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Honda Pilot Tires and Wheels



  • I have a 2007 Pilot and my TPMS indicator is on at least once a month. The tire pressure is ~22 when the light comes on. It happens randomly to any of the tires, all the time. The dealer has been unhelpful; tells me that "wide temperature changes cause tire pressure changes." I'm in So Cal; that answer is ridiculous.
    I've met other Honda owners at gas stations putting air in their tires with the same problem. Anyone else with the same issue? Anyone who's got a fix? This is a really annoying problem.
  • HELP.....
    I'm on my 3rd set of new tires in the past 30 days and can not eliminate the vibration experienced at speeds of 65-80MPH. The tires feel like they have a "waddle" or are slightly out of balance. I've tried two sets of Firestones(present set is Destination LE) and the General Grabber HTS. The present set was installed by TireRack and supposedly RoadForce Variation balanced. Vehicle only has 55,000 miles and I NEVER had an issue at all with the original GoodYear Integritys.
    I see that others have had this issue too but haven't seen any firm resolutions.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    You might want to consider getting the tires installed and balanced at your local Honda dealer.

    Our Honda dealer matches the price of local tire dealers. We had a set of Michelin "Harmony" installed by the dealer, on my wifes CR-V, and they ran fine.

    Nobody knows your Honda as well as your Honda dealer. :)

  • tb22tb22 Posts: 2
    The spare tire retention system on my Honda Pilot is broken. I turn the hex nut and the wire neither raises nor lowers the tire. Any help on a fix or replacement would be appreciated.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    What position is the tire in right now?
  • tb22tb22 Posts: 2
    I removed the spare tire and removed the crank assembly.
  • glv2glv2 Posts: 7
    I have a 2006 with the original Bridgestone tires on it. They have @ 45,000 mi on them and I am looking to replace them soon. Which are the best replacement tires for this Pilot?
  • After 3 sets in 45 days, I ended up with the Michelin Cross Terrains. By far the best tire for my Pilot. I had vibration issues with the General Grabber HTS, Firestone Destination AT and Destination LE.
  • I went to a new owner clinic at our dealer in January after buying our 2010 Pilot. The dealer's service people said they suggest inflating the tired 4 lbs over what it says on the door, and that gives enough play to keep the TPMS from going off. Now, I'm at altitude in Denver, so you may need a different number where you are. But we have huge swings in temps, as much as 50 degrees in 24 hours, and so far (knock on wood) the TPMS hasn't gone off.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    10 degree lower mean 1 lb less ... calculate the difference of low temp and the temp you are putting in air ... add 2 extra pound if temp is 50 degree time you add air and the avg low is 30 degree.
  • Hello experts, dealer telling me to replace original tires for my 2007 Honda Pilot AWD, only 2.5 years old, 24k miles. Any advise before I pay $800 for new tires? I asked for warranty but technician said I'm not covered. I thought I'm covered for 50k mi on these original Bridgestone tires. Car not even 3 yrs old. Help! Thanks.
  • Tried Generals and Firestones and ultimately settled on the Michelin Cross-Terrains. Best ride for my Pilot!
  • Thank you hcassidy. Yes I heard many good comments on Michelin Cross Terrains. This is definitely #1 on my list.
  • cavmavcavmav Posts: 1
    Can a 235/75R16 tire fit on the 2005 model? Also, what's the best tires for the 2005 model?

    Thanks in advance!
  • ondamanondaman Posts: 21
    I have 2007 Pilot 4WD, 26k miles only, less than 3 yrs old. Two tires are worn out on outside. Dealer telling me I have bad alignment, and I need to replace all 4 tires for $800+ total. Does this sound reasonable?
    I have my tires rotated every other oil change (every 10k mi). But I do not recall going for alignment. How often should I go for tire rotation? wheel alignment?
    Thanks in advance!
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    Think of a tire tread as having two sides (left and right), and a middle. Think of a tire on the left side of the car. Is the wear on the side of the tread that is more under the car, or the side of the tread that is to the left (outside) of the car, or both?

    If it only on the outside of two tires, sounds like there is indeed an alignment problem. If it is the outside and the inside of the tread and the middle of the tire is still pretty good, it may be a tire air pressure problem. (PSI)

    Unless they are the "Run Flat" type of tire, I'm thinking $800 to be way too much for the tire replacement. Check with National Tire and Battery (NTB), Kauffman Tire, Sears, etc for tires prices. My Honda dealer said they would match any price. NTB had a price nearly $200 better, and the dealer did reluctantly match it!

    If they are the "run flat" tires, they will be more expensive. Not sure how many tire manufacturers make the "Run Flats", but my understanding is that real special attention is necessary to mount them properly. Especially on a Pilot.

    I rotate the tires every !0K or so. Many people rotate more often than that. Some don't rotate at all.

    Seems to me that wheel alignment is done during one of Honda's suggested maintenance services. 15K comes to mind. As your Pilot is a 4wd, they will likely align all 4 wheels. Especially if tires are showing an unusual wear pattern.

    FWIW tire air pressure can cause unusual wear. Generally speaking, low pressure will generally show up on both the outside edge and the inside edge of the tread of a tire being worn, while the middle of the tread is still good.

    Excessive tire pressure will cause the middle of the tread to wear faster than the edges.

    On the drivers front door post (Jam) there is a sticker with recommended tire pressure. That pressure will give the best ride, handling and tire wear for the weight of the vehicle and occupants. The tire itself may also have 2 numbers. Example: One of them may say "inflate to 32 PSI cold." The other may say "Maximum pressure 44 PSI. The 32 will likely be more in line with what is printed on the door sticker. The 44 is there to let you know that anything over 44 PSI can blow the tire.

    Example 2: If you had a vehicle that the door post recommended a tire pressure of 50 PSI you would not want to use a tire that says 44 PSI maximum pressure.

    On the other hand you don't want to put 44 PSI in a tire, when the door post calls for 32 PSI. Reason is that the tire would be so over inflated, for the vehicle weight, that the center of the tire tread would be doing all the work and wear faster than the two edges. With less tread touching the road, you would also loose some handling, lose some traction, and have a much rougher and nosier ride.

    Tire pressure should be checked on a regular basis. A tire that is set at 32 PSI when the air temperature is 80 degrees may show as little as 27 PSI when the weather is 30 degrees. And visa versa. So it's real important to adjust the pressure when seasons change.

  • ondamanondaman Posts: 21
    Great infos Kipk, thanks much!
  • pp06pp06 Posts: 3
    I drive a Pilot 06. I need new tires. I've narrowed it down to 3. Any thoughts? Quiet is important, but I also live in Utah were we do get some good snow storms.

    Michelin ltx m/s 2
    Michelin x radial lt2
    Michelin lattitude tour
  • rt4rt4 Posts: 13
    I purchased the Mich. Lat. Tour for my 4 WD '07 Pilot. So far, they seem to be doing fine. Very quiet tire on my vehicle. I also am in snow belt (west of Denver) and found out that the all seasons just do not cut it up here. Went to snows last winter---what a difference.
    Do think you'll like the Lat. Tours for general purpose driving, although they are pricey as you prob. already noticed.
  • I have a 2010 LX and the spare is compact. However, Honda does sell a full size rim to replace it. I am planning to spend the money to get a full size spare under there and I am glad that they left room for it.
  • Muchelin is the best. Quiet, good life, and good in rain and snow.
  • dbrosdbros Posts: 81
    I replaced mine with General Grabber HTS... I was considering Michelin Latitude Tour with $70 rebate but it just cost almost $700 including installation... :P

    Anyway, I love my General Grabber HTS quiet and my steering wheel got looser compared to my Integrity's. I thought i have a problem with my steering fluid at first but now I know why... :D
  • jh5710jh5710 Posts: 2
    I live in upstate NY and it's that Time again.
    My last set of tires, Nokian WR's have lasted me almost 42k.

    Before I put those on, I was always a Michelin man.

    Do I put another set of the WR's or get the Michelin LT M/S?

    As always price is about the same.

    Any help would be great.
  • Does a tire exist that will give me exceptional handling on wet roads yet still give me good control on rocky/dirt roads - and, possibly, extra protection from rock punctures?

    I have a 2007 Pilot AWD and love how the Sumitomos perform in wet conditions. But, it's time for replacements and I'd like to get some tires that also give me a little better performance in off-road conditions. I don't go "off-roading" per se....but, my hobby has me traveling off the beaten path in areas where there are a lot of rocks, ruts, uneven inclines, etc. Sometimes I feel like the tire isn't "grabbing" as well as a tire could. But, safety when driving in the rain is the higher priority.

    Any advice would be WONDERFUL! :) Thank you, Tanya
  • rog9rog9 Posts: 2

    I have been shopping for tires myself for my 07 pilot. I always do a lot of research for something I am going to be stuck with for a few years. I search on Tirerack for consumer feed back and ratings and I am split between Firestone destination ATs and Bridgestone Duelers REVO 2.

    The destinations rate better but I have heard a lot of good things about the REVO 2, the destinations are rated better and are about $40 less per tire so I might go with them. I will leave feedback after I try them out in snow.

    My factory tires were duelers and are noisy as hell, both of these are supposed to be quieter and get better traction in snow and rain
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    Take a strong look at the Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor tires. I have taken "The Beast" (my '06 Pilot) off on alot of trails and crawler roads and it handles like a dream on sand / snow / ice / mud. The dry traction is outstanding. I also use my Pilot for Geocaching, so I do alot of driving with it.

  • Thanks Odie - that's what I ended up getting! I do like them. They feel very secure on wet roads. And, they handle much better on dirt roads than the Sumitomos. As a bonus, they are much quiter as well. :)
  • Thanks for the input - I am just seeing the replies to my post. After much research and contemplation, I ended up getting Wranger Silent Armors. They've been perfect so far and they are surprisingly quiet - at least compared to the Sumitomos, which were extremely noisy. I had people ask me about why they were so loud - I said I didn't care because I felt safer with them. But now, with the Wrangler Silent Armors, I feel safe driving in the rain and it's quiet and I can go off-road with better traction than before. Hopefully I won't ever have to try these out in the snow - I love snow but I don't like driving in it (I live in Houston, Texas - so, that's not usually an issue for us!)
  • hoshos Posts: 31
    I bought the General Grabber HTS but love the way it handles and grabs the road. I have slammed on the break on wet road on a couple of accasions and found that it grabs the road so well that the anti lock does not activate becuase the tires do not slide. The biggest difference between this and the OEM tires was that it does not handle nearly as well in the snow and ice as the original OEM tires did initially. So, I had to buy snowtires this year. If you want a good deal, get it at tire I got blizzak bridgestone mounted and balanced on wheels cheaper than any local store would sell only the tire itself.
  • I would strongly advise against replacing only 2 tires at any time and especially never a different brand of tire if only replacing 2 tires. My recommendation would be the Michelin M/S tire if you want great wear and handling. Hope this helps.
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