Honda Prelude 1992-1996



  • thatguy3thatguy3 Member Posts: 5
    my timing belt broke while i was driving 100 km/hr. there was no bang or noise's. the car went dead and i pulled off the road. my mech. tells me thats the motor is garbage, with out even checking the inside or changing the timing belt. i've asked a lot of peoples opinions on this and they all tell me that the valves will be broke no matter what. any info on this topic would be helpful. do you think my motor is ruined on a scale of 1 to 10 thanks
  • shmangshmang Member Posts: 297
    Most probably, you have several bent valves, and a few rods. Since the engine has 16 valves and if 2-3 are damaged, you are looking at a bill of $1200 - 2000 (if you are lucky and no rod is bent).

    When the belt broke, were you coasting or driving? What was the RPM at the time - about 3000 - 3200 rpm? Then I would say it probably cost you the same to get a replacement low mileage motor and installed (Make sure to have the belt, tensioner and water pump replaced before installation).
  • mlwest99mlwest99 Member Posts: 1
    when i put my car in drive after a few minutes the light starts to blink, and sometimes the check engine light comes on. recently fixes a transmission fluid leak but it is full now. any help
  • shmangshmang Member Posts: 297
    when i put my car in drive after a few minutes the light starts to blink
    After a few minutes of what? which light blink?

    When the check engine light is on, what code does it have?
  • gear_wrenchgear_wrench Member Posts: 1
    Same thing happen to me... I ended up replacing the slave cylinder located on the transmission, it's got rubber boot with a line connected to it...
  • serg39serg39 Member Posts: 1
    Where Can I Find The MAP, Oxegen, Speed And Knock Sensor On My 92 honda Prelude??
  • macaroliemacarolie Member Posts: 1
    I would like to know the fireing order
  • prettyflychickprettyflychick Member Posts: 1
    what the hell is a knock sensor?
  • joshsimsjoshsims Member Posts: 4
    Little bit of a delayed response, but those are common problems with the Prelude, I just finished up inspecting one of them and they are in fact nice and reliable for their year.
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