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Volkswagen Cabrio Warning Lights and Problem Codes



  • Anytime any car won't start make sure battery cables are tight and CLEAN. It is a common problem for a cable to become loose and loose connection. Especially if tehy are not kept clear of corrosion.
  • when i start the car the a/c light flashes on and off and then it stops flashing while i am driving?
  • I am experiencing a ODBII Code P0341 cam sensor problem. I believe this is the sensor on the distributor. There is no other sensors on the engine besides the crank. I replaced the sensor and cleared the code. The code reappears. The timing belt was replaced.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you Kurt
  • vapetevapete Posts: 2
    had my daughters car popped with two codes:
    p1296 - fuel air control
    don't remenber code number but is was coolant temp incorrect
    i cleared the codes as the car seems to be running fine and they have not returned

    any help?

    2.0L with 69500 miles. recently purchased.
  • My 2000 Cabrio just failed inspection because of the OBD. A few issues that needed to be addressed were taken care of. One was a new coil which caused the car to stall on the highway. Car has always been a tough car to start and hopefully the coil will repair this. Is this a nagging problem with the 2L engine? Back to the codes though, I have a total of 5 code issues. Three of them I think are related to the coil issue. P0300, P0302, P0303 Misfire cylinders. The 2 other codes appear to be a conflict on each other. P1128 - Long Term Fuel Trim mult.,Bank1 System too Lean and P0172 - Fuel Trim,Bank1 System too Rich. This is a bit confusing to me. One code too rich other code too lean.

    Anybody have this problem before?

    To top it off, the check engine light isn't even coming on. Did a bulb burn out?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • jcashelljcashell Posts: 2
    I was driving in the rain on the highway today and the car started sort of chugging and the engine light came on. The car died. now this happened on a winter day a year ago after I had gassed up the car. I used dry gas and it corrected it. Im not sure that the engine light had come on that time though. I can start the car and move it in the driveway. The light is still on though. I had it towed off the highway. Just wondering if anyone has encountered this problem. thanks Jean

    I gassed up the car yesterday, and it is a 99 cabrio.
  • celested9celested9 Posts: 1

    I just bought a used 2001 Cabrio and yesterday a warning symbol appeared on the dash. It looks like an engine with a lightening bolt through it. The car still runs but I don't want to damage anything by continuing.

    What do I need to do?

    Thx. Celeste
  • It's so funny reading all these posts because my 02 Cabrio has had most of these things happen. There's been so many that I can't really remember the fixes off the top of my head but if anyone is desperate for a fix they can't figure out, let me know and I will check with my repair guy (we've become good friends after my Cabrio has been in there so many time).

    The latest fixes I can remember:

    The stalling out problem in the rain was resolved by simply replacing the coil. I have had some similar issues in the past after filling up like some previous posts and one time I think replacing the fuel filter helped but we never really figured out what exactly the problem was there.

    Wheel bearings have always been a problem on this car and have had to repair/replace several times.

    In addition, the car's underneath always seems to get rusted out around the muffler, etc. and eventually leads to having to weld the pipes together or replace the entire exhaust sysytem..

    My little temperature light had been coming on, which ended up being a leak in the coolant tank.

    My check engine light is now on, which my repair guy says is because the car needs a new cadalytic converter (an emissions thing so will not pass inspection unless fixed) and also needs a new radiator (which is something that has to be done asap).

    My E-break light is now on as well which is something related to one of the e-break cables. The e-break still works however. I've always had problems relating to the e-break.

    So with several sensor lights on, and several problems on this car in the past, I feel your pain. I have had a lot of fun in this car, but for a 2002 and having been the sole owner of this car, seems like more problems than normal, especially compared with a Honda as mentioned previously. My repair guy agrees.

    This is why, despite my love for the car, I have finally decided to move on (after several years of my repair guy telling me to do so) to a Honda or Toyota.

    Again, if anyone has particular problems they want to discuss with me, I'm sure I've had them and can make a few recommendations, but my best recommendation would be to trade it in and get a more reliable car, unless you don't do much driving and just want a little convertible to chug around your town in. And NEVER go to the dealer unless your car is still covered under warranty. Go to some one you trust!

    I've decided to trade my 02 Cabrio with 138k miles in for a Prius 2010. I am only getting 2300 for my trade-in, which they say is the 'auction value' but you could probably get more if you trade-in at a car retailer that also sells VWs because the KBB trade-in value is more like 4-5k, and it helps to not have a bunch of miles and warning sensors on. I would not trade-in for another VW though. Too many problems and most private repair shops dont have the computers to read the german cars.

    Good luck!
  • rhondadrhondad Posts: 1
    My 2002 Cabrio also has that light with the lightening bolt through it- :cry: I have no idea what it means- have you figured it out yet?
  • replaced oil pump,still have same problem.looking for pressure relief valve on a 95 vw cabrio.does anybody know where it is.
  • i had the same problem with my 95 cabrio.Turned out to be the cam sensor.
  • I have gotten a No Link message on the emissions code reader device - actually on three seperate devices. I believe I have a problem with the computer that it reads. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so - What may be causing the problem.
    I just had the Catalytic Converter and exhaust to the rear of the car replaced and the place that did the exhaust said his two devices couldn't link to the computer either.
    If anyone has a clue, please help.

    Kelly in CT
  • I had same problem it was related to the radio I unplugged all wires to radio and they were able to read the code something to do with the radio???
  • The MIL is the least of the problems we have had in the only 5k miles we have owned this lemon, which only has about 54k miles in total on it. The code we get from our reader is P0455, aka evap. emission control. At times, the light has stayed off for weeks after a reset, which seems odd because either there is a leak or there isn't, I would think. We have tried all sorts of things, incl. the usual gas cap replacement. Currently it comes on regularly after a few drive cycles. Any thoughts on this?

    Today I had yet another disturbing interlude: after very heavy Florida cloudbursts, it suddenly stalled and died on me at a stop sign. I was able to start it again easily but a few miles later after going through a big puddle, it stalled and died again, and this time it took me a little longer to restart it. My husband sprayed WD-40 on all sorts of parts, and it didn't die on us anymore after that. Of course, he was driving because I wouldn't anymore.

    I could go on with more interesting anecdotes, but I don't want to bore you. :mad:
  • 2000 Cabrio convertible. OK. Talk about a rock and a hard place! Emissions says they can't test the car until the drive cycle is complete. The mechanic says we can't get a waiver until the car actually fails an emission test. We have taken it to a VW dealership and they have kept it for 11 days now. They think someone disconnected the engine light. It has never been on since I have had the car.(3 mos). Anyone else have THIS problem? :cry:
  • I am going through the same thing. Emissions can't test it, mechanic can't give a waiver until it actually fails. I have owned my Cabrio for 3 mos and the check engine light has NEVER shone. The VW people think it is unplugged. Has anyone answered you?
  • pinatapinata Posts: 2
    Boy, can I relate to your blog! However, my cute little red Cabrio convertible has only 25,000 miles (driven by a little old lady!) and yet I seem to have it at a mechanic every other month. Thus far, they have only replaced a hose, and some other minor thing, but usually they find nothing (even certified Volkswagon mechanics--NOT the dealer), the light is out for a few weeks and then suddenly it comes on again, and another trip to the mechanic! Luckily, unlike you, I haven't had any serious problems while driving, but that dashboard light is driving me so crazy, I, too, am thinking of telling my cute little car goodbye!
  • pinatapinata Posts: 2
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, Celeste, but my 2002 Cabrio has less than 25,000 miles on it but has had that nasty red engine light lit up on dashboard more times than I can count. First few times, mechanic found minor adjustments, however, now the mechanics are at a loss for a solution, so they get the light off and two weeks later, it is back on! Very frustrating to say the least.
  • its fixed.i dis-connected the wire going to the oil sending unit(the one sitting on top of the oil filter) and connected it to a good ground ,and the beeping and the light have stopped. it now has 205 k on it.
  • girliegiggirliegig Posts: 1
    Hi detaildave,
    I hope you're still around because I need step-by-step instructions on how to fix the never-ending beeping of my oil sensor on my 95 Cabrio, and I signed up on this Web site specifically because you seemed to be able to fix what has been driving me crazy. It also seems this is a problem other people have had with their VWs.

    So... No leaks. Oil pressure is fine, but the light and alarm won't stop. They usually go off with high rpms. My local dealer doesn't seem to want to touch it, so I thought I'd try to do it myself. While I'm good at electronic/mechanical things, I have very little idea what I'm doing. I don't even know where the oil filter is in my car. Can you walk me through it? My local mechanics seem to have given up on me and my rather beat up vehicle.


    Oh yeah, I bought the car used many years ago and it did not come with a manual.
  • stacky1stacky1 Posts: 1
    I am new to this site but wanted to say thanks for the tip. My check engine light was on 2 days after I had taken it in to be fixed. The mechanic had repaired some vacuum hoses on 3 lines. After I drove the car for a day it was back on w/the same error code (P1582). I had seen your post and asked him to clean this part and he must have not taken my girly advise. My boyfriend did as you said and the light has been off ever since. I am the new owner of a 2002 Red Cabrio and loving it, even if it does come with a few repairs. Thanks Again!
  • hallkanehallkane Posts: 20
    HI Stacky1 -
    Glad to have helped with the check engine light. Thanks for the feedback. FYI -- We are still doing it from time to time - it still needs it-- with over 150,000 miles!
  • kperry27kperry27 Posts: 1
    Greetings all! We have a 99 cabrio and the other day when my husband was coming home from work the check engine light popped on, and the car came to a complete stop. He got it towed to auto zone, and there they read they checked the codes to see why the check engine light was on and they told us that one of the spark plugs was bad and that the car needed a tune up. So that is what we did we got new spark plugs, a distributor cap and coil. The only thing we had not changed out was the wires which the guy said we didn't have to right now, but very soon needed to change out. Well the car started up, but the check engine light was still on and now we can here like a ticking nose in the engine and the car is shaking. We asked some friends and they said it could be a vacuum leak and we checked for that last night and found no leaks in the hoses. Then someone else told us to make sure we had the firing order right and that the wires were hooked on correct and we did. The order is right we tripled checked and the wires are on there pretty good. So we still don't know what could be wrong. can anyone give us some guidance so we can get our car moving again. Thanks!
  • hallkanehallkane Posts: 20
    Yikes, sorry to read about the drastic trouble. Haven't experienced what you have on our 99. One tinsy item we've learned over our 150K miles is we can only use Bosch spark plugs. The car hesitates and misses with other plugs. We dread paying the premium but it performs smoother with them. Also, plug and wire #3 are perpetually a problem. Inside the wire's cap it is often "white" from misfiring, and we have replaced just that wire a few times to achieve a smoother idle. (V W will sell the distributor wires individually). Good Luck!
  • hallkanehallkane Posts: 20
    Dear Owners of 99 Cabrios -
    Greetings Again. We've found another solution to a persistent P1582 code. It nearly had us stumped, so we drove it with the light on for nearly a year! We found the EGR valve was stuck. Our EGR valve (Exhaust Gas R?) is located at the back of the engine. It is a valve; piston like. It was frozen due to an excessive amount of gunk, apparently from the exhaust. After a removing a few bolts, throttle body cleaner, a good smack from a hammer to loosen the piston, Never Seize, and W-D 40 for good measure, the light has stayed off. We have over 150K on our 99 Cabrio GLS convertible and recently bequeathed it to our teenage daughter, who loves it. Good Luck!
  • Thanks for your alternative solution. Could you describe a bit more how to did it? Is it just as simple as removing the EGR valve and cleaning it and the hose attached to it? Do you have more tips to do this? I really will appreciate any description to follow and fix this in my 95 cabrio.

  • hallkanehallkane Posts: 20
    Hi Ernest -
    Sorry, not much additional info beyond the original post. The two men who did the work aren't available to me now. Unfortunately, the check engine light is now back on. So, while there was alot of gunk found there, it is not our only problem.
  • kbykby Posts: 1
    I saw an earlier post with same issue- but did not see any response to that posting.

    I had it in to mechanic who is "puzzled".
  • Have an 02 Cabby with only 80k miles, picked the car up cheap because it was abandoned from a wreck. Hit in the front but no damage to Engine or Tranny. Here is my Prob, Just got it on the road, only driven it 2 days parked to clean the inside in my driveway. When i go to crank it up to go to the store nothing happens, thinking the Bat was to low i jump it off but still nothing.. Come to find out the Indicator in the cluster is reading the trans in D (drive) while the shifter is in park..Can move the shifter from P to Manual 1 and the indicator does not move in the cluster just stays at D. Trying to find out if this is a trans Issue or a computer Issue?
    If anyone has any info plz help..
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