Resale value with malfunctioning top

danamyxdanamyx Member Posts: 1
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The top won't retract without causing a lock-up and then a reset. The top is closed and switch disabled to prevent accidental opening. The non-dealer mechanic checked the hydraulic pump and all sensors, without finding the fault. He thinks it may be the control panel. Just as I was getting ready to sell the car, a circuit failed in the electronic control module above the glove box. This same mechanic checked it ($475) and says it is circuit #64 and will need a new board and programming at the dealer ($1500). The circuit #64 is keeping something open and draining the new battery ($180) over night. I'm getting buried by repair costs for a car I don't want anymore. Is it better for me to repair it, or sell it as is? Help, I don't know what to do.


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