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Pontiac Aztek



  • Most normal, well-balanced people would avoid things they dislike…not go on and on with their ranting…seemingly overly preoccupied with the Aztek. It's not the sign of a mentally healthy person. There must be at least one other car they don't like…are they going to those sites and ranting too? They subconsciously are dying for something big. Let's see who will respond first with the Biggest Aztek Envy!
  • cleggpcleggp Posts: 2
    I couldn't get to even MSRP on the Aztek I bought here in the SF Bay Area, but that may also be because the area is the second most expensive place in the US to live, and the dealers need the extra cash for rent.

    When waiting for some of the paperwork to get photocopied at the dealership, I chatted a bit with another salesman. He said he'd sold four Azteks himself in September, which means from that dealership I can account for at the very least a half dozen sales, though I still haven't seen any on the roads around here yet.

  • lxownrlxownr Posts: 16
    I do not think it is your place to question the Mental Health of the people making fun of the Aztek on this site...However, the REAL question you should ask is this.....!

    Why would anyone buy the Aztek if??

    1. It is based on GM minivan platform, wich came in DEAD last in the offset crash test..

    2. "Intellechoice" state that the Aztek should lose 50% of it's value in just two years..

    3. Last but not least.."IT'S UGLY" and I am sure at least 90% of Americans (not Russians) will
    agree that it is painfull on the eyes...

    These are the REAL questions, not questioning people's mental health who make fun of the Aztek.

    P.S. If you like the Aztek, get over it, you
  • lxownrlxownr Posts: 16
    I meant to say , get over it, if you like the Aztek, be prepared to take the jokes along with the car..
  • barresa11barresa11 Posts: 277
    Like lxownr said, you have to be prepared at people laughing at you, behind you or inspite of you if you own an Aztek. If you are the overly sensitive type (nothing wrong w/this mind you) then perhaps you should have bought or be considering a different, less polarizing vehicle.
  • I liked the Aztek, too. If I hadn't bought a 2000 Impala twelve months ago, I'd probably be a buyer.

    I liked the room, the size of the vehicle, the forward vision, layout, the window tint, roof rack, and the extra audio outlets in rear seat for my young teenagers.

    I was concerned that the Aztek is about 10-15%overpriced and should have been brought out with the 3800 engine (more horsepower to move a larger, less aerodynamic vehicle than my Impala, and 300 or so pounds heavier to boot). Fully loaded, it would be a little sluggish, just like the Impala, which moves great with 1 to 3 on board.

    As for those who dislike this thing's looks, you must be the same folks who had a problem with the AMC Pacer and the Fiat Strada!!!

    Build quality looked good, and I have made my peace that GM has taken care of Quality Control in its Mexico factory.

    Maybe I'll buy one in a few years.
  • nigelpnigelp Posts: 12
    So this is what it's come to. Aztek fans are so desperate for approval and acceptance that the only explanation they have for disapproval of their car is that people who disagree with them must be mentally ill.

    I'm not obsessed with the Aztek, of all things. I am fascinated by GM's continuing management and marketing mistakes (and that's putting it lightly). The Aztek, though, is maybe 5 times worse than any other miserable car they've built in decades. And so, yes, I'm interested in the topic and, of course, I'm obviously amused by it as well, and I have no intention of hiding my opinions just because some people have thin skins or are prepared to declare people they've never met insane.
  • barresa11barresa11 Posts: 277
    Not surprised that you like the Aztek given that you thought enough (my assumption..)of the looks of the Impala to be a buyer. The Impala is a much better looking car than the Aztek (faint praise though)but what's up with the hugh, out of porportion taillights. It's as if GM tried too hard to ape the back end of Impalas of yore! GM should have stuck w/the 96'Impala SS on a rear wheel chassis! No whining about gas mileage w/the 94-96' Impala's, as GM manages to sell all the gas guzzlin full size SUV's it can build!
  • aztec2aztec2 Posts: 3
    I just purchased one and this is why:

    Competition was Toyota Siena

    1. Looked in statistics on Montana. Drivetrain engine very solid. Fundamental mechanics good.
    Passed the first gate.

    2. Engine power and handling. Test drove vehicle and it handled very well and was very responsive.
    Ideally I would like to have the engine in the BMW x5 or ML300 mercedes.....but I'm not spending $60-80 K Canadian dollars. I'm spending $32K.

    Dollar for dollar Aztec was awesome in test drive compared to mercedes.

    3. Versatility......hands down winner . No other vehicle give this type of versatility...Camping package is awesome....For pure play...Nothing beats it.

    4. Looks and styling......Sorry folks I'm not the WHITEBREAD HOMOGENIZED MIDDLE OF THE ROAD TYPE.

    I like wicked spicy food, wild and crazy rock bands that rock and roll all nite and party every day, renegades and people who swim againest the tide.......You know all the things that make USA & Canada the best places to live in the world.

    Different is good, different is fun!! AZTEC is different and I have got more......WOW what a cool car......then any comments.

    anyone have any questions....I'll answer.
  • The "mental health" issue had nothing to do with whether or not you liked it...that's just an opinion. My opinion is that it's the must versatile SRV I've seen, and love the style. It is the fact that those that don't like it have some sort of fixation, a preoccupation as it were, to go on and on and on with their ranting. How many times do you have to post a negative opinion. Once is quite enough, twice is redundant, three or more is a mental health issue!
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Congrats on buying a vehicle you like. You and Triplizard like your vehicles and that's great.
    However, some here take the comments too personally.
    Face it, you need thick skin to drive something like this. If you can't handle anonymous comments from strangers- you have greater issues than too much ribbed plastic.
  • lxownrlxownr Posts: 16
    Here is a Idea:

    If you did not "Rock and Roll and party all day"
    and maybe work a little more.. So you could afford the BMW X5 ( a REAL SUV ) , the vehicle you really wanted !!

    Oh well "Party ON Dude" just do not get into a accident with the Aztek, you might not walk away......
  • (Gonzo7) says: "you need thick skin to drive something like this", "Some people love it and the other 99% hate it"
    (lxownr) says: "do not get into a accident with the Aztek", "use them for target practice",
    You all go on and on and on with your Aztek insults. Why? Everyone knows you don't like it, but you continue spouting your negativity. Please explain why you go on and on. We get don't like it. What is your point with all this redundancy? Do you just like hurting people? Are planning on more repeat insults?
  • I agree with you entirely 95 Wrangler. I can't believe the negativity they show. Life IS WAAAAY to short to be negative and sit behind your computer and say EVERY single day that you hate something. COME ON! You people should know better.
  • Gonzo, Barressa and others. I believe YOU need to get a thicker skin. I just can't believe everyone that likes the Aztek you go and attack. And I am definetely NOT making that up. I've seen it again and again.
  • barresa11barresa11 Posts: 277
    We (ok, "I"), try not to attack anyone. I will, however, point out incorrect items stated as facts. I am guilty of attacking the vehicle though. I think this is where you are confused Koolguy. Attack the vehicle yes (ok, it has some good points that I've pointed out earlier), the person no! Also, if I correct somebody's (your's?)erroneous info, I am not attacking them.

    Anyhow...all this explaining is getting redundant and boring. The fact remains, if you drive a vehicle that has polarizing styling, you need to be okay w/people vehemently disagreeing w/your purchase choice, simple as that! Do you honestly think that Pontiac designed (questionable adjective) the Aztek in a vacuum, not realizing that people would either love or hate the thing? Newsflash: They intended for dialog like that of this site to thrive!

    It's been said before and will be said again and again...Many people are attracted to things that are different (not the middle of the road, etc). This doesn't mean that these things aren't guilty of being tacky, too trendy, not a wise investment, etc. Being different for the simple sake of being different is useless (and way too easy)unless that which you are attacted has substance and staying power.

    Oh, BTW Koolguy, thanks for all the words of motivation towards a healthy "positive" attitude. Where would I be today w/o your help? (All sarcasm intended).
  • nigelpnigelp Posts: 12
    Comparing an Aztek to a BMW is bizarre and shows, in my opinion, a serious disconnection from reality. They are entirely, totally different vehicles. The Aztek drives NOTHING like the BMW (I've driven both now) and doesn't even pretend to be related whatsoever to the BMW X5.

    Aztek was responsive? That's your call. But nobody who has ever driven the Aztek (and publised a report in print) has ever called it "responsive". Responsive compared to WHAT?

    How often will you ever use the "camping" package? Have you ever actually been camping? For somebody that's been capital-C Camping, everywhere from Minnesota to Central America, calling sleeping in a Pontiac "camping" is a bit of a stretch.

    Finally, AGAIN (please try to pay attention): I do not dislike the Asstek just because it's "different". You know, small pox is different and Elle McPherson is different. The first one is a bad kind of different and the second one is good. Different, alone, is neither good nor bad; it's just different. The Aztek may be a good kind of different to you, but the vehicle's sales are abysmal, disastrous even, and resale will therefore suffer. Considering likely resale, that X5 would probably be a better overall investment.
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Compare the Aztek to the Nissan Xterra.
    Both are seemingly targeted to 20-somethings.
    Both use "outdoorsy lifestyle" ads. Both are based on older, unsophisticated platforms.
    Both are priced in the mid to high 20's- out of reach for the market they seem to target.
    Nissan sold about 85,000 X's in it's first year.
    Pontiac will be lucky to hit 20-25% of that amount.

    Why? They forgot to look at what they had designed before they made it. Then again, they are GM.
    If you don't like-too bad.-Hertz will.
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Autoweek Magazine asked it's readers why they would need a bullet proof Mercedes.
    One reader suggested it would be good as a backstop to catch all the bullets fired trying to rid the streest of Azteks.
  • xmf314xmf314 Posts: 154
    There is a great letter to the editor, concerning the Aztek, in the November issue of Car and Driver. Here it is:

    "That huge tent cover for the rear of the Pontiac Aztek is pretty nifty. Do they have one that can be used to cover the front end,too?"
  • kate5000kate5000 Posts: 1,271
    saw my first Aztek in the Bay Area: red-and-black, with license plate PAPNFUS. The driver seemed to be (it was pretty dark) a young woman.
  • I saw one in Houston last Thursday, 10/05/2000. It already had real license plates on it, instead of the new sales paper tags.
    So, someone has bought one in Houston, or either a really bad salesperson is being forced to drive one as a demo for punishment.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I have seen 3 of them on Toronto area highways so far. They sure do attract attention!

    As I've said before, they aren't great looking but they are practical for certain lifestyles. If you can live with the looks, it's a pretty neat truck.
  • cleggpcleggp Posts: 2
    I can say for a fact the Aztek is a hell of a lot
    more responsive than a Buick LeSabre. A lot more
    nimble, and believe it or not, seems to actually
    have less body roll than the LeSabre!

    (I know because I drove a new (< 700 miles)
    LeSabre for the week before I got my Aztek...)

    I used to drive an old Chevy van (you know, those
    old 70's style REAL vans), and the Aztek handles
    much better than that beast, too.

    Does it handle as well as my little Sunfire GT
    did? No, of course not. But I wouldn't expect
    it to. Apples to oranges.


    PS: To show I'm not trying to be biased, I found
    this morning that the fastest speed of the Aztek's
    windshield wipers isn't all that impressive; in
    the downpour I got caught in on the way to work,
    the wipers were a little inadequate... Although
    admittedly I haven't seen a downpour like that
    since I last went through a hurricane in Jersey.
  • barresa11barresa11 Posts: 277
    Don't you mean "van" instead of "truck"? :-)
  • I saw one in Dallas the other day. I think they don't look as bad in person. I hear they have separate radio controls in the tailgate, I have to say that is pretty cool. I agree the Aztek is not as pleasing to the eye as some cars, but these are only opinions. Why must everyone bust a gut picking on each other?
  • FrankMcFrankMc Posts: 228
    Speaking of Buick, we were treated to a close-up inspection of the 2002 Rendezvous sport-utility last week. It and the Saturn SUV share the Pontiac Aztek platform, but the Rendezvous, at least, looks much better in person than it does in the photos you've seen. (If you haven't seen the pics, check out the article in our Features section.) Buick officials, btw, deny that their design brief for the Rendezvous was to show a photo of the Aztek to their designers and warn, "Don't let this happen to us!"

    And, speaking of the Aztek, it will be our cover car when the October issue is posted later in the week. We have learned, too, that, based on the early reaction, Pontiac designers are hard at work on some emergency restyling. Wouldn't surprise us.

    I would suggest that those that like the Aztek's styling keep an eye on this so they can get one before it gets changed.
  • cfg1cfg1 Posts: 85
    Both of them?
  • nrd525nrd525 Posts: 109
    I wish. I saw THREE on the way home this morning from work. Two were that awful green and the other was black. Then, when I was on the way to the dentist about an hour later, I saw another one, a red one. Then, amazingly, I saw one more on the way back home, a black one with custom aluminum wheels and bigger tires. Looked different anyway, and I don't see how anyone could make one look worse than it does right off the dealer's lot.
    This is MORE evidence that Toledo is the site of the main hive!!Send help!!!

  • In case anyone cares, shows that 1746 Azteks had been sold through Aug. September #'s are not in yet. Not exactly blistering numbers for a new release, but more than I expected.
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