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Ford Expedition Stalling Problems



  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited September 2012
    I've read stuff like "it's just kerosene and will ruin your rings" and it'll wipe out spark plugs. (one example, another).

    Since I moved away from Chevron territory, I'll add some Techron to my gas maybe once a year. That's about all I trust, but if my ride started falling apart, it's tempting to try a $10 bottle of something instead of taking it to the mechanic. I'm more worried that some gunk will get stirred up and cause worse problems.
  • gnaher86gnaher86 Member Posts: 1
    OMG my damn truck has been doing the same thing!!! I thought it was just mines but I guess not! I still havent found any kinds of answers to why it has been doing that. Have you figured it out yet? My car just died on me a few hours ago and im getting very frustrated with this. If you do know whats wrong please please let me know!! Thanks!!
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