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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • Greetings:

    Sorry you have heard same news from Michelin. Same news I was given by CSR at Michelin about one month ago when I discussed issue with them regarding Highlander LTD tires.

    I wish I had been as lucky as past posting's regarding the TOYO tires (the H/T model) versus the A20. Appears some owners on East Coast and one on West Coast found the H/T TOYO tires at various tire shops in their respective areas. Not me in Michigan. Had to settle for the A20 version again now that WINTER is fast approaching and OEM tires were in BAD shape. Did not wish to change rims, go down a size, etc. as other readers indicated. Too much hassle, too many "potential" warranty issues, and who knows "what-else" besides an extra outlay of CASH. Good luck in your search.
    Michigan Mike
  • Well, I am one of the lucky ones who got the H/T month or so ago ...

    Few days ago in the middle of 700+ mile trip, I got a flat. Local (middle of MN)
    shop told me the hole is too large to fix and I had to put a spare on - which is A20.

    I am driving back in few days with H/T on one side rear and A20 on the other, without a spare. Hope all goes well. If somone knows where to get one H/T tire in 245/55, please let me know. Otherwise, I will be stuck with A20 on the rear and H/T on the front....
  • cat46cat46 Posts: 4
    I got my toyo open country ht's at They were by far the cheapest. I had to change out my Bridgestone duelers at 24,000 miles. The ht's are supposed to do 60,000. Just a slight change in handling and road noise was noticed, but at least I'm not hydroplaning. I have a highlander hybrid and am beginning to wonder if it really is the tires after all. My previous highlander was fantastic in all conditions. It was real time 4wheel drive. The hybrid is on other forums being mentioned as front wheel drive and only engages when in slip mode. I had it in the snow for 5 mins and had to turn around. I was terrified.My other highlander was a tank. So is it just the tires? I will never buy another one if they don't do something for winter traction and the damned 19" tire size. I have a set of Bridgestone Blizzaks ordered because they are the only snows available. More money. This is ridiculous.
  • cat46cat46 Posts: 4
    Try Got mine in Sep. They may still have them.
  • I was ready to buy a highlander limited, but have been reading these posts about tire size and difficulty driving in the snow. I wonder how many highlander owners think that this issue is more trouble then the vehicle is worth. Would you buy a highlander again if you knew about the tire hassles?
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Yes, Yes, Yes..... :) Love the HIghlander and sooner or later there will be more tire choices available.
  • Just had new tires installed, got the toyo H/T's for $912.00 OTD w/alignment. The only place here in Connecticut that had them was Town Fair Tire. I ordered them thru their web site, and they beat Tread Depots price for 154.00 ea. When I went to have them installed, the service guy told me that he had gotten three calls from his other branches wanting the four tires he had so it was a good thing I got them when I did. Anyway, the toyo a20's I replaced only had 14,700 miles and were shot. I haven't driven the vehicle that much since due to it being the wifes vehicle, but when I have, it sounds and drives pretty much the same as before. I'm curious to see how it handles in the snow now. The tread looks a lot more aggressive than the a20's so I'm expecting much improved traction. I'll keep you posted.
  • Gary: Sorry, my math must not be working today---but you said your $912 w/alingment beat Tread Depots price of $154 (times 4). How do you have this figured?....are you saying that $154 x's 4 (or $616) turned out more than $912 by the time you figure shipping, install, balance, alingment, etc.?

    I'm ready to order four HT's---just curious as to what the true net price will be from the various providers?

  • Steve, this was how it broke down. Tread Depot had the tires priced at $157.00 ea. The cost of shipping was roughly $20.00 ea., Town Fair Tire sold them to me for $154.00 plus $20.00 shipping for a total of $174 ea.. They then charged me 28.99 ea. for mounting, balancing, valve stems, ect.. The 4 wheel alignment was $49.99, plus 6% tax for a total of roughly $912.00.
  • c183c183 Posts: 1
    After doing research on a replacement for the Toyo Open Country A20 P245/55R19
    that came with the car on purchase which only had 25,000 and were in bad shape one tire legally bald.
    I called Toyo direct in California telephone number 1-800-442-8696 explaining how disappointed with their tires. They started up a file for me and directed me to a distributor in my area and told me to have them check out my tires and then call them. I did that today and was given a 40% discount per tire from them on an upgraded tire the Toyo Open Country HT P245/55R19 which has a rating of 60,000 miles.
    This brought the total bill to $675.00.
    I had previously got a quote for the same tire from the dealer. the price from them
    I would encourage anyone having this problem to call Toyo Directly at the number above Good Luck!
    I should add this price included alignment and representative said free rotation for the life of the tire.
    Tires are on order and should be in next week or so.
    Name of company I dealt with Direct Tire in Massachusetts.
  • Thanks Gary, those numbers will help. Good luck with your new HT's.
  • Wow that's funny, I did the same thing and all Toyo would offer me was 25%, and my tires only had 12,500 on them. I once read a post about a guy getting 50% off, that's why I contacted them myself. My one mistake was when I brought the vehicle for inspection at the retailer, I mentioned that I just purchased it used, and when he contacted toyo about the condition of the tires he told them that the car was used. I contacted them again and was informed because I wasn't the original owner, 25% was all they would offer. I then asked them if I hadn't mentioned that the car was used would they have granted me more of a discount and they said no. I guess I should have pushed the issue further.
  • Well, I called Toyo and they told me to take a hike.

    I got the H/T delivered for littel over $700, including shipping from

    After busting one tire, treaddepot is sending me a new one. Obviously, I am paying for it.

    Also, I noticed that Toyo seems to be way more prone to flat tires. I have 2008 HL and I ended up with 3 flat tires under 3 years (on A20) + one on H/T last week. I have not had a flat tire on the car which H/L replaced. My other car which is 9 years old, I only recall one flat.

    Anyone else is seeing it ?
  • Folks:

    Clearly, there is a LOT of variation as to what type of "discount" is being offered by Toyo. We just called them today based on some of the recent posts and were treated very pleasantly on the phone by someone named "Candice". She directed me to a local dealer in small town Minnesota (wasn't aware we even had anyone selling Toyo) and said they'd measure the tread wear against the mileage on the car....and then to have that representative call her back and that reading would determine any discount they offered. The Toyo phone rep made the point that there ISN'T ANY WARRANTY on these tires and thus wanted to make it clear that Toyo doesn't have any obligation---but might well offer some "discount" towards new Toyo's. Call me pessimistic, but do they offer a discount against "suggested retail" so that even if you think you're getting a deal it might be a wash versus just trying to buy the tires via an online discounter and skip the hassle with going thru Toyo entirely? Can anyone who has gotten a discount (and I've now seen posts referencing 25%, 40% and even 50%) tell me whether that discount is against some inflated (no pun intended) retail price so that in the end it's pretty much of a wash?

    "Deflated in Minnesota"

    P.S. The woman (Candice) did say that "they've had a LOT of these complaints on this tire and she said she didn't know WHY they were installing this particular tire---as it was really only a 20,000-30,000 tire at best. That's the first time I've ever heard of an actual Toyo rep openly questioning Toyota's decision to use this tire on Highlanders.
  • Toyota is trying to save few $$$ using cheap tires, cheap plastics for interior and so forth, calling this cost reduction. The only problem here that this is their cost reduction at our expense.
  • Steve, the 25% discount offer from Toyo was off retail. I was told by the retailer that the retail price was $289.00 ea. Obviously they were cheaper on line than using their discount. If they offer you a discount, be sure not to mention it to the retailer until you find out what the retail price is. Good luck.
  • Does someone have better understanding how the tire pressure sensor and indicator of low tire pressure work ?

    So I got flat last week. The indicator comes up for tire pressure, I pull over to the nearest gas station, tire not repairable, so the spare is installed. For 3-4 days I am driving with inflated but defective tire in the spare location. The INDICATOR is NOT on. I am assuming that this is because the tire is inflated but the leak is really slow. Finally 4 days later, the indicator is ON. I am assuming that the damaged tire finally deflated enough so this is why INDICATOR came up as the other 4 tires look OK.

    Now, I get back, remove the spare and start looking for a new tire. The indicator is ON, I guess becuase spare is missing. My guess is that the computer counts the number of signals ? Sometimes, after I start the car the indicator is ON . Other times, after starting the car it blinks for a while and then it stays ON. Don't understand why.
  • as48as48 Posts: 9
    I did not have any issues with the TOYO A20 tires on my 08 Highlander sport. But at 38K, they were due for replacement. I did not want to pay $280 per A20 replacement, therefore, I 4 TOYO H/T tires that are the same size as the original A20 tires from for ~700 including delivery to my TOYOTA dealer which install them on my car. I drove them on the highway and local roads and they seems to be fine tires; no road noise or unsafe feeling. I assume that they will behave equal or better than the A20 in winter driving.
  • I have a 2008 Highlander Sport with 13,770 miles P245/55R19 A20 tires) . I went to the Toyota dealer and they were very aware of the tire issue. They would offer me 10% discount on Bridgestone. I contacted Toyo customer service at 1-800-442-8696 (Calif location) and they gave me 2 tire shops to bring my car for inspection. The conclusion is that all 4 tires have premature wear. Toyo will reimburse 50% of the cost for new tires. I also went with the Toyo H/T tires vs the Bridgestone since the Toyo H/T tires have a 64K warranty. I think the Bridgestone only had 40K. Toyo is very much aware of the issue with the A20 tires. It was actually a pleasure to deal with Toyo - which was quite a surprise.
  • gopcsgopcs Posts: 2
    Well, I bit the bullet. I bought new wheels and tires.

    I have been looking at the Highlander all summer. The sales people say they are not aware of tire issues on the Highlander. I printed info from Edmunds and Consumer Reports, and included forum posts, and gave it to a salesman. I also sent emails to dealers in the area and to Toyota Corp. regarding their poor selection of wheel size and tires.

    So I bought a 2010 Highlander Sport last week knowing that I would be adding to the cost by replacing tires and wheels.

    Went to Discount Tire last night and purchased 4 wheels 8x18" and 4 Michelin LTX-MS 245/60R18 tires. I have had this tire on 3 different vehicles including the previous vehicle, a 2001 Highlander Limited. This tire has the same circumference as the 245/55R19 Toyo's. The Michelin's are great tires, and should easily last 60k miles. Ride and handing are fine, there is a bit more road noise, as would be expected.

    A guy at Discount Tire said another Highlander owner was in last week doing the same wheel/tire replacement.
  • I'm sorry for being a skeptic----but I think it's absolutely NOT TRUE that the Toyota people don't know about the Highlander tire issue, I think it's just good politics to pretend when asked that you know of no litigation/complaints, etc. I "played dumb" and asked the Toyota dealer I bought my 2008 Highlander Hybrid about any "tire concerns" on this car and he said he hadn't really heard about that issue....and then I responded that I knew of a Highlander owner who had serious tire problems who came to them and told them she was going to work on developing a "class action suit" as she knew of many other Highlander owners who had serious tire problems including one who had an accident attributed to worn tires. He sort of turned white and said, "oh, you mean that tire problem". It's just B.S. that they don't know---they know the same as most producers who have a bad product that they have to represent and they're only going to respond to serious inquiries---and not volunteer they know anything other than that. So, good luck with your tire/rim change; sounds pretty ridiculous of having to go out and by new tires/rims for a brand new car. Wonder why you didn't consider first trying the Toyo HT's that everyone on this site seems to feel is the best solution at a reasonable price.....with the expectation that some other manufacturer other than Toyo will eventually produce a reliable tire for this vehicle/rim size?
  • I don't know about Toyota response above mentioned "classic action suit".
    It may be concerned with that or not, Toyo Tire contact me yesterday. I contacted and complained about the premature ware out tire but they just play the game with me by sending me out to no Toyo Dealer. When I got to the tire shop or garage which was the agent gave me to go and check my tire and I ended up to hear that they are not Toyo Dealer and no responsible for that.

    Then I reported to BBB but nothing happen again. I finally give up and change my tires to Duler.

    Now they contact me and they want my invoice of new tire and after they got that receipt they will reinvest 38% of the cost.

    Why this one pop up after 6 months of complaint? Any idea? Anyway I'm a little bit happy with reinvestment.
  • 400e400e Posts: 41
    For what it's worth, I ordered a set of H/Ts earlier this week and they are on the way.

    Has anyone else ordered them lately to confirm that the national backorder situation has ended?
  • as48as48 Posts: 9
    yes I rceived the H/T tires last Friday and they seems to be fine.
  • as48as48 Posts: 9
    In my Camry, the tire sensor lighted up, but when I checked the tire presure, all 4 tires were at the required presure. The guy at the Toyota service told me that upon the cold weather, the air presure reduced during the night and causes the sensor to show low presure. He suggested to raise the presure by a couple of lbs from 32 to 34, and this will prevent the problem.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Hello everyone,
    I posted a few weeks ago about installing my new Toyo HT's. I have taken two trips since having the new HT tires, and I want to tell you that they are much, much, more quiet than the A20's , and the ride is very smooth.
    I am very pleased with the difference in the ride, as I was concerned it might make the ride rougher.
    Since I have read many post with people complaining about the ride and noise with the Bridgestones, I am glad I made the decision to go with Toyo HT's.
    The HT has a great warranty, so I would recommend that you stay with the Toyo tires until more choices are out there.
    To those who ask if I would buy another Highlander due to the tire situation, the answer is YES. I have had many Toyotas, and the Highlander is the best I have had, and I love driving it. To make sure of warranty issues, that was also a reason for not switching tire sizes.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    YES, as I posted about my new HT's, yes, I would buy another Highlander. I have had many Toyota's, and I love the Highlander. Mine is an 08 Limited. since having the HT tires installed, the ride is actually more quiet and smooth. I recently took two trips with the new tires, and it was awesome ! Now, I am ready for whatever winter brings, and feel very comfortable with these tires. They also have a great warranty.
    Hope this helps.....
  • I'm not sure of the Camry but I had a Sequoia and I have a Highlander - check the spare. My tire sensor came on and in each case it was the spare. All 4 tires were on or close to the recommended pressure but the spare was low. Once I filled the spare, the light went off.
  • Thanks for letting me know that you would still buy the Highlander in spite of the tire and rim size issues. I hope that the new HT tires are better in the snow and last longer as well. It is reassuring to know that there is a solution to the tire issue and that you love the vehicle.
  • Just like everyone else, I was amazed this past summer, when I noticed that tires on my 2008 4WD Limited (Treadwear rating of 300) were wearing out at 28,000 miles. Especially after rotaing them every 5,000 miles. Who would have thought you would get a set of cheap tires on a $40,000. vehical. My local dealership quoted me a price of $1,500 plus tax ($120.) $1620 to replace with a new set of Toyo's. It's always a pleasure doing business with my local dealer. You can always count on them to treat you fair and give you the best possible price available (not!). So any way, I started checking around for a set of Toyo P245/55R19 Open Country H/T 103S (Treadwear rating of 640, 60,000 mile tire). They seemed to be on backorder everywhere, but I finally went with "" because I had done business with them in the past. After about 4 weeks, they finally came in. Paid $151.00 each, a set of 4 was $747 delivered to the door, including the 36 month Road Hazard and shipping. I then went to my local allignment shop and had the tires mounted, balanced and a front and rear alignment for $143. That's a total cost of $890. A savings of $730 over my local dealer. I've only had them a few days, but they seem to ride great, milage is the same at approx. 23 mpg and they look good.

    PS. Don't get me wrong, I love my Highlander, wouldn't trade it for anything. Just wanted to talk about the tire issue.
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