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Chevy Venture Electrical Problems



  • gdmurfgdmurf Posts: 2
    2005. Theft deterrent system malfunctioning. Horn rapidly beeps when door is opened with key after being closed for five minutes. How do I disarm/diable it?
  • It does seem like junking the van would be the less 'head-achy' thing to try, but most challenges are like that. Right? Well, anywho... I would suggest putting a little more time into it yourself before giving up. Check the tranny completely and very closely. Not just what the "book" might say. (or mechanic) Then perhaps try taking a closer look at all of the electricals on your own. I know this is a whole heck of a lot of work, but what if you find the problem and fix everything eh? You might have already thought of what the problem is, and just forgot to check. Try writing everything you did down and everything you wanted done as well. Then write down what you didn't think of. A partner to "brainiac" the problem always helps. And try to keep thinking " What if i sell it or junk it only to find out in a month that it was only a wire i missed " Or just junk it. Your choice, my two cents. Hope everything works out. If i think of anything i will post you.
  • Hello from umm earth??
    Yup that's the place...Hey I am having the same problems with my doors that you have described here. My venture is a 2000 though. It is irritating me about as much as an out of tune bee would irritate me.(bees are our enemy on my planet) I would really appreciate it if you could Email me or post me a reply if you find a solution. I will do the same if i find it first. My word or na-noo, na-noo.(i know, weak) Will look in as i usually do. thanks...Lew.
  • ladypladyp Posts: 2
    My 2002 Chevy Venture has lost it's mind I have lost all my buttons where it tells the directions and the temp outside. I had all the fuses checked and they are fine, but they won't work. I asked a mechanic he told me it was a memory board that was behind it if I don't get it fixed it will make everything go hay wire. I don't know where that is and I don't have the "Bling Bling" that he wants to fix my problem.

    I thought of doing it myself but I need a little nudge to tell me where to look for it and I thought maybe someone else has the same problem, plus my fuel gauge says I am empty when I sit at a red light or driving takes a long time for it to go back up. Plus I have the bucking problem to at one time or another. Am I crazy or is this VAN? Did anyone find out what kind of recalls it had cause my dealer said they are NO recall's on the Chevy Venture vans plus if they were my mileage is above warranty. I bought it used. :sick: :lemon:
  • I have the same problem with my 2000 Chevy Venture. I'm not sure when it started, but here are my exact symptoms. First the power windows began shorting out, I have replaced the door panel switches 3 times now, and they are still sketchy. Second, I was driving back from a 200 mile road trip, and my rear lights stopped working all together for about 5 minutes. Now every time I depress the Brake pedal both signal indicators in my instrument panel light up, if I am using a signal, it stops flashing when I brake, and my brake lights malfunction intermittently ( left and right). Also my drivers side, amber light does not come on during daylight, but works fine at night. These are not the only problems with this heap , but I have to fix it. SO
    Any suggestions?
  • 2001 venture wb
    This has been going on since i hade the pressure control solenoid changed in my tranny, gas guage no longer works, i push brakes and gas guage goes down, I push gas and it goes up. abs and service engine lights are both on now and codes say evap system malfunction. cooling fans do not work. and now it wont start, no turn over from starter period and when it does and shuts right off, overhead information center displays dashed and thats it now speedometer or temp guage do not work and light that illumites PRND321 doesnt work. when this light is on the van will start. is this a computer related problem and if so which one? also once it starts the battery indicator flashed and so does security and oil but all fluids are good, new starter and battery
  • mikeb50mikeb50 Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem with a 1999 Olds Silhouette. Depressing the brake lights would dimly light turn signals, or if a turn signal was on it would go dim and flash slowly. The problem ended up being the ground in the right side rear taillight not making good contact within the connector. Over the years there has been enough overload on this connection that it started melt the housing slightly thus causing poor contact. Thus the return current was not routed correctly back to the ground of the battery. I cleaned up the contacts (being frugal and not wanting to buy a new taillight housing) and forced some 30 awg wire behind the contact in the housing to increase the pressure on the connector pins. So far so good for about 6 months. FYI: There is one ground return for the 3 lamps in the housing. My opinion is that for those times when all lamps are lit the contact is overloaded.
  • kerijoykerijoy Posts: 1
    So about a week ago I started having problems with my 2001 Chevy Venture. The interior lights do not go on at all. I adjust the switch to the right of the steering wheel and I check the light by the temp/driection gauge and nothing. Then my ABS light would come on and off along with the battery light. That happened for a day or two. Two nights agoeverything went haywire. The Abs light and battery light were going on and off. Then the airbag light started flashing. And the fuel gauge would drop to E and ding saying that I had no fuel. (I had half a tank) Magically they would go on and off. I just wanted to get the car home so I kept going. I got to a stoplight half a block from my house and the car started "jerking." I tried to slowly step on the gas but the car didn't want to go. I got it to the parking lot and shut it off. I tried restarting it but nothing happened. There was some "buzzing" but no starting. I got frustrated and left it. (the radio and the dash light would light up when the key was put it but no turn over.) About an hour later I went out and tried to start it again. Stupid thing started right back up and no lights. I don't get it! Now I don't want to drive it.

    I have no idea where to start with this. Any help would be amazing!

    (Ps. I just found a coolant leak...the crappy dex cool stuff...and it's leaking right by the belt and battery...could that be a cause of the problem or is it something with the wiring? No fuses are blown)
  • Hello. I am new here. I have checked through most of the issues on this electrical thread. Can't seem to find my problem though.
    I have a 2000 Venture. A few weeks ago I came out in the morning and it wouldn't start or turn over at all. It bleeped 1/2 second then went dead. We jumped it, took it to church, turned it off. An hour and half later dead again. Jumped it again. Took it home, let it run for about half hour. Turned it off and let it sit for a few hours. Started right back up again. We thought we were going to need a new battery, but for a couple weeks now it has been running with no problems of dimming lights or things not working. Then yesterday, without warning, after running errands, we came out of the mall and it wouldn't turn over or start. Had to have it jumped again, took it home. Shut it off, and tried it again, and it was dead. Wouldn't even turn over. Sat for about 8 hours (til hubby got home) who jumped it, let it run for about 15 min. Shut off, and then tried it and started right up again. Turned it off til morning (9 hours later) went out to start it and it started up. Took my daughter somewhere this morning, came home, turned it off. 5 hours later started right up again.

    so...last night after my hubby had to jump it for the 2nd time and I sat in it letting it run for 15 min, I noticed it was vibrating a bit (never had before) like maybe it was hesitating and possibly wanted to quit (but it wasn't real noticeable, I just notice the slight centimeter of anything wrong with this van). I wasn't sure if that was worth mentioning or not.
    Also, my gas gauge has not worked in over a year (hubby said has nothing to do with it). Oh yeah, my check engine light has been on since right after inspection last year (never went off). My hubby's friend had a code reader that told him has something to do w/extreme cold and a hose or fuel injector or something (can't remember right now), and then told him how he could turn that warning light off. So he shut it off.
    I am soooo hoping someone can help us out with this as we do not have hundreds of $ to spend on this thing. We want it to last us 1 more year then we are getting something newer (with 3 kids we have to).
    Thank you so much in advance for helping us out. We appreciate it. God bless,
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 52
    >I have a 2000 Venture.
    Same here.
    >I came out in the morning and it wouldn't start or turn over at all.
    Same here.
    >We jumped it ... Jumped it again.
    I don't have jumper cables at home or another vehicle with which to jump it.
    >gas gauge has not worked in over a year
    Same here.
    >my check engine light has been on since last year
    Same here.

    The only thing I can think of that is the least bit "different" is that several weeks ago I noticed that whenever it started up there was the sound such as an electric motor might make if you were trying to spray washer fluid on the windshield. That sound may have always been there, but I just noticed it a few months ago.

    What should I do to diagnose what the problem is??????

    ....Ooops!! I just now remembered that two days ago I started the engine and then between the radio chatter and the passenger chatter I somehow stopped concentrating on what I was doing and tried to start the engine when it was already running, but I realized something was wrong and immediately stopped trying to start it. Could this have some bearing on the problem???
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 52
    Okay. I uncovered the engine compartment's fuse box and from the wiring diagram I can figure out what the numbers of the fuses are and the handbook gives a cryptic abbreviation so I know pretty much what fuses are "BATT" and which are "IGN". I figure this is probably an Ignition problem.

    But HOW do I test a fuse? They are all colored and have a number such as 20 or 40 on them, but is there something obvious about a broken fuse? And how do you go about geting a fuse OUT to check it. I've tried pulling and squeezing but nothing happens.
  • so....we took the battery to Auto Zone to check for us for free. The diagnostic machine wouldn't even light up when they placed it on. My hubby was skeptical because we didn't think it was the battery. They took another battery and tested that and it lit up. So we bought a new battery. My hubby got it home and now it starts but only after turning over and NOT starting the first one or two times. This never happened before. So...we are thinking the battery may have only been part of the problem. If anybody out there can help us that would be awesome. It can get so costly taking it to the mechanics just for them to diagnose, then fix problems.
    Thanks so much in advance,
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    Check the fuse using a meter. Or if you dont have one, look through the fues to the link inside. You should be able to see if it is connected or broken(burnt).
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    I'm willing to bet that it's the alternator!

    If your hubby has a meter have him check to see that it is charging while the engine is ideling. It should give you a reading around 13 to 14 amps.

    If your hubby does not have a meter, ask the nearest autoparts place to see if they would check it in the van for you. Most will do it for free.
  • thanks so much. I will talk to my hubby when he gets home. Hoping we can figure this thing out and not cost and arm and a leg.
    Thanks again,
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 52
    I don't have a meter or circuit tester of any sort.
    Would I need a special tool to extract a fuse from its slot?
    I tried to pull on one and tried to squeeze it a bit to release it but maybe just should have pulled harder.
  • One month ago we repaired or whole ac system in our 2002 week after that we had to replace two pullys and altornator...took a trip to virginia from texas..van did good until two days after arival..alternator needed to be replaced again..mechanic said faulty alternator..van did great coming back to its been three days since we have been back and guess what...battery light on again.. someone mention it might be something to do with ac clutch...don't know but need help asap.
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 52
    >I have a 2000 Venture.
    >it wouldn't start or turn over at all. We jumped it ... Jumped it again.
    I was finally able to get someone to drive over with a set of jumper cables but my Chevy 2000 Venture didn't crank at all, so I don't think its a battery problem. What does this leave? Fuse? Starter?
    Lights, horn and radio work fine, so I never really thought that it was a dead battery or that the jump start attempt would work, I was just trying to eliminate some possibilities. Whats next???
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 52
    Concerning my Chevy 2000 Venture that will not start:
    I went to an auto parts store to look at circuit continuity testers but they varied by voltage and price and nature of the probes. So I didn't know what to buy and wound up not buying anything with which to test the fuses since I just don't know what I am doing.
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 52
    Anyone know HOW to remove the battery for testing at an autoparts store?
    Do I remove the fuse box that is above the battery first? How?
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    to pull the battery you have to remove(and lay over) the fuse box. You also have to remove the radiator support beam that the fuse box attaches to. The battery is still difficult to remove then. I usually have to turn the battery up on end and lift straight up and out. Make sure you clean the cable ends good before installing new battery.
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    ask the parts guys that you are looking for a amp meter with a continuity checker. This is where you touch each lead together and the meter will buzz or beep. When you touch each lead of the fuse to the meter that buzz/beep is what your looking for on a good fuse. As far as removing the fuses... I have had to pull the fuses out with a set of plyers sometimes.
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    does the starter click when you turn the key?

    another possibility might be the key itself! These vans do have that antitheft key fob thing. Do you have a spare key to try?

    In the end... you might need to find yourself a good mechanic. Not always a dealership one either!
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 52
    Good mechanic?
    The one I had the car towed to said it started several times.
    He turned the key and it made weird noises but started once.
    Then he turned the key several times and it started without the weird noises.
    So I drove it about one mile away and stopped for a quick purchase but it would not start, so after sweating in the hot interior of the car to try to get it to start and sweating in the hot sun waiting for a tow truck, he now says its the starter: 258 dollars please.
  • Same thing happens to me and no one can figure it out! we have been sitting for more than 4 wks now. hooked up to computer it says EGR valve stuck open. We have already gotten a new battery and a rebuilt starter. After it sits for 2 or 3 days, it will start up, then quit 15 minutes later. not turn over again for a few more days. I am looking for a answer too. If i find one here? I will let u know soon as i do! Good luck with it....
  • jhdjhd Posts: 20
    while driving 2001 Venture, step on the gas, gets louder. I checked the charging voltage, solid at 14.5. Would it be grounding issue? Where is the radio ground located? I will check at night if lights dim at the same time, not sure yet, acting promptly at the wife's request to do something. Any ideas?
    I posted it in audio forum but looks like we have more traffic here.
  • halbehalbe Posts: 1
    check the door switches (push buttons on the doors contact faces), they may be frozen in off position or wire broken.
  • I have a 1999 Chevy Venture, my dash lights were going on and off, and I noticed that when the dash lights are out, the tail lights are out. Anyone know what the problem is?
  • azuazu Posts: 84
    I believe that under the front seats there are wiring harnesses that control several electrical components. Look to see if any are broken or disconnected.
  • i have a 1998 venture ls.about a month ago the car died while driving it and wouldnt start(starter didnt even try)and the battery was dead.charged the battery and took it to autozone. said bad battery so i replaced it.1 hour drive time and dead battery again so i took it back, and bad alternator they i replaced it.(made sure to buy the delco 140 or 145 amp cant remember) about 1 hour drive time later battery dead again.. so off to the dealer for a test. they say it is the pcm (transmisson section 800 dollars) so i found the same pcm (same chevy pcm and part number...brand new) they asked for my vin number for programming and stamped vin on it.(it is correct) and still keep killing the battery. it is almost like the alternator is not coming on. when i have it running and i disconnect all leads to the alternator i only get about 2.3 volts at the post(and no dummy lights come on). also you can watch the voltage while at idle on a meter go down about 1 tenth of a volt at a time(30 seconds) until about 5volts where it just dies. i removed the ground and cleaned it on the wheel well by the battery and removed and cleaned all connections at the starter.. someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!....i needpointed in some direction... i am out of ideas!!!
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