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I'm doing in depth research about car selling process to a private party because for the first time I am going to sell my car. From a buyer's perspective, I know a buyer will want to test drive my car. It is a fair request. My concern is if by small chance the prospective buyer gets into a car accident using my car then I would imagine the liability would be on me. The other concern is that you don't know who you're trying to do business with and the prospective buyer could end up driving the car away and stealing it. Couple questions:
1) How does any seller protect themselves from liability from test drive situations like this?
2) What method or strategies are recommended so the prospective buyer will less likely take off and steal your car during a test drive?

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    Easiest way, is go with them. If you don’t, make sure to note the license number of their car and I would snap a picture of their drivers license. And have somebody with you.

    Can also meet at a public place, not your house. Insurance, no different than if you let a friend borrow your car.

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    You have to use your judgement. Best thing is to ride along. That deters them from doing anything stupid, for one thing, and of course protects from theft. I have let people take the car without me, though, if they are nice and seem mature, etc. But also, more importantly, if they are leaving behind a car that I like better. lol. If it makes you feel even better, ask to take a pic of their license like dealers do.

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    Also, ask for their car keys, while they take your car.

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