a voided warranty. You can see my many frustrating posts on this subject under Highlander 2008. Spoke with my dealership management as well as numerous other individuals whom I trust and all say the same thing. Granted, the chances of anything going wrong are slim. However, the dealership has told me the following:
    A. Speedometer is calibrated to OEM size tires.
    B. Transmission is same thing since it is computer controlled.
    C. Suspension is tuned to OEM tires.
    D. Other things.
    Thus, you may get different feel, different ride with different tires and also will VOID the warranty and you will need to FIGHT tooth and nail with Toyota to get any warranty work reimbursed to you IF it ever occurs. Same thing was told to me from my local tire store in MI (Belle Tire). Thus, I have TOYO tires on order from their warehouse and plan to run those another 30K. Hopefully, by then.. a "decent" wearing tire will be available. I plan to call Michelin as previous poster above has suggested. Good idea. My advice is to stick with the TOYO tires and not Bridgestones. Start looking NOW before other Highlander owners see the same results and TOYO tires will become "hard" to find. My OEM -- Toyo tires have 31K and are "shot" as one would expect for "cheap" OEM tires. Rotated them very faithfully at every other oil change as well to no avail.
    Michigan winter season is fast approaching and I'll have the new TOYO tires installed within next couple of weeks. Happy searching and I would seriously wait until Michelin or other companies come out with suitable 19 inch replacements.

  • Greetings:

    Not voiding the warranty on "Entire vehicle". . . Only those parts that need replacement due to incorrect tire size. Dealership told me it is the same as putting inferior oil in crankcase, or choosing NOT to perform routine maintenance on vehicle. Dealership in my area is very honest and has excellent reputation. This is why I bought a Toyota in first place. Another story for another day . . .

    Thus, if you "Ever" had transmission problems or other "related" issues with vehicle and they can trace it back to "you" and incorrect tires, "you" will need to hire a "fleet" of lawyers and subject matter experts to "fight" with Toyota. Are you an attorney by chance looking for some work? I surely cannot afford the time and expense of big court fights just to get money reimbursed by Toyota. Look on door panel of vehicle and you will notice the tire size correctly stated on the door jamb of vehicle. It is also stated in owners manual. Thus, I decided to got with Toyo tires one more time until my warranty is "done". Then, I will go to better quality tires from Goodyear or Michelin and take my chances on my "trusty" Toyota with full understanding my my own liabilities for my choices.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Hope you had them order you the Toyo HT's as they are less and have a 65K warranty and are the same size as at A20's
  • I finally got my H/T ($700 delivered +$120 install) on the car. So far feels
    pretty good. One thing I noticed right away is that thread is about 30% thicker than A20. I bought HL in Oct few years back. Did not pay attention to tires until first winter when I was sliding all over. I was somewhat shocked how thin were the 2-3 months old A20 at the time.
  • 400e400e Posts: 41
    Sounds like a good price on the H/Ts -

    Will be interesting to see if the H/Ts are better on snow than the A20s. Would almost have to be!

    Thanks, all, for your experiences. Looks like ordering the H/Ts is what I'll do.
    I too like the idea of letting Michelin know about our wish that they would make this size.
  • as48as48 Posts: 9
    I got the response to my question from Toyota. The answer did not address the specifically my question about the differences between the H/T and the A20 tires. However, one can assume that the H/T tires are fine for the Highlander as their size is P245/55R19 103S.

    The Toyota answer stated:
    The recommended tire size for your 2008 Toyota Highlander Sport is P245/55R19 103S.
    If the tires differ from the recommended size found on page 539 of your Owner's Manual, it will be a modification to your vehicle and could affect the vehicle’s performance, safety or durability, and may violate government regulations. In addition, damage or performance problems resulting from the modification will not be covered under warranty.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    If you go to this link and enlarge the picture you will see they are much better and should do well in snow for a M&S tire

    (If you go here and plug in the vehicle you will get the size and offerings... Note the A20 is a 40K tire for $200 each and the HT is a 60K tire for $158 each)

    If you look around you can get them for about $155.00 each + shipping.

    For the winter I bought the Blizzak's in the correct size from the Tire Rack and a set of OEM 19's takeoffs on eBay to mount them on. Cost a little more but I've found in the winter nothing works better and gives you a better safety margin than Winter tires Vs M&S tires.
  • joe05joe05 Posts: 11
    A co-worker had a flat tire on her 08' Highlander, took it to a 'national tire chain' and their recommendation is to replace all 4 tires. Has anyone heard of such a thing? The tires only have 18,000 miles.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Sounds like someone on commission to me, you have to be careful of these places. Makes no sense at all, unless the tires are all worn out.
  • Greetings:

    My response would be "why" ? Do not mean to be sexist, but there are tire chain stores and other places that do "not" treat lady customers very well. I have experienced this issue while waiting in a waiting room and talking with other customers who happened to be female. Tires could be getting bad if they have not been maintained (air pressure + rotation, etc.) However, after only 18K, I would say they should have enough tread to last awhile. Have you completed the Lincoln penny test on them? Place penny head-side down on each tire tread and if you can see entire President head on the coin, tread is getting "pretty-low". You can find pictures of this test and how to peform it on Internet.
    Next is finding replacement tires. As previous poster, take a read on the tire situation with this vehicle. Make sure you get exact tire size since this vehicle is still under warranty. Toyo and Bridgestone are only mfg. having correct size tires at this time. Mine were "shot" after 30K on vehicle and I do regular checks on pressure and rotations.
    If you live in a snow area, you might want to perform the tire tread test and see how much tread is left on the tires and/or go to "reputable" tire store that knows how to treat a lady like respected and valued customer that will give her "straight" answers to her vehicle issues.
    Sorry to say, but I have seen this first hand in last several weeks.
  • I have a 2008 Highlander Limited, 24,000 miles on the Toyo a2’s. I drove in a snow storm in Boston last year and it was a scary experience. 18k on the Toyo’s then and they were impersonating toboggans. I have been looking for replacements since then. Same luck as others on this forum both with Toyota customer service and dealers. Toyota’s position that a slight change in tire size might damage the vehicle and void the warrantee is a smoke screen and is ludicrous. What happens when tire tread wears down or you drive with an underinflated tire? The vehicle is not calibrated for smaller tires!!! After getting a quote of $303 per tire for new Toyo’s and reading that the Duelers don’t perform any better in the snow and with the Toyo HT hard to get, I went to a local tire outlet. He steered me to the Nokian WR G2 Suv. The 255/55 r19 tire has a sidewall that is .2 inches taller than the 245/55. This changes the ride height of the Highlander by about .2 of an inch. It means that the speed registered on the speedometer will be about 1 mph slow at 70 mph. The vehicle will say you are doing 70 when in fact you are doing 71. Gas mileage figures on the console display will say you are getting 1% less than you are really getting because the slightly bigger tire takes you and inch or two farther each time it turns around. Thant's the total impact on the calibration of the speedometer, transmission etc. Slightly lower rpm at any speed, but that’s good for mileage. The Specs on the tires: 500 treadwear, A traction, A temperature. V speed (150mph) Severe winter / snow (Mountain/snowflake) rated. Low rolling resistance for better gas mileage. With these specs the tires should be good in heat and snow, handle well and go for 50k miles or more. I was sold. Tires were less than $220 each. The tires fit well and look good. Rear strut clearance which is the only thing close is still more than ½ inch from the tire and that clearance does not change with load or suspension movement. I have had many cars and have put over sized tires on some of them. Never had a problem related to tires. I’m sure the Highlander will be the same. I can live with a veiled Toyota warrantee threat but I won’t drive another winter on tires that endanger me or my family. I’m looking forward to having a 4wd vehicle that will handle well in the snow again.
  • joe05joe05 Posts: 11
    Unfortuanate as it is, a Toyota dealership offered her the same advice. Requiring her to purchase 4 new tires because 1 went flat.
  • marcarmarcar Posts: 1
    Wondering how long you've been driving on the Nokian WR G2 Suv's as we're considering purchasing them for our '09 HL Ltd. but are a tad concerned about the upsize to 255 from 245? Love the Haakapiilita's.....that's our fave winter tire, but didn't think we'd find them to fit the HL. Thanks and safe driving.
  • Greetings:
    Never heard of the tire brand you noted in message. As noted in prior posts, be *VERY* careful and fully understand the issues with going to *Bigger* tire as you note in your post. You indicate driving an '09 Highlander. I suspect your vehicle is still under warranty? IF yes, you may have issues with any warranty work on vehicle suspension and other underbody components by going to different tires. I am going with Toyo tires for "one-more-time" on vehicle with hopes that Michelin or other companies will "soon" have more 19-inch tires from which to choose.
  • as48as48 Posts: 9
    After reqesting from Toyota a specific answer, I was receive an email that stated that the Country H/T 245/55R19 103S tires are suitable for the 2008 Highlander sport.
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    posted by damifinomike:
    Never heard of the tire brand you noted in message.

    Hey Mike: try this:

    Go to

    Search for Nokian and you will find :

    Nokian Tyres is the largest tire manufacturer in the Nordic countries. The company develops and manufactures summer and winter tires for cars and tires for a range of heavy machinery. It is also the biggest retreading materials manufacturer and the biggest retreader in the Nordic countries. In addition, Nokian Tyres runs the Vianor tire chain with over 360 outlets across Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Switzerland and the US.

    No need to thank me, I'm always pleased to help with Advanced computer techniques!
  • I have the 19" wheels and ended up switching to the 255/55/R19 Michelin Latitude tires. We have over 6,000 miles on them and they have been great. The car rides better, grips the road better than the toyo tires and we have had no issues with rubbing, cornering, or excessive wear.

    The larger tire will give longer tire tread life because you have more tread on the 19" tire than on the 17 or 18" wheels. The diameter is larger so the circumfrence of the tire is longer. This assumes that the tread depth is the same on both tires.
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    Not (very) true about more rubber...
    The diameter of 17" OEM tires/wheel combo is actually just .07" (yes point-zero-seven inches) smaller in the 17 than in the 19, and the section width is IDENTICAL! Not all that significant. Things will even up after just a little tread wear. Just a matter of mathematics. Here's an easy calculator: to help you figure it out.
  • as48as48 Posts: 9
    I tried to order the TOYO 245/55R19 H/T tires from several sources, but they are out of stock. One of the suppliers notified me that the these tires are on a nationwide backorder with aMinimum of 30 days out.
    Tires can blow up on a trip any time, therefore manufactures should design the cars (with the excetion of exotic cars) with tires that are commonly available. I don't like the idea to travel in a car that has hard to get tires. You may get stuck without a car for many days, and worse is if you are on a long distance trip.
  • Greetings:

    Yes indeed. Never thought of this 19-inch tire situation when purchasing my Highlander back in '08. I hear same story about the Toyo tires from two places in Michigan. I did act quickly enough to get the Open Country Tires from Belle Tire warehouse and I guess, those will be tires of choice for now. Tires have arrived at local Belle Tire shop and will be getting them mounted within next couple of days... Just in time for snow season. Vehicle has just passed 30K and OEM tires (Toyo Open Country) are shot.
    Happy shopping and hope you find tires soon.
  • Now have accumlated 6K+ miles on these tires in a variety of adverse weather conditions. Am very happy with their performance. Would not consider going to extremes others seem to want to take to get new tires on their HLs. No need to change size or go to other brands IMO. The TOYO tires are the match for Michelin in every respect. Quiet, easy to balance and outstanding performance plus are warranted for 65K.
  • You don't need to replace all 4 unless the tread on the remaining 3 is shot or unless you can't get the same brand/size tire anymore. But tread at 18K would be worn enough that you do need to replace 2 because the uneven tread can cause problems in drivability. Put the 2 new ones on the front because that's where most of the driving traction comes from. Put 2 of the old tires on the back. Then rotate them when the front tread wears to a point approaching the rear two tires.
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    Before doing what herzogtum71 recommends,"Put the 2 new ones on the front because that's where most of the driving traction comes from."

    Please DO YOUR RESEARCH. That is just bad advice. EVERY manufacturer and reputable tire shop will tell you the new ones go on the rear and here's why:

    As I said... do your research! There's plenty more out there than just that link, but it demonstrates the reason pretty well!
  • I'm in the same exact situation as you described and after some research, it looks as though he's actually telling you the truth. The Toyo's that came on our Highlanders had a Rating of 400 (or approx. 40,000 miles) and it seems that the newer Toyo's have a rating of 640 (60,000 miles). I'm getting a set from for less that $700 including shipping. That's a lot better than the $1,450 plus tax quote I recieved from my local Toyota Dealer.
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