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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Did they give you the HT's as a replacement for the A20's?
  • Has anyone discovered this unfortunate issue with 2008 - Highlander Limited?

    TIRES and replacement of them with 19 inch wheels ! Mine came stock with Toyo tires and now at 33K miles it has become time to search for replacements. Guess what...! NOBODY except ONE company has 19 inch tires from which to choose and these are quite inferior tires from what I have been told.

    Dealership can get TOYO tires (original OEM) from warehouse in Colorado, but at premium price of $1,200 installed for 4 tires.
    I had hoped good companies like Goodyear or Michelin would have quality tires with good treadwear by now for a 2008 vehicle. I believe the other company is Bridgestone or someone else and research on this tire from readers indicated stay away from them due to poor wet road handling and NOT good on ice or snow. Living in Michigan, I NEED both and getting ready for WINTER 2009.
    I cannot believe this mess and only ONE, maybe 2 tire companies out there having a mediocre tire to install on vehicle.
    Will appreciate any feedback from fellow Highlander - 2008 - LIMITED owners of this vehicle.

    Have YOU replaced your OEM tires yet?

  • Hello:
    Yes, same issues on my end. I have 2008 Highlander Limited and now I cannot find decent tires to fit 19 inch rims. Only two mediocre tires will fit that I found.

    TOYO tires came on vehicle but after 30K miles they are about shot and looking for new tires for Fall-Winter snow-ice-wet road conditions that will give a decent ride.
    NO luck in Michigan and dealer told me same thing about changing rims.

    Any news or updates on tires and experiences appreciated at:
  • Thanks for note on the tires.
    I did not find these on Michelin website and sent note to them.
    Now that it is mid-September, are you still happy with tires you purchased? Wider tires but not an issue with gas mileage? Ride pretty good?
    Need them for wet roads - snow real soon - and icy conditions. Where did you purchase?
    No issues with mounting on standard rims that came with 08 Limited?
    Thanks and will stand by at:
  • I'm not trying to be a smart a**, but read back through this entire thread. There have been some who have gone up a size (255/55/19) and have found that there are much more options available in this size AND no issues with 10mm wider tires on OEM HL LTD wheels.
  • just received my shipment of them directly from and delivered in 4 days. total for 4 tires with shipping $710 will have a local garage mount and balance for $20 each. Town Fair Tire wanted $900 and I would get them in October. I am willing to give these a chance rather than change wheels and tires (although its a very smart thing to do) the HTs have much more tread than the toyos that came with the 2008 HL limited. will repost after I have them mounted and will comment on the ride & handling qualities. I did all of my research from this site and online tire dealers - what a great resource!
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Can't wait to hear how you like them... I've read great reports on them and they are also a 65K tire Vs the Open Countrys.

    I still hope Michelin builds them in the near future. When I talked to them a few weeks back, when I couldn't get any Xice snows in this size, they told be they were seeing more request and not just from Toyota owners so they were going back to the engineering group on them.
  • I have a Sport with the 19's. I did find the Michelin Xice in the 17" and bought a set of base HL 17 OEM wheels on ebay for ~140 each. That lets me install them whenever I see fit and I don't need to wait in line and pay for mount & balance twice a year when switching between snows and summers. Plus, I'm not eating up my good summer alloys with the winter salt. This works for me since I'll be keeping the HL for at least 10 years. I use it only during the winter and to drive the dog around. The way I look at it I'm either wearing my snows or summers down at any given time and the extra margin of safety in the winter is worth the cost of the wheels IMHO.
  • I also have Sport and I have 19 H/T arriving on Mon via UPS. I think putting 17 inch would take something away from the car. I hope Michelin will have something in this size next time around.

    Before I ordered H/T I called Toyo to moan about A20s. I was told that Toyo does not provide warranty on its tires which are sold as OEM on new cars. When I questioned them how is the set of new A20 (If I was to buy one) different from A20 sold with a new car, I was told that neither one would have mileage warranty. I was told that H/T have 60K (or is it 40K?) warranty.

    Can't wait til I get H/T on my car. I only got 25K off A20.
  • If you live in an area that doesn't use road salt, then I agree with keeping 19's on, but a few years of running your 19's in the Northeast winter salt and you'll have year-round wheels that will definitely take something away - and look like crap ALL YEAR. Personally, I'm willing to sacrifice a second set of wheels to the winter salt and have something that looks great in the other 8 months. Also, there's an extra inch of sidewall on the 17's that will help in early spring pothole season. As for those going up a tire size, that is actually the WRONG thing to do IF you're doing it for winter snow. Do some research before that move; I know, it sounds illogical at first, but the reason is that wider tires 'plow' through the snow - narrower tires are actually better - like I said, just do your research. (All of these comments only apply if you live in a snow prone area like I do, and are considering snow tires, otherwise I would consider the wider all-season tires myself - but not for heavy snow and salt regions.)
  • I've been watching this discussion for a while and finally decided to pull the trigger on HTs, but then found that they were $78 less per tire than A20s on one of the online tire outlets. What's with that? Any ideas?
  • Never lived in NE but get plenty of salt in IL. Have not noticed this issue with my previous cars. For me is not worth the headaches of storing and swapping extra set of tires/wheels. If the weather gets really bad in the winter I always have the option to work from home for a day or two. I guess it comes down to you personal situation.
  • Yes, indeed. I agree with the "wider" tires for winter driving. I live in Michigan and can attest to nowlen comment about wider not being so good in winter driving conditions. Have received an email from The Michelin Man. They indicated that a lot of Highlander owners are going with the Michelin Lattitude Tour HP tires at P255/55/R19. My TOYO tires are 45 which are a bit "smaller".
    Regarding the Bridgestones... Read the reviews of "unhappy" owners on various tire websites like KANROCK and other websites. Apparently, there are more than a few "unhappy" customers with these Bridgestone tires. In the past, I have been very happy with Michelin all season tires on vehicles I have owned.
    Trying to stay away from TOYO tires due to their "extreme" wearing even though I rotated them every 6K-8K very faithfully.
    Seems very strange that manufacturers and especially TOYOTA would have done more research with regard to putting 19 inch wheels on this vehicle in first place.

    Rims and salt: Yes, they can beat the rims up pretty bad. I used a good clear coat finish on the rims and try my best to keep the "SALT" off the rims with good cleaning as often as I can during WINTER months. Do not have storag capabilities or extra CASH to spend on different rims and tires just for Spring-Summer driving.

    Will let you know how I make out on the Michelin tires. TOYO are $965.00 installed in my area once they "arrive" from God knows where.
  • Checked on the no warranty issue with Michelin. If you buy the Lattitude TOUR -- HP (High Performance) + High speed rated tire --- Yes, no warranty on treadwear. IF you stick with the Lattitude Tour which is still a good all around tire for wet roads and snow, there is a treadwear warranty. Plus, they will send you the coupon for a rebate of $60.00 for a set of 4. Can get from Discount Tire - Belle Tire - Sears tire dept.
  • Received HT. Look good on the floor. Word of caution if someone thinks of winter tires only. My local tire shop quoted ~$170 to put new tires on. So doing this exercise twice a year, can become really expensive.
  • grahampetersgrahampeters AustraliaPosts: 1,783

    In flicking back through posts on this page I see that it is three years (and about 75,000km or 45,000 miles) since I fitted the Geolanders to my Kluger. They have proven surprisingly good and still have about 4.5mm or 3/16" tread left. Minimum standard in Australia is 3/32" but I tend to swap tyres before this. That suggests likely life in excess of 100,00km or 62,500 miles.

    Handling is still good and I have been very pleased with performance. Wear is about twice that of the original Toyos and performance dramatically better.


  • My tires are worn out at 35000 Miles, The Dealer try to tell me that the tojo tires intalled on new vehicles are always a bad quality tire, and I should be lucky that I did get 35000 Miles on them. He suggest that I by the same tire brand, and that they will be a lot better quality tire, and should last for at least 65000 miles.

    should I believe them???

  • Greetings:

    Heck no ! Why would same brand, same model tires give you MORE miles just because YOU are purchasing them. Another ploy from the dealer to ROB your checkbook and put inferior tires on your vehicle. I am getting Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires installed. One size bigger though: 255/50R/19. These are supposed to be good tires giving good ride, last much longer, and also good on ice and snow. Getting mine from Discount Tire in local Saginaw, MI area. Belle Tire can also get them. Stay away from TOYO and Bridgestone. Bad reviews posted on about the Bridgestone tires. My current TOYO tires have 31,000 miles and rotated every 6,000 miles since new. Now they are JUNK. Getting ready for Michigan WINTER.
    Good luck.
  • I've begun the search for replacement tires for my '08 Highlander Ltd. Since the vehicle only has 30K miles and TOYO tires are about shot one must be careful about voiding the TOYOTA warranty for this vehicle. Toyota tells me if I go "any" size bigger on the tires other than the P245/55/R19, it will VOID my vehicle warranty from Toyota. It also discusses this aspect on the TOYOTA website and confirms the dealership tire guy. He has seen some instances where owners did this and TOYOTA did indeed NOT honor the warranty on the vehicle. So that really limits choices from which to choose. does NOT give the Bridgestone Duelers a very favorable rating and TOYO are the next choice . .. That's it. Anyone else having same issues or hearing the same thing from the TOYOTA folks, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.

    MS :( :(
  • I hope you understood the ramification of doing this task? Voids the warranty on vehicle from Toyota. That is unless you have more miles on vehicle than I do... See Toyota website or call dealer service dept. They'll confirm for you. Same issues with 19 inch tires and going up a size. I've been told to wait until vehicle is out of warranty to make a change and still keep the warranty intact.
  • Can you get 6K more miles on the current tires? Then, your warranty is gone anyway and upsizing won't matter.
  • I still have 11K left on the warranty and 19 H/T should last as long and more. With more and more cars coming out with 19, I am pretty sure Michelin will be there next time around,3+ years from now...

    Again, I would caution people again getting A20 as replacements, since Toyo will not warrant these tires on vehicles which ship as OEM with these tires. The H/T have at least 40K warranty.

    I have H/T mounted week from tomorrow. Will provide update.
  • I doubt if voiding the warranty on the entire vehicle due to different sized tires being used would ever stand up in any court. Maybe if they could prove that some component was damaged due to an oversized tire, Toyota could come out a winner. Me, I ran 235/60-18s on my '06 for 3 years and never had any problems. With the reliability built into these new Toyotas, chances are very good nobody else will have problems either.
  • Probably not. However, courts take time and in meantime most people need a car. You will also need to get expert witnesses, lawyer etc. If you ever have an issue in the wheel area (like breaks,suspension etc) you better believe that the dealer will blame this on your over/under size tires.
  • grahampetersgrahampeters AustraliaPosts: 1,783

    What Toyota actually says is:

    "Toyota does not recommend modifying the vehicle in any manner, including changing the original tire size or the suspension. Toyota vehicles meet all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards when they are originally distributed, and modification could affect the safety and/or operation of the vehicle and remove it from compliance with specifications and standards mandated by the Federal Government. Additionally, should a condition occur on the vehicle that can be attributed to any type of modification, the warranty on the affected components may be impacted or voided."

    The caveats they express are reasonable as some people will seek to drastically modify tyre sizes which can affect safety or alter handling characteristics. Try calling Toyota and finding whether they have knowledge of tyre changes that are permissible.


  • That's no where as bad as "automatically void the warranty on the vehicle" like some other people were led to believe by their dealers.
  • as48as48 Posts: 9
    I have the Highlander Sport 2008 with the 19" TOYO A20 tires since December 2007 with 36000 miles. The tires need to be replaced in the near future. I did not encounter any driving issues with these tires. The ride is smooth and secure even at high speed on both small roads and highway driving. Similarly, I did not encounter any winter driving issues on snowy roads in the North East. I drive a lot of miles in PA, CT and MA.
    However, I don't like the "special" pricing to the TOYO 245/ 55 R19 Open Country A20 tires. The dealer charges upward of $260 and internet pricing is ~$234. This tire type is not available at any local replacement tire service stores, and almost none of the popular tire companies make this size tires for the Highlander sport. Basically there are very few choices and no competition.
  • Hello:
    Yes, indeed, no competition. I have TOYO tires coming from Belle Tire in Michigan where I live. Price installed with road hazard warranty - ready to go is $1,120 with taxes and disposal fees of old tires.
    Lifetime rotation and other stuff included.

    Not that I do not like the TOYO tires, but mine are shot after 31,000 miles and do not like the ability to choose from other manufacturers like Michelin or Goodyear without the worry of invalidating my Toyota warranty by going to BIGGER size tires on 19 inch wheels. Stay away from the Bridgestone tires. Bad reviews on website. Other's in my area also have had bad road noise and other issues with the Bridgestone tires that will fit this vehicle. Also: Do not wait to get tires with winter FAST approaching. TOYO tires are in very limited supply.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Tire Rack was showing the correct size 19" Blizzak Winter tires a while ago so I ordered a set. So far my delivery date has been moved twice and is now out to mid October for arrival/delivery to their warehouse....

    I will go with the HT's when these A20's wear out, cheaper and a 65K warranty, unless Michelin or someone else steps up and starts to make them. Michelin has indicated in notes I had exchanged whith them that this is now becoming a more popular size and they will be looking at offering it next year... but until I see them listed I will just consider it pampering me.
  • as48as48 Posts: 9
    I sent an email to TOYOTA customer service, asking a bout the difference between the Open Country H/T and A20. I hope to get a meaningful answer.
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