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Chevy Venture Electrical Problems



  • poliahjpoliahj Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 lumina mini van It starts run for a while then stalls and will not start for a long time after. I changed the Crank sensor,cam sensor,Whole throttle body,and it still does the same thing please help?
  • tech47tech47 Posts: 1
    flickering light bad ground on voltage regulator take screw out of back of alternator 1 ft 10 gauge wire whith eyelets on each end run wire from screw to alternator mounting bolt on front 15mm socket that will solve flickering lights hope this helps only takes 20 mins
  • scott78scott78 Posts: 3
    2002 Venture Van 3.4
    Runs perfectly but occasionally lites come on and go away soon after.
    Any thoughts?
  • cmdavis1cmdavis1 Posts: 2
    I need som help. The blower motor in my 2000 chevy venture will not shut off unless I pull the breaker fuse in the fuse box. I have replaced the breaker switch and don't know where to go from here. And suggestions would be a great help.

  • awarbleawarble Posts: 2
    For as long as i have had my venture I can say the only problem i have had with it is the headlight. They are not that bright at night. I've tried adjusting and still the headlight really stink. Anybody have the same problem and or have a solution?


    Lagrange, IN
  • I have a 97 venture with two electrical problems.
    The 1st to appear was the door locks would unlock themselves repeatedly while driving or parked. Checked door locks and BCM (body control module)No luck.

    The 2nd problem started a few weeks later. There is a sensor below the windshield that brightens the radio display in daylight and dims it at night. Now the radio is normal in daylight unlit at night.

    I have heard mention of some troublesome connections/splices in the venture wiring under the carpet. Could this be the problem?
  • maecmaec Posts: 1
  • I have a 1999 Venture. When the headlights are on every once in a while the instrument panel lights go off and when they do the tailights also go off. Also, the fuel gauge doesnt work and the passenger side power mirror moves by itself! ANY SUGGESTION? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  • I have a 1999 chevy venture. The bell(dinger) that alerts you that the keys are in the ignition or the headlights are on keeps going off for no apparent reason, in fact it gets faster when I take the keys out of the ignition! ANY CLUE?
  • 1st amber light on right goes out, we replace, within hours it goes out. Few weeks later right headlight goes out, replace it, it works but the left headlight is not on any longer :( Anyone else have this issue?
  • Just bought a used 2002 Venture. No owner's Manual.

    The interior lights do not come on when the doors open. They work, but only when I manually turn the lights on.

    Is there some switch I need to hit to allow for them to come on automatically?

    Also, the back seat overhead controls for the heat also do not seem to work, even when I put the front switch on "R"...any help greatly appreciated
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Had the same issue with our 2000 Venture - replaced alternator -no more flicker. Get a remanufactured alternator - the GM OEM ones had weak voltage regulators.

    Low voltage in any vehicle can make the electronics do weird things - if the supply voltage isn't right it gets everything "confused"

    Good Luck - these alternators are a royal pain to replace. On the 2000+ years you rotate the engine forward to get to them, I believe before 2000 you get to it from the bottom by loosening or removing a frame part
  • Hi Adamsmith.....did you ever find out what was causing the door lock situation? My friends venture is doing the same thing and i wanna help her out as much as possible. You can respond here or email me directly thanks,
  • Sorry first time I do this. My 2002 chevy venture van is having electrical problems. I did take it to the chevy dealer but will cost me more then $750.00 to find a power wire number 1340 that is not getting power from battery to module. As the repair man stated if its disconnected he will reconnect it, if its frayed he will tape it, if its corroded he will replace it for the unbelievable price of over $750.00 estimated. If anyone out there has any info please write me back. Just in case this is what is happening I have no tail lights, no dash lights, and no auto daytime running lights but i do have manual headlights and tail lights. Thanks to all who help!!!!!
  • If you know where this powerwire is , why not take it elsewhere (a place you trust) and get some more prices. Or, you can buy this wire yourself and just pay for the labour at a cheaper place. Just a thought.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373

    I'll assume you're talking about the front HVAC blower. You may want to check your blower motor resistor - (its located right behind the blower motor in the passenger side wheel well) but typically when they fail you lose 1 or more speeds on your blower.
    But I'm thinking that your fan speed selector switch is shot - sounds like its sending voltage to the resistor even when you put it in the off position. Its a pretty simple circuit so its got to be 1 or the other.

    BTW - blower motor resistor failures are common on Ventures...just not sure its your problem in this case
  • Hi All,

    I have a 2001 Chevy Venture that is behaving a little strangely.

    It appears that the brake lights are not working at all. When we depress the brake pedal the intensity of the lights do not increase at all. I also took the lights out of the housing and noticed that the second filament does not light up when the brake is depressed.

    I have replaced the bulbs with brand new ones.

    What could be causing this issue? Is there something wrong in the electrical?

    Thank you for any help ... if there is any information that I could add that would help, please let em know.
  • I am not sure if you have solved the rrproblem or not, but I had to say something. The problem is in the light strip itself in the taillight. What happens is the bulb at the top shorts out. You need to replace this strip. About 80.00 canadian and problem solved.

    Has anyone else had any experience with this issue?
  • Ok, since I solved this problem and it might help others, I thought I'd give a fast run down on things. Long and short, headlights started going on and off on my 02 Venture. At first they'd just occasionally die, then come back, and progressively it got worse until they completely died. The obvious was a short or bad ground, trick of course is finding it. Not only did I find it, I tripped over a potential trouble spot for anyone having headlight problems. If you're having this problem or any similar, take the right headlight off and check the wiring back there, when the light is in place, the harness tries to poke out through a hole in the bulkhead, and on the other side is the battery. Guess what happened when the battery was last changed in this van? Yep, harness got crushed between the bulkhead and the battery, and over time, both the high and low beam wires got worn through and shorted to the point where they'd partially melted the plastic covering all the wires. Clipped out the bad wire, crimped the remaining together and liberally spread some liquid electrical tape on my work, and voila, no problem from the looks of it, though I'll keep an eye on it for the next day or three. :)
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    My problem was when the lights came on and when I turned on the turn signals, but I think it might be the same thing.

    Look at the plug itself that attaches to the light assembly. I found that one of the terminals were melted. Unless your really lucky you will have to replace the pigtail. The dealer wants around $50+, others want $40+. I went to the wrecking yard and cut one off of a van there and wired it up. Solved all tail light problems I was experiencing.
  • I'm having issues with the MIL on my 2001 Chevy Venture the other day the low brake fluid light came on along with the brake light, it also swears that there is a door ajar followed by the message Rear Hatch open. my issues are 1. there is more than enough brake fluid in the car, ALL the doors are closed, I've cleaned all the contact pads for the doors so i am at a complete loss. All this happened the day after i repaired the brake lights that were no longer working due to a shorted out wire on a control box connected to the transmission. Anyone have any ideas what might be going on? Thank you
  • Adam,
    I have a few fixes for your dim headlights on the 2000 Venture, some really easy ,some a little more in depth. I have a 2000 Venture I bought from a friend a few months ago and noticed the headlights at night were as bright a frozen pee-holes in the snow!
    The easiest "upgrade" is to change out the bulbs. The bulbs spec'd for the Venture are 9004's which have a 45 watt low beam and a 65 watt high beam. They can be replaced with 9007 type bulbs which have a 55 watt low beam and a 65 watt high beam. That's a 22% increase on low beam and makes quite a difference. You must make a minor change to the plug wiring at each light because the position of the ground/high/low wires is different with each bulb type, but it requires no specialized tools and I did mine in about 15 minutes. As well , you must remove two small pieces of plastic on the headlight housing at the 5 and 8 o'clock position at the opening of the housing. A pair of needle nose pliers work well.Removing these little "keys" allows you to use both bulb types . You must also re-aim your headlights when changing to 9007 bulbs because the filament location within the bulb is different - they must be aimed down!
    Unfortunately, the design shape of the reflector is so poor that it spreads the light beam all over the place - and there's nothing you can do about that! Lastly, DO NOT
    waste money on after-market specialty light bulbs unless you and your van want to look like all the cool 16 year olds and their Civics (and yes I do own a slightly modified Acura EL which has excellent headlights by design without fancy $100 bulbs). If you need any help with the modifications check out the links or email me The Daniel Stern site should be read in its entirety.
    This description of the mod is a bit over the top - DO NOT use a mallet and a screwdriver to remove the plastic pieces! The wire swap on the Venture is easier than described here.

  • I have a 00 venture whose low beams do not work. i can get the high beams to work fine. the rear reverse light was just replaced and blew out within a day. I was also in an accident back in August. The right headlamp is a little loose, thinking maybe the headlight assembly may be cracked. These are other things that I have noticed:

    lights fluctuate (kind of spaz out, both interior and exterior)
    when brake applied, both the turn signals light up (when we checked this, one of the lights was out in back)

    Is this a wiring issue, or what? any guidance that you can offer would be great.

  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Hi mom!

    We have a 2000 Venture too...

    Let me offer up something crazy - I think one of your bulbs in the back is installed backwards. They only work right when installed one way. Try removing the light that's out in the back and reinstalling it 180 degrees opposite. You might want to try flipping all of them, but start with the one that's out. Also, check the led stop light mounted above the rear hatch. They are known to short out from time to time and cause some crazy things. Maybe you want to try disconnecting it and hitting the brakes to see what the lights do then. May resolve the turn signal lighting up problem.

    Fluctuating lights are fairly common, I bet they flicker when you sit at a traffic light and it gets better as the engine speed increases as you drive away. Mine did the same - replaced the alternator, problem gone...I believe the issue is with the voltage regulator in the alternator...The alternator is an expensive fix due to the labor involved...the part is about $ 140...

    start here and let us know what happens, Good Luck
  • what about the low beams? any thoughts on that? i will def get in there and try to switch all the lights around. thanks for your help!
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    They're a little tougher...some very basic thoughts:

    Are you sure both of the bulbs are OK??

    The auto lights aren't turning on the low beams - have you tried using the rotary switch to turn them on?

    Have you checked the fuse? It should be in the fuse block under the hood.

    I'll look at the repair manual when I get home and repost - I need to see where they connect to the harness and whether or not I should have you look for and check a solenoid...

    I'll post again later after I look at the repair manual...I'd be wild guessing until I look at it...

  • Are you sure both of the bulbs are OK??

    The auto lights aren't turning on the low beams - have you tried using the rotary switch to turn them on?---yes, rotary does nothing for them

    Have you checked the fuse? It should be in the fuse block under the hood. no, but i will (as soon as i figure out which one it is)

    I'll look at the repair manual when I get home and repost - I need to see where they connect to the harness and whether or not I should have you look for and check a solenoid... thanks much! appreciate it

    I'll post again later after I look at the repair manual...I'd be wild guessing until I look at it...
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