Honda Prelude 1992-1996

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I have had my 92 prelude for 2 weeks now and finding out what a beautiful car this is in and out. The engine is amazing and as 215,000 kms. It has a few issues.....but its worth the fix.

Here is a list of the problems.

-heat control is messed - wont switch to vent heat.

-few rattles

-leaky coolant line that runs to the water pump.

-worn front passenger lower ball joint

-worn drivers side CV AND AXLE.



The engine is in amazing shape....I love this car. Does anyone else have anything to add?


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    :cry: Just put my '92 2.3 prelude through it's MOT and failed. Smoking badly after running for around 5 mins for emissions test... Going to replace oil and filter. Hope this solves problem, :confuse: any advice guys? 156,000 miles on the clock. ( cv boot split and 2 tyres aswell!) Just to say I love driving this car and would be interested in joining an owners club if there is one? I live in the UK. ;)
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    Hi all, iv had my prelude for 2weeks now.. silver sexy sleek machine!!
    Its everything you'd want in a car!! Stunning!!! Has everything.. respray the lot!!
    First question..
    Iv Got a vtec controller with my prelude, when i bought it, it wasnt connected but i was assured that this worked..
    i got home, connected it to the ECU and it lit up.. I tried turning my car over i got nothing.. Was just turning over.. WOULD NOT start.. so iv had to unplug that from the ECU and drive without it.. argh! help!! i wana have fun!! do i need to set it up??
    SECOND MOAN.. Car drives fine.. but it doesnt shift over 110mph.. it gets to there and thats it.. it feels like im taking my foot of the accelorator, im not.. its a [non-permissible content removed] import, could this have a limiter on it??
    THIRD MOAN... When accelorating through my gears.. it gives a very slight shudder.. Dunno what this is.. could it do with transmission fluid needing a change??
    Final Moan.. Sometimes i find it hard to engage reverse..sometimes it goes into reverse no problem.. other times its tight and u have to really force it out.. AND when doing 70+ and changing from 4th gear into fifth it grinds a little.. its fine if im doing 40 odd and change into fifth..
    hope you guys can help..
    :) THANKS :)
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    i have a 95 prelude which for a while i have been having trouble maintaining pressure in my clutch., i would pump it for a minute and the pressure would return. But yesterday i was driving and the pedal droped to the floor, no pressure in the clutch and it was staying engaged. i tryed adding hydrolic fluid and puming the clutch some more to regaing pressure but when i started pumping the fluid fed into the line, gave me slight pressure and then bleed out onto the ground under my car.

    does anyone have any ideas as what my problem could be
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    i just got a 95 prelude and i need some help finding out where to check my transmition fluid i cant find it!
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    two problems:
    1) cruise control dead. no lights or indicators at all;
    have changed out module and main switch;
    all fuses good
    2) manual 5 speed transmission jumps out of 5th gear while driving after warm up of ten minutes or so.
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    my 95 prelude is back firing and sputtering bad i just bought 70 dollars worth of spark plugs and wires and all it did was get worse does anyone have any ideas for me to look into any help would be appreciated
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    I'm about to purchase a cat back for my 92 prelude, i'm stuck between either the greddy sp2, and the Tanabe super medalion. which do you guys recommend? i want a nice sound, and good performance, both seem to fit that category.
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    I bought the Greddy SP2 for my 90 300ZX, Very happy with it
    Good looks and a nice grown-up sound. (not a fart can)
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    My Daughter needs a new Auto transmission for her 92 prelude SI.
    Any one know a good source?
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    for your problem number 1: the problem is the cable reel. You have to see if the band is broken, if it is, you know what you have to do, but if it is in good conditions check inb the book how you replace it, and be very careful, when getting the st.wheel out because you might break it. Good luck.
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    Make sure there isn't anything in your vaccum lines that are connected to your cruise contol box. There should me at least two of them. They could've even been disconnected. I have a 94'lude and took mine out. IDK if it ever worked but I did know about the lines and conections.
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    what's up how you doing? my name is kent i have a 92 5spd manual honda prelude it was doing the same thing that yours is. it could be 1 of 3 things, a fuel pump and fuel filter, your distributor cap, or the fuel regulator. just my luck it was all of the above i had them replaced and then it started to throw black smoke out the tailpipe so now its an exhaust problem so now i have to get that fixed but other than that it runs great no more sputtering stalling backfiring or dying out. hope you do not have as much bad luck as me.
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    what's up my name is kent i have a 92 5spd honda prelude the 4ws light goes on and off as well, i asked my mechanic if my car had four wheel steering he said he wasn't sure some mechanic huh can u tell me what it is thank you also check the fuses that in your engine my headlights were flickering off and on and the bulbs kept blowing out the problem were the fuses in the engine that was odd i've never seen that in any other vehicle most of the time there inside the car good luck thanks for your help
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    hey everyone i do not have an owners manual for my 92, 5spd manual transmission there's a 4ws light that appears in my dash cluster does this stand for four wheel steering if it does i would like to get it fixed where do i start i looked in the engine but found nothing implying a 4ws part the fuse box cover is to faded to read and i do not know what belongs to what but there all in working condition i would appreciate your feedback thanks
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    I drove into a flooded street- The water came up to middle of car door{ I have a Honda prelude 1995- I didnot have a problin with my tranmission before- now its slippi ng. What do I need to do.
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    The heat/ac control in my first Prelude, an 84, didn't work eigher. When I followed it, I found out that all it was was that the cable that runs from the heater switch to the vent thingy were not connected. The cable had come unattached. I somply reattached it and it was all good ~ for a while.
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    I'm on my second Prelude and my son is on his first. EVERY ONE OF THE did the same thing when shifting into reverse. It's a Honda ~ or at least a Prelude ~ thing as far as I'm concerned. I never FORCED it into ANY gear. What I do is either shift back and forth into some other gears (1st to 2nd for example) first, then try shifting into reverse, which worked a lot of the time. If that didnot work, I simple put the car into reverse when the motor was off. No problem that way, EVER. A third suggestion is to pump the clutch in and out a few times, then try it.
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    Hello. I have a 93 Prelude. She has a 94 engine that my cousin replaced about 2 years ago. One problem I am having is that during start up she climbs to about 3k rpm and while idling while she will rev up to about 2.5 and back down continuously. Unfortunately he has since moved away and I don't have the space nor honestly any idea how to work on her. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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    Does it do it all the time?? Mine has a similar problem, but always at 3500 rpm, as if it has a governor on the motor... Still not quite sure what the REAL underlying problem is, but it seems likely to be in the "fire" area of the vehicle.....

    I've put on new distributor, changed fuel filter, new spark plugs, and all sorts of stuff... next thing is to install new dist cap/rotor button, check spark plugs & wires again..... Although it runs much, much better since I reconnected the plug wire that was disconnected from the distributor..... lol, sometimes things can be so simple they are overlooked!!

    Good luck, let me know if you find the problem and what it was.....
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    I got a 1996 Honda Prelude with a v-tech engine (sweet). Anyway I'm having a problem shifting into gear. My shifter won't go in to gear unless i put it in gear while the car is off. Then when i turn it on it starts to go while i have the clutch in. Then i can go and gear up but when i try and gear down it won't go in to gear again. I have already changed the clutch master cylinder and the slave cylinder disengages all the way. Any ideas to help me out!!!!
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    ok I had the same problem with mine I have a 92 prelude. If you look at your throttle body on the under side of it there will be a smaller piece that unbolts from the throtlle body as a whole. It has something to do with your idle speed. It also has coolant running throught it. pull the hose off of it and unbolt it from the throttle body and replace it. or you could get a whole new throttle body, but that can be expensive.(Be careful though. It is a pain in the but to reach all the bolts, which actually take a philips head srew driver. And unless you have small hands it can also be hard to reach.) I replaced it and it fixed my problem completely. I've never had any trouble with it again. I hope this helps in some way. ;)
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    I'm pretty new to the prelude scene. I drive a 92 si 2.3, and was wondering what BB1 or BB4 or any other BB's for that matter, mean?Which one do I have? If you know, let me in on the secret. :confuse:
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    Replacing oil and filter might help. Maybe adding an additive??? Something like lucas might help if you can get it. Question: is lucas sold in U.K.??? Sorry, I live in the U.S. :shades:
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    4th Thru 6th POSITION of VIN
    BA4 = Prelude, 2.0/2.1L
    BA8 = Prelude, 2.2L
    BB1 = Prelude VTEC,2.2L
    BB2 = Prelude, 2.3L
    BB6 = Prelude2-door
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    Any good companies to get reman h23A engines from? JDM doesn't even have any. I need a lot of help PLEASE!!! :shades:
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    Mine BB1, there was same symptoms. The clutch fluid hose above the gearbox was leaking little bit. And therefore was unable to maintain pressure in it.

    At Honda they said that it is impossible that the hose brokes. But it brokes.

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    I just got the car 2 weeks ago. Started tuning it up with help from my mechanic and the car runs sweet except for when it is idleing it has a constant reving sound like you are pushing the gas off and on. :cry:
    We have checked for exhaust leaks, changed the rotor, dist cap, and various other things. He is thinking it might be the MAP sensor. Since that is like a $250.00+ part I am reluctant to change it unless we are sure of what it is. Does anyone have any idea or dealt with this?
    I hear it is very common on Honda's to have this issue.

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    I just bought a H23A JDM engine from tiger located in toronto, Canada
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    I have a 92 honda prelude 2.3 with custom header, intake and exhaust. My engine was running fine until recently i just noticed that when my engine is idle. The RPM revs up and down by itself and seems like the engine is gonna shutdown. Also when i rev it and let it go, it goes up smoothly but when it falls it comes close to shutting down but doesn't. My engine never stalled or had probs starting it up but it feels weak like it takes a lot to go. I got it serviced today with air filter changed and it still does it. What could cause it? Plugs? Help me out. Thanks
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    My son just recently went thru the same issue with his car. He had to replace the throttle body. A mechanic had said it was a sensor that we bought for $289.00 but when we put it on the car was still doing it. We then found someone who knew it was the throttle body, relunctantly we got a used one from the junk yard and that was what it was. Good Luck. If that doesnt work you may have an exhaust leak somewhere but I would get the throttle body assembly it comes with a sensor attached. :shades:
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    i just bought a 92 prelude from a lady the clutch just goes all the way to the floor and just stays there. i dont have a lot of money so i want to know peoples advice cause i have never seen this before.
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    i would like to know if buying a 1992 honda prelude si with aws is a good investment???? and what to look for as in problems when buying and test driving... any help is apprecated... these cars are awsome :shades:
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    Car ran like a champ, no problems with it... until I tried starting it and it wouldn't turn over. I checked the battery and that's fine. It powers all the light, dials etc. but it's like there's a lock on the starter or something. Tried pumping the brakes and nothing. I made sure that it was in park before attempting to start it. Does anyone know what could be the issue?
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    next time before you go spending all that maney on sensors and throttle bodies, take the air intake hose off throttle body, you will see two holes on the firewall side of TB, plug the bottom hole with your finger, if it stops the bottom of the throttle body needs to be adjusted back or replaced. To adjust it, take the bottom part of TB off, there will be coolant lines connected to it, after you get it off you will see a plate on one side of it, take it off, you will see a brass ball inside a white plastic nut type thing, screw it all the way back in and reinstall back onto TB and you should be set. It is referred to as the FITV. not a promise but thats how i fixed my idle bounce without spending any money..
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    is the starter making any kind of noise? its possible that the solenoid on the starter is fried. let me know
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    Hello all I have a 93 prelude just put a new Jasper H22 in it and have been all over trying to find a supercharger to put in any and all tips would be helpfull!!
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    where is the air bag sensor located on a 92 honda prelude
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    hey my engine has that exact problem and im wondering where all that stuff is im a noob to all this stuff
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    i recently bought a fixer upper prelude. i had to replace the trans, so i never really new how the trans worked in the first place. the new trans shifts pretty hard so i adjusted the throttle cable a bit. My main question is, when driving off at a average speed at what RPM should the gears change. i've never drivin a honda to find out. and while starting off fast when should the gears change. While starting off average mine change around and over 3000 RPM. And while fast it goes up to 3700 to 4000 i think that is too high. ty for your response.
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    I am not sure what you are talking about. The only thing I got from your post is: the throttle cable has nothing to do with how the car shift. So, I am not sure how will that change the way it shift. As far as when it shift, it depends on how hard you press the gas pedal.

    "And while fast it goes up to 3700 to 4000"
    While what fast, what goes up to 3700 to 4000, RPM I assume?
  • thatguy3thatguy3 Member Posts: 5
    sorry if i wasnt clear enough. i was just wondering at what RPM should the gears change while driving slow and what RPM should they change while driving fast? and when i adjusted the throttle cable it dragged the gears out so it wouldn't change so hard. is it supposed to change kind of hard?
  • shmangshmang Member Posts: 297
    I kinda got an idea of what you were asking. It really does not matter at what rpm it shift, it should never shift hard, there might be an delay when shift at high rpm - when you floor it, it will shift very close to redline and when you are going easy, it can shift as low as 2000 rpm. But, regardless, if it shifts hard below 5500 rpm, there is something wrong with your transmission. Flush (change will not fix the issue) the transmission fluid will be the first thing I will do before going any further.

    Good luck.
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    on an automatic it should be shifting high up in the high 4k figure your runnin about 85 mph you should be sitin about 3500-4000 low geared :)
  • rogue4liferogue4life Member Posts: 5
    Jasper might deal with those buddy
  • rogue4liferogue4life Member Posts: 5
    yes the light should turn on when you turn the vehicle on and after a few seconds it shuts off like a test light lets ya know its working if it stays on its not working
  • rogue4liferogue4life Member Posts: 5
    It ended up bein a vacuum line bein that when you hook up a diagnostic to our old ludes it gives you a broad variety of things to consider for the idle fluxuation. Spent alot of money doin the is it this item nope on to the next one knock sensor yea 250 bucks
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    thanks for the info, mine runs about the way you stated. another question. how are the automatics when u put a ram air system in them? found one cheap just not sure if i should put it in or not my car is sittin up in the 200 000 ks. is it alright to put one in with so many kms? and what about putting full synthetic oil in when its been regular oil for a long time?
  • thatguy3thatguy3 Member Posts: 5
    how can you raise the horse power in the automatics? oh ya if any one lives in ontario, Canada theres an awesome store in Cobourg ( ) they have a drifter style body kit and a Hiro style lip kit both around $500.00 the kits are for the 92 -96 ludes. they also have a couple upgrades for under the hood. if interested you should check it out. i think im getting the drifter kit, hopefully by mid summer. theres also ( ) in toronto and dont forget about the ( ) its full of lots of cool stuff. just thought id let people know and if your lookin for a motor or trans. ( is the place to go. all motors and trans have less than 50 000km. shipped in from japan
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