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Honda Accord vs Nissan Altima



  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Also, Consumers Reports did a comparason between the 2 cars this year...see if you can find a back issue in your local library...
  • mickylongmickylong Posts: 29
    Thanks. I have an online subscription. I'll check with them as well.
  • motoguy128motoguy128 Posts: 146
    I think both cars play to similar desires. A car that is more connected to the road and driver. A little sportier. The Accord however got a little too big in the last redesign IMO and lost some of it's edge. That and Altima had great finaincing deal this month and the interiors are more exciting. With the giant array of buttons with huge writing, the Accord took one step closer from a sporty family sedan to the more mainstream Camry. The Altima is a little tighter in the back seat, but has a larger trunk and gets better mielage with it's 4 cylinder. The Altima rides a little stiffer, but corners just a little better.

    The decision came down to wheter of not we liked the CVT. We love it! The #1 thing I hated about automatics was how it often hunts for a gear or upshifts while cornering. the CVT also upshifts, but it's ability to quickly transition to a lower gear in normal driving makes it much easier to live with. I think it helps you drive more economical as well. You realize quickly that if you can keep it under 2000RPM you will get the best mileage... so you just hold the throttle at or below 2000RPM until you get to the speed you want.
  • mickylongmickylong Posts: 29
    I drove the Altima coupe again this weekend and it does seem to me that these cars are very close in approach and what they offer and are both strong contenders. My impression so far is that the Honda seems a bit bigger/heavier both in room and drive "feel". The Altima drives well but ride seems a little rougher than the Accord. Steering also seemed very light - similar to the electric steer in my Z4. Not sure if that's a good thing. I do like the CVT and have heard Honda's Variable Cylinder Management robs power. Styling (to me) is a toss-up. I prefere the edgier exterior appearance of the Accord but like the interior of the Altima. Love the remote start option on the Altima. It might come down to that level of decision -- which has the best "extras", better audio system and nav system. It does seem like the Accord is fairing better in car rag reviews, however.

    Oh well, I guess that's part of what makes this fun.
  • karpediemkarpediem Posts: 46
    The iKey should put it over the top for you if they are close. So so so so so nice to have....and the push button start is just plain cool.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    Your better off with the altima. Honda may have taken a step backwards with this version. I was just looking at some numbers, and the altima is quietly catching up in sales. the march difference was less than 5k, 36k accords and 31k altima's. on top of that, CYTD sales of the accord are down 3.9% while sales of the altima are up 4.6% Quite surprissing considering the accord is new. redesigns usually have a strong first year because of all the people who rush out to get the latest one.
    Anyhow, if accord continues it's decline, and the altima continues its rise, in its second year now, we could have a new #2 by december.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Yes, but there is so much competition, plus that the rates quite high on the Accord.
    Camry has even sold more than the Accord. Honda made a wrong decision to make the accord so strictly priced, especially in the day in economy. At this time, they need to do something to get them moving, otherwise they will slow in sales compared to others. I love Honda, I own one, and will be trading for an 08 soon, each month I keep waiting for the lease incentives to change a bit, and they don't. I do not plan to leave honda, but if I was, I am not sure I would move to nissan or any GM product, I am just not sure that have what it takes to make the overall quality of some other makes. Now they are getting much better. I look at the overall value for future, and others simply cannot hold their value as well as Honda. There are many other great cars too though, but I am sticking with my Honda. But, Honda is making me a little frustrated that they can't offer a better incentive on their models. It is getting a little old, loyal customers are leaving Honda, competition is high!
    This is all my own opinion, and I love Hondas, so I am biased. :)
    so don't take it personal, its my own take on it.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    I don't know if this will help, but I traded in my 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid and bought a new 2008 Honda Accord. First time I bought a Accord. In all phases, handling, ride, smoothness, acceleration, quality etc. the Accord is way better in my opinion. I have had it for a week and quality is far superior then the Altima. Factoring in reliability and resale value, I see no competition.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Ya, I have to agree, but coming from you, since you drove an altima and went to the Accord, and loved it, that is an unbiased review. That is a great point review. I have never driven the altima, but based on looks of the interior and exterior, the accord appeals better to me. Overall value is the key factor for me, knowing my car is holding its value well. I have gotten several emails stating the Accord winning several awards. That right there is all the more reason for me to get the accord. My 06 Accord is still holding its value well in the market, but when my lease is up very soon, because I am going to hit my miles before the actual lease end date, I am still in a pretty good position to just walking away from my car with owing nothing on it. That cannot be done with most cars. Now, with all of this said, that does not mean that the other cars are bad at all, it is just a matter of opinion, and based using all the facts given to us. The Accord is 1 of the very many nice cars out there,
    Nissan's are very nice too, and offer stiff competition along with other company's. That is probably why the Accord is struggling to get sales moving like they want.
    I love Honda's. Some love Nissans, or chevy's, VW's. people typically stick with what they know. To me, the accord is #1. That is just my opinion, and does not mean I am not open to seeking other models, before buying my next car. Which I have, and I still see the accord high on my list!

    Great review!
  • sincraftsincraft Posts: 24
    Wait, you traded a HYBRID in and are comparing it to the straight 4 or 6?

    I hope you tested the 4 or 6 Altima prior to testing the Honda right? Because you are comparing apples and oranges.

    You did a smart thing getting out of that Hybrid. They are going to be a NIGHTMARE when the warranties run out for people.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    I was given a 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5S CVT as a rental when my altima hybrid was in the shop at the dealership. I drove it through city streets and freeway. Over 200 miles. I didn't feel much difference between the 2.5S CVT and the Hybrid. As for gas mileage, the difference with my driving style was not big. Actually I got about 30 MPG with the CVT and I was getting 33-35 with the hybrid. Not a huge difference considering the extra money for the hybrid.
    I did some research and I wanted a car with (functionality, reliablity, excellent resale, safety etc.) I test drove (12 miles of test driving freeway and city) the accord LX automatic and it was not even a comparison. The ergonomics, standard equipment, safety, handling, ride and power delivery was unbeatable. I like the tight handling of the 2008 accord comparted to the altima. I traded the hybrid and got the LX automatic. I am very happy I got rid of the hybrid. My opinion is solely based on experience with the hybrid altima, CVT altima and accord LX automatic.
  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    I'm surprised you thought the Accord handled better, my opinion is the opposite of yours. I was shocked when I drove an '08 Altima for the first time, how similarly it handled to a G35. However, I did drive (and ended up purchasing) a 3.5 SE, which are sprung much stiffer than the SL/4 banger models.

    The primary thing I hated about the Accord was the road and wind noise, it was terrible. The stereo wasn't great either, but to be fair Nissan has always had the best OEM stereos in the biz (save for maybe VW/Audi) of the "mass market" car brands.

    Both cars are really nice, though. I would definitely take an Accord over anything else in the class except the Altima. If you thought I was harsh on the Accord in the last paragraph, you should hear what I think of the Camry. :P
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    In regards to the stereo, you are right, altima is better then the accord. I really like the crips handling with the accord and feel comfortable with the road. The accord does a excellent job taking the corners.

    The one thing I really like about the accord is it has more standard features comparing the LX automatic and the 2.5S CVT. Both are base models, but accord has steering wheel audio controls and when is comes to safety features, the altima is no match. In doing my research, I compared base models for the camry, altima, sonata, malibu, and accord. There was no match especially when considering resale value. The accord came to the US market in 1976. It has a proven track record for over 30 years. Thats hard to beat.

    In the end, what matters most is we as drivers have different tastes. After all, we all don't like chocolate flavored ice cream.
  • gwilsongwilson Posts: 46
    I am looking at the Altima and the Accord. I like both. One thing that irritates me about the Accord however is that that for the 4-cylinder you can not get Homelink, not even as an add-on option from my understanding. Why is that? Why does Honda require you to get a 6-cylinder to get Homelink? Do they not think 4-cylinder people have garages?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I had thought that EX-L models had Homelink! :confuse:
  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    It's just a packaging thing that most auto mfgs. do.

    My wife and I really liked the Odyssey, but to get both power sliding doors and the power hatch it would have been around $33-34k MSRP because it required all kinds of crap we didn't want like sunroof, something insane like 3 TV screens, and leather seats.

    We ended up with a Chrysler Town and Country, which wasn't really what we wanted but it was $12k (yes, twelve thousand US American Dollars :P ) less.

    Maybe we should have looked at the Toyota Sienna, that Chrysler van is not going to age well. It only has 20k miles on the odo, and it already needs brakes. My wife isn't THAT hard on her brakes! Well, at least it's paid off.
  • gwilsongwilson Posts: 46
    I can understand the whole package thing that auto folks do but not even to offer it as a assessory really confuses me - unless I am totally misinformed but this is what I was told by a dealer and also online info.

    One other nit about the Accord, no 60/40 fold down rear seats? Looks like that would be standard for most cars these days.

    Other than these items I do really like the Accord and Altima equally. I like the new Accord's size better but the Altima's options and styling... Just my $0.02.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    If it is any constellations, I have not been able to set up the home link in either one of my cars (06 Pilot and 08 Accord), the compatibility is limited and very difficult to set up with the newer (relatively newer, that is) garage door openers. The 800 number support is not of much help either.

    But to stay on topic, I did consider Altima before I bought the accord and actually like both of them, but have not been lucky with the Nissan reliability in the past.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I also had issues setting up homelink on Craftsman (Sears) openers, but was eventually successful...What kind of door opener do you have?
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    The brand is called "Overhead", I think they are the kind that change codes randomly. It took me a long time to get the clicker talk to the car's remote but still haven't been able to get the Homelink talk to the garage door opener's main unit. Did you have to do something creative or special to get it going?
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Overhead Garage Door openers are definitely compatible with homelink. My best friend has that type of opener and uses a car with homelink, so I know for sure it works.

    I simply followed the instructions in the auto owner's manual to synchronize my opener, and it worked exactly as the manual described.

    Incidentally, almost, if not all, door openers use the "rolling code" technology. Try this web-site to see if it can assist you...

    Good luck!
  • elron1elron1 Posts: 3
    Hi All. I am trying to find out information on the 2008, 3.5, V6 Altima. I was told that it requires high octane fuel and it is not recommended to use regular unleaded. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Premium fuel is recommended, but not required. Unless you drive at extreme limits, you should be just fine with regular.

    However, mileage will be slightly better using premium .vs. regular.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Using regular won't hurt the Altima; the only side-effect will be reduced peak horsepower. The difference will likely be 5hp or less, something nobody will notice.

    The engine computer will sense lower-octane fuel, and make the proper adjustments so you have no knocking or any other problems.

    Our Honda Odyssey (2000) was this way; it made 210hp on premium, or 205hp on regular.
  • madpistolmadpistol Posts: 126
    I drove similarly priced Accord EX-L 4-cyl and Altima 2.5 SL. I drove the Accord first, and the ride was wonderful! However, I hated the center stack. From what I noticed, there wasn't much separation between the audio and climate control consoles, and that made the use of it very confusing. I also hated that there wasn't a 60/40 split rear seat fold down, and even then, the trunk was appalling, both in size and usefulness (see no 60/40 back seat). The 190-hp i4 felt very nice though. It revved really easily, and it down shifted on command, but I didn't like that there was a good bit of tire and wind noise. At this price point, I would want a slightly quieter cabin. Overall, I was very impressed with the Accord's driving manners, but its shortcomings made it seem like a step backwards from previous generations.

    Then, I drove an '08 Altima 2.5 SL, and I must say that my view of Nissan has changed completely after driving this car. The CVT was probably the star in my book, but the push button start and manual mode definitely added to the pizzaz. This car felt much quicker and lighter than the Accord, but at the same time, the ride wasn't as subtle; there was a lot more feedback from the wheel, which at first, I didn't like, but it grew on me quickly. The engine noise was also a little intrusive at lower RPM's but once you stomp on it, it has a nice growl to it for a 4-cyl (plus dual chrome tipped exhaust is standard on both i4 and V6) All of the short comings that I witnessed in the Accord were non-existant in this car; the audio and climate control buttons were easy to understand, and I thought the use of chrome on some of the dials was tasteful. It also had a 60/40 split folding back seat with a HUGE trunk... and the ride... it was very responsive and sporty but not to the point of being intrusive, and even at 70-80mph, the cabin had very little wind noise compared to the Accord. I noticed that when you hit a pot hole or large bump, the car just absorbed it. It wasn't uncomfortable at all! I will concede that this car is a good bit smaller than the Accord, but that makes it just that much more fun to drive!

    As you can tell, the Altima won me over, and I bought a 2.5 SL sedan. I got an awesome deal on it too... It was about $2k below the Accord when everything was finished. I think Honda is trying to appeal to a much larger audience with this model, but they've neglected their current following in the process. However, Nissan fixed the things that people didn't like about the '02-'06 Altima, and made everything they did right even better than before.

    I wouldn't be surprised if we see the Altima surpass the Accord in sales in the following years. The extra money for the Accord just isn't worth it unless you want a large car with great resell value, which the Altima holds its value just as well this time around. I'm not downing '08 Accord owners, but I think that the Altima is the better car currently.
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    Congrats on your purchase. I think both vehicles are great entries into the midsize market, but are tuned to the needs of different groups. I am sure the Altima will provide you with years of motoring pleasure.
    One thing to note is the manual mode on a CVT is kind of a joke. The whole idea is there are no gears, no steps, if you will. A manual mode inserts steps, harming efficiency and economy. Its still entertaining in that "Grand Turismo" Playstation kind of way, I suppose.
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    Madpistol -

    You summed up the Accord pretty well. The biggest drawback is the horrible road noise which ruins the whole luxury feel of the interior. The tire noise carries right thorugh the wheel wells.

    Nissan definitely has a better combination of suspension tuning & sound deadening for the average sedan buyer.

    Also, another point to consider is the poor MPG's people are seeing.with the 4-cyl Accord. My best tank was 26mpg on a 100% highway trip driving no faster than 70mph.

    I still buy Honda because they offer 9 of 10 things I look for in a car. Resale value being at the top of the list. It still amazes me that they refuse to address the road noise problems when Consumer Reports slams them year after year.
  • madpistolmadpistol Posts: 126
    I have to agree that on resale value, the Accord, having the Honda badge, is going to be very high. That's a very strong selling point of the car. But I just couldn't live with myself in the Accord with all those drawbacks. I'm sure I'd get used to the center stack, and the full fold down backseat wasn't a biggie, but I use my trunk a lot, so I could use a little bit more in trunk space. The Altima addressed all of the Accord's drawbacks, which is surprising considering the design is a year older and a couple grand less. It's like Honda made the Anti-Altima, but in the process made quite a few errors that are not favorable to the market. I do like that the Accord is bigger and rides better, but bang for the buck, the Altima won my cash.

    I'll also concede that the manual mode on the CVT is sort of a joke, but at the same time it's not. It's a joke because it's not faster than the CVT alone, so if you want pure speed, leave the shifter in drive and let the CVT do its job. At the same time, I love it because the car feels much more like a sports car in manual mode. When you shift, you feel the same "shift shock" that you feel in a normal automatic or manual gearbox, which makes the car feel more conventional. Besides, it's fun to have some degree of control over the shifting. I've tested the CVT in manual mode, and what I like about it is at cruising speed, I can just tap the shifter down a couple of times, and the car speeds up. I don't have to increase throttle at all. That's pretty cool for a CVT transmission. What I do know is the Altima would look a lot less appealing if it didn't have the manual mode on the CVT.
  • milkman1milkman1 Posts: 80
    I am going to shortly trade in my Mazda 6 for an Altima and I can confirm the manual mode has saved me from speeding tickets on numerous occassions. No break tap. Having that feature really seals the deal with the Altima this time around. That and the drivetrains performance and efficiency. The 4 cylinder drives like the current 6 on the 6.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I am going to shortly trade in my Mazda 6 for an Altima and I can confirm the manual mode has saved me from speeding tickets on numerous occassions.

    I've actually done the same thing; just drop the transmission from "D" to "D3". Being able to choose 4th wouldn't make much difference in speed in the short time needed.

    I typically don't speed much (too much of a fuel penalty), so I have only done this once.
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