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Ford Expedition Stalling Problems



  • fkockafkocka Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 expedition xlt with 3000 miles. I have never owned a Ford truck, Dodges till now. I notice that just prior to shifting on accelerating there is a vibration I can feel through the gas pedel. Is this normal ?? It happens either on hard or regular acceleration and some times at highway speeds. The only thing I have done to it is 20 in wheels and 285 tires but I noticed the same thing before the wheel/tire change.
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    Call the Ford directly and talk to them. Also, try a different deal. Search the TSB's for that year and look for a note about the wire harness.
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    Does anyone feel a slight vibration in the gas pedal and steering wheel when the truck is upshifting? It seems to be worse going up hill. 2500-3100 RPM's is the point when I feel the vibration mostly.
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42

    Any resolution to this? I am feeling the same thing. It happens at 2500-3000rpms while accelerating. Like a buzzing in the gas pedal.
  • I was never able to resolve the problem. After having to replace the fuel pump, which if anyone knows that means dropping the fuel tank, I got tired of working on it. We decided to trade our Expedition in on a Nissan Pathfinder.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    There is probably a new flash for this trans. Ask your dealer.

  • wedo43wedo43 Posts: 14
    I have an 03 5.7 with similar problems. Having intake manifols removed Monday to look for cracks & leaks, replace plugs & boots. I'd like to go ahead and do the coil packs as well. Do you have ebay dealer info where you got yours. The only thing I found was quite a bit more and the rest were for F150's, which may be a correct part but I don't know how to determine that. :(

    Anyone know the correct part # for an 03 5.7 Expedition coil pack?

  • 06 Expedition will occasionally stall when cornering (getting on/off hwy ramps) or will lose power (no stall-but no power) when trying hard acceleration. trying to determine root cause/fix before giving my life and life savings to dealer. Any ideas???
  • wedo43wedo43 Posts: 14
    "06 Expedition will occasionally stall when cornering (getting on/off hwy ramps) or will lose power (no stall-but no power) when trying hard acceleration. trying to determine root cause/fix before giving my life and life savings to dealer. Any ideas???"

    Is it a stutter, like it lost all spark momentarily?
    Does it happen more often when turning or making u turns?
  • it happen twice while cornering, once while getting off hwy and the other time when making a right turn. the other times have been on straight-a-ways.
  • I having the same problem with my 06 Expedition. I'm new to the site....can you detail the diagnosis and the fix for me PLEASE?????
  • wedo43wedo43 Posts: 14
    Hi guys,
    I just put my 03 in the shop Monday and had the manifold, plugs and plug boots replaced. Ran great for the 1st time in a long time. Did all this to get it in shape before a 12 hr family trip. It rained hard last wed's night and we began our drive early Thurs morning. Within the 1st 5 miles it was starting to stutter again and within the hour it was running so bad it was missing on at least 1 cylinder.

    I did alot of research on this and other forums. Common causes for this problem include
    1- A wire that runs along the outside of the power steering pump rubs its jacket off causing an intermittent short, most notably when turning. This can be found under the truck on the drivers side of the car. I traced mine out and. while I could see where it would happen, the was no rub through.
    2- A cracked manifold, leaking coolant ports and or leaking manifold gaskets. Can cause an air leak and additional moisture that can get inside the plug boots and into the coils. Mine did have all the above.
    3- Due to additional hoses on the passenger side there is greater condensation that quite often seeps into the plug boots and coils. This (condensation in the boots and coils) is the most common problem and now that I think back on it, I had been experiencing episodes like this after big rainstorms for about a year.

    Now that a couple of dry days have passed, it's starting to dry out and run better. I went on ebay and ordered a new set of coils complete with new boots for $75.00 and freight. I'm going to remove the existing set and dry them out thoroughly before the drive home then install the new ones when I get home. I'll keep you informed on results but after reading all the postings, I'm pretty confident this will completely fix the problem.

    My suggestion would be to search ebay for Ford Coil Packs, order a set and have a local mechanic you trust put them on . In the Dallas area I would expect to pay less than $200.00 for this task at the local Kwik Kar.

    It's a cheap fix that more than likely will solve your problem. If not, it was a heck of alot cheaper than taking to the dealer. He'd replace the manifold the plugs, coils and boots to the tune of $2-3K.
    Hope this helps,
  • sorry not to answer sooner but i dont check this email often. Go to ebay and search
    they are sold by global-automotive. $95 for eight units. I wouldnt have done the intake manifold though if your idle was perfect like mine. The packs are the same for 5.4/4.6L.
  • if you otherwise can accelerate most of the time normally but occasionally lose it during turns or some straitaways. then its the coils. go to ebay change them all.
    NEW IGNITION COILS 97-05 FORD EXPEDITION V8 DG508 (8). It could also be the pcm needs relflash or the oil sender unit wire running near the power steering pump is chaffing and short to ground but I doubt it. By they way I figured out why the coils confuse the pcm. first if the missfire is occasoinal intermittant then the pcm wont give a code. Also if you get a bad enough misfire for the moment the pcm turns off that fuel injector to that cylinder and makes the truck run like crap even at idle. Then I found if you turn the truck off and restart the problem will go away and run ok (idle /accelerate) till the occasional misfire occurs again to confuse the computer. If any of you see that problem then change the coils.
  • its the coils in your case i am sure now see my other posts in this thread.
  • I Have a new problem now where my 2003 doenst hesitate like before after 9 months but cant accelerate over 3000 RPM even when the foot to floor. I changed the coils/plugs again but didnt help. I believe now the fuel pump is the problem since I get 60 psi at idle and about 45 psi under hard acceleration. Note this happens all the time i accerate hard not just occasionally like before. I did the other checks from my earlier post first and missed doing the pressure test. The pressure shouldnt change that much i think and it shouldnt be the reverse of what i measured before (40psi idle and 60 hard accel or low vacuum conditions). Will diagnose the fuel pump current / flow based on what I found at other sites when I get a chance.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Are you still under warranty?

  • wedo43wedo43 Posts: 14
    Just to follow up, got the new coils w/plug boots. Decided to install them myself, a bit tight in a few places but nothing that couldn't be done with the help of coiled spring extension. Runs great, finally. I wish I had done this along time ago.

    PS-faisal56, you didn't give us alot to work with. What kind of sound?
  • rryder3rryder3 Posts: 3
    Wedo43 - I hope your still out there. I have an 03 Expedition and I am experiencing the "stutter". I felt relieved when I saw your post because I've taken the truck to two different mechanics and they can't figure it out. The odd thing is that my Check Engine light has never come on.

    What I am going to do is replace the coils to see if it works. Did you notice that the vibration/slow acceleration/stuttering was worse when A/C is running?

    BTW, did replacing the coils work for you? Thanks.
  • wedo43wedo43 Posts: 14
    The coil packs did work, I wish I hadn't waited so long to deal with it. I remembered it all started after a hard rain, moisture was seeping up into the coil pack boots. Make sure your replacement includes both coil & boot. You'll need a spring type bendable socket extension to reach all the holder bolts.

    I instinctively thought that increasing the load, turning on the AC for example, would accent the problem but in truth it never seemed to make a difference, it did it the same regardless.

    BTW, my check engine light never did come on either. I have had a battery light coming on intermittently for a couple yrs now that I haven't figured out. Doesn't seem to affect battery strength or life.
    Good luck Rryder3 let me know if I can help.

  • rryder3rryder3 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the quick response! Found coils with boot at ford auto parts. Charging $70 for each. I am going to replace 4 for now to see. Mechanic says he will install the four, and if that doesn't work, he'll switch out the other set of four. I'm thinking if we capture were the moisture (condensation) is coming from it'll work. I know it sounds cheap, just trying to save some $$.

    I'm learning more than I ever thought I would about this truck. I must say that I am surprised that there wasn't a recall for this problem.

    You've been a great help! Thank you.
  • You can get aftermarket coils for around $90 for the whole set. Try ebay. Lots of people have had very good luck with them.
  • wedo43wedo43 Posts: 14
    yeah, I bought some off of ebay and paid considerably less than the dealer price. They've worked fine for over a year now.
  • rryder3rryder3 Posts: 3

    Just wanted to thank you (wedo43 and alwaysfords2). Found that it was the # 7 coil that wasn't operating properly. Got the Ignition Coils off of ebay for $59.00 versus $90 ea from a dealer. My truck is riding fine now. Whew!!

    Thanks again!
  • I like happy endings!
  • tyshauntyshaun Posts: 13
    does that apply if you have an 2003 Eddie Bauer expedition with a 5.4L engine instead of a 4.6?
  • wedo43wedo43 Posts: 14
    Yes, it applied to my 2003 XLT with the 5.4 engine.
  • This thread was invaluable in helping diagnose/fix the problems we were having with out 2003 5.4L. Last year it started misfiring after a rain so got a code reader at Harbor Freight on sale for about $45. After a few weeks I got a P0308 code (no codes initially). I ordered a set of coils off ebay and replaced #8 plug/coil. Problem solved. This year during our first decent rain (SoCal) the misfiring returned. Got codes P0306, P0307. Replaced all the coils/plugs (111k), 6 & 7 first and problem solved again. Then the misfire came back. It slowly got worse until I finally got a P0308 code. Checked the one year old #8 coil and the wire coil in the rubber boot was all rusty. Replaced the #8 coil again, problem solved. Looking back all the coils on the left bank had moisture in the boots and rust. All the right ones were bone dry. I got a hose and ran some water on the windshield and a steady stream was dripping onto the left valve cover and splashing onto the #6, 7 & 8 coils. The heat shield blanket was installed under the plastic trim at the base of the windshield. My brother's F-150 has the blanket installed neatly below the plastic trim. I trimmed the blanket and siliconed under the plastic trim to stop the leak. This will, hopefully, help keep the coils drier.
  • wedo43wedo43 Posts: 14
    Thanks for the feedback babichrt, glad to have been a part of helping someone else. Also, thanks for the tip on the hear shield blanket, I'll need to take a look at this. One tip I have is that I have started using a silicon grease between the plug & boots to seal water out. Just a little around the widest part of the porcelan base of the plug so that it doesn't impact the electrical connection. Has worked great on my dirtbike in recent mud races.
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