Toyota Tacoma Oil and other Fluid Questions

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I changed my oil the other day and put in 5 quarts of Castrol 5-30. Does this seem a little low? I figured I would need about 6. Also, does anyone have an oil they would recommend over the Castrol? What about filters? I'm using the Toyota filters. Anything better?

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    they say 5.2 liters of 5w30 with a new filter. I put in mobil 1 oil in my v6.and use toyota filter.
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    I was always under the impression that 3,000 was the magic number. I just purchased my '07 Tacoma in December, and was puzzled to find the dealer recommends it every 5,000.

    What say You???
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    As long as you meet the minimum requirements for maintenance outlined in the owner's manual for the type of driving you do, you're fine.. you can do it more often as you wish. Some are very meticulous about it, and changing oil regularly does help keep it running better, and will also alert you to problems (such as an unexpected change in oil color).

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    The fact is, every car can go 6k miles between oil changes. The manufacturer recommends you do it to blow more money on service.

    If you put fully synthetic (which is recommended) in you won't need to change the oil but every 6k miles. With regular oil, 6k might be the max for the oil life but 5k is a good and safe number of miles to go on regular oil, especially if you are not driving the car in harsh conditions or doing a lot of performance things with it.
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    Mobil 1 SUPER synthetic will go 15,000 miles between changes ...according to the warranty. I would however still continue to change the FILTER at 3,000 miles. I have run this oil in my 04 GMC Envoy and now have over 70,000 on it with (KNOCK ON WOOD) no oil consumption. I am going to change to the newer formula oil from Mobil, SUV & TRUCK version and start changing at 6,000 to 7,500. This is the oil that I use in my 07 Taco also and so far I have had no issues with using the Mobil 1. I use Mobil oil filters also...I figure if the oil is (in my opinion) THE Best the filters Should be too...
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    I just bought an '08 Tacoma PreRunner Access Cab with the V-6 and automatic & my dad just bought a base 2WD '08 Tacoma Access Cab with the I-4 and automatic. When we took delivery, my dad asked the dealer's guy if he recommended any specific oil for our trucks. The answer was 5-30W Castrol or some other brand (I forget which one) to be changed every 5,000 miles. My manual also recommends a 5-30W oil (no brand specified) and changes every 5,000 miles. As for brands, a long-time mechanic of mine who also runs a wrecker service using heavy-duty trucks (mostly diesels) recommended several years ago that Shell's Rotella 5-30W oil (made to meet the specs for diesel trucks which meet and exceed the specs for gas engines) was good for use in most any vehicle, and he used it not only in his wreckers but all his vehicles, trucks, diesels, or whatever. Since then, I have been using it in my '01 Honda Accord, '91 Caddy DeVille (260K miles and running smoothly), and plan to use it in my new truck.

    By the way, his recommendation was made after I blew the engine in a '91 F-150 (gas) and he opened it up, said it was really gunked up, and asked what kind of oil I had been using (I had been running Havoline 10-40W).

    If anybody knows any reason NOT to use Shell's Rotella 5-30W in a Tacoma, I'd like to hear about it.

    Also, I've read and heard negative comments about Castrol...any opinions on that?
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    go to, he ran the timkin test on different oils and you will see the results. vavoline durablend out preformed any sintec including m1
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    The Maintenance Required light came on at 5,000 miles. Owners manual states it is an oil change needed reminder. For those of us who do it more frequently, here's what you do to reset the light.

    1. Put key in ignition, turn to the "on" position, but do not start vehicle.
    2. Push in trip odometer reset button until actual mileage of vehicle is showing.
    3. Turn off ignition
    4. With ignition off, push in trip odometer (actual mileage should be showing)
    5. Turn key to "on" position while continuing to hold in trip reset.
    6. You will see several dashes appear in the odometer. When they disappear, maintenance required light will disappear.
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    A question for you. I hate asking this but I'm used to my old truck. I'm going to change my oil in my toyota. Somebody said you need a special tool to get filter off. It's on top and I thought it just unscrewed. The oil plug somehow looks like it's in the transmission pan. Once again I used to my old ford truck. I bought 2 toyota oil filters with the check valve so I'm ok there. I just concerned about the filter and the drain plug. Thanks for any help here.
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    Does anyone know where is the oil filter on an 02 tacoma?
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    I have an 87 Pontiac Grand Am with over 400,000 miles and the only oil that has been used in it is Castrol
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    I recently traded for a 2002 Tacoma X-cab PreRunner 2.7 L (3RZ) auto. After spending about an hour changing the oil and filter (removed the skid plate) and almost never getting the oil filter off,,,is there a special oil filter removal tool that will speed up the process? Also, is it ok to use Fram oil filters or should I stick with toyota? The service book says the oil capacity is 5.7 Qts. The dipstick always shows an overage at that capacity. Any help there guys? Thanks, I appreciate your input.

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    A strap oil filter wrench is an excellent tool for removing a stubborn oil filter. You should be able to purchase one at your local auto parts store for less than $10.
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    The owners manual from my '08 Tacoma V6 4X4 Double Cab calls for 5.5 quarts of (engine) oil with a new filter. At that it is overfilled - draining just short of 3/4 quart brings it down to the top mark on the dipstick. (It came new with the oil level at the top dipstick mark.) Interesting enough, specifications in the manual for two wheel drive models call for 4.8 quarts with new filter. OK - which, if either, is right?

    This is making me crazy - help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    the recommened oil for my 07 Tacoma 4 cyl is 5-20. For the 6 cyls they recommend 5-30. Will 5-30 harm my 4 cylinder engine? I use full synthetic, (mobil1 extended). All I can find is the 5-30 without special ordering the 5-20. As far as temps, they cover the same spectrum. I'm just wondering about the higher viscosity of the 5-30.
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    NEW TACOMA TRUCK OWNERS BEWARE!!!!!!I bought a brand new 2010 Tacoma, 4 cyl, manual transmission. Checked oil levels at 300 miles on Odometer. Rear differential hardly had any oil! Drained and measured - 1.3 qts instead of 3.6 qts specified. Refilled with fresh synthetic oil. Oil came out looking like silver paint. Called the diller. They said the diff and transmission fluid levels are not checked at deallerships during predelivery inspections. It's done at the factory only. What kind of quality control is that? It makes me wonder about the rest of the truck.
    Manual transmission has issues too. I'll start another thread on that.
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    Just found this site, by now I'm sure you found the location of your oil filter but for those who may come across the same problem you'll find it by getting under the truck and looking above and slightly forward of the passenger side front tire.
    It takes a talented reach to grip it but after the first time, it's all downhill 5K miles later at the next change.
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    How to change oil in the 09 tocoma truck? Particularly where is the oil drain plug?
  • popsavalonpopsavalon Member Posts: 231
    On my V6 PreRunner, OIL drain plug is at bottom of oil pan, in front of frame crossmember. The drain plug mentioned by mdm5 that looks like it is on the transmission is probably the fluid drain plug in the transmission pan.

    One of the V6 Tacoma quirks is that the actual engine oil pan is cast alum., while the trans. pan is stamped steel.

    Not to be rude, but folks that can't distinguish the engine oil pan from the transmission fluid pan, don't need to be under their truck draining fluids.
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