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Axiom 6-CD Changer

spawn1980spawn1980 Member Posts: 10
edited May 2014 in Isuzu
Is it possoble to add the stock 2002 ISUZU AXIOM 6-CD CHANGER to a pioneer avic n1 player.


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    jedmustangjedmustang Member Posts: 12
    A couple days ago, my CD changer would not play. I had not used it for a couple weeks. I was listening to the radio, then I pushed the CD button on the front panel. Nothing happened, the radio kept playing. I opened the center console to eject the disk cartridge and pressed the eject button. Nothing happened, the cartridge appears to be stuck and will not move and come up. I can't tell if there is a cd jammed or not, it is loaded with 6 cd's and I have a couple favorites in there. Any ideas? How hard is it to remove the changer and take apart even to remove the cd's? Can the changer be repaired or replaced?
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    justinantraejustinantrae Member Posts: 2
    I am having the exact same problem! Were you able to get it to play, or were you able to replace it? I am considering just having it removed, and buying a non-Isuzu changer...do you know if that is possible?
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    It probably won't help, but try pulling the fuse to reset the changer. You might get lucky (link).
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    jedmustangjedmustang Member Posts: 12
    I got lucky, and I am not sure why. But it is working all right now. It started working just after I accidently left the lights on, and ran down the battery. Then I had to jump start, and of all things, after that, I gave the CD changer a try and it WORKED!!

    I now recall, it seems like it originally stopped working after a previous lights-on-jump-start incident.

    Perhaps there is some fuse set reset going on. I just have to be careful to turn off the lights from now on.
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    technosofttechnosoft Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problem. CD player stopped working on my Axiom 2004 completely. It looked like no power to CD changer ( eject button was not worked), but Radio worked just fine.
    So I turned my computer on and follow your direction pull the fuse out (No 2 - 15A - Audio B+) , so reset the circuit. As soon I put this fuse back on, CD changer start working and plays CD.

    Thanks for advice
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    justinantraejustinantrae Member Posts: 2
    I just tried it...and it worked! Thanks so much for posting, I was just about to have it looked @ by an Isuzu dealer! Great Timing!!
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    rbronoskyrbronosky Member Posts: 1
    I had been thinking for a almost a month that I needed to try looking for a burnt fuse in my wife's Axiom. I stumbled across this post and it really saved me. I really appreciate the detail you added to your post. (I went straight to the fuse "Audio +B 15A" from the panel guide.)

    The reason it was so important that I found this post is that I would have probably not fixed the problem otherwise. He is what I did:
    1. Went to the car and did not put the key in the ignition.
    2. Pulled fuse "Audio +B 15A" and checked to see if it was burnt.
    3. It was not burnt so I replaced it.
    4. Put the key in and turned the ignition just enough to get the radio going.
    5. Push the Eject on the changer, and then the CD button on the radio... nothing.
    6. Against my better judgment, I pulled the same fuse again while it was powered on.
    7. I replaced the fuse and cringed at the huge blue spark that it caused.
    8. The CD changer immediately started shuffling.
    9. I pressed the eject button and got my CDs out.
    10. I verified that the CD player is working like new.

    It's all good in the neighborhood. Thank you community. Thank you Google.
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    pulled the same fuse again while it was powered on.

    Interesting variation - I'll add that trick to the Stuck CD guide. Sweet (although the big blue spark would scare the crap out of me)!
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    jamrock02jamrock02 Member Posts: 9
    WOW, I'm glad I found this. The CD on my 02 Ax stopped playing, gave a 'mechanical error A' on the readout, wouldn't do anything but the radio worked, fortunately the dealer replaced it under warrenty (so they claim). I'm wondering now as I've seen this post. I recently got rear ended and the cd player stopped playing, possible jammed from the impact. The insurance refused to pay fore it because they or I can't prove it was the accident that caused it. (Unh!)
    Anyway the dealer wants $465.00 to replace and another $150.00 for labor. The court has awarded judgement for the driver that hip me to pay for it, still waiting for the check. The accident was Nov 07 its now Sept 08 and I'm still waiting fro the check.
    I'll try this fuse thing and let you all know. Then I could use the check if I ever get it for a cold air intake.
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    ken90ken90 Member Posts: 3
    I don't have any stuck cd problem; yet there seems an err message displayed. My cd won't play and constantly reads err message, but radio works fine. I have 6-cd on a isuzu axiom, v6
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    isu2isu2 Member Posts: 8
    mine did this twice after the lights were left on battery run down.
    both times i removed the console around it and unplugged cd changer under console. replugged in and it worked
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Sounds like a good tip. Was it a wiring harness that you unplugged then?
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    walk_the_walk2walk_the_walk2 Member Posts: 140
    Thank you RB! Just tried this and it worked. Posted elsewhere, reposting it here:

    Incredible good luck. Thinking my 02 Axiom's 6 CD Clarion Changer had died, I was attempting to buy another one, only to find out that there was nothing wrong with it in the first place. I read the tip in this section about removing the B+ fuse and it reset my CD changer and it is NOW WORKING FINE!

    I think the whole lockup/freezeup/no response problem was caused by my battery running dead a few weeks ago, when the interior light was left on, so this could happen to anyone.

    Here are the exact steps to correct the problem, in case your Axiom CD changers freezes up:


    Remove the Axiom's interior fuse panel cover at the left hand side of the dashboard by the driver's side door. Look for the B+ Audio Acc fuse, a 15 amp fuse (blue). It is the 2nd fuse from the top and is labeled for Audio Accessories.

    With the car turned off, unplug the B+ 15 amp fuse using a small pair of needle nose pliars. With the fuse removed, start up the Axiom. The amber MID display will now be completely blank. Shut off the car and reinstall the same 15 A fuse (unless its blown, of course, in which case you need a new one instead). This sequence appears to reset the MID Control Panel/CD connection somehow.

    When you restart the car with the fuse in place, the CD changer on your 02 Axiom should come back to life and eject the CD cartridge. All should work again, or else the CD changer is defective or jammed.

    Thank you to rbronosky for his original post on this elsewhere in this forum. I did the same steps, only without making a big spark, as I reinserted the fuse with the car turned off. But, I would have never even guessed this was possible without his post. THANK YOU, RBRONOSKY!


    Now, for the bad news. This is my 2nd CD changer, which I bought on Ebay from a junkyard for about $75. I replaced the original CD changer, because it had jammed up, too, JUST LIKE THIS ONE, and I tossed it out, thinking it was dead. It even had a CD cartridge still stuck in it. That unit may well have had nothing wrong with it in the 1st place!!

    Final comment: Some folks could easily get suckered into paying $600 for a new CD player from their dealer just because their CD locked up like mine. Isuzu sure has done a terrible job communicating problems with their vehicles. We should not have to learn how to fix these kinds of problems thru the grapevine, and Isuzu deserves to no longer be in the US car market!
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    rodrigkbrodrigkb Member Posts: 2
    This process absolutely works. Thank you! Been driving without my CD player for 1 yr now since it was out of warrently. This took about 30 secs to fix. Now just need to find an answer to my compass and clock issue.
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    mkmc1020mkmc1020 Member Posts: 1
    I disconnected my battery on my 04 Axiom and reconnected it. Ever since then, my cd changer does not work. It says NAVI ACCS instead of CD. Do you think the fuse instructions below will do the trick? Let me know. Thanks!
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    richieganrichiegan Member Posts: 3
    Give it a try, can't hurt.
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