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Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission Problems



  • Hello,

    What ever came of the Weerrring sound in reverse? I have been told that my 1998 Jeep needs a new (rebuilt) tranny and this is exactly what is happening. I get the sound in reverse and maybe a little sluggishness on inclines. I have been quoted 2600 for the rebuild. I'm in CA.

    Thanks for the response.
  • Well, so far I have replaced the fluid and filter, cleaned the pan, replaced the governor and solenoid, and replaced the "error 21" front O2 sensor, and it still doesn't shift into 3rd until 3500 RPM when the trans is cold. Everything works fine after driving a few miles. No other error codes. I thought this would be a more common problem, but I can't find much info on it.
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    A pro might be able adjust the bands and linkage. That's probably your last hope for an easy solution. The problem is we don't know the exact algorithm used by tranmission when it decides to shift and how it uses the inputs so that we can troubleshoot. Even if we knew, measuring them would be difficult.

    I had a minivan with transmission trouble that was under dealer extended warranty. I bought it when it was 3 years old. My recollection is their standard procedure was to remove, disassemble, and then rebuild. They clean it. They know what components to inspect and replace. They don't try to pinpoint the problem. They know how to test it on the bench so they know its OK when they re-install it.

    If you decide to get a rebuild, all rebuilds are not created equal. Find out about the different levels For your problem, one of the less expensive rebuilds may be adequate. Dealing with transmission shop is like walking on ice on a warm spring day. Good luck.
  • I have the solution. Your grand cherokee has a limp mode where only 2nd and 3rd gears will functions. You need to have the tranny solenoid pack replaced, possibly the trans computer too. My 99 GC 4.7 V8 was in the shop 4 times before they fixed it. Is your check engine light on??? it should be right after limp mode engages. Also, do not go over 60 mph until you fix it. Also, short drives (less than 15 miles) usually will not trip the code and the vehicle will "seem" fixed. After you get it fixed, drive it for at LEAST 60 miles with no shutting off engine and see if problem returns. There are 4 codes that can cause this symptom to occur. Peace!
  • Thanks for the limp mode info. I don't get any check engine lights and it is only the shift from 2-3 that takes too long until I drive about 3 miles. I don't know if it is because the fluid is too thick at first or is it is the temp that changes things, but it gets all 4 gears before and after, just holds 2nd until about 3500RPM when it's cold. But the shifts are tight, no slipping at all. I'm going to try warming the engine with the trans in neutral before I drive it next time, that way the pump will be running and circulating fluid, I'll post the results. I've been reading alot of other blogs and see other people have the same problems or similar. I'm afraid to take it to a shop because I can't afford to get ripped off right now. Is there a temp sensor in the trans?
  • i also have a 2003 JGC that i have had trans problems with. First thing i would do is check the fluid level and if that is fine you might look into replacing the speed sensor. this is easy and a cheap replacement. it costs about 18 dollars at the part store and is located on the outside of the transmission under the driver side. This sensor, from what i hear determines the cars speed and what gear the trans should be in. If that doesn't fix the problem look into the governor pressure sensor and the governor sensor solenoid this may be a little trickier to replace because its under the trans pan. here's a link that will help you with this. both parts set me back 68 dollars each at a local trans part shop. you can find it cheaper on the net at transmissionpartsusa. If you replace these parts make sure you use the right fluid that is recommended for jeeps because not all fluids are formulated the same and could cause problems. i just used mopar ATF+4. you more than likely have the 42RE trans but call your local jeep dealership with your vin number and they will tell you what kind of trans you have. i hope this helps you out.
  • arendsarends Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 GC 3.7L that is doing basically the same thing as yours. It has 54K on it. Did you ever solve your problem? If so, have any pointers? Thanks.
  • arendsarends Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 JGC with 54k miles. Recently it has been hesitating mainly driving up a hill or steeper slope. It also, recently started making a strange noise when the hesitation starts. I have read quite a few posts, but has anyone actually found a cure for this? Thanks.
  • I hate to tell you this, but no. Last time we took it in they explained that the torque for the 3.7L hesitates (rumbles) because it has trouble coverting the torque versus the fuel economy! (something like that!). Anyway - no fix, at this point we just give it more gas and push through the shudder. I am at the point where I need the dumb car to just break - so that they will actually fix it!
    Now that other Jeeps are catching up to the mileage that we have on ours I think maybe they might, figure out how to fix it. Maybe.
    Sorry - no help - just don't get a new torque converter, We have had three - doesn't work.
  • So far I have changed the governor and solenoid, fluid & filter, speed sensor, O2 sensor, and checked the linkage and it still holds 2nd too long when cold. I have been warming the engine with the trans in neutral in the morning to circulate the warm fluid, that seems to help. I recently added some stuff to swell the seals made by the company that makes Sta-Bil for gas, I think that is also helping. I'll start it and drive it cold to see if it is improved and post the results. I know alot of Jeep owners must be having similar problems, that's why I would like to find a solution. It's no fun driving a vehicle that doesn't run right, and spending $2,000.00 to fix a problem like this makes you dislike your vehicle even more. The previous owner said it overheated and he pulled over and shut it off and had it towed to the radiator shop for a new one, but maybe the trans got hot and the seals got hard, and that's why it shifts bad when cold? I'll post the "Trans Conditioner" results when I have them, it said drive 200 miles first.
    Thanks for all the suggestions. I think everyone's trans problem solution is a little unique possibly.
  • I put about 6 oz. of something I bought from Auto Zone called "No Leak (by Gold Eagle, makers of Sta-Bil) into the trans 5 days ago and the shift problem seems like it is almost gone. It will be interesting to see how long it stays this way, but wanted to report back on something that seems to have helped on my trans 2-3 shift issue. This stuff claims to condition seals and stop leaks. I read the labels on all the trans fix stuff they had and took a chance on this one. Now I have to figure out what my #45 fault code means that comes up twice.
  • Just purchased a 1996 Grand Cherokee with 95K miles. Took to Chrysler 5 star dealer. Had them do a used car check and asked them to service the transmission. They stated that it had never been changed and to do it now would do more harm than good. WHY?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i change my trans oil my self and go 50000 75000 miles and dont have prob

    change filters at same time should not be a prob
  • I've searched and asked around and i can't seem to find what my problem is hope someone can help. I have a 96 JGC Larado 4.0 straight 6 156,000 miles. When I go from drive to reverse there is a large vibration, I am guessing its the transmission since nothing else makes sense and it kind of feels like the vibration is coming from it because it feels more back end. It will not do it if i go from park to reverse. Fluids are good and i was just hoping to know what the problem may be and a solution, I am kinda of planning to put a new tranny in next summer but i will do it sooner if i have to. Thanks!
  • I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee. The engine service light came on and i put a scanner on it and it said transmission solenoid A. I was told i should replace all solenoids and it would cost $450.00 dollars. Were is it and how hard would it be if i replace it.
  • So I have a 2006 JGC with about 42k on it. Well for the past few weeks I have been noticing a few drops of tranny fluid under the jeep. Well today I noticed its more than a few drops its a small puddle. So I crawled under the jeep and was able to locate where it is coming from. Seems to be leaking around the bolts of the tranny pan???? They all seem tight so could this just be a bad seal? :confuse: :(
  • I have a 2005 Grand Cherokee Larado which I bought last Oct. it had 25000 mi on it
    well from the beginning I heard a clunking noise I assume is from the transmission, it happens at low speeds 5-10 mi per hour. If you driving at that speed and go to accelrate thats when I hear a clunk or a banging noise it's hard to describe but it happens all the time in addition to that I also have the hesitation problems going up hills and an allmost chattering like noise on the highway. I have taken it several different Jeep dealers and they all say not a problem. Any anwsers????
  • I have a 2006 JGC had the same problem. 3rd time they fixed so far. They replaced the Trans Adapter Plug. Knock on wood, they replaced it 3 days ago and no problem so far. But mine would do it cold or warmed up. Would hapen this time and maybe the 6th time I put it in rev and then maybe the 11th time. Just never knew. 1st 2 times were told we came not duplicate the problem. But they were only driving 1/2 mile by the trip odem. Kept telling them they have to drive it for 1/2 hour and put it in rev several times.
  • Hi there I have a 1995 JGC Limited V-8 auto 4x4 driving down the road she shifts perfectly fine no slipping or anything until driven for a while then she just won't move it stays running and revs up but it's like the tranny is in neutral if I shut it down and let her cool for a while she'll go just fine til she warms back up!!!!! Any ideas what it is??? Other than this issue I love my GC and my 94 Wrangler.
  • I bought my jeep for skiing and do a lot of driving in the mountains in winter. At the end of the day I have to come down steep and winding mountain access roads that have switchbacks and sometimes snow and ice and it often flurries in the late afternoon while I'm doing this. One of the things I really like about my Laredo is the Select-Trac drive system that I place in the "full-time" 4WD mode while descending these roads and I also use the switch on the transmission selector handle that prevents the transmission from shifting into overdrive. The problem I'm having is that the transmission shifts anyway - back and forth - in and out of overdrive when the switch is engaged and going downhill. It's like it's trying to hold 3rd gear but just can't do it. It should hold, I think, because these are very low RPM - under 2000. So instead of providing some smooth and gentle engine braking during this descent (my intention), I get exactly what I don't want - constant shifting in and out of overdrive and when this caused some skidding, I gave up on it and shifted into 2nd gear. This works fine but is very slow and provides too much engine braking - but better than skidding off the road. These are roads where they may not find your body until Spring if you go over the edge.

    When I went to the dealer about the problem, they failed to diagnose the problem. Instead they wanted me to have them do the 30,000 mile maintenance service which includes transmission service (replace fluid). It also includes most everything else that can be done under the hood - even replacing the spark plugs (platinum - aren't these good for 100k miles?). I argued with them about performing this $600 service because my feeling is that the car is under warranty and they should be able to diagnose the problem without it costing me anything. I kept my head though and suggested that I would pay for the service if it fixed my problem but if not, the service work would be on them. They wouldn't go for it and I walked out.

    That was 3 years ago and I just never use the "overdrive defeat" switch because it doesn't work and if I have to have some engine braking, I shift down to 2nd. At the time I thought I would trade in my Jeep when paid off and get something else, but I find myself wanting to hang onto it because of the economy and now I'd like to try again to get this fixed.

    Does anyone have an idea about what is wrong? Also - what do you think of my dealer's response to my problem? They were basically saying that they thought the $600 service work would fix my problem but were not willing to put up the money if they were wrong.

    - Jim
  • gxg1gxg1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 JGC with these exact symptoms. So far the dealer has replaced the shifter bezel. Apparently the bezel has a transmission control module that is considered the same part number. This has fixed the stalling problem. If you have an extended service agreement from Chrysler it will take a few calls to a "senior technician" for them to recognize that the piece is not cosmetic.
  • Have someone check out the transfer case. I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo and have replaced the transfer case twice, working on the third. I know that clunking noise all too well (unfortunately). Jeep transfer cases are inherently leaky - a recall was issued for several model years...ended with 1998 models - for that reason. I had the first one replaced with a part off another Jeep, which, obviously was also defective. The second time it happened, the mechanic attempted to repair it, while claiming the repaired part would be superior. I'm taking it back to him on Thursday b/c the thing is leaking again. Jeep has no interest in backing their product--basically, it sucks to be us.
  • Check transfer case......Jeep transfer cases are garbage & inherently leaky. I've replaced 3 times.
  • Hey. FYI...back in August, that was the same repair the mechanic made on mine. Replaced the chain & overhauled...only he charged me $1100. And guess what??!?!? Took it in for oil change last week & the mechanic there brought me into the bay to show me that the transfer case was leaking. :mad: Good news is, I did get a 12mo/12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor. Just thought I'd give you a heads up....keep an eye on it. :confuse:
  • Hey-I know it's a bit late, but your Jeep transfer case was probably included in the recall. Jeep recalled 1990-98 models for defective, leaky transfer cases. You should call them....may be able to get reimbursed for the repair.
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    yes, the transmission fluid temperature affects its viscosity, and therefore the torque at which it shifts will change slightly with temperature. my '98 hangs in 1st and 2nd just a tiny bit longer on cold start - perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.
  • Golly, do I agree with you! I have a 2005 w/ 42,000. Since 25,000 I have had a mild bucking when I slowly go up hills. I took it to Jeep while still under warranty and they told be they couldn't find it. I took it back after it was off warranty and they still couldn't find it but recommended a $200.00 fuel line flush. I still have the problem and Jeep acts like I am nuts. Now I know the only thing these service centers do is check the computer chip. No one takes a car for spin anymore. This is my fourth Jeep but it may be my last. It just bugs me, and there is nothing you can do about it.

  • I brought my JGC into my dealer today to have it checked out. I noticed a small puddle under the car that was tranny fluid. They told me that I have to replace my tranmission coolant lines, is this a common problem and does anyone know if it is easy to do the repair without the dealer getting involved. I really don't want to pay them a few hundred to fix it, if I can have my husband do it for less.
  • tht828tht828 Posts: 4
    I have the same rough idle problem on my 2004 GC. Did you ever find the cause of the vibration?
  • Has slipped occasionally, always in cold weather, always while turning a corner without stopping. It would seem like it popped out of gear for a 1/2 second, then right on as usual. Fluid looks OK. I was going to get the fluid/filters done today, but night before last it seemed to crap out all together - won't shift out of first gear at all.

    Is it dead? Solenoid/gov. sensor? Rebuild/replace? I read someplace about a fuse that effects the electronic transmission. What are the most likely scenarios? Costs? Major = >$1500, Moderate = $500 - $1500, Minor = <$500.

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