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Volkswagen Passat Engine Issues



  • I searched a little bit and found it has been a few years that VW use engine made in Hungary on a few VW lines. other owners may confirm this.

    Question is why VW move the most important part out of Germany? Are they completely satisfied with the quality of the engine made in other country? Are they regarded as identical? I guess the quality was acceptible by them. I red on this forum that some kind of ring went off the engine and the mechanic said they have seen a lot of this problem.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Question is why VW move the most important part out of Germany?

    The answer, as it almost always is, is money. The pay rate in Hungary is considerably lower than in der Homeland.
  • That's a safe bet only if the quality remain the same. If the engine became mediocre that car line will go downhill. Even they can maintain the same quality it still cast doubt in many consumers. That's a strategic move for them. Maybe they believe they will never catch up or beat BMW or Mercedes so they try to compete in the family cars like Accord and Camry.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    All I can tell you is that the Audi engine plant at Gyor has been in service since the early 1990's. They built the 1.8T's there, too, used by Audi, VW, Seat, and Skoda. They make 12 cylinder engines there, too, not just the 4 bangers.

    I wouldn't sweat it. Now, the electronics, OTOH....
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 849
    Motto : "Timing is everything"

    I scheduled "Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor" replacement with independent mechanic on Monday and this Saturday I got a letter from VWoA that beforementioned sensor is now covered by extended warranty (10 years or 100K miles).

    I think it is 6th service/recall with this car.

    In my car the temperature gauge is capable of dancing from normal to 0 and sometimes back. Warm/hot air comes out but gauge shows 0.

    Apparently it can cause even more problems, the biggest one probably is that some states fail emission test because the "Check Engine Light" (MIL[Malfuction Indcator Light] in VW speak) is lit.



    PS I will cancel my visit on Monday to have it done for "free" at dealer.
  • fmkofmko Posts: 21
    All VW & Audi engines are made in Hungary. I was in Wolfsburg (VW World Headquarters) and Ingolstadt (Audi's World Headquaters) and both companies confirmed all engines are made in Hungary.
  • VW have better update those CAR stickers then - since they point the v6 engines to be from Germany.

    ... unless Germany "annexed" Hungary... :)
  • waltchanwaltchan Posts: 124
    Wrong. Only the Volkswagen R32 qualifies itself as a full German-made Volkswagen with engine and transmission Made in Germany. The 2008 R32 is predicted to be the last full German-made Volkswagen vehicle ever made.
  • passat_02passat_02 Posts: 1
    I had a diagnostic done to my 02 Passat and said It had a misfire on coil #1. So I put a new one on. The problem wasn't solved. Then I also changed the valve ( or whatever that part is called ) that goes beside the coil and the problem sill wasn't solved . I'm a girl. Help me. What could It be?
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    I have two 1.8Ts (Passat and Jetta). I have a rule of thumb. If one coil goes out, replace the entire set (around $35 for each coil x 4 coils) - because chances are more than one coil has failed.

    Let's put it this way - spark plugs aren't changed one at a time - they're usually changed as an entire set. The same logic should be applied to the coils.

  • pobillypobilly Posts: 1
    i parked my car last night and when i got in it this morning it just wasnt had a little trouble starting then when on the move it cuts out completely. could this be bad gas or is it an internal problem like a lifter or something
  • I am the second owner of a 04 Passat 1.8L Turbo- bought it at 80,000 miles and now it is at 94,000 (move across country). Never really had issues with it until recently. I have a few issues now mostly minor (electrical issue with drivers side lights, specifically the taillight; CV axle is clicking when turning so that needs to be replaced, my drivers side seat warmer short circuted and burned a hole through my leather seats) but now I have a huge issue that is making my car undriveable. As I as stopped at a stop sign yesterday my car started shaking really bad and the check engine light came on. I pulled over and checked the oil, which was a little low, toppped it off and tried again. Nothing, it felt the same and the engine light goes from blinking to full on. So I took it to the local oil shop b/c it had been a while since the last change (btw, they had put 5W-30 last time b/c that was all that had ever been used in the car and something about not switching to synthetic halfway through the cars life). Well that made it worse! The car started moving so slowly accelerating from full stops that I was afraid I would get in an accident. Then this part to the left of the engine and down a bit started glowing red hot. We replaced all the spark pplugs, and got the engine light coded (misfire 4th cylinder). But when we got an ignition coil to replace (our local store only had 1 in stock) it didnt get any better in either the first or last cylinder and actually made the car feel worse when placed in either of the middle two cylinders. HELP ME PLEASE!!! Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on? We went ahead and ordered three more ignition coils just in case, after reading this site... still waiting on them to come in... Could it be an issue with the oil grade and turbo?
  • I forgot to mention when we got the oil changed we also got the oil system flushed out and they didnt find any sludge....
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Well, when the engine light is blinking, you're not supposed to drive it all. 5w-30 is the wrong weight oil for this car - 5w-40 is called for which means full synthetic. Check your manual - it will tell you what oil the engine calls for. The story about not switching to synth during the car's life is an old-wive's tale.

    The thing glowing is the turbo, if you mean on the passenger side of the engine. I think you are in deep trouble that I can't diagnose over the interwebs, but would suggest you get your car to someone familiar with VW's /Audi's ASAP.
  • the first time this vr6 died we thought fuel even though it was showing six gal.put five gal.more in after a few tries it starts back up.the next time its shows twelve we added five more gal.i dont think is out of gas do you.can the fuel pump come and go when it wants has run fine for a week now and has not stopped once.this has happend seven times in the last eight weeks.also you have to turn the key very hard forward and get it in the right spot to even crank.has anyone else had either of these problems ?
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    To me, it sounds like your ignition switch is bad.
  • jburksjburks Posts: 1
    Well,where shall I start when I accelerate the turbo pulls good up to2500-3000 rpm's, then the power drops off. I do not know where to look I check all vaccuum lines. Can I please get some help, would appreciate it very much.
  • elsitaelsita Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    I had to jumpstart my car a week ago and all of the sudden my remote didn´t work on any of my 3 car doors, except the driver´s and trunk´s. Lost its memory, in a very selective way.Following manual instructions to reset the remote didn´t work. My Passat is a 2003, GLX V6, with a mileage of a little over 22K. According to the dealership´s advisor, this should have never happened. VW Headquarters don´t want to take any responsibility. I had to pay 154 bucks to reset it. I am so disappointed with VW´s poor PR, I am seriously thinking of selling the car. Need to know if it has happened before to any Passat owner. Thanks. LC
  • What happened? What codes did you have?

    My 98 Passat 1.8L just had the exact same thing happen. The #1 cylinder is not firing but a new coil did not fix the problem. Something wrong with the CPU according to a local shop in NAPLES ITALY who claim to be familiar with this problem. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  • alwaysmtalwaysmt Posts: 1
    I have 96 2.0 with a no start. It will crank fine but no spark. Although when you cycle the key on & off the coil will spark once each time you turn the off.
  • gpc46gpc46 Posts: 5
    Has anyone experienced an engine surge when driving a diesel passat, I'm sure I wasn't dreaming, only happened once when on a country run probably doing about 100klms.
  • renato2renato2 Posts: 1
    i have a 1999 passat and it had been parked for about 6 months, now when i turned it on it has the check engine light on and when i press the gas it goes up but comes down all the way when i easy my foot off the pedal in other words if i step hard on it it gets to 7000 rpm but if i ease off it comes back to undes 1000rpms... i dont know what it is does anyone know??? i cant drive it this way because it cannot maintain accelaration i cant get it to stay at any rmp its either red line or nothing
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    Renato - did the car lose power during those 6 months? If so, I bet you need to have your throttle body adjusted. I had something similar happen when my wife left the lights on at the airport. Battery was bone dead, and when jump started, car idled very rough and would run rough but never get above 30 - 35 MPH going herky jerky the whole way.

    I found someone with VAG COM software who performed a throttle body adjustment procedure, and all is now well.

    Might be worth a try.
  • gpc46gpc46 Posts: 5
    Surge of engine caused by particulate filter cleaning itself?? so the dealer says
  • cleric1cleric1 Posts: 1
    I have a 01 passat TDI red D red I.My car lost some power.Not all so i still can drive it 160-170kmh .but gear 1. is ok,but in the2- 3 and . go ok till 2000-2200 reps than a hickup and after doesn`t have the normal power only less.4 and 5 so weak as well.the local wv garage check twice everything.full diagnostic.all sensors work ,no foults.take the turbo off ,exost pipe off ,check the vacuum pipes.everything ok the turbo even blow up the its works (turbo was changed for a brand new 20,000miles ago) Please if anybody had same help. :confuse:
  • when i start in morning it does'nt ref properly sounds like it's going to cut out and back fire put your foot down and nothing and all of a sudden it will kick in go up to 1000'2000 rpm and then back down until warm then not to bad but still does it now and then when you put your foot down.
  • vwfan2vwfan2 Posts: 2
    I have similarly problem, but all i do is leave the car to get warm them press the thortle hard to raise The engine, after that it works normal

    But my mechanic said the injector nozzle need servicing or cleaning. Im about doing that
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