Mercury Villager Hood Release

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My '99 Villager hood release just jammed. The inside lever pulls out about 1-1/2" then impossible to pull any further, hood stays locked down tight. Any tricks to offer before I tear up the grille or something? TIA! Larry


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    OK got it by pressing hood front down hard while wife pulled release. Corrosion all over. WD40 on everything and works fine.
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    96 mercury villager 247000 miles. All systems are showing their age some. AC system solder point, power seat going out. replaced cv joints... general wear and tear things. I have not had too much trouble except recently. noticed battery corrosion 2 weeks ago. went to open hood and release pulls out normally it seems but hood does not open. is there any secret way of getting at the cable end. i believe the connection may have broke at the release end. any help would be appreciated. I can possibly hacksaw the grill to get at the connection as the car only needs to last a few more weeks. have a used 2006 dodge caravan / chrysler town and country that I am looking to purchase.
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    If hood release pulls out normally and stops at its normal stop, then the cable is still attached.
    My experience was rust build-up simply causing release area to bind badly. Try a screwdriver cushioned with a rag, prying up near the release point while someone else holds the release cable open (to the rear).
    You are right, if you have to go sawing and such, it's very hard to access.
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