King of Torque? Cummins, Duramax, Powerstoke...

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According to the tests conducted by the people at
truck trend in decembers issue, say that the king
of torque goes to the Dodgeram/cummins engine.
They dyno read 604lbs torque at the rear wheels.
It was a 3/4 ton 4x4 qc sport, with 4.10 diff.
The duramax was a crew cab automatic,4x4 3.73
gears, and the ford was a 2wd reg cab 3.73 gears.


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    are we gonna have to dig up that video again?


    - Tim
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    And John Force drives a car with 5,000 horsepower.
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    thing the first time I read that post...

    I guess none of the manufacturers take Truck Trend comic books seriously....especially Ford who sent a 2 wd truck...did it even have a locker?

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    ....But it's funny as hell to watch!

    - Tim
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    Cummins vs Duramax, Powerstroke is like comparing
    an Elephant to a Mule. Both will/can carry
    heavy loads or maybe a Tugboat to a Bayliner.

    Cummins B engine was detuned from 1200 HP to
    200 for Dodge truck application to avoid
    destruction and obliteration of the Heavy
    duty and very robust Dodge Ram drivetrain....
    this is according to the Dodge Ram diesel
    buffs....Maybe the Cummins engine should be compared to Caterpiller, Detroil Diesel or Fairbanks Morse diesels.
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    ....Robust Dodge drivetrain...

    that's a good one...

    - Tim
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    Can't you guys (at lease some of you) recognize sarcasm when you see it?
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    ....Dodge ripps out the trannys and clutches....cuz along with their brakes they are crap!

    - Tim
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    The dodge brakes for 2000 and 2001 are very much not crap. I have a 4x4 qc cummins and auto tranny, and the brakes are the best. You barley have to touch the pedal to slow down. When I took it in to get a 3 dollar brakes service special at a local GM dealer, even there technicians called me over just to tell me that my brakes were very impressive, and huge. As for the tranny, it's doing just fine I got 25000miles on her now, and I use this truck for plowing ( 9ft plow)in the winter and crusiing in the summer. Also something I didn't know was that the dodge has the highest front end rating at 5200lbs, compared to the new gm and ford. And on the engine, it is the king of torque baby!
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    ...yes a 2500 will have larger brakes that are are my 2500 brakes...

    I am only speaking the facts about Dodge and trannys and goes back to the 60's....hold on!....the Dodge technology is still there!

    - Tim
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    Is this the typical Chevy sarcasm. Semms to be a like a virus in these forums.
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    Hmm, thats pretty good 7.5 seconds in a engine that doesn't exist.
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    of trucks with the 5.7 thru year 2000. Will be/is discontinued upon entry of the new HD's in 2001.
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    For clarification of CK Chevies

    Mine is last of the late great C2500. Built
    1/27/00 at 12:55 in Arlington, Texas. This is
    last year for CK. I believe they were discontinued earlier in the year. i drove the
    new Silverados with 4.8 and 5.3 Vortec engines,
    lots of HP but torque range too flat for my tastes. Perfer to spank the weaky squeaky
    ancient Dodge circa '50's 5.2, circa '70's
    Aspen/Volare 5.9 and the wannabe 4.7 SOHC COTY
    magnum. A true magnum is the 383/440 engines
    that were great for racing against other MOPAR..

    I know the new hemi's are due out, still will be
    a weak contender against GM. Just like in
    high school with '63 Chevy 409 vs Ramcharger
    413 and the mudduck 426 Hemis-no contest.
    WAS THERE, LIVED IT, LOVED IT AND WILL NEVER FORGET IT. Ow well, nostalga is great.

    Beware of being spanked by the VORTEC 6.0L.

    All Dodge lovers/owners, keep your lil trucks
    in garage to avoid severe spanking....
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    TOOK HIS TRUCK TO A GM DEALER for the brakes???


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    Yeh I did take my truck to the Gm dealer to take advantage of the $3.00 brake servicxe special. They clean and adjust front brake calipers, to prevent them from sticking in future. Nothing was wrong with my brakes, just wanted to show the GM crew what a real truck looks and sounds like!
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    haven't heard that one in awhile....and the '55, the '66 Chevy II and the 70 1/2 Camaro with the split bumpers...oh well!! time marches on!! and back to trucks...

    GM dealer was the only ones who could figure out those damn dodge brakes. That's good cause the chevy dealer can't figure out chevy brakes...LOL!!
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    adjust front brake calipers?????????????

    Amora, 409's beating 426 Hemis? 7.5 second 0-60 in a C/K 2500?? The legal marijuana issue on the ballot in some states was supposed to be for medical purposes only. Must be those cataracts you have.
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    c'mon..don't be that way, was 15 at the time in
    early '61 and used to go to Lion's drag strip in
    Long Beach, Ca and see Hayden Profitt, Don
    Nicholson and a few other Chevy killer drivers
    smoke the Mopar hemis with their 409's, also
    listen to Beach Boy's song 409, its all there,
    {Iam speaking of super stocks not dragsters}.
    Mary Jane came later (late sixties)...

    Anyway, Cummins is torque monster (elephant)
    Durmax is (KING KONG) hows that for anology?
    RE: Chevy brakes, am going to replace with
    larger disc all around..they leave a lot to be desired....
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    Used Majestrom pocket watch with nice chain for
    timing my 3/4 ton BOOTY SPANKER. 7.5 sec is
    avg for 5 runs. Watch is available at SEARS
    jewelry department. Look for discounts....
    back to topic...

    DURAMAX is way to go.....

    oops: ummm, re 5.7, i have quite a few mods;
    (K & N, JET CHIP to disable speed limiter,
    cat back exhaust.....etc)
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    how to adjust front calipers, and I've been ASE certified in brakes since it was call NIASE.

  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    wooden clamps to adjust like the way Moe used to do to Curly...
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157

    ...come here grape head!


    - Tim
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    Dude, the 426 Hemi didn't come out till '64. So
    any "booty wacking er smacking or spanking" the 409 was doing
    in '60 or '61 wasn't against a 426 Hemi.

    I don't really like Chryslers but the 426 Hemi did
    have its moments.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    the 426 had to be worth something....cause NHRA lived and died with it....

    wasn't it Keith Black who used to build motors using the Mopar 426 to build 499's?
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    Your right, memory fading, 426 Hemi came out in
    '64. It was the 413 ram induction Dodges that
    were being smoked. But then again the 426 Hemis
    (SUPER STOCKS THAT IS) had a tough time of it
    with the 409's and 421 Pontiacs. Not to get off the subject too much, first stock car to break
    100 in the 1/4 mi at Detroit dragway was a 1959
    Pontiac catalina with a 389 Tri-power ( 3 carbs)
    set up. In '62 a BUICK with a 401 also did the
    honors. Returning to DURAMAX killer diesel
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    You said something about mods like K&N, Jet chip, some exhaust, etc...

    Just what does etc. mean?

    And I'm sure, the Jet chip is just for getting rid of the speed limiter.

    Since you didn't say it was 4x4, should we assume your truck is not?

    Curious minds want to know.
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    2wd. Just some mild super tuning, calling on the
    mechanical ability of close neighbors, family,
    self, i added a shift kit to auto tranny for
    crisp, firmer shifts, dialed in chip for
    improved throttle, passing response and improved
    fuel economy (from 14-19 mpg at steady 66 mph)
    without using premium fuel. 5.7l engine breathes
    thru BORLA headers, dual catylitic (factory)
    perverters. applied some old hot rod trucks is all.

    Have owned 4x4 and 2wd pickups since 1961. FORDS,
    GMC, CHEVIES, mini and full size and a few
    SUV's. Had '83 F150 long bed w/302-4V GT
    mustang engine, very hot, sold at 277,000 mi to
    construction worker in late '80s, also had
    '94 F150 long bed 5.0 EFI. Also very great truck.
    loved them both. Am loyal to none. If I like
    looks, features of truck, will buy it. Have
    owned several S10s and Rangers. Most trouble
    free were the FORDS. S10's w/4.3 V6 very fast
    with like mods. love the old and new LIGHTNING,
    very formidable...prefer chevy small block due
    to high rpm and output. May consider DODGE ram
    in late 2002-2003 if new HEMI engine becomes available. Iam aware of awesome potential of
    OHC modular Ford engines. I like 4.6L very much,
    am aware of piston slap of 5.4L, i feel it is
    minor mfg flaw. I do not care for the looks of
    '97 and newer F150's. Too not mean
    to offend or affront..just opinion...sales of
    F150's very spectacular...the Harley Davidson
    and LOBO F150 models very awesome...the HD F250
    more macho looking than Dodge RAMBO. i feel '00
    Silverado w/4.8 and 5.3 Vortec engines too lite
    in TORQUE for me. Horsepower ratings ultra high,
    but engineers know about torque, hence my
    desire for the 5.0, 5.7, 7.4l vortec pushrods...
    From published data, FORDS have great torque and
    high tech engines. 300hp HOTROD LINCOLN Navigator
    more formidable than TAHOE/SUBURBAN...just my
    opinion. drove a souped up '89 hot rod LINCOLN mark series with 5.0L, lots of fun, very fast.

  • fordtuffordtuf Member Posts: 101
    I'm curious about my 99 F250, V10, 3.73 gears.
    All I have done so far is the K&N and Flowmaster.
    (I just built a new house) Next year I'll get the headers & chip.

    It sounds like we have a lot in common, when it comes to tinkering with everything we own. And I love camping and motortsports too. I live in Atlanta, and I have 4 tickets to the NAPA 500 this Sunday. Then I'll be hooking up the camper and going out for Thanksgiving.
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    I'm going to start charging you for these corrections!!!J/K. The Z28 was a 302 also.(damn copy cats!) And while I LOVE Clevelands the current crop of aftermarket Windsor heads kick the crap outta the 30 year old technology. If you must have your canted valves the Robert Yates head(NASCAR) is the modern Cleveland head, albeit pricey. There is a guy in Valencia, Jim Grubbs, who has a stash of Aussie 2bbl heads, smaller, more streetable ports with the smaller, higher compression chambers.

    You know a lot. You just need some gimkoba(?) to get that memory back. LOL!!!!
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    Wasn't '68 Z28 a 301?? I know in '70 they went to
    350...hmmm I guess Iam not an elephant....
    I do remember my '55 Belaire had 265-4V,
    powerglide, would do 86 in 16 sec in K-STOCK
    auto class back in Summer of '62. Also got
    a ticket for doing 110 mph on Long Beach freeway.
    An LA interceptor ('62 Pontiac Ventura 389-3x2
    poleece car did me in) Pop pulled license,
    friends stopped coming by- SHUCKS...My buddy in
    his '55 T-Bird with 292-4v got away..
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    Thanks. I remember my 265, no oil filter and
    after 1st rebuild, i flattened the cam somewhat
    by over tightening the rockers to eliminate
    some clicking. Engine was full of 100 lbs of
    sludge. I hot dipped the block, washed down
    the parts with kerosene, installed new timing
    chain, rings, milled heads .015, added glaspacks,
    rebuilt powerglide tranny. Had 3:70 axel ratio.
    I used Bardahl straight 30 oil. Pop was
    body and fender repairman and had painted
    my 2dr hardtop diamond black enamel. Took 3 days
    to dry, had baby moon hubcaps- beautiful car.
    I sold it when I joined Air Force in late '64...
    i regret it to this day.

    I remember '68-'69 Novas with 327/350 engines.
    Pop had an avocado green '70 impala 2 dr with 427
    motor. He also had a 68 Chevelle with 327-4V.

    I stand corrected again re 302. I remember
    the 350 long journal engines. In late 69,
    I bought a used primered '64 chevy 3/4 step side with granny gears and 235 six. We installed a '63
    327 engine from demolished vette. I melted
    the 16in nylon tires first time out and went
    thru several clutches. never lost a street race.
    I drove this truck throught my college years and then sold it in '79 and bought first new truck, '80 GMC heavy half with 350-4V. A very troublesome truck. Just a little nostalga....

    Pop is now 81, still has his '74 Cheyenne with
    '77 Z28 engine bored out .030. Plans to take it
    with him when he passes the purly gates...


  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    Yawl just like low rpm motors with relatively high levels of hp....

    It's HP that matters at the rpm you want to operate the motor.
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    If you are climbing the INFAMOUS 6% GRAPEVINE
    hill in So. California then you would want
    the torque in the upper range...ala 2000
    Chevy Silverado 5.3 or '01 6.0. My 5.7L
    may follow the newer vortecs up the hill
    passing the Dodge and Fords...hmmmm yes that
    about does it. As Steve Jobs would say

    Mechanical engineers love or should love pickup trucks, hot rods, BMW's (Electrical engineers) and the SUV's to keep mama happy....At least I do...

    Love those RPN Calculators...and bamboo sliderules
  • kevinokevino Member Posts: 19
    haven't had anyone driving a truck pass me anywhere. I ain't drag racing at the strip but playing around in the street and pulling hills, it hasn't happened yet. Y2K, SD, V10, 4.30.
  • rrichf1rrichf1 Member Posts: 47
    First, Pickets are still better than K&E! I still use one of them batteryless calculators. ;)

    Second, the Grapevine (Southerly direction) proves 'There ain't no substitute for cubes'.

    Frequently I would take my old '86 with a 6.9 L up the Grapevine and look at what it took to pass me. Usually it was at least $50,000. Once I started from zero MPH in Grapevine and was hitting about 80 MPH long before the 4000 foot marker.

    The '92 non turbo 7.3 only improved things. The '99 PowerStroke is a real kick to push a high dollar BMW or MB over the top of the hills and get over 17 MPG while doing it!

  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    I used a metal circular sliderule, forgot make,
    much easier than slip stick. watchout for
    crocked hairline of those old pickets that is why
    K & E slightly better...use my HP32SII to balance
    checkbook, my old HP35 and 41CV self destructed
    years ago. cos 45 still .707 oopps, sorry that is
    high school SUN SPARC stn does it all,
    summations of moments of inertia, WT, mass...

    my ole '83 F150 long bed w/dual tanks, batteries,
    3:55 axel, auto overdrive tranny, 302-2V, custom dual exhaust, COBRA 148GTL SSB CB, 102 in Stn stl
    whip antenna with 1:1 SWR, and a few engine mods
    did 85 mph before 4000 ft. marker...and that was
    with a clothes dryer in kidding

    for KEVINO: ummm let see, a V10 is limited to
    110 mph unless you added chip to disable limiter,
    well, did you?? otherwise your limiter will allow
    you to read my rear plates, then watch them
    fade in the distance....

    ps: my booty spanking pickup eats V10's for
    breakfast and dinner...stock ones anyway....FOMOCO,
    DODGE no difference...
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240

    There is nothing better than a TI-89. best $150 ive spent todate

  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204

    Had several TI's. they all gave same answer,
    RPN more natural. Fewer keystrokes. Nobody in
    the whole world solves problem like this: 2x2=
    first you write down 2, then another 2 underneath
    then add, in HP RPN calclulators you do same theing, press 2, ENTER, then press another 2 then
    * key. No stinkin equals sign is needed. Very
    proper and natural. My first calulator was
    HP35 in 1974, about $195 big ones. first TI was
    TI 59 Programmable with magnetic cards, I quickly
    installed RPN module and kicked [non-permissible content removed] in Physics and
    Chemistry classes until TI self destructed.
    I also took the last sliderule class (1 unit)
    concurrent with chemistry class (5 units)...
    calculus was favorite numbers,
    son has BS in math, he is ACTUARY...eeeek

    HP better made, like 3/4 ton Chevy pick-up.

    My compliments to you and your chosen career. You
    will truly enjoy this field. Been at it since
    1974. Started as junior draftsman, took classes
    at night, finished in '80. Have AA in drafting,
    AS engineering technology, BS Mechanical engineering. Worked in silicon valley 14 years,
    great experience. If I had to do it over, I would
    have chosen Computer Science...thinking about
    going for BS CIS (Computer information service),
    close to MBA. lots of engineers suppliment with
    MBA also PE license...I myself prefer CAD/CAM
    engineering, more concept work than theory.

    If you want high tech, come to california, lots
    of openings, no one wants to study engineering,
    all want to be lawyers and CEO's, more foreigners
    coming to US to fill open slots....If you have
    great mechanical apptitude and love vehicles you
    will be very successful....


    "saluting the new upcoming DODGE RAMBO HEMI-HEAD
    pickups" watch your backside, these trucks look
    like they will spank the competition big time.
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    Wow, like a chevy 3/4 ton- now I know to stay away from HP calculators
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    haven't heard reverse polish notation in awhile. When I first heard it in college, thought it was a racial joke....
  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    I knew I liked yawl for a reason.....

    Currently using an HP15C, use a TI92+ for occasional DiffyEQ. HP much quicker, more intuitive.

    Unbeknownst to me, Sister sold my science fair won slide rule while I was away at college many years ago. Kinda forgot about it. My father passed away a couple of years ago, gonna lose mom this year too, Sis asked what I wanted from all the stuff at the house, I thought about it for awhile and said "ya know, I'd like that slide rule that I won back in high school, do you know where mom stored it?"

    Sis kinda gacked and choked a little, and fessed up that she got a whopping $.50 for it back in the 80's....

    Next door neighboor, a retired ME prof, heard about the story and "gifted" me the one he used all the way thru college in the 1950's....

    Kinda nice belonging to the "engineering" club.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    forgot about those....what about abacus?
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    I guess schools don't use slide rules any more, eh?
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    yea, love to do calculus on ABACUS.....forget
    slide rule, forget C and D scale alignments....

    "HEMI DODGE PICKUPS RULE, the 2003's anyway"
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    RPN is natural???? I'll stick with the trusty ti85. and Pro-E 2000i, for you Amora! (although I wish we would get to I-squared!)
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    whats a slide rule?

  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    is? seems like beads would be easier to start with. Before the widespread use of a calculator, the sliderule was most common in courses which required calculations from chemical engineering to quantum physics and manure salesmen...

    check here:

    for the abacus:

    In adding and subtracting functions, the abacus was proven faster than the calculator.
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204

    Pro/E 2000i3 already loaded on SUN UNIX SPARC
    stn undergoing evaluation, also INTRALINK,
    still using ProPDM...wish they would switch over,
    the drafters are on Windows Weenie NT PeeCees,
    calculators, HP superior..... Used AUTOCAD
    from rel 10-13, have ACAD 2000 on my Sony VAIO
    CRAYONS..although best 2D CAD software out there,
    Solid Works growing in use, so is CATIA and
    SDRC IDEAS---eeeek...have Pro/E 2000I2 student
    edition on my tiny 10.5 in screen SONY VAIO
    laptop with 32 megs of RAM and it runs just fine..
    May upgrade to IBM THINKPAD 770 with CDR and also
    purchase a MAC laptop. G4s are killer processors,
    can outperform PeeCees in math modeling....

    Just like Chevy trucks more powerful than Fomoco
    or German owned Dodges....right??
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